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Zeitschrift für deutsches Alterthum u. deutsche Litteratur. v. 33–42. Berlin, 1888–98. 8°. с

V. 1-9 ed. by Moritz Haupt. V. 33-41 contain also Anzeiger für deutsches Alterthum u. deutsche Litteratur.

- V. 24-26, 41-42 (1880-82, 1896–98). Na Current.

Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Lit. teratur. V. 1-20, Oppeln, 1879-98.

Na C Current. Place of publication varies. V. 1-to have title: Zeitschrift für neufranzösische Sprache und Litteratur.

Supplementheft. v. 1-7 (1880–92). C Zeitschrift für vergleichende Litteraturge

schichte. Hrsg. von M. Koch und L. Geiger. v. I (1887). Berlin, 1887. 8°.

Na C Continued as: Zeitschrift für vergleichende Litteraturgeschichte und Renaissance Litteratur,

Zeitschrift für vergleichende Litteratur-Ge. schichte und Renaissance-Litteratur. v. 1-12 (1887– 98). Berlin, 1887–98. 8°.

Na Current. Continuation of: Zeitschrift für vergleichende Litteratur-Geschichte. v. 1-6 (1887-93).

C Zukunft (Die). Herausgeber: Maximilian Harden. v. 1-4, 6–7 (1892-93, 1898). 6 v. Berlin, 1892–98. 8°.

Na Current. Weekly.


(Emmet Collection.

Presented to the New York Public Library by John S. Kennedy.)


Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence. Volume XVIII., South Carolina. Illustrated by Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D. New York (1870 ?). Fo.

The text of the volume consists of the life of Arthur Middleton, by H. M. Rutledge, from volume 6, pages 5 to 46 of the original edition of Sanderson ; of Thomas Lynch, by James Hamilton, from volume 5, pages 5 to 32 and 378 to 382; of Thomas Heyward, by James Hamilton, from volume 4, pages I to 17; and of Edward Rutledge, by Arthur Middleton, from volume 3, pages. 7 to 47


307 to 309. The material indexed consists of : autograph 1, broadsides 2, caricature 1, chart 1, documents 8, engraving 1, letters 18, maps 3, newspapers 2, portraits 56, views 14.

View: Charleston, S.C. Inscription: Charles

ton, S. C. in 1780. Line. 8°.

EM. 3974 Also in F. Moore's Diary of the American Revolution, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1860) p. 273.

Chart: Charleston, S. C. The Harbour of Charles Town in South-Carolina from the Surveys of Sr. Jas. Wallace Captn. in his Majestys Navy & Others. with A View of the Town from the South Shore of Ashley River. Published according to Act of Parliament Nov. ist. 1777. by J. F. W. Des Barres Esqr. (London). Size : 2278 x 31/2 in. Scale : 1 N. mile to 1/2 in. Engraved on copper. Colored by hand. Paper, mounted on muslin, to fold.

EM. 3975 Also in Des Barres's Atlantic Neptune, vol. 4.

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ARTHUR MIDDLETON. Document: United States.-Congress, Conti- A van Dyke pinx; 1. Beckett fe: (right) Sold by nental, 1775-1789. [Philadelphia,] Sept. 9, 1782. I. Smith at the Lyon Eu Crown in Russell Street Resolutions approving that the Maryland recruits Covent Garden, Mezzotint. [1700?] F°. EM. 3979 and Armand's horse join the main army, recom- See J. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto Portraits, part 1, mending that Greene remain in the southern depart

P. 25, no. 16. ment until further orders; that the commander in Portrait : Myddleton (Sir Thomas). Half chief be informed that it is necessary to keep troops length; directed, facing, and looking to the right ; in the southern department; and that he direct armor and wide collar; oval. Inscription : (above, Greene to employ his troops in such manner as may within the oval) Sr. T. Midleton M: G: of N: be most conducive to the interests of the United Wales. Line. [London, 1650?] 8°. EM. 3980 States. Lithograph fac-simile of an A. D. S. by Compare the plate by Harding in the Biographical Mir. A. Middleton,

2 pp. Fo.

