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P. 71.

Map : Charleston, S. C. A Sketch of the Watch-Tower, St. Mark's Castle. St. Mark's Environs of Charlestown in South Carolina. [Lon- Castle, St. Augustine. Interior of St. Mark's don, 1780?] Size : 2117 x 1578 in. Scale : 2 miles Castle. Three wood engravings, by Harley and to an inch. Engraved on copper. Colored. Paper, others, from drawings by Harry Fenn.

4o. hinged to fold. EM. 4036

EM. 4037 View: St. Augustine, Fla. Inscriptions :

Also in W.C. Bryant's Picturesque America, vol. 1 (N. Y.,

1872) pp. 192, 183, 193.

EDWARD RUTLEDGE. Letter : Rutledge (Edward). [Charleston, lish'd Feby. 29 1792 by S. W. Fores No 3 PiccaS. C.,] Aug. 16, 1798. To (John Faucheraud] dilly. Stipple. 4°.

EM, 4043 Grimké. He examined the papers respecting Bris- Portrait : Murray (William), 1st Earl of Mans. bane's bond, but was taken ill the same day; he is field. Half length, seated; directed, facing, and better, and desires an interview with Grimké. Litho.

looking to the front; robes and wig: Inscription: graph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of William Murray, Earl of Mansfield, Lord Chief J. J. Smith Esq. I page. Fo. With a small wood

Justice of the Court of King's Bench. From the engraving, on India paper, of the Res, of Edwd.

original Picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds, P.R.A. Rutledge Broad St. Charleston S. C. EM. 4038

in the Posssssion of the present Earl. Drawn by J. Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, Jackson, Engraved by H. Meyer. Published June

27. 1812, by T. Cadell & W. Davies, Strand, LonLetter: Rutledge (Edward). War Office,

don. Stipple. Fo.

EM. 4044 (Philadelphia,] Thursday (Nov. 21, 1776]. To the

Portrait : Pratt (Charles), ist Earl Camden. Council of Safety of Pennsylvania. The members

Half length; profile to the left. Inscription: (within of the Board of War are ready to confer and co

the ground, left) at Brighton Sepr. 23d, 1793. (right) operate with the Council of Safety in any measures

Geo. Dance. (below) Engraved by 1. Ogborne, for the defence of this state; Congress having vested

Charles Pratt Earl Camden. Published as the Act the Board with all their powers, they are prepared

directs Nour. 1. 1794. No. 29, Upper Gower Street, at all times to meet a committee from the Council. A. L. S.

EM. 4045 2 pp., and i leaf with the address and

Stipple. Fo. endorsement. 4°.

EM. 4039

Portrait : Rutledge (Edward). Half length; Portrait : Coke (Sir Edward). Half length;

directed to the right, facing and looking nearly to

the front. directed and facing slightly to the right, looking to

Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall,

Morrisania N. Y. 1872. Edward Rutledge (facthe front; large ruff: mace, scales and sword below.

simile signature). Fo.

EM. 4046 Inscription: (on the frame) Sr. Edward Coke Lord

A private plate.
Chief Justice [(below, left) In the Possession of
Robert Coke Esqr. (right) 1. Houbraken sculps. Amst.

Portrait : Gadsden (Christopher). Bust; di1741.] Line." F.

EM. 4040

rected, facing, and looking to the left. Inscription: Also in Birch's Heads of Nlustrious Persons, London, 1743,

Etchd. by H. B. Hall, Morrisania, N. Y. 1870.

Gen. Gadsden. Christ Gadsden (fac-simile signaPortrait : Dunning (John), 1st Baron Ashbur.

ture). Fo.

EM, 4047

A private plate. ton. Nearly full length, seated; directed, facing, and looking to the right; robes and wig. Inscrip

View: Cove Harbor, Ireland. Inscription: tion: (left) Class 1. Painting. (right) for the Fine

(left) W. H. Bartlett (right) C. Cousen. Line. Arts of the English School. I John Dunning, Lord

EM, 4048 Ashburton. Engraved by Wm. Bond, from the A proof before letter of the plate in J. S. Coyne's Scenery Original Picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds, in the pos

and antiquities of Ireland, vol. 2 (London, 1842) p. 84. session of Lord Ashburton. To Thomas Erskine, Portrait : Coote (Richard), 1st Earl of BellaLord Erskine, this Portrait with the annexed

Half length; directed and looking slightly Memoir of an eminent Counsellor and equally eminent to the left, facing slightly to the right; uniform Patriot is respectfully inscribed by John Britton & with star and cross. Wood engraving by Kilburn. Wm. Bond. Stipple. (London, 1810?] 4°.

