The Tissues and their structure

Bogue, 1882 - 120 páginas

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Página 7 - IN THE PLAIN AND ON THE MOUNTAIN: A Guide for Pedestrians and Mountain Tourists. With Illustrations of Dress requisites, &c. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s. BOOK of KNOTS. Illustrated by 172 Examples, showing the manner of Making every Knot, Tie, and Splice, by "Tom Bowling.
Página 27 - BONAPARTE. NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION, completed by the insertion of above One Hundred Birds omitted in the original Work, and Illustrated by valuable Notes, and Life of the Author, by Sir WILLIAM JARDINE.
Página 24 - SOWERBY'S ENGLISH BOTANY: Containing a Description and Life-size coloured Drawing of every British Plant. Edited and brought up to the Present Standard of Scientific Knowledge by T. BOSWELL (formerly SYMB), LL.DFLS, &c. With Popular Descriptions of the Uses, History, and Traditions of each Plant, by Mrs. LANKESTEB, Author of " Wild Flowers Worth Notice," " The British Ferns,
Página 19 - Desmids, Fungi, Lichens, Mosses, &c. With Instructions for their Preparation and for the Formation of an Herbarium. Translated and Edited by Rev. WW SPICER, MA Illustrated with 114 Woodcuts. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. \New Edition in Preparation. NEWMAN, EDWARD, FZS BRITISH BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS: An Illustrated Natural History of. Containing Life-size Figures from Nature of each Species, and of the more striking Varieties...
Página 6 - BARKER, S., MD MANAGEMENT OF CHILDREN in Health and Disease : A Book for Mothers. Demy 8vo, 6s. BARNARD, H. ORAL TRAINING LESSONS IN NATURAL SCIENCE AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Embracing the subjects of Astronomy, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Geography. Crown 8vo, 2s.
Página 27 - Containing an Alphabetical List of the Baronets of the United Kingdom, Short Biographical Notices, Dates of Creation, Addresses, &c. 32mo, cloth, is.
Página 20 - Admission to the Navy, Army, and Civil Services (Home and Indian), the Legal and Medical Professions, the Professions of a Civil Engineer, Architect, and Artist, and the Mercantile Marine, New Edition.
Página 28 - Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 3^. 6d. CURIOSITIES OF CIVILIZATION. Being Essays reprinted from the Quarterly and Edinburgh Reviews. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. ZERFFI, GG, Ph.D., FRSL MANUAL of the HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF ART— Prehistoric, Ancient, Hebrew, Classic, Early Christian. With special reference to Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, and Ornamentation. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. SPIRITUALISM AND ANIMAL MAGNETISM. A Treatise on Spiritual Manifestations, &c. &c., in which it is shown that these can, by careful...
Página 9 - COLLECTION CATALOGUE for NATURALISTS. A Ruled Book for keeping a permanent Record of Objects in any branch of Natural History, with Appendix for recording interesting particulars, and lettered pages for general Index. Strongly bound, 200 pages, 7*. 6d. ; 300 pages, lor. ; and 2s. 6d. extra for every additional 100 pages. Working Catalogues, is. 6d. each. COMPANION TO THE WRITING DESK. See " How to Address Titled People.
Página 8 - EVOLUTION, OLD AND NEW: Being a Comparison of the Theories of BUFFON, Dr. ERASMUS DARWIN, and LAMARCK, with that of Mr. CHARLES DARWIN. With copious Extracts from the Writings of the first three-named Authors. Crown 8vo, cloth, price "js.

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