With a view (wood rour, vol. 2 (London, 1798) p. 78. engraving on India paper) of the Res. of Arthur

Portrait : Hampden (John). Half length; diMiddleton 18 miles from Charlestown, S. C.

rected and facing to the right, looking to the front: EM. 3976

armor; oval frame, with a view of a battle below, a Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, p.

scroll inscribed Magna Charta, and a paper lettered 83. For the resolution and the committee that reported it, see the Journals of Congress for Sept. 9, 1782.

Rex Vic. Com. nostri Buck. Inscription : (on a Document: South Carolina. Philadelphia; John Hampden (on the base) Ob Patriam Pug

ribbon, above) Vindex Libertatis (on the frame) Jan. 7, 1782. Order on John Ross for two hundred

nando. (below, left) In the possession of Sr. Richsilver dollars, payable to George Redhead or order,

ard Ellys Bart. (right) 1. Houbraken sculps. four months after date, to be charged to the state of South Carolina. D. S., A. Middleton, Tho.

Amst. 1740. / Impensis 1. & P. Knapton Londini.
Line. Fo.

EM. 3981 Bee, Isaac Motte, Ns. Eveleigh. In the handwrit

Also in Birch's Heads of illustrious persons, London, 1813, ing of Middleton. Endorsed. Receipted Jan. 18, 1782 by George Readhead. I page. 4°. EM. 3977

Portrait : George I., King of Great Britain. Portrait : Middleton (Arthur). Short half

Half h; directed and look to the front, length; directed, facing, looking to the right;

facing slightly to the left ; ermine robes, collar of cloak, white collar, long hair. Inscription: Arthur

St. George, large wig ; oval frame, with a view beMiddleton. Engraved by J. B. Longacre after a low of Justice, Religion and Liberty seated by an drawing taken by T. Middleton from a group in a altar. Inscription : (on the frame) King George 1. Family Picture by Benjamin West. Line. 8°.

(below, left) G. Kneller pinxit. At Kensington EM. 3978

Palace. (right) Impensis I. & P. K’napton, LonAlso in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers to the dini. 1. Houbraken sculps. Amst. 1740. Line. Declaration of Independence, vol. 6 (Phila., 1824) p. 7.

EM. 3982 Portrait : Charles I., King of Great Britain. Also in Birch's Heads of illustrious persons, vol. 2, LonHalf length; directed, facing, looking slightly to

don, 1752. the left ; in armor ; collar and George ; long hair. Letter : Middleton (Arthur). [Charleston, Oval within a rectangle. Inscription: Carolus D.G. S. C.,] Dec. 9, 1725.

To the House of Assembly. Ang : Scot: Fra : et Hib Rex (below, to the left) The method of reading and passing bills which they

p. 77.



I page.

have insisted upon is not agreeable to that which has been practised hitherto in the province, as they may find by reading their own journals ; if they had desired an alteration, they should have proposed it at the beginning of the session ; he regrets that so much time has been spent in disputes. A. L. S. Endorsed, “A message from the Presidt.” Fo.

EM. 3983 Portrait: Middleton (Arthur). Bust : directed, facing, and looking slightly to the right. Inscription : (left) Max Rosenthal | Henry Middleton (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 4o.

EM. 3984 View: Hackney, England. Inscription: View of Hackney. Line. (London, 1760 ?] 4°. EM. 3985

View: Westminster. Inscription : (left) Printed for & Sold by Bowles & Carver, (right) No. 69 Št. Paul's Church Yard, London. (left) A North West View of Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church. (right) Vüe de l'Abbaie de Westminster et de l'Eglise de Ste. Marguerite. | 47 The present Structure of St. Peter's Westm. began to be built by K. Henry III. in 1245 carried on by KHenry VII. &C.- The West Front & Towers built by R. George II. 1735 from the design of Sir Christopher Wren. Line. (1780?] F°. EM. 3986

View: Westminster. Inscription : (left) A. Pugin delt. (right) J. C. Stadler sculpt. | Westminster School Room. London, Pubd. Aug. i 1816, at 101 Strand, for R. Ackermann's History of Westminster School, Mezzotint. F'.

