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THE book' of the genera'tion of Je'sus Christ, the son of Da'vid, the son of Aʼbrahạm. 2 Aʼbrahạm begạt' I'saac, and I'şaąc begat Ja'cob, and Ja'cob begat Ju'dạs and his breth'ren, And Ju'dạs begat Pha'res and Za'ra of Tha'mạr, and Pha'ręs begạt' Es'rom, and Esfrom begat' A'rạm, 4 And A'rạm begạt Amịnadab, and Amịn'dạy begạt Na'asson, and Na'asson begat Sạl'mon, 5 And Salmon begạť Bo'oz of Rạ'chạb, and Bo'oz begať O'bed of Ruth, and O'bed begat' Jes'se, 6 And Jes'se begạt Da'vid the king, and Da'vid tho king begat Solomon of her “thạt hạd been the wife of Uri'as,

And Solomon begạt Robo'am, and Roboạm begạt Abia, and Abi'a begạt' A'sạ, 8 And A'są begat Jos'aphạt, and Jossaphạt begạt Jorạm, and Jorạm begạt Ozias, o And Ozias begạt' Jo'ạthạm, and Jo'athạm begat A'chạz, and A'chạz begat' Ezeki'as, 10 And Ezekias begat' Mạnas'ses, and Mąnəs'sęs begat' A'mon, and A'mon begat Josi'as, 11 And Josi'as begạť Jechoni'as and his breth'ren, about the time they were carried awa'y to Bạb'ylon : 12 And af'ter they were bro’ught to Bab'ylon, Jechoni'as begat Sala'thiel, and Sala'thiel begat Zorobabel, 13 And Zorobabel begat' Abi'ud, and Abi'ụd begat Eli'akım, and Eli'akım begat' A'zor, 14 And A'zor begạt Sadọc, and Sa dọc begạt' A'chim, and A'chim begạt Eli'ud, 15 And Eli'ụd begat Elea'zar, and Elea'zar begạt Mat'thạn, and Mat'than begat Ja'cob, 16 And Jacob begat Jo'seph the husband of Ma'rý, of whom was born Je'sus, who is ca'lled Christ. 17 So all the genera'tions, from A'brahạm to Da'vid, care foạr'teen ģenera'tions; and from Da'vid until the car'rying awa'y ¡n'to Bạb'ylon, Carę foạr'teen ġenera'tions; and from the carrying awa'y ¡n'to Babylon un'to Christ, "are' four'teen genera'tions.

18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his moth'er Ma'ry was espou'sed to Joseph, before they came togeth'er, she was found with child of the Ho'ly Ghost. 19 Then Jo'seph her hus'bạnd, be'ing a just 'man,' and not willing to make her a pụb'lịc exam'ple, was min'ded to pụt

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her awa'y privilý. 20 Bụt yhile he tho'ugḥt on these things, beho'ld, the a'ngel of the Lord appeared un'to hîm in a dre'am, sa'ying, Jo'seph, thou son of Da'vid, fe'ạr not to take ụn'to thee Ma'ry thy wife : for that yhich is conce'ived in her is of the Ho'lý. Ghost. 21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his namę JE’SUS ; for he shall save his people from their sịns. 22 Now a'll this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoʻken of the Loʻrd by the proph'et, sa'ying, 23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall ca'll his name Emmạn'uel; which, (be'ing interpreted,) is, Go'd with ụs. Then Jo'seph, be'ing ra'ised from sle'ep, dịd as the angel of the Lord həd bidden him, and took' un'to him hỉs wife ; And knew her nọt till she had bro'ught fo'rth her first boʻrn son : and he ca'lled his name JESUS.

CHAP. II.- NỘW, when Je'sus was' boʻrn in Bethlehem of Jude'a, in the days of Her'ợd the king, behoʻld, there came wise men from the east to Jeru'salem, 2 Sa'ying, Whero is he that is born King of the Jews ? for we have seen his sta'r in the e'ast, and are come to wor'ship him.

3 When Her'ợd the king had heard these things,' he was troubled, and all Jeru'salem with him. 4 And when he had gath'ered a'll the chief prịests and scribes of the pe'ople togeth'er, he demạn'ded of them wherę Christ should be boʻrn. 5 And they said ụn'to hịm, In Beth'lehem of Jude'a : for thụs it is written by the proph'ęt, 6 And thou Beth'lehem, “ịn' the land of Ju'da, art not the least among the prin'ces of Jy'da : for out of theç shall come a Gov'ernor, that shall ru'lę my people Is'rael.' 7 Then Her'od, when he had privily ca'llęd the wise men, enqui'ręd of them dil'iġently what time the sta'r appeared. 8 And he sent them to Beth'lehem, and said, Go and search dủl'iġently for the young child ; and when je have found him,' bring me word again', that I may come and wor'ship hịm also. 9 When they had heard the king, they depa'rted; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the e'ast, went befo're them, till it came and stood oʻver where the young child was.