EM. 4049 EM. 4041 An unlettered proof, on India paper, of the cut in the Portrait : Wedderburn (Alexander), Earl of

Memorial History of Boston, vol. 2 (1881) p. 175. Rosslyn. Half length, seated; directed and facing Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Bust; directed to the left, looking to the front; robes and wig. and facing slightly to the left, looking to the front; Inscription: Alexander Baron Loughborough, Lord

trimmed to an oval and inserted in an engraved High Chancellor, Afterwards created Earl of frame. Stipple, by Desnoyers. [Paris, 1801). 4°.

EM. 4050 Rosslyn. From the original Picture by James Northcote, Esq. R.A. in the Possession of his Nephew the

For the engraving in its original form, see em. 2529. present Earl. Drawn by J. Jackson, Engraved by Portrait : Adams (John). Half length; diH. Meyer. Published Dec. 7. 1812, by T. Cadell & rected and facing to the right, looking to the front; W. Davies, Strand, London. Stipple. F'.

oval. Inscription: Houston Sculpt. John Adams. EM, 4042

President of the United States. "Stipple. [PhilaPortrait: Thurlow (Edward), 1st Baron Thur. delphia ? 1797 ?] 8o.

EM. 4051 low. Half length; directed, facing, and looking to View : Staten Island, N. Y. Inscription: the left; hat, wig and bands; coat of arms below. T'he Bently or Billopp Manor-House, Staten Island. Inscription: (left) S Collings pinxt. (right) I Condé Wood engraving by Richardson, with two pages of sculpt. | The Right Honorable Edward Lord Thur. text by B. J. Lossing. 4o.

EM. 4052 low Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain Pub- From Appleton's Journal, vol. 11 (N. Y., 1874) p. 161.

P. 64.



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2 pp. Fo.

Portrait : Howe (Richard), Earl Howe. Bust; directed slightly to the left, facing and looking to the front; uniform; oval. Inscription: (left) Godefroy Del (right) Pass Sculpt. | The Right Honble. Richd. Earl Howe. Published as the Act directs, July 21st, 1794. Stipple, in brown ink. 8°. EM. 4053

Portrait : Franklin (Benjamin). Half length; directed, facing, and looking to the left. Inscription: Nordheimn sculps. Franklin. Line. [Germany ? 1820 ?] 8°.

EM. 4054 Document: United States.-Congress, Continental, 1775-89. [Philadelphia,) Sept. 2-17, 1776. Proceedings of Congress relative to Lord Howe's request through Gen. Sullivan for a conference; Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Edward Rutledge appointed a committee to confer; their report. A. D. S., Chas Thomson secy. By order of Congress John Hancock Presidt. 4 pp. Fo.

EM, 4055 Printed in the Journals of Congress, Sept. 2-17, 1776.

Caricature : Commissioners' (The) interview. Inscription: The Commissioners' interview with Congress. Pubd by M Darley 39 Strand April. 1. 1778. Line. Fo.

EM. 4056 A fanciful sketch of the proposed peace negotiations of 1778. Sir Henry Clinton and the three commissioners, George Johnstone, William Eden, and the Earl of Carlisle, stand to the left in characteristic attitudes; Clinton takes snuff and proffers his snuff-box; to the right stand three members of Congress dressed as Tartars; palm trees behind.

Portrait : Franklin (Benjamin). Half length; reading, with thumb on chin; ornamental frame; after Martin. Stipple. [Philadelphia, 1830 ?]

EM. 4057 Unlettered. A pencil note reads, “ From Longacre's Private Collection."

Portrait : Lincoln (Benjamin). Three-quarters length; right hand holding letter and resting on the muzzle of a field-piece; left hand on hip. Inscription: Engraved by T. Ilman. Major General Benjamin Lincoln, B: Lincoln (fac-simile signature) [Painted by J. Herring, from the original by Col. Sargeant in the collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society.] Stipple and line. 8°.

EM. 4058 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. N. Y., 1835.

Letter : Pinckney (Thomas). Charleston, [S. C.,] Mar. 31, 1791. To John Vaughan, Philadelphia. In order to pay for some machinery purchased of Mr. Dillot, he incloses some continental certificates which he desires Vaughan to sell at the market price and give Dillot credit for $265 of the proceeds. A. L. S.