EM. 3987 View: Rome. St. Peters and the Vatican. Inscription : (right) Nach Piranesi gezeich : und gestoch : von G. G. Endner. Line, colored. [Germany, 1750?] Fo.

EM. 3988 Portrait : Middleton (Henry). Bust; directed and facing slightly to the right, looking to the front. Inscription : (left) Max Rosenthal | Henry Middleton, President of the Continental Congress. Henry Middleton (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3989 Letter : Gibbes (William). [Charleston, S. C., about 1790?] To (William Hasell] Gibbes. Concerning a bond of W. Drayton and a note of John Drayton ; other business matters. A. L. S. page. 4o.

EM. 3990 Portrait: Drayton (William Henry). Bust; profile to the left; circular frame within a rectangle. Inscription : (left) Drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia. (right) Engraved by B. L. Prevost at Paris. (right) No. 10. Line. [1783?) 4°

EM. 3991 Portrait: Campbell (John), 2d Duke of Argyll and Duke of Greenwich. Half length ; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; armor and large wig ; oval frame with coat of arms below. Inscription : (on the frame) John Duke of Argyle and Greenwich. (below, left) Aikman pinxit. (right) 1. Houbraken Sculp. Amst. 1735. [| In the Collection of Sr. Anthony Wescomb Bart.] Line. F.

EM. 3992 Also in Birch's Heads of illustrious persons, vol. 2, Lon

Document: South Carolina, Province. Governor. (Charleston,] Sept. 15, 1775. Grant to Francis Bremar of one hundred acres of land in Craven County. Printed form filled in. D. S.,

William Campbell. Countersigned, Tho. Winstanley. Endorsed with a statement of its record in the Aud. Office, G. Lamston Dy Aud. I page. Fo.

EM. 3993 Portrait : Clinton (Sir Henry). Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right; uniform. Inscription : Etchd. by H. B. Hall Morrisania N. Y. after a Picture by Stuari, 1872. | Sir Henry Clinton H Clinton (fac-simile signature). Line. Fo.

EM. 3994 A private plate.

Portrait: Parker (Sir Peter), Bart. Half length; directed, facing, and looking slightly to the left; uniform; oval; coat of arms below. Inscription: Engraved by Ridley by Permission of Valentine Green Esq. Sir Peter Parker Bart. Admiral of the Fleet. Pub. 29 Sepır. 1804, by 1. Gold, 103, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street. Stipple. 8°.

EM. 3995 Also in the Naval Chronicle, vol. 12 (London, 1804) p. 169.

Portrait : Hancock (John). Half length; directed, facing, and looking to the left; oval frame within a rectangle, with shield, cannon, flag, etc., below. Inscription: (on the base) Le celebre Hancock President du congres Anglo-ameriquain (below) A Paris chez Esnauts et Rapilly, rue S. Jacques, a la Ville de Coutances. A.P.D.R. Line. (1780?] 4o.

EM. 3996 Portrait : Rutledge (John). Half length; nearly in profile to the right. Inscription: Engd. by G. F. Storm From a Drawing by James Herring after the original by Col. Trumbull. John Rutledge. J. Rutledge (fac-simile signature). Stipple. 8.

EM. 3997 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 4, Phila., 1839.

Letter: Lowndes (Rawlins). [Charleston, S.C., ) June, 1788. To Requests payment of £14 Ios. due him. A. L. S. Small strip. EM. 3998

Document: Smith (William). New York, Apr. 16, 1768. Certificate of honorable discharge of William Smith, drummer in the Royal American Regiment. A.L.S., A. Prevost Lt. Colo. Receipted on the back for pay and clothing, Wm. Smith. Witnessed, Geo: Etherington.


EM. 3999 Map : Charleston, S. C. Plan of the Siege of Charleston in S. Carolina. Drawn by S. Lewis. Philadelphia: C. P. Wayne. [1807.] Size: 149/16 X 96/16 in. Scale: 1127 yards to an inch. Engraved by Tanner. Plain. Paper.

