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Charges of plowemen and others at Barkly with .3.

waines and .4. horses loden with pease, sider and London provisions from Came Nibley and Wanes

well ffor .5. tun di [i.e. one-half] of sider bought at Lidny ffor .60. bushells of white pease at ij! ffor .31. weedinge howes at .14! and .15. heluige howes

at .120 made in the forest of Deane (besides xxs payd

by Richard Partridge ffor .8. felling axes (besides .2. payd for by Richard

Partridge) there ffor of bacon at iijd bought of James Atwood ffor cariage of .11, buts of casks from Bristoll to Lidny Cariage of .5. tun di [i.e. one-half] of sider from Lidny

to Bristoll.xys and charges in loding it .ij. To Scriveners in Bristoll and for paper waxe inke parch

ment and patent silk strings. ffor Cinamon