I page.

EM. 4059 The address has been mounted on the back.

View : St. Augustine, Fla. Inscription : Fort Marion, St. Augustine, E. F. Lithograph. 12°

EM. 4060 Also in R. K. Sewall's Sketches of St. Augustine, N. Y., 1848, p. 13.

Letter : Logan (William). Philadelphia, May II, 1768. To John Fothergill (London). His two young sons will sail in the next ship with a party of Friends; they are to go to school with James Fell at Worcester, there being no suitable schoolmaster here, and the city being full of ensnaring youth on the high road to destruction; he desires Fothergill to advise and direct his son Will in his next steps after he shall have done with Dr.

Hunter; touches on American' affairs, A. L. S. Endorsed.

EM. 4061 Portrait: Greene (Nathanael). Two figures, representing Wisdom and Valor, are attaching a portrait of Greene to an obelisk; a child between them holds up two wreaths. Inscription (on the base) Nataniel Greene Majos General in the Amer. ican armies a Patriot a Hero and a Friend. (below, left) Peale Pinxit Philadelphia. (centre) Tiré du Cabinet du Roi de Pologne. (right) Chevillet Sculpsit. | à Paris chez l'Auteur rüe des Maçons au No. 14. Line. [1780?] Fo.

EM. 4002 Portrait: Sumter (Thomas). Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right; uniform. Inscription : (left) C. W. Peale (right) H. B. Hall. | Maj. Gen. Thomas Sumter. Thos. Sumter (fac-simile signature). New York, G. P. Putnam. Etching. 4°.

EM. 4063 Also in Irving's Washington, 4° ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., 1859) p. 89.

Portrait : Marion (Francis). Bust ; directed, facing, and looking to the right; uniform and cocked hat. Inscription: General Francis Marion. Frans Marion (fac-simile signature). New York, G. P. Putnam. Etching. 4°.

EM. 4064 Also in Irving's Washington, 4° ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., 1859) p. 196.

View: Charleston, S.C. Inscription: Charleston, S. C. in 1780. [New York, G. P. Putnam.] Line. 4o.

EM. 4065 Also in Irving's Washington, 4° ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., 1859) p. 30.

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Bust; directed, facing, and looking slightly to the right; oval; after Desnoyers. Inscription: T. Jefferson Président des Etats-unis de l'Amérique. I 7. Jefferson Président des Etats-unis de l'Amérique. Stipple. [Paris, 1805?] 8°.

EM. 4066 Massachusetts (The) Centinel. Saturday, June 14, 1788. Number 26, of Vol. IX. Boston: Benjamin Russell.

EM. 4067 Trenton, June 5. By the Mail which arrived last evening we have received the following very Important Intelligence (the ratification of the constitution by South Carolina). Trenton : Printed by Quequelle & Wilson. 1788. I page. 338 x 84 in.

EM. 4068 South Carolina.-Statutes. State of SouthCarolina. An Ordinance, Prescribing, on the part of this State, the times, places, and manner of holding Elections for Representatives in Congress ... In the Senate House, the 20th day of January, 1790... [Charleston, 1790.) 1 page. 4°. EM. 4009

Portrait: Ramsay (David). Half length; directed and facing slightly to the right, looking to the left. Trimmed to an oval, and inserted with part of the inscription in an engraved frame of earlier date. Inscription: David Ramsay M.D. Stipple, by Gimbrede. 8°.

EM. 4070 For the engraving in its original form, see EM. 1261. It is also in the Analeitic Magazine, vol. 5 (Phila., 1815) no. 33.

Portrait: Genêt (Edmond Charles). profile to the right ; uniform. Inscription: Etchd, by f1. B. Hall Morrisania N. Y. 1871. | E. C. Genet (fac-simile signature). Line. Fo. EM. 4071

Letter : Genêt (Edmond Charles). Prospect Hill, (N. Y.,] July 11, 1822. To - Concern

4 pp. Fo.





ing payment of a note to the Mechanics' Bank. A. L. S. Endorsed.

I page. 4o.

EM. 4072 Portrait : Trumbull (John). Half length; directed, facing, and looking to the right ; overcoat with wide collar. Inscription : (left) Painted by Waldo & Jewett, (centre) for the Trumbull Gallery, Yale College, New Haven. (right) Engraved by A. B. Durand | John Trumbull. Jno Trumbull (fac-simile signature). Entered according to the act of Congress in the year 1833 by James Herring in the clerks office of the District Court of the Southern District of N. York. Line. 8o.