EM. 4000 Plate X of the volume of maps accompanying Marshall's Washington, Phila., 1807.

Pennsylvania (The) Gazette, and Weekly Advertiser. Wednesday, June 7, 1780. No. 2608. Philadelphia : Hall and Sellers. 4 pp. Fo.

EM. 4001 Surrender of Charlestown; act for supplying the Federal Army.

Letter : Clinton (Sir Henry). Charles Town, (S. C.,] May 13, 1780. To Charles Jenkinson (London). Transmits a half yearly certificate of general and staff officers on the establishment in North America under his command. L. S. Marked Duplicate." I page. F°.

EM, 4002 Portrait: Arbuthnot (Marriot). Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking slightly to the right; uniform. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall, Morrisania N. Y. 1874. | Admiral Marriot Arbuthnot. M4. Arbuthnot (fac-simile signature). Fo.

EM, 4003 A private plate.

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don, 1752.

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James Cox invt. | Engrav'd by John Keyse Sherwin, Pupil of itr. Bartolozzi, for a Frontispiece to the Descriptive Inventory of Mr. Cox's Museum. Publish'd according to Act of Parlt. Jany. 7. 1774. Line. 4o.

EM. 4008 Portrait : Middleton (Arthur). Half length; directed, facing, and looking to the right; cloak, white collar, long hair. Line [by J. B. Longacre). 8o.

EM. 4009 Apparently an early state of the plate in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers, vol. 6 (Phila., 1824) p. 7. EM. 3978.

Portrait : Hampden (John). Half length; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front;

Inscription: Engraved by J. Posselwhite. Hampden. From a Print by 1. Houbraken 1740. [Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. London, Published by Charles Knight & Co. Ludgate Street.] Stipple and line. With an original signature, “J Hampden,” mounted below. 8°.

EM, 4010 Also in the S. D. U. K.'s Gallery of portraits, vol. 7 (London, 1837) p. 137.

Portrait : Lincoln (Benjamin). Bust; directed slightly to the left, facing and looking to the right; uniform; after Sargent. Inscription: B: Lincoln (fac-simile signature). Engd. by H. B. Hall & Sons, New York. Stipple. [1870 ?] Fo.

EM. 4011 Letter : Middleton (Henry). Charleston, [S. C.,] Sept. 26, 1815. To Petit de Villers, Savannah. Desires him to effect the sale of the cotton speedily, because an additional supply will soon be on the market; requests him to insert in the Savannah paper an inclosed advertisement, offering for sale a rice plantation on Savannah Back River, now occupied by Thomas Drayton. A. L. S. Endorsed. 3 pp.

EM. 4012

Letter : Hastings (Francis Rawdon), 1st Marquis of Hastings. Barrackpore, Mar. 7, 1819. To Maj. Gen. Bailie. In compliance with letter of Feb. II, he will notify the Adjutant of H. M. forces in this country that Lieut. Taylor of the 25th Light Dragoons is to remain in India as an extra aide de camp to Gen. Bailie. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4o.

EM. 4005 Portrait: Hastings (Francis Rawdon), ist Marquis of Hastings. Three-quarters length, standing; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right; right hand holding hat and resting on hilt of sword; forefinger of left hand at chin; uniform; after Sir Joshua Reynolds. Mezzotint [by John Jones?]. (London, 1792?] F.

EM. 4006 The engraving has been trimmed at the edges, but it is probably the one described in J. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto Portraits, part 2, p. 767, no. 67.

Portrait : Cornwallis (Charles), Marquis. Half length; directed slightly to the left, facing and looking to the left; uniform, with star, and sash over waistcoat; after A. W. Devis. Stipple [by F. Bartolozzi]. [London, 1803 ?] Fo. Em. 4007

Unlettered. For an earlier state of the plate see EM. 3942, and for a later state Em. 3646.

