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(Emmet Collection. Presented to the New York Public Library by John S. Kennedy.)


Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence. Volume XVI., Virginia. Illustrated by Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D. New York (1870 ?). Fo.

The text of the volume consists of the lives of Richard Henry Lee, by A. H. Lee, from volume 9, pages 5-65 of the original edition of Sanderson; of Francis Lightfoot Lee, by Robert Waln, jf., from yolume 9, pages 171-184; of Carter Braxton, by Judge Brackenborough, from volume 6, pages 177-207; of Thomas Nelson, jr., by H. D. Gilpin, from volume 7, pages 263-306; and of Benjamin Harrison, by H. D. Gilpin, from volume 8, pages 125-172. The material indexed consists of: documents 14, engrav

letters 32, magazine article 1, portraits 74, views 17.

View : Yorktown, Va. Inscription : York Town Battle ground. Line. (New York? 1850?] 8o. Inserted in a decorative frame of older date engraved by J. G. Walker. Fo.

EM. 3764 Engraving : Yorktown, Siege of. Inscription : (left) Peint par Couder (right) Gravé par J. M. Fontaine | Rochambeau Washington Lafayette | Sidge d' York-Town Le Gal. Rochambeau et Washington donnent les derniers ordres pour l'Attaque, Line. (Paris, 1790?] Fo. EM. 3765

ings 5,



1 page.

p. 95.

Letter : Lee (Richard Henry). New York, June 17, 1785. To- Congress has just finished an ordinance for surveying and selling that part of the land north-west of the Ohio that has been purchased lately of the Indians; this and more to be acquired later will be devoted to payment of the domestic debt; the foreign debt will not be oppressive then ; an American coinage, the regulation of the post office, and other important affairs are now before Congress; they hope for peace with the Barbary states; he inclines to think however that commercial finesse has been more operative than the enmity of those people to distress American com

Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of F. J. Dreer, Esq., Phila. F°. With a portrait (wood engraving, on India paper) of Richard Henry Lee.

EM. 3766 Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861,

Letter : Lee (Richard Henry). Baltimore, Feb. 19, 1777. To John Page, Williamsburg, Va. Thanks him for his last letter ; if their large gallies were manned, gunned, and fitted, the navigation of the bay would receive no interruption ; wishes Virginia and Maryland would act jointly in the matter; advantages of the gallies ; events of war are at a standstill until the new army assembles ; the horses of the enemy are nearly all dead for want of forage; it is disgraceful to Americans that 6000 men determined upon their ruin should winter in their country; urges Page to press forward their quota ; a war in Europe is not far off ; they expect news soon upon the return of the vessel that carried Dr. Franklin to France ; Page's brother and sister were inoculated three days ago ; Congress is to return to Philadelphia on Wednesday next ; a postscript adds that seamen put ashore by Com. Hotham report that the ships have great fear of our gallies. A.L.S. 2 pp. and i leaf with address. Fo. EM. 3767

Portrait: Berkeley (Sir William)? Threequarters length, standing ; directed to the left, facing towards and looking to the front; long wig,

lace cravat, breast plate, sash, left hand on hip. Mezzotint. (London, 18th century?] Fo. EM. 3768

The inscription has been cut away and the print reduced to 892 in. in height by 5.15-16 in, in breadth. Compare the engraving described in J. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto Portraits, part 3, p. 1367, by R. Thompson after Sir Peter Lely: this latter is a portrait of Sir William Berkeley (1639-1666), vice-admiral, and not of Sir William Berkeley, governor of Virginia.

Portrait: Lee (Richard). Short half length ; directed to the right, facing towards and looking to the front ; long wig. Inscription : O'Neill N.Y. I Richard Lee. Richardson and company. Stipple on mezzotint. 4°

EM. 3769 Also in E. C. Mead's Genealogical history of the Lee family, N. Y., 1868, p. 51.

Portrait: Lee (Richard). Full bust ; directed to the right, facing and looking to the front; long hair ; robes. Inscription : O'Neill, N. Y. | Richard Lee Jr. Richardson & Company. Stipple on mezzotint. 4o.

EM. 3770 Also in E. C. Mead's Genealogical history of the Lee family, N. Y., 1868, p. 56.

