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ment gives birth to strange and momentous changes; when our peaceful quarter of the globe, exempt as it happily has been from any share in the slaughter of the human race, may yet be compelled to abandon her pacific policy, and to risk the doleful casualities of war : what limit is there to the extent of our loss ?-none within the reach of my words to express ; none which your feelings will not disavow.

The founder of our federate republicour bulwark in war, our guide in peace, is no more! oh that this were but questionable! hope, the comforter of the wretched, would pour into our agonizing hearts its balmy dew. But, alas ! there is no hope for us; our WASHINGTON is removed forever! possessing the stoutest frame, and purest mind, he had passed nearly to his sixtyeighth year, in the enjoyment of high health, when, habituated by his care of us to neglect himself, a slight cold, disregarded, became inconvenient on Friday, oppressive on Saturday, and, defying every medical interposition, before the morning of Sunday, put an end to the best of men. An end did I say ?-his fame survives ! bounded only by


the limits of the earth, and by the extent of the human mind. He survives in our hearts, in the growing knowledge of our children, in the affection of the good throughout the world ; and when our monuments shall be done away ; when nations now existing shall be no more; when even our young and farspreading empire shall have perished, still will our WASHINGTON's glory unfaded shine, and die not until love of virtue cease on earth, or earth itself sinks into chaos. .

How, my fellow citizens, shall I single to your grateful hearts his pre-eminent worth ! where shall I begin in opening to your view a character throughout sublime ? shall I speak of his warlike achievements, all springing from obedience to his country's will-all directed to his country's good ?


WILL you go with me to the banks of the Monongahela, to see youryouthful WASHINGTON, supporting, in the dismal hour of Indian victory, the ill-fated BRADDOCK, and saving, by his judgment, and by his valour, the remains of a defeated army, pressed by the conquering savage foe? Or, when oppressed America, nobly resolving to risk her

all in defence of her violated rights, he was elevated by the unanimous voice of Congress to the command of her armies : will you follow him to the high grounds of Boston, where to an undisciplined, courageous, and virtuous yeomanry, his presence gave the stability of system, and infused the invinci. bility of love of country; or shall I carry you to the painful scenes of Long-Island, York-Island and New-Jersey, when, combating superior and gallant armies, aided by · powerful fleets, and led by chiefs high in the roll of fame, he stood the bulwark of our safety ; undismayed by disaster ; unchanged by change of fortune. Or will you view him in the precarious fields of Trenton, where deep gloom unnerving every arm, reigned triumphant through our thinned, worn down, unaided ranks ; himself unmoved.-Dreadful was the night. It was about this time of winter--the storm raged the Delaware, rolling furiously with floating ice, forbad the approach of man. WASHINGTON, self collected, viewed the tremendous scene_his country called ; unappalled by surrounding dangers, he passed to the hostile shore ; he fought; he conquered. The morning sun cheered the American world.

Our country rose on the event; and her dauntless chief, pursuing his blow, completed. in the lawns of Princeton, what his vast soul had conceived on the shores of Delaware.

THENCE to the strong grounds of Morristown he led his small but gallant band ; and through an eventful winter, by the high efforts of his genius, whose matchless force was measurable only by the growth of difficulties, he held in check formidable hostile legions, conducted by a chief experienced in the art of war, and famed for his valour on the ever memorable heights of Abraham, where fell WOLFE, MONTCALM, and since, ourmuch lamented MONTGOMERY—allcovered with glory. In this fortunate interval,produced by his masterly conduct, our fathers, ourselves, animated by his resistless example, rallied around our country's standard, and continued to follow her beloved chief through the various and trying scenes to which the destinies of our union led.


who is there that has forgotten the vales of Brandywine-the fields of Germantown -or the plains of Monmouth? every where present, wants of every kind obstructing,

numerous and valiant armies encountering, himself a host, he assuaged our sufferings, limited our privations, and upheld our tottering republic. Shall I display to you the spread of the fire of his soul, by rehearsing the praises of the hero of Saratoga, and his much loved compeer of the Carolinas ? no; our WASHINGTON wears not borrowed glory: to GATES—to Greene, he gave without reserve the applause due to their eminent merit ; and long may the chiefs of Saratoga, and of Eutaws, receive the grateful respect of a grateful people.

MOVING in his own orbit, he imparted heat and light to his most distant satellites; and combining the physical and moral force of all within his sphere, with irresistible weight he took his course, commiserating folly, disdaining vice, dismaying treason, and checking despondency ; until the auspicious hour arrived, when, united with the intrepid forces of a potent and magnanimous ally, he brought to submission the since con queror of India ; thus finishing his long career of military glory with a lustre corresponding to his great name, and in this his

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