Portrait: George III., King of Great Britain. Bust; profile to the right; within a frame of laurel and palm branches tied with a ribbon lettered Pater Patriæ ; two cherubs above with a laurel crown; an altar on either side surmounted by emblems of art and industry. Inscription: (left)



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inch; and (of Charlestown) 4 mile to an inch. Engraved on copper. Colored. Paper, hinged to fold.

EM. 4016 The lower half only of the map is given, showing the coast of the Carolinas, with smaller maps showing the country south and east of the Ohio and the Mississippi, the Carolina settlements, North America, and the town and harbor of Charleston; also a view of Niagara, with beavers working.

View: Eton, England. Inscription: View of Eaton-College, in Buckinghamshire. Line. [London, 1760?] Fo.

EM. 4017 View: London. Inscription: Inner Temple Court. Publish'd Decr. Toth. 1796. by T. Malton. Aquatint. (London.] Fo.

EM. 4018 View: Charleston, S. C. Inscription: (above) Engrav'd for the London Magazine. (on a scroll) An Exact Prospect of Charles Town, the Metropolis of the Province of South Carolina. Line. 203 x 63 in.

EM. 4019 Also in the London Magazine, vol. 31 (1762) p. 296.

Portrait: Pinckney (Charles Cotesworth). Half length; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; uniform. Inscription: Engraved by E. Wellmore from a Miniature by Malbone Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. Charles Cotes worth Pinckney (fac-simile signature). Stipple. 8o.

EM. 4020 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 4, Phila., 1839.

Autograph: Lynch (Thomas). “T Lynch Junr”. on a small strip of paper.

EM. 4014 Portrait : Lynch (Thomas). Half length; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; ornamental frame. Inscription: Thomas Lynch Junr. Engraved by J. B. Longacre from an Enamel Painting in the Possession of Miss E. Lynch. Stipple. 8°.

EM. 4015 Also in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers, vol. (Phila., 1824) p. 7.

Map: America, North.-Parts of. A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye Continent of North America Containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia and Carolina... by Herman Moll

. London: Thos: Bowles, John Bowles, I. King. 1715. Size: 24% x 20 in. Scales: 50 miles to an inch; 160 miles to an inch; 572 miles to an


Portrait: Gadsden (Christopher). Half length; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front. Inscription: (reversed) C W Sharpe Int. Seward Stone Nr London England | Christ Gadsden (facsimile signature). Stipple and line. (1860 ?] 4°.

EM. 4021 The same engraving, described as Em. 221, was attributed wrongly to H. B. Hall as engraver,

Letter : Motte (Jacob). (South Carolina, ] Dec. 12, 1776. To the Speaker of the General Assembly. Indisposition prevents his appearance in the House of Assembly. A. L. S.

I page. +.

EM. 4022 Document: Bowman (J.). Prince Town, Nov. 27, 1779. Receipt for two cords of wood, furnished by Robert Stogdell to a detachment of North Carolina troops. A.D.S., J. Bowman Captn. Comd. Strip.

EM. 4023 Portrait : Wayne (Anthony). Bust; directed

and facing slightly to the right, looking to the front; uniform. Inscription: Edwin sc. | Genl. Anthy. Wayne. Stipple. 8o.

EM. 4024 Also in the Portfolio, vol. 1 (Phila., 1809) p. 402.

Letter: Wayne (Anthony). Mount Joy, [Penn., ) May 4, 1778. To Gov. (Thomas) Wharton, Lancaster. Encloses the return of the thirteen Pennsylvania regiments; of those returned as sick present, the greater part are simply too naked to appear on parade; so many repetitions of their wants must give pain to the Governor, but he himself suffers more from viewing the distress of these worthy fel. lows; had they clothing, there would not be one deserter where now there are twenty. A. L. S. Draught? I page. 4°

EM. 4025 Printed in Pennsylvania Archives, vol. 6 (Phila., 1853) P: 474, probably from the letter actually sent, of which the signature and the lower portion are stated to be missing. The draught described above is complete.


Letter : Heyward (Thomas). White Hall, [S. C.,] Aug. 29, 1797. To Nathaniel Heyward, Charleston. He has received a copy of Brailsford's bill from De Saussure; it avoids Nathaniel's claim or Marie's settlement, and is filled with abuse; he will attend when it comes before the court. Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of J. J. Cohen, Baltimore.