Document : Lee (Richard). [Fairfax, Va., Sept. 19, 1771.] Deposition to the effect that he, with others, had agreed to ship tobacco by Joshua Pollard of the ship Fryar of Liverpool, Pollard engaging to be in the Potomac in March; that since Pollard did not appear until about June 5, they considered themselves released from the contract ; though Lee shipped his tobacco by Pollard as a favor, others refused to do so. D. S. Certified to before John West, at Fairfax, Va., Sept. 19, 1771, and signed by him. 142 pp. Fo. EM. 3771

Letter : Lee (Thomas). Stratford, (Va.,] Dec. 20, 1749. To (James Hamilton, deputy-governor of Pennsylvania). Since he wrote last he has writ. ten also to the Lords of the Treasury asking for the King's order for running the dividing line between the two colonies ; otherwise great difficulty will arise upon the seating of the grants to the westward of the mountains; this was the method adopted by the Earl of Grenville and Lord Fairfax; he acquaints


him with the matter that there may be no surprise and no delay in so important a case. A. L. S. 1% pp. 8°.

EM. 3772 Portrait : Lee (Thomas). Bust ; profile to the left. Inscription : Max Rosenthal | Thomas Lee, Colonial Governor of Virginia Thomas Lee (facsimile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3773 View: Stratford, Va. Inscription : Stratford House. Wood engraving. With two pages of text by John Esten Cooke on Stratford House.

EM. 3774 Also in Appleton's Journal, vol. 11 (N. Y., 1874) p. 97.

Portrait : Washington (George). Bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; military uniform ; wig. Inscription : Engd. by H. B. Hall, N. Y., 1865. J. Peale Pinx 1788 | Go. Washington (fac-simile signature) | Private plate. Line. Fo. Baker, no. III.

EM. 3775 Engraving : Washington (George). Inscription : (left) Darley (right) G. R. Hall | The People of Winchester appealing to Washington. (From the original drawing in the possession of the publishers) Printed by W. Pate. Line. Fo. EM. 3776

The same engraving, on smaller paper, is to be found also in Irving's Washington, 4° ed., vol. i (N. Y., 1857) p. 235.

View: Alexandria, Va. Inscription : The Braddock house, Alexandria, Va. Wood engraving. With two pages of text by John Esten Cooke on The Braddock house. 4°.

EM. 3777 Also in Appleton's Journal, vol. 10 (N. Y., 1873) p. 784.

Letter : Braddock (Edward). Williamsburg, (Va.,] Mar.10, 1755. To Robert Hunter Morris,governor of Pennsylvania Urging him to convene the assembly and to make every effort to get voted the supplies for Braddock's expedition ; he desires that money voted should not be appropriated for a particular purpose, but be granted on general terms for the expedition. L. S. Endorsed : “Genl. Braddock's Letter to Govt. Morris. Laid before the House Mar 26, 1755;

Entered in Council Minute of 25th March 1755. 3 pp. Fo.

EM. 3778 Printed in Minutes of the provincial council of Pennsylvania, vol. 6 (Harrisburg, 1851) p. 332.

Portrait : Lee (Richard Henry). Bust; directed, facing, looking towards the left. Inscription : Richard Henry Lee Engr. by P. Maverick & J. B. Longacre, from a drawing by Longacre from an original miniature. Stipple. 8°. EM. 3779

Also in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence, vol. 9 (Phila., 1827) p. 7.

Letter : Townshend (Charles). Grosvenor Square (London), Saturday, (1759?). To His brother, Col. Roger Townshend, is in North America ; it would hardly satisfy a man so punctual as Mr. Ravenel to write to him to pay the interest on Ravenel's bond ; Townshend himself will do all in his power to assist his brother, will even advance the money himself, if necessary. A. L. S. 1 page. 4o.

EM. 3780 Portrait : Grenville (George)? Three-quarters length, seated in armchair ; directed to the right, facing towards the front, looking to the left ; left hand holding paper and resting on left knee, right hand and arm on arm of the chair ; wig, ruffles. No lettering. Line and stipple. [London, 1800 ?] 12+ x 918 in.

EM. 3781

Letter : Grenville (William Wyndham), Baron. Cleveland Row (London), Sept. 22, 1796. To Thomas Pinckney. Acknowledges letter of Sept. 18; trusts no difficulty will occur respecting his baggage ; if there should be any he may rely upon it that immediate directions will be given to facilitate the embarkation of it. A. L. S., Grenville, I page. 4o.