10 When they saw the sta'r, they rejoi'ced with exçe'eding great joy.

11 And yhen they were come in to the house, they saw the young child with Ma'ry his mother, and fell down and wor'shipped him: and when they had o'pened their treasures, they preşen'tęd „n'to "hịm gifts ; goʻld and frank'ınçense, and mörrh. 12 And being wa'rned of God in a dream that they

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shop!d not retạrn' to Herod, they depa'rtęd in'to their o'yn coun'try another way.

13 And when they were depa'rted, behoʻld, the a'nġel of the Lo'rd appe'areth to Joʻseph in a dream, sa'ying, Ari'se, and take the young child and his moth'er, and flee įn'to E'ģýpt, and be thou there until I bring the word : for Heriod will se'ęk the young child to destroy" hịm. 14. When he aro'se, he took' the young child and his moth'er by night, and depa'rted ịn'to E'ġġpt; 15 And was there ụntịl the death of Her'od : that it might be fulfil'led which was spoʻken of the Lord by the proph'et, sa'ying, Out of Egypt hạvę I called my Son.

16 Then Her'od, yhen he saw that he was mocked of the wisę men, was exce'ęding wroth', and sent foʻrth, and slew a'll the children that were în Beth'lehem, and in all the coasts thereof', from two years old and un'der, according to the time which he had dîl'igently enqui' red of the wise men. 17 Then was fulfil'led that which was spoken by Jer'emy the proph'et, sa'ying, 18 ļn Ra'ma was there a voice heard, lạmenta'tion, and we'eping, and grea't mo'yrning, Ra'chel we'eping for her children, and would' not be com'forted, beca’use they are not.

19 Bạt when Herod was dead, behoʻld, an a'nġel of the Lo'rd appeareth in a dream to Joseph in E'gypt, 20 Sa'ying, Ari'se, and take the young child and his moth'er, and go įn'to the land of Israel: for they are dead which sought the young child's life. 21 And he aro'se, and took' the young child and hịş mộth'er, and camę įn'to the land of Iş'rael. 22 Bụt when he heard that Archela'ụs did re'ign in Jude'a in the room of his fa'ther Her'od, he was afra'id to go thith'er : notwithstan'ding, be'ing warned of God in a dream, he tạrned asi'de ịn'to the parts of Galilee : 23 And he came and dwelt in a cit'y ca'lled Nazareth : that it might be fulfil'led which was spoʻken by the proph'ęts, He shall be cal'led a Nazare'nę.

CHAP. III. ---In those days came John the Bap'tist, preach'ing in the wilderness of Jude'a, ? And sa'ying, Repent' ġe : for the kin'gdom of heaven is ạt hạnd. 3 For thịs is he that was spoʻken of by the proph'ęt Eşaʻias, sa'ying, The voice of one cry'ing in the wilderness, Prepa’re je the way of the Lo'rd, make his paths stra'ight. And the same John had hịş ra'ịment of cam'el's hair, and a leath'ern girdle about his loinş; and his me'ạt was lo'cụsts an

wild honey. 5 Then went ont to hịm Jeru'salem, and all Jude'a, and a'll the reģion round about Joʻrdạn, 6 And werę bạpti'zęd of him in Jordan, confes'sing their sịnş.

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7 Bạt when he saw mạn'y of the Phar’isees and Sad'ducees come to his bap'tism, he said wn'to them, O genera'tion of vi'pers, yhọ hạth wa'rned you to flee from the wrath to come? 8 Bring forth ther'efore fruits me'et for repentance: 9 And think not to say withịn' yourselves, We have A'brahạm to ‘our' fa'ther: for I say ụn'to you, That God is a'ble of these sto'nes to ra'ise up chil'dren ụn'to A brahạm. 10 And now a'lso the axe is la'id ụn'to the root' of the tre'ęş : ther'efore ev'erý tree which brin'geth nọt forth good' fruit is hewn down, ạnd cast' in’to the fire. 11 I ¡nde'ed bapti'ze you with water un'to repen’tạnee: but he that com'eth af'ter me is mightier thạn I, whose sho'ęs I am not worthy to bça'r ; he shall bạpti’ze you with the Ho'ly Gho'st, and with’ fi'rę : 12 Whose fạn 'is' in his hạnd, and he will throughly purģę his flo'or, and gather his heat into the garner ; but he will burn up the chaf'f with ụnquen'chable fi're.