I page.


With a small wood engraving, on India paper, of the Res. of Thomas Hayward Charlestown S. C. EM. 4026

Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861,

p. 77.

with both hands; to the left, a soldier running towards the group; battle in the distance, and town beyond to the left. Inscription: (left) Painted by Edwd. Penny professor of Painting, to je Roval Academy. (centre) R. Saver Excudit. (right) En. grav'd by Richd. Houston | The Death of General Wolfe on the 13th. Sepr. 1759, at Quebec. [London Printed for Robt Saver Map & Printseller No 53 in Fleet Street, Published as the Act directs ist jany 1772.) Mezzotint. 1972 x 13 in.

EM. 4030 See J. C. Smith's British Messotinto Portraits, part 2, p. 693, no. 126.

Portrait: Franklin (Benjamin). Half length; reading, with thumb on chin; after Martin. Inserted in a decorative frame. Stipple [by T. B. Welch). 8°.

EM. 4031 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1835) frontispiece.

Portrait : Adams (John). Half length; directed, facing, and looking to the left; oval. Inscription: B. Tanner, Sc. | John Adams Esqr. Stipple. [Phila., 1800 ?] 8o.

EM. 4032 Letter : Lyttelton (William Henry), 1st Baron Lyttelton. Charles Town, (S. C.,] Nov. 3, 1756. To William Denny (Philadelphia). Acknowledges letter of Aug. 26th informing him that Denny has taken upon himself the government of Pennsylvania; wishes him success. A. L. S. Endorsed. 4o.

EM. 4033 Printed in Pennsylvania Archives, vol. 3 (Phila., 1853)

Letter : Heyward (Thomas). Charleston, (S. C., ] Apr. 13, 1794. To Benjamin (Heyward ? New Haven, Conn. ?] Acknowledges letter of Jan. 17th; he does not understand the non-receipt of allowance, as the money from a sale of rice in New York was remitted to Mr. Beers at New Haven; approves the plan of travelling to Boston and Philadelphia with T. Savage after taking the last degree at college in September. A. L. S. 4 pp. 4°.

EM. 4027 Portrait : Heyward (Thomas). Bust; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; oval within a ruled rectangle. Inscription: Thos. Heyward Junr. Engraved by J. B. Longacre from a Miniature in the Possession of Mrs. Heyward. Stipple. 8°.

EM. 4028 Also in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers, vol. 4 (Phila., 1823) p. 3.

Portrait : Wolfe (James). Half length; directed to the left, head in profile to the left; uniform coat over cuirass, crape on left arm, oval frame within a rectangle. Inscription: (left) J. S. C. Schaak Pinxt. (right) Richd. Houston Fecit | Major Genl. James Wolfe, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces on the Expedition against Quebec. Printed for E. Bakewell & H. Parker, opposite Birchin-Lane in Cornhil, T. Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard, Jno. Bowles & Son, in Cornhil, So Robt. Sayer, at the Golden Buck, Fleet Street, Mezzotint. [1760?]

EM. 4029 See J. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto Portraits, part 2, P. 694, no. 128.

Engraving : Wolfe (James). Seated on the ground, supported by an officer; a surgeon applies a cloth to his head; behind, another officer points

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p. 18.

Portrait: Moultrie (William). Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the left; uniform. Inscription : (left) Painted by Col. J. Trumbull P.A.A.F.A. (right) Engraved by Edwin Scriven. | Major General William Moultrie. Willm. Moultrie (fac-simile signature). Stipple. 8o.

EM. 4034 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 1, N. Y., 1834.

Letter: Moultrie (William). Charleston, [S.C.,] June 16, 1802. To Gen. (James] Jackson, Georgia. He is about to publish an account of the revolutionary war in the southern states, and desires information as to Gen. Wayne's progress in Georgia, of which he has no account except that in Ramsay's book. A. L. S. I page. 4°.

EM. 4035

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