EM. 3782 Portrait: Henry (Patrick). Bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; white stock; black clothes. Inscription : Engd. by W. G: Jackman.

| P. Henry (fac-simile signature). Line. (New York, 1850?] 8°.

EM. 3783 Document: Hind (John), and others. (Nov. ? 1774?) Agreement, signed by sixty-three names, "to the above Association & Resolves of the General Congress,"obliging themselves to abide by and to conform to the same.

I page.

EM. 3784 Portrait : West (Benjamin). Short half length, seated, directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; curtains in background, to the right a building in the distance. Inscription: (left) Benjn. West Esq. P. R. A. pinxt. (right) T. Holloway sculpt. | Benjamin West Esqr. President of the Royal Academy and Historical Painter to his Majesty. Published as the Act directs by Thos. Holloway Eu the other Proprietors, April 25, 1798. Line. (London.] Fo.

EM. 3785 Portrait : George III., King of Great Britain. Bust; directed to the right, face in profile to the right; wig, robes, girdle. Oval within a rectangle; drapery in upper left hand corner; below George. Ill. in rays spreading from behind a shield with the arms and motto of Britain upon it; to the left the stern of a ship marked Nelson, and a crown; below, fasces. Line (partly colored). 8°.

EM. 3786 From A series of the kings and queens of England, London, 1817.

Portrait: Jones (Sir William). Full bust, seated; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; right arm resting on shelf to the left, hand holding a book. Within an ornamental frame. Inscription: (on the frame) Sir Wm. Jones. (below) Wm. Jones (fac-simile signature) Painted by Sir J. Reynolds, R.A. Engraved by A. Roffe. Line. (London, 1840 ?] 4°.

EM. 3787 Portrait : Petty (William), Marquis of Lansdowne, known as Lord Shelburne. Bust; profile to the left; military uniform, cocked hat. Circular frame within a rectangle. Inscription: (on the frame) Lord Shelburne. Line. [London, 1780?] 8°.

EM. 3788 Portrait : Erskine (Thomas), Baron Erskine. Half length, seated; directed and facing towards the right, looking to the front; robes, lace cravat, wig; drapery behind. Inscription: The Right Honorable Thomas Lord Erskine. Lord High Chancellor of England. Mezzotint. (London, 1820 ?]

I page. Fo.

EM. 3789 Portrait : Barré (Isaac). Half length, seated in arm chair; directed, facing, looking to the left; left hand holding a roll, right arm resting on ledge to the left. Inscription: The Right Hon Isaac Barrè, From an original Picture by A. G. Stuart, in the Possession of the Earl of St. Vincent. Drawn by W. Evans, Engraved by W. T. Fry. Published Feb. 1, 1817, by T. Cadell & W. Davies, Strand, London. Stipple. Fo.


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EM. 3790

Portrait : Wilkes (John). Full length, seated; directed to the front, facing to the right; left hand on left knee, right arm resting on leg, and hand holding a liberty pole with the cap on top; to the left a table upon which lie an inkstand with pen, and two papers marked North Briton Number 17 and North Briton Number 45. Inscription: (left) Designed by W. Hogarth. (right) Engraved by T. Cook. | John Wilkes Esqr. Line. (London, 1770?] Fo.

EM. 3791 Portrait : Lee (Arthur). Bust; directed, facing, looking to the left. Inscription: Etchd, by H. B. Hall, N. Y. 1868 | Arthur Lee (fac-simile signature). fo.

EM. 3792 Engraving : Washington (George). Inscription: (left) Darley del. (right) H. B. Hall | Washington, Henry & Pendleton going to the first congress. Vol. 1. P 397 (From the original drawing in the possession of the publishers.) Line. Fo.

EM. 3793 The same engraving, on smaller paper, is to be found also in Irving's Washington, 4° ed., vol. 1 (N. Y., 1857) p. 397.

Portrait : Cushing (Thomas). Half length; directed to the right, facing and looking slightly to the right; plain coat, wig. Inscription: Thomas Cushing Member of the Continental Congress Thomas Cushing (fac-simile signature). Lithograph [by Max Rosenthal]. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3794 Portrait : Washington (George). Three-quarters length, standing; directed to the left, facing and looking to the right; right arm raised, left hand resting on waist; military uniform, cocked hat; battle in left background. Inscription: Done from an Original, Drawn from the Life by Alexr. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia. George Washington, Esqr. General and Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in America. [Published as the Act directs 9 Septr 1775 by C. Shepherd.] Mezzotint. (London.] Fo.