EM. 4073 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 1, N. Y., 1834.

Document: Rutledge (Edward). [Charleston, S. C.,] Mar. 1, 1774. License for Edward Rutledge to be married by the Rev. Robert Cooper to Henrietta Middleton, Edward and John Rutledge binding themselves to the Lieutenant Governor in the sum of £2,000. Printed form filled in. D. S. Witnessed, Wm Nisbett. I page. 4o.

EM, 4074 Letter: Rutledge (Edward). [Charleston, S. C.,] Aug. 13, 1796. To Henry [Middleton Rutledge, London ?]. He is writing a long letter on private matters, which he will send by a safe hand; Henry's uncle, (Charles C.] Pinckney, is still with them, waiting for a vessel daily expected ; advises Henry to take his law books with him when he goes to the Continent, and to be ready to join Gen. P[inckney) as soon as summoned. A.'L. S. A postscript by Mary Rutledge treats of family mat

EM. 4075

Portrait : Eveleigh (Nicholas). Bust; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; uniform. Inscription: (left) Max Rosenthal | Nicholas Eveleigh, Member of the Continental Congress. Nichs. Eveleigh (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 4076 Portrait: George III., King of Great Britain. Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the left ; uniform with sash and star, cocked hat with plume. Inscription : (left) Hopkins del (right) M. A. Boulier Sc | His most Gracious Majesty George the Third London Published by E. Harding 19 May 1806. Stipple. Fo.

EM. 4077 Document: St. Andrew's Parish, S. C. [1763.] Petition to the Assembly, showing that the parish church was destroyed by fire Mar. 10, 1763 ; the petitioners have raised a considerable sum for rebuilding the same, but to complete the work they need assistance from the Assembly. D. S., Thomas Heyward and twenty others. 2 pp. Fo.

EM. 4078 Portrait : Drayton (John). Profile to the right ; circular. Inscription : John Drayton Gov. of S Carolina. Small mezzotint by St. Memin. (Charleston, 1809.) No. 648 in Elias Dexter's St. Memin Collection, N. Y.,

EM. 4079


Portrait : Sumter (Thomas). Vignette; bust; after C. W. Peale. Line. [New York ? 1860 ?]

EM. 4080


2 pp. Fo.

1797. 8°.

is | East Florida to North Carolina. With a :] Plan

GEORGIA. Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers serted in a decorative frame engraved by Slann in to the Declaration of Independence. Volume

EM. 4081 XIX., Georgia. Illustrated by Thomas Addis Chart: Georgia. [The Georgia coast from Emmet, M.D. New York (1870 ?). Fo.

The text of the volume consists of the life of George Walton, of the Siege of Savannah, And the Defeat of the from volume 4, pages 151 to 169 of the original edition of French and Rebels on the oth. Oct. 1779, By His Sanderson; of Button Gwinnet, from volume 3, pages 117 to 132; and of Lyman Hall, from volume 3, pages 49 to 60; all

Majesty's Forces under the Command of Major Genthree are by Hugh McCall.

eral Augustin Prevost. Surveyed by John Wilson The material indexed consists of: caricature 1, charts 2, A, Engineer. (London, 1780 ?] Size : chart, documents 8, engravings 2, letters ir, newspapers 2, plans 2,

Scale : portraits 25, views II.

2372 x 2958 in.; plan, 11 7/16 x 772 in.

none given for the map : 3 5/16 in. to the mile for Portrait : Oglethorpe (James Edward). Di- the Plan. Engraved on copper. Colored by hand. rected to the right, facing and looking to the left;

Paper, mounted on muslin, to fold. EM. 4082 bust; in armor. Line. (London, 1775 ?] In

Apparently a later state of the chart of Georgia described as EM. 4145


Letter : Walton (George). Savannah, [Ga.,] Apr. 26, 1778. To Robert Morris, at Congress (York, Pa.), by Col. Marbury. Acknowledges receipt of a letter; he wrote several on his return, to Morris, Duane, and others; he cannot retire from public service, and yet while he continues in it, combination and faction keep him in everlasting disturbance and hot water ; congratulates him upon the capture of the vessels of war of the enemy by our gallies and troops. Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in possession of Frank M. Etting, Esq., Phila. 2 pp. F°. With a portrait (wood engraving on India paper) of George Walton. EM. 4083

Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861,

Letter : Walton (George). Augusta, [Ga.,] Dec. 2, 1779. To John Houstoun, South Carolina, by Capt. Hardy. Requests him to transmit to him the great seal of the state; he is expected to take his seat in Congress as soon as possible ; Walton intends to go at the first opening of spring, and if Houstoun does not go sooner he will be happy to serve with him. A. L. S.