13 Thọn comoeth Jesus from Galilee to Jordan un'to John, to be baptized of him. - Bụt John forbade him, saying, I have 'ed to be bapti'zęd of thee, and com'est thou to me?

And Je'sus ạn'swering, said ụn'to him, Sựf'fer ‘ịt to be so' now : for thus it becom'eth ụs to fulfil

' a'll right'equsness. Then he suf'fered hịm. 16 And Je'sus, yhen he was bapti'zęd, went up stra'ightway out of the wa'ter : ạnd, lo, the heavens werę o'pened ụn'to him, and he saw the Spir'it of Go'd descen'ding like a dove, and lighting upon' him : 17 And lo ạ voice from heaven, sa'ying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well ple'ased.

CHAP. IV. Then was Je'sus lęd up of the Spirsît în'to the wil’derness, to be tem'pted of the dev'jl. 2 And when he hạd fas'ted fo'rtý days and fo'rtý nights, he was af'terward ạn hụn'gered. 3 And when the tem'pter came to hịm, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these sto'nes be ma'de bread. 4 Bụt he answered and said, It is written, Mən shall not live by bread alo'ne, bụt by every word thạt proce'edeth out of the mouth of Go'd. 5 Then the dev'il ta'keth hịm up in'to the ho'lý cit’ý, and set'teth him on a pịn'nacle of the temple, 6 And saith ụn'to him, If thou be the Son of God, cast' thyself' down : for it is written, lIe shall give his a'ngels cha'rġe concer’ning theç ; and in their hands they shall bea'r thee up, lest at an'y time thọu dạsh thy foot' against a sto’nę. 7 Je'sus said ụn'to him, It is written again', Thou shalt nột tempt the Lord thy God. 8 Again', the dev'il ta'keth him „p în'to an exçe'eding high moun'tain, and

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she'weth hîm a'u the kịn'gdoms of the world, and the gloʻrý of them; ' And sa'ith ụn'to him, A'll these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fa'll down and wor'ship me.

io Then sa'ith Je'sus ụn'to him, Get thee hence, Sa'tan : for it is written, Thou shalt wor'ship the Loʻrd thy God, and him o'nly shalt thou serve. il Then the devil le'avęth him, and, beho'ld, a'ngels ca'me and mịn'istered un'to him.

12 Now, when Jesus had heard that John was cast' ịn'to prison, he depa'rted in'to Gal'ileę; 13 And leaving Nazareth, he caʼme and dwelt în Caper'naạm, which is upon' the se'aco'ast, in the bo'rders of Zab'ulon and Neph'thalim : 14 That it might be fulfil'lęd yhich was spoken by Esa'ias the proph'et, sa'ying, 15 The lạnd of Zạb'ulon, and the land of Neph'thalịm, by' the way of the sea, beyond Jo'rdạn, Galilee of the Gen'tileș ; 16 The pe’ople yhịch sạt în da'rkness saw gręa't ligḥt; and to them whịch sạt in the region and shad'ow of death light is sprụng up.

17 From thạt timę Je'sus begạn' to pre'ach, and to say, Repent': for the kingdom of heaven is ạt hạnd.

18 And Je'sus, walking by the sea of Galilee, say two breth'ren, Si'mon caʻlled Peter, and An'drew his brother, casting a net in'to the seș: for they were fish'ers. And he sa'ith ụn'to them, Fol'low me, and I will make you fish'ers of men. 20 And they stra'ightway left their nets, and fol'lowed him. 21 And going on from thence, he saw oth'er two breth'ren, Ja'mes the son of Zeb'edeę, and John his broth'er, in a ship with Zeb'edee their fa'ther, men'ding their nets ; and he ca'lļed them. 22 And they imme'dịately left the ship and their fa'ther, and followed him.

23 And Je'sus went about all Gallilee, teaching in their sýn'agogues, and preaching the gos'pel of the kingdom, and healing a'll mən'ner of sic'kness, and all mạn'ner of disease, amon'g the pe'ople. 24 And his fame went thro`ghoạt' a'il Syria : and they brought n'to him all sick people that were taʼken with di'vers diseases and toʻrments, and those which were posses' sed with devils, and those which were lu'natịck, and those that had the pa'lsy; and he healed them. 25 And there followed him grea't multitudes of pe'ople from Galilee, and from’ Decap'olis, and from Jeru'salem, and from Jude'a, and “from' beyond' Jo'rdạn.

CHAP. V. And seeing the mặl'tịtudes he went up ịn'to a moun'tain ; and when he was set, his disci' ples calme pn'to him : 2 And he o’pened his mouth, and tạ'ught them,


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