EM. 3795 Baker, no. 49. See also J. C. Smith's British Meszotinto Portraits, part 4, p. 1717, no. 14.

Document: Alderton (Thomas). [London,] Jan. 23, 1773. Bill for £40 travelling expenses to Wroxton Abbey and thence to Dillington and return, Aug. 23, 1772 to Oct. I, 1772. With recommendation signed by Lord North, praying Duke of Newcastle to pay the amount; an order on Lord Northington, Feb. 1, 1773, to pay the amount out of the seizures since Oct. 25, 1760; certificate of examination and record, signed by Northington, Feb. 3, 1773. Receipted, on the back, 4 Feb, 1773 by T. Alderton and witnessed by James Best.

I page. Fo.

EM. 3796 Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Full bust; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; plain coat; white stock. Inscription: (left) G. Stuart (right) H. B. Hall | Thomas Jefferson Th Jefferson (fac-simile signature) Printed by W. Pate. New York. G. P. Putnam & Co. Stipple. 4°. EM. 3797

Also in Irving's Washington, 4° ed., vol. 5 (N. Y., 1859) P. 30.

View: London.-Tower. Inscription: Publish'd according to Act of Parliament by I. Boydel. Engraver 1751 Price is. A View of the Tower, taken upon the Thames. Line. [London.] Fo.

EM. 3798 Portrait : Shippen (William). Short halflength, standing; directed, facing, looking to the

left; plain coat; long hair. Inscription: (right) Max Rosenthal | Dr. Wm. Shippen, Sen. Æt 89. Member of the Continental Congress. Wm. Shippen (facsimile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3799 Document : Shippen (William). [Philadelphia, Penn. 1790?] Receipt for £895 195. 6d., Virginia convention money, from Messrs. Simon and Gratz, collateral security to the obligation for the same amount in Pennsylvania currency, due Mar. 25 next, on the back of which the receipt is written. A.D.S. Fragment. Narrow strip.

EM. 3800 Portrait : Washington (George). Bust; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front. Inscription: (right) C. G. Stuart pinxt. (left) W. Nutter sculpt. | Geo. Washington Esqr. Late President of the United States of America. From an original Picture in the possession of J. Sebm. De França Esqr. of Devonshire Place to whom this Plate is Dedicated by his obliged humble Servt. Robi. Cribb. [London, Published Jany. 15th 1798 by R. Cribb, Holborn.] Stipple. Fo.

EM. 3801 Baker, no, 294.

Letter : Weedon (George). Fredericksburg, (Va.,] Jan. 15, 1781. To Thomas Jefferson, (Richmond, ) Governor of Va. Since the receipt of his letter of 11 inst. he has taken every measure in his power to fulfil the request; various county lieutenants have been warned; he has between 600 and 700 men ready now, of which number 150 are riflemen; from information of Col. [Thomas] Matthews he expects 500 more in the next week; he has had all the lead at this post run into balls; they need more. A.L.S. 2 pp. 4°

EM. 3802 The address has been inserted below the letter.

Portrait : Weedon (George). Bust; directed, facing, looking to the left; military uniform, cocked hat. Inscription: (right) Albert Rosenthal | Brig. Gen. George Weedon. G. Weedon (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3803 Portrait : Adams (Samuel). Half length; directed to the left, facing to the right, looking to the front; plain coat, wig. Inscription: Illman & Pil. brow Sc. Sam. Adams (fac-simile signature). Line and stipple. 8o.

EM. 3804 Also in Goodrich's Lives of the Signers, N. Y., 1836, p. 81.

Letter : Washington (George). Head Quarters, White Plains, [N. Y.,] Sept. 1, 1778. To George Clinton, Governor of N. Y. Informs him that Capt. Colson (Samuel Colston) of the 5th Virginia regiment, wounded and killed Mr. Vantassel of New York; Colson has escaped, perhaps to Virginia, perhaps to the West Indies; will Clinton make efforts for his apprehension; the last advices from Rhode Island, of Aug. 29, from Gen. Sullivan, inform him that the Americans have withdrawn to the north end of the island; a skirmish with the enemy resulted favorably for the Americans; d'Estaing's feet has reached Boston. L. S. 2 pp. Fo.