I page. 4°.

EM. 4084 The address has been mounted upon the back of the letter.

Portrait : Walton (George). ing. With fac-simile signature. [New York ? 1870?] 4o.

EM, 4085 Document: De Brahm (William). 1762. Fragment of a return of a survey of a plat

Wood engrav.

Dec. 7,

P. 51.

I page. Fo

4 pp. Fo.

of ground rectifying the number of acres and changing it from 150 to 113. D. S. Countersigned by Henry Yonge. Narrow strip of paper.

EM. 4086 Document : Jones (Noble Wimberly), and Clay (Joseph). [Georgia, 1790?] Petition to the House of Representatives praying for relief in the matter of the estate of Bartholomew Zouberbuhler devised to them by his will upon his death in December, 1766 ; they recite how they held possession of the estate and incurred debts for it ; that by an act of the House, passed in 1788, the estate was declared vested in the trustees of an academy for Chatham county, and that in June 1788, Jacob Waldburgher took possession of the estate.

D. S., N. W. Jones, Joseph Clay. In the handwriting of the latter. 4 pp. "Fo.

EM. 4087 Document: Georgia, Province. — Governor. (Savannah,] Nov. 19, 1770. Certificate of probate of will of Thomas Cuthbert of Christ Church parish on Oct. 26, 1770, and of the appointment of Ann Cuthbert, John Graham, and Alexander Inglis as executors. D. S., J. Wright (Governor). Countersigned by Thomas Moody, Secretary. Endorsed. Printed form filled in.

EM. 4088 Portrait: George III., King of Great Britain. Full length, profile to the left, walking upon a promenade. Inscription : (left) Rosenberg delt. (right) Stadler sculpt. | His Most Excellent Majesty, George the Third, In the 81st Year of his Age & the 59th of his Reign. Line and Stipple. (Lon. don ? 1820 ?] Fo.

EM. 4089 Portrait : Hall (Lyman). Inscription : Etchd. by H. B. Hall from a Drawing in the Collection of Dr. T. A. Emmet 1871. Lyman Hall (fac-simile signature). [New York.] Fo.

EM. 4090 Letter : Ewen (William). [Georgia,] June 14, 1759. To Thomas Rasberry Request for one thousand of 4 d. nails. A. L. S. Narrow strip.

EM. 4091 Document: Houstoun (John). Chatham co., Georgia, Jan. 9, 1788. Affidavit before Joseph Clay to the effect that he had been misled by the almanack into believing that the court of common pleas at Charleston, before which he had a cause depending in which Philip Hart is plaintiff, would not meet until the third Tuesday in February; that he learned from Edward Rutledge, on Jan. 3, that the court was to sit on Jan. 12 ; that he made all efforts to get his witnesses before the latter date, but found it impossible so to do; that he had transmitted to Charleston by Edward Penman the affidavit of Philip Minis, his principal witness, made before one of the assistant judges in Savannah; and that Philip Minis is now too ill to give his testimony viva voce. D. S., J. Houstoun. Certified by Joseph Clay. 2 pp. F°.

EM. 4092 Portrait : Habersham (Joseph). Bust; directed, facing, and looking to the right ; dress-coat, ruffled shirt. Inscription : Engraved by J. Gross from a painting by W. G. Conarroe after Douglass. Joseph Habersham. Jos. Habersham (fac-simile signature). Stipple. 4o.

EM, 4093 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 4, Phila., 1839.

Portrait : Bulloch (Archibald). Bust; directed to the front, facing and looking slightly to the left;

military uniform; ruffles; left hand raised and touching his face. With fac-simile signature. Wood engraving. (New York, 1875 ?] 4°. EM. 4094

Portrait : Howe (Robert). Bust; directed slightly to the left, facing and looking to the right; military uniform, cocked hat. Inscription : Col. Rob't Howe. Small wood engraving. (New York, 1850?]

