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Taxmar, Cacique of Yucatan, v. 46; his treatment of

the Spaniards, v. 46-51 ; vessels appear off the coast,


Teneriffe, fears of the crew at beholding Mount, i. 168
Territory, question of, how settled, ii. 35
Thomas, St., fortress of, erected, ii. 125; see note, ii.

126; conduct of the colonists there, ii. 150
Tigers and panthers at San Sebastian, iv. 240
Tobacco, first seen in the island of Cuba, i. 245
Tobago, discovery of, iii. 9
Toledo, archbishop of, liis character, i. 94 ; gives Co-

lumbus an attentive bearing, ib.; and procures him

an audience of the King, i. 96
Toledo, Doña Maria de, Don Tiego Columbus becomes

enamoured of, v. 114 ; their marriage, ib.; arid em-
barkation for Hispaniola, v. 116; is left as vice-
queen at San Do:ningo on the sailing of Don Diego

for Spain, v. 122 ; becomes a widow, v. 131
Torre, Doña Juana de la, receives a letter from Co-

lumbus with an account of his treatment, iii. 220
Torres, Antonio de, despatched from Hispaniola, with

twelve ships, to Spain, ii. 101 ; arrives at, ii. 304 ;
dismissed from office, ii. 358
- Luis de, sent up the island of Cuba by Colum-

bus, i. 239 ; an account of his journey, i. 243
Tortoises, sea covered with, on the southern coast of

Cuba, ii. 202 ; curious method of taking, ii. 187; a

living one taken out of the maw of a shark, iii. 322
Tortugas, beautiful island of, discovery of, i. 268, v. 93
Toscanelli, Paulo, liis correspondence with Columbus,

i. 59

Trade of the colonies monopolized by the crown of

Spain, iii. 245 ; the Spanish system the scoff of
modern times, ib.

Trasierra, Juan de, iii. 202
Triana, Rodrigo de, first sees the land of the western

world, i. 200; account of, i. 371
Tribute imposed upon the Haytiens, ii. 289
Trinidad, island of, discovered, ii. 377 ; description of

its appearance, ii. 385 ; curious account of the na-

tives, ii. 380
Tristan, Diego, iii. 346-349; is killed, iii. 349
Tubanamà, Cacique, his appeal to Nuñez, iv. 390 ; re-

fuses to disclose where the mines lie, ib.
Tudela, Benjamin, travels of, i. 65
Tumaco, Cacique, encounter with Nuñez, iv. 376
Turk's Island, observations relative to, v. 236


URABA, gulf of, settlement commenced in, iv. 226
Ursula, Santa, island of, discovered, ii. 59


VALDIVIA, fortunes of, v. 44; sent to Hispaniola for

provisions, iv. 333
Valenzuela, vessel of, founders at sea, iv. 294
Valserniosa, coast of, discovered, iv. 203
Vassals, natives of Hispaniola reduced to the condition

of, iii. 139
Vega, Garcilaso de la, his tale relative to a pilot

having died in the house of Columbus, v. 207

-, river, ii. 121 ; called by the natives Yaqui, ib.
Velasco, Francisco, iii. 202
Velasquez, Diego, commands the soldiery at the mas-

sacre of Xaragua, iv. 58
Venezuela, gulf of, discovered, iv. 166

Veragua, coast of, discovery of, iii. 306; warlike spirit

of the inhabitants, iii. 307 ; soil appears to be im

pregnated with gold, iii. 331 ; Golden Castile, v. 11; Veraguas, Duke of, consents to have the remains of Columbus removed to Cuba, v. 104

-, the heirship to Columbus decided in his favor, v. 136 Verde, Cape, discovery of, i. 30 Vergara forages for supplies, iv. 204 ; a caravel de

spatched in search of, ib. Vespucci, Amerigo, first notice of his expedition, iii.

151; employed by Columbus at court, iv. 108; accompanies Ojeda, iv. 150; his description of the ab origines, ib.; his account of the inhabitants of Curagoa, iv. 166; an account of, v. 177 ; a summary view of his claim to the title of a discoverer, ib., the voyage whence his name was given to the American continent, v. 179; Columbus' letter to his son relative to the merit and misfortunes of, v. 181; his letter to René, Duke of Lorraine, v. 183; observations relative to the points in controversy, 16., author's conclusion, that the voyage asserted to have been made by Amerigo Vespucci pever took

place, v. 196 Vessel, stern-post of a, found in one of the houses at

Guadaloupe, ii. 49 Viega La, or Old Woman's group, discovered, 5. 93.

sibyl of, ib. Villego, Alonzo de, appointed to carry Columbus to

Spain, iii. 213; character of, iii. 214; his colloquy

with Columbus previous to their sailing, ib. Villains, natives of Hispaniola reduced to the condi

tion of, iii. 139 Vines introduced into Hayti, ii. 149

Vinland, a supposed discovery, v. 217
Vipers, rocks of, v. 44
Virgins, dances of the Indians in honor of, iv. 259;

anecdotes of Cueybàs, ib. Virgins, the Eleven Thousand, islands of, discovered,

ii. 59 Vows made by Ojeda, iv. 256

made by Inciso, iv. 302 - made in a storm by Columbus and his crew, i. 326; attempts at fulfilment, i. 333


WATERSPOUT, a remarkable, seen on the coast of

Veragua, iii. 321 Wax, cake of, presented to the sovereign by Colum

bus, i. 256 Wheat introduced into Hayti, ii. 149 Wolves, sea, several killed on the coast of Hispaniola,

ii. 224

Woman, account of a very strong, of Guadaloupe, ii.

330 ; taken to Columbus' ship, ii. 332 ; falls in love

with Caonabo, and refuses to return on shore, ib. Women, origin of, according to Haytiens, ii. 138 Writing, fear of the Indians of Cariari at seeing the

Spaniards write, v. 55


XAGUA, gulf of, ii. 192
Xaragua, domain of, an account of, ii. 243 ; descrip-

tion of its inhabitants, ii, 244; Roldan takes posses

sion of, iii. 104 ; massacre at, iv. 52 Xerif al Edrizi, his description of the Atlantic, i. 5

Ximenes, Cardinal, v. 124; prohibits licenses to im

port slaves from Africa to the colonies, v. 326

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ZAMACO, Cacique of Darien, iv. 302 ; lays in ambush,

attacks the Spaniards, iv. 323; stratagem of, iv. 33); waylays the Spaniards, iv. 342; plot of, to destroy

Darien, iv. 343 ; is surprised by Nuñez, iv. 345 Zamudio, advocates Nuñez at court, iv. 396 Zemes, inferior deities of the Haytiens, ii. 133 Zeno, Nicolo, an account of his claim to the first dis.

covery of the American continent, v. 220 Zenu, mountains and rivers of, contain gold, iv, 296;

gold taken in nets, ib. Zipanga (Japan), Marco Polo's account of, v. 290 Zones, the, observations relative to, v. 295

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