EM. 3805 Portrait : Lee (Richard Henry). Bust; directed to the left, face in profile to the left. Within a rectangular border. Inscription : (right) Max Rosenthal 1885. | Richard Henry Lee, the mover in Congress of the Declaration of Independence. Etching, (Philadelphia.) Fo.

EM. 3806



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P. 53.

2 pp.


Letter: Lee (Francis Lightfoot) and Wormeley one season more; small chance of redress now; by (Ralph). Mount Airy, [Va.,] Mar. 12, 1784. To the papers sent herewith he will see that America is George Washington. The enclosed letters were not alone in feeling the iron rod of ministerial received last summer, but they delayed sending them tyranny. A, L, S.

2 pp. 4°.

EM. 3810 until he was at leisure and free from public cares;

Document : Symme (John). (Williamsburgh, they are totally ignorant of Col. Tayloe's part in Va? 1765?) Petition to Lieutenant-Governor, the affair, which is the subject of Mr. Montagu's

Francis Fauquier, and the rest of the judges of the letter; they know only that the estate has been sold;

general court, praying for a writ of supersedeas in they ask if he can give them, for Mr. Montagu, any

the case of trespass brought against him in this light on the subject. Lithograph fac-simile of a

court by Meriwether Skelton to settle the bounds of L. S. in the possession of F. J. Dreer Esq., Phila.

their adjoining lands in Hanover county; the county Fo. With a wood engraving on India

court, Apr. 5, 1764, ordered a survey of the bounds, paper of the Birth place of R. H. Lee & Francis

whereby the petitioner is involved in double expense Lightfoot Lee, Stratford House, Westmoreland.

and vexation and is put in danger of having his deEM. 3807

fence in this court prejudiced. With recommendaAlso in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, tion of Edmund Pendleton in favor of issue of the

writ. A. D. S., Edmd. Pendleton. Below is written Letter : Lee (Francis Lightfoot). Menokin, an order for issue of the writ, signed by Fran: (Va.,] May 15, 1773. [To William Lee, London.] Fauquier, John Tayloe, Presly Thornton. I page. Relating to his shipments of tobacco and to other F°.

EM. 3811 business affairs. A. L. S.

F° . EM. 3808 Portrait : Bland (Theodoric). Bust; profile to The address has been added in pencil by Dr. Emmet. the right. Inscription : Max] R[osenthal] | Col. Portrait : Lee (Thomas). Half length; directed

Theodoric Bland. Theok. Bland (fac-simile signato the right, facing and looking towards the front; ture). Lithograph. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo. robes, embroidered waistcoat, white stock and shirt

EM. 3812 front, long wig. Inscription : O'Neill N. Y. | Col. Letter : Bland (Theodoric). Cawson, [Va.,] Thomas Lee Richardson & Company. Stipple on July 12, 1789. To Giles, Petersburgh. Asking mezzotint. 8°.

EM. 3809 him to undertake the defense of two suits brought Also in E. C. Mead's Genealogical history of the Le against his father's estate, of which he is executor, family, N. Y., 1868, p. 59.

the one in Amelia county by Robert Gilliam, the Letter : Lee (William). London, Mar. 21, 1771. other in Nottaway by Robert Bolling; Mr. Venables To John Tabb (James River, Virginia). Informs

will inform him of the circumstances. A. L, S. him that he is now settled in London in the tobacco I page. 4o.

EM. 3813 trade, and would esteem Tabb's favors a peculiar Portrait : Lee (Francis Lightfoot). Bust; diobligation; he is almost sick of politics since the rected, facing, looking to the left; chin resting on base desertion by the northern colonists of every left hand; plain coat, long hair. Inscription : good and noble principle; the most provoking cir- Etchd. by H. B. Hall from a Drawing in Collection cumstance is that there was the greatest probability of Dr. T. A. Emmet 1870 | Francis Lightfoot Lee of everything's being set right had they persevered (fac-simile signature). [New York.] F°. EM. 3814

CARTER BRAXTON. Letter : Braxton (Carter). [Newington, Va?] and pay the bond too; he will not be down until the July 10, 1779. To Francis Lewis, chairman of the meeting of the merchants in November unless as a commercial committee of Congress, Philadelphia. witness. A. L. S. I page. 4o.