EM. 4095 Portrait: Campbell (Sir Archibald)? Full length, standing, profile to the left ; military uniform, sword at side and walking stick apparently in right hand; cocked hat; in background a river and landscape. Etching. (London ? 1780?] 8o.

EM. 4096 The inscription has been scratched off apparently ; below, on the paper in which the print is inlaid, is written in ink Col. Sir Arch Campbell, on the back is written in pencil Campbell of Blitherwood.

View: Savannah, Georgia. Inscription: (left) Painted by J. Shaw (right) Engraved by J. Hill.

| Burning of Savannah. Aquatint (colored). [New York? 1820 ?] Fo.

EM, 4097 Pennsylvania (The) Journal and Weekly Advertiser. Feb. 10, 1779. Numb. 1815. Philadel. phia : Thomas Bradford. 4 pp. Fo. EM. 4098

Among other news it contains an account of the capture of Habersham by the British in Dec. 1778.

New-Jersey (The) Gazette. Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1779. Vol. II. Numb. 99. Trenton : Isaac Collins.

EM. 4099 Among other news it contains a letter of Benjamin Lincoln recounting the attack upon Savannah in Oct., 1779.

Plan: Savannah, Georgia. Plan of the French and American Sieg[e] of Savannah in Georgia in South America [sic] under Command of the French Gener. Count d'Estaing The Britt: Commander in the Toun was General August Prevost. [New York, 1874.] Size : 2578 x 17 1/16 in. Scale : None given. Photolithograph. Paper. EM. 4100

Also in C. C. Jones's The Siege of Savannah in 1779, etc., Albany, 1874, where it is stated that the original was purchased in London at the sale of Lord Rawdon's papers.

Portrait: Washington (George). Full length, seated ; directed to the left, and looking to the right; military uniform ; right arm resting on table and grasping a paper ; on the table a cloak ; walls of the room in background. Inscription : Prind, by Chr. K’immel Sw Co. 254 & 256 Canal St. N. Y. George Washington. Lithograph. [1870?] F

EM. 4101 Portrait: Lincoln (Benjamin). Bust; directed, facing, and looking to the front; military uniform. Inscription : Maj. Gen. B. Lincoln. B Lincoln (fac-simile signature). Line and stipple. [New York? 1840?] 8o.

EM. 4102 Portrait: Estaing (Charles Hector d'), Count. Bust; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; military uniform; sash and star. Oval, within an ornamental frame, with arms below. Inscription : (on the frame) Charles Henri Comte d'Estaing Chevalier des Ordres du Roi Lieutenant général de ses Armées Vice Amiral de France. Ne le 24. Novembre 1729.

Presenté Par son tres Humble Servileur (sic] Bligny, Pere. (below, to the left) F. Sablet pinx (right) C. Gaucher direxit. (in verse) Albion redouta son bras et son Genie; Vengeur du nom français, General et soldat, 11 sçut dompter avec éclat, Les Anglais et la Calommie | Se Vend a Paris chez Bligny, Lancier du Roy, Md.


d'Estampes, Peintre, Doreur, et Vitrier; Cour du Manege aux Thuilleries. Line. [1785?] Fo.

EM, 4103 Portrait : Huntington (Samuel). Bust, profile to the left. Inscription : Drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia. Engraved by B. L. Prevost at Paris. (to the right, below) No. 8. Line. (1780?] 4°.

EM. 4104 Letter: McIntosh (Lachlan). Skidaway Island, [Ga.,] May 20, 1786. To (his son) John McIntosh, Altamaha. Regrets to hear that he has rashly taken up a new scheme; he has obligations enough depending upon him now ; requests him to attend without fail the next land court at Sunbury and to endeavor to get warrants for three or four thousand acres in Liberty and from five to seven thousand in Glynn county in his father's name ; urges him to come thence in his boat and to bring all his papers with him that his father may aid him in settling his affairs. A. L. S. Endorsed.

EM, 4105

Portrait : Walton (George). Bust; directed, facing, and looking to the left ; plain clothes. Inscription : Etchd. by H. B. Hall from a Drawing in Collection of Dr. T. A. Emmet, 1871. | Geo Walton (fac-simile signature). [New York.] Fo.

EM. 4106 Portrait : Walton (George). Bust ; directed, facing, and looking to the right. With fac-simile signature. Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 4°.

