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sate as deep in Darkness, and in the Shadow of Death, as (we think) any since the Creation : This puts a Lustre upon it that is Superlative; and to have given Royal Patronage and Countenance to such

to such a Publication, or to the Means thereof, will stand among the Marks of Lasting Honour in the eyes of all that are Considerate, even unto After-Generations.

And though there be in this Western World many Colonies of other European Nations, yet we humbly conceive, no Prince hath had a Return of such a Work as this ; which may be some Token of the Success of Your Majesties Plantation of New-England, Undertaken and Setled under the Encouragement and Security of Grants from Your Royal Father and Grandfather, of Famous Memory, and Cherished with late Gracious Aspects from Your Majesty. Though indeed, the present Poverty of these Plantations could not have Accomplished this Work, had not the forementioned Bounty of England lent Relief; Nor could that have continued to stand us in stead, without the Influence of Your Royal Favour and Authority, whereby the Corporation there, for Propagating the Gospel among these Natives, hath been Established and Encouraged (whose Labour of Love, Care and Faithfulness in that Trust, must ever be remembred with Honour.) Yea, when private persons, for their private Ends, have of late sought Advantages to deprive the said Corporation of Half the Possessions that had been, by Liberal Contributions, obtained for so Religious Ends; We understand, That by an Honourable and Righteous Decision in Your Majesties Court of Chancery, their Hopes have been defeated, and the Thing Settled where it was and is. For which great Favour and Illustrious Fruit of Your Majesties Government, we cannot but return our most Humble Thanks in this Publick Manner: And, as the Result, of the joynt Endeavours of Your Majesties Subjects there and here, acting under Your Royal Influence, We Present You with this Work, which upon sundry accounts is to be called Yours.

The Southern Colonies of the Spanish Nation have sent home from this American Continent, much Gold and Silver, as the Fruit and End of their Discoveries and Transplantations : That (we confess is a scarce Commodity in this Colder Climate. But (sutable to the Ends of our Undertaking) we Present this, and other Concomitant Fruits of our poor Endeavours to Plant and Propagate the Gospel here; which, upon a true account, is as much better than Gold, as the Souls of men are more worth than the whole World. This is a Nobler Fruit (and indeed, in the Counsels of All-Disposing Providence, was an higher intended End) of Columbus his adventure. And though by his Brother's being hindred from a seasonable Application, your Famous Predecessour and Ancestor, King Henry the Seventh, missed of being sole owner of that first Discovery, and of the Riches thereof; yet, if the Honour of first Discovering the True and Saving Knowledge of the Gospel unto the poor Americans, and of Erecting the Kingdom of JESUS CHRIST among them, be Reserved for, and do Redound unto your Majesty, and the English Nation, After-ages Will not reckon this Inferiour to the other. Religion is the End and Glory of Mankinde; and as it was the Professed End of this Plantation ; so we desire ever to keep it in our Eye as our main design (both as to our selves, and the Natives about us) and that our Products may be answerable thereunto. Give us therefore leave (Dread Soveraign) yet again humbly to Beg the Continuance of your Royal Favour, and of the Influences thereof, upon this poor Plantation, The United Colonies of NEW ENGLAND, for the Securing and Establishment of our Civil Priviledges, and Religious Liberties hitherto Enjoyed; and, upon this Good Work of Propagating Religion to these Natives, that the Supports and Encouragements thereof from England may be still countenanced and Confirmed. May this Nursling still suck the Breast of Kings, and be fostered by your Majesty, as it hath been by your Royal Predecessors, unto the Preservation of its main Concernments ; It shall thrive and prosper to the Glory of God, and the Honour of your Majesty : Neither will it be any loss or grief unto our Lord the King, to have the Blessings of the Poor to come upon Him, and that from these Ends of the Earth.

The God by whom Kings Reign, and Princes

Decree Justice, Bless Your Majesty, and Establish your Throne in Righteousness, in Mercy and in Truth, to the Glory of His Name, the Good of his People, and to your own Comfort and Rejoicing, not in this onely, but in another World.

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