EM. 3816 Encloses a statement of his several late accounts; The address has been mounted upon the back. asks that the money be paid to Robert Morris; with

Portrait : Braxton (Carter). Bust; directed, regard to the money paid by Capt. Cunningham to Mr. Bingham, he leaves it to Lewis's decision.

facing, looking to the right; plain clothes, white Lithograph fac-simile of A. L. S. in possession of

stock and ruffle, short hair. Inscription : Etchd. by F. J. Dreer, Esq. Phila. Endorsed (in fac-simile) :

H. B. Hall from Drawing in Collection of Dr. relative to Ship Virginia.

T. A. Emmet, 1870. | Carter Braxton (fac-simile

With a fac-simile note of R. E. Gilmor that he had received the letter

signature). (New York.) Fo.

EM. 3817 from John Wickham of Richmond in 1829. With Portrait: Berkeley (Norborne), Baron Botea view (wood engraving on India paper) of the Ris.

tourt. Bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; of Carter Braxton Newington, Va.

edged coat, lace cravat, wig. In an oval frame. EM. 3815

Inscription : (on the frame) The Right Honble. NorAlso in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861,

borne Berkeley, Baron de Bottetourt, late Governor

of Virginia. (around the frame, below) Drawn Letter : Braxton (Carter). (Newington, Va?] from a Medallion of the same size in the possession Oct.10, 1772. To James Mercer, Williamsburgh. His

of John Norton Esq., To the General Assembly of letter of last July was not delivered; but the two he

Virginia, this Plate is most humbly. Inscrib'd by wrote as he left town came to hand; the house on

their Obliged humble Servant H. Ashley. Stipple, whom his bills were drawn would accept only one

in red ink. [London? 1770?] 4°. EM. 3818 of them; Mr. Adams is expected every day; he had Document: Great Britain.-King. Williamsintended to pay Mercer the greater part of his bond burg, Va., June 13, 1770. Commission appointing at this court, but fears he cannot take up the bill John West, George Mason, Daniel McCarty, John

2 pp. Fo.

P. 55.

Carlyle, William Ramsay, Charles Broadwater, John West, Jr., Bryan Fairfax, Sampson Darrell, Henry Gunnell, Robert Adam, William Payne, William Adams, Hector Ross, Alexander Henderson, George Washington, Edward Payne, justices of the peace for Fairfax county. D. S., Botetourt (Governor). I page. Fo.

EM. 3819 Document : Cary (Archibald). Williamsburg, Va., June 9, 1756. Petition to Robert Dinwiddie, and the rest of the judges of the general court for a writ of certiorari in the action for assault and battery brought against him in the court of hustings of Williamsburgh by Henry Wetherburne, ordinary keeper, of that city. A. D. S. Sworn to before Robert Carter Nicholas and signed by him. With order for issue of the writ, signed by Robe. Dinwiddie, John Blair, Thomas Dawson. Endorsed. 2 pp. Fo.

EM. 3820 Portrait : Dinwiddie (Robert). Bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; plain clothes, wig. Inscription : Robert Dinwiddie, Governor of Virginia. Lithograph [by Max Rosenthal ?]. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 8°.

EM. 3821 Letter : Cary (Archibald). Ampthill, (Va.,] July IO, 1785. To Dr. James Currie, Richmond. Calling upon him to clear himself from the charge of circulating lies with regard to the character of Cary's daughter. A. L. S. I page. 4°. EM. 3822

Letter: Hill (Wills) Marquis of Downshire, known as Lord Hillsborough. Hanover Square, [Dublin,] Sept. 19, 1789. To the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (George Nugent-Temple-Grenville, first Marquis of Buckingham). Trusts his health is better so that he may soon return to Ireland; report of a dissolution of the Irish parliament; if it is true he trusts Buckingham will entrust him with the secret as it will be useful to him in the county Downe; he will need all the government's influence there; since he left Ireland two places have become vacant by the deaths of Mr. Burrough and Mr. Moore; suggests the appointment of I. Pollock to the first place, and of I. Patrickson to that of usher of the counsel; asks also that in case of a dissolution, Mr. Annesley be permitted to purchase a seat at the reduced price that boroughs are sold for under government patronage. A. L. S. Endorsed. 4 pp. 4°.