EM. 4107 Portrait: Jackson (Andrew). Half length; seated in armchair, directed, facing, looking to the front; hands clasped in his lap; pillar and drapery in background ; table with books, paper, ink stand and quill pens to the right. Lithograph. [New York? 1850?] F'.

EM. 4108 View: Augusta, Georgia. Inscription: View of Augusta, from Summerville. Wood engraving by H. F. [New York, 1870?] 4°. EM. 4109

I page. Fo.


Engraving : Gwinnett (Button). The duel in which Button Gwinnett was killed by Col. Lachlan McIntosh. Wood engraving on India paper.


EM. 4110 Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, p.



Document: Gwinnett (Button). [Savannah, Ga.,] Mar. 16, 1770. Indenture between Button Gwinnett and Mordecai Sheftall and Levi Sheftall of Savannah transferring to them the island of St. Catherines. D. S., Mordecai Sheftall, Levi Sheftall, Button Gwinnett, and sealed by each of them. Witnessed by Js. Wood Jur. and Will. Stephens. Endorsed. 5 pp. Fo.

EM. 4111 Letter : Gwinnett (Button). Sunbury, [Ga.,] Mar. 21, 1777. To Messrs. Swen and O'Brien, Treasurers. Requesting them to exchange for the bearer Capt. Clement Nash two hundred dollars Georgia money for two hundred dollars Continental currency to enable him to proceed on the recruiting service. Lithogragh fac-simile of A. L. S. in possession of Jos. J. Mickley, Esq., Phila. F. With an engraving of The duel in which Button Gwinnett was killed by Col. Lachlan Mc. Intosh.

EM. 4112 Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, p.

I page:

Letter: Bulloch (Archibald). Savannah, [Ga.,] Feb. 18, 1777. To the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Requesting them to furnish the bearer, John White, appointed colonel of the fourth Georgia battalion to be raised in the northern states, with thirty thousand continental dollars, and to draw for the same upon the delegates of Georgia in Congress, or upon Congress itself. A. L. S. I page. Fo.

EM. 4117 Document : Zubly (John Joachim). [Georgia, 1770?] Sermon on i Tim. iv, 12. A.D. 4 pp. 12o. Accompanied by a letter from Charles C. Jones, Jr; dated New York, Jan. 21, 1874, presenting the sermon to Dr. Emmet and vouching for its genuine

EM, 4118 Document : Zubly (John Joachim). [Georgia ? 1770?] Fragment of a legal document. D.S., J. J. Zubly. I page. 8o.

EM. 4119 View : Savannah river, Georgia. Inscription: Mouth of the Savannah river.

Wood engraving by Harley. [New York, 1870?] 734 x 278 in.

EM. 4120 View: Baltimore, Md. Inscription: The Congress House. Small wood engraving. With three lines of explanatory text.

EM. 4121 Also in Lossing's Field book, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1852) p. 393.

Portrait: McIntosh (Lachlan). Full bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; military uniform with decoration of the Cincinnati. Inscription: Engraved by Hoppner Meyer from a Painting by J. B. Longacre after an original Portrait. Genral [sic] Lachlan Mc. Intosh. Lachn. McIntosh (facsimile signature). Stipple. 4°.

EM. 4122 A pencil note reads, “ Proof from Longacre Collection." It was engraved for The National Portrait Gallery, vol. 3, N. Y., 1836.

Portrait: Washington (George). After Stuart. Full bust; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front. Oval within a rectangle. Inscription: Engraved Ew published by William Sartain 728 Sansom, Si Philada. George Washington. Mezzotint. [1870 ?) Fo.

EM. 4123 Baker, no. 326.


View : Bristol, England. Inscription: (left) G. Holmes del. (centre) Published by W. Sheppard, Exchange, Bristol. (right) Angus sc | Bristol seen from Clifton Wood. Line. (1820 ?] 4°. EM. 4113

View : Charleston, S. C. Inscription: (left) Drawn by J. W. Hill (right) Engraved by Wellstood & Peters | Charleston, S. C. Line. [New York, 1850?] 4o.

EM, 4114 Portrait : Gwinnett (Button). Bust; directed, facing, looking to the right; plain clothes; long hair. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall from a Drawing in the Collection of Dr. T. A. Emmet, 1871.] Button Gwinnett(fac-simile signature). [New. York.] Fo.

EM. 4115 View: Savannah, Georgia. Inscription: Old Houses in Savannah. Wood engraving. [New York, 1870?] 718 x 27 in.

EM. 4116

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