EM. 3823 Portrait: Cary (Archibald). Half length, standing; directed to the right; facing and looking to the front; left hand in waistcoat, right hand in front of him; plain coat, white waistcoat, stock, wig. Inscription: Col. Archibald Cary. Wash drawing by David McN. Stauffer. [New York,] 1884. Fo.

EM. 3824 Portrait : George III., George III., King of Great Britain. Bust; directed, facing, looking to the front; robes, girdle, wig. Inscription: Painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds. George II1. Engraved by Worthington. Published by W. Pickering 57, Chancery Lane, 1823. Line. Fo. EM. 3825

Portrait : Nelson (William). Three-quarters length, standing; directed to the right, facing and looking to the front; left hand in waistcoat, right hand resting on ledge to the left; plain coat, long wig. Inscription: (right) American Photo Eng. Co. N. Y. | (From a water color copy by C. H. Sherman, N. Y., 1883, from the original portrait by unknown artist.) Hon. William Nelson, of York

town, Virginia, president of the dominion of Virginia. Died 19th Nov., 1772, Aged 61. (1883?] Fo.

EM. 3826 Portrait : Page (Mann). Bust; directed to the right, facing towards the front and looking upwards towards the front; plain coat, stock, wig. Inscription: (left) Albert Rosenthal | Mann Page Member of the Continental Congress. Mann Page (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3827 Document: Carter (Charles) and Page (Mann). [Fredericksburg, Va.?] Apr. 4, 1783. Bond for 2341 8s. 7/2d., security for the delivery of five likely negroes, property of Carter and tendered by him to Page until they are sold by Larkin Stanard, sub-sheriff of Spotsylvania county, at Fredericksburg, May 18 next, to satisfy a writ of capias ad satis faciendum executed against Carter for £170 145. 334 d. and costs, for Hugh Dunagha. D. S., Chs Carter, Mann Page. Witnessed by Thomas Hughes. Endorsed.

I page. Fo.

EM. 3828 Portrait : Henry (Patrick). Short half length; directed, facing, looking to the right; cloak, white stock, wig. Inscription: Engraved by E. Wellmore from a Painting by J. B. Longacre after an Original Miniature in possession of John S. Fleming Esqr. of Virginia. Patrick Henry. P. Henry (fac-simile signature). Stipple. 8°. EM. 3829

Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 2, Phila., 1835.

Portrait : Montagu (George)? Bust; directed, facing, looking to the left; uniform, white stock, wig. Oval vignette. Line. [London ? 1800 ?)

EM. 3830 There is nothing to indicate the subject except a pencil note in a modern hand which reads "Capt Montague. Br. N."

Letter : Murray (John) 4th Earl of Dunmore. Nassau, [New Providence,] Apr. 1, 1795. ToAcknowledges receipt of letter of Dec. 10; thanks him for his trouble in connection with the head for the snow; he is well pleased with it; wishes him to thank Mr. Rush for the attention he has paid to it; thanks him also for his attention to the Count de Cockburn and his daughter; asks him to deliver to the Count the enclosed and also to persuade them to adopt the plan therein proposed; in case they do, asks him to assist them in procuring passage to Nassau; if Mr. (John?) Warder or any other merchant in Philadelphia will advance £40 or £50 to them he may draw upon Dunmore or his bankers; he has just returned from a trip among the keys and has not heard from Mr. Taylor; his sorrow for the losses of his correspondent. A. L. S. 3 pp. 4°.

EM. 3831 Letter : Page (John). Richmond, [Va., ) Feb. 15, 1804. To (his daughter) Mrs. S. B. Nelson, Yorktown. Refers her to the bearer for news of himself; introduces Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop of Massachusetts, who have been in Richmond for a month with Col. Hichborn, the father of Mrs. Winthrop. A.L.S. I page. 4°.

EM. 3832 Portrait : Page (John). Full bust; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right. Inscription: John Page Gov of Va. John Page (fac-simile signature). Lithograph [by Max Rosenthal]. (Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3833 Letter : Carrington (Paul). Charlotte, (Va.,] Apr. 11, 1776. To He had promised to go down to the house of his correspondent with Mr. Caldwell to settle Mr. Byrd's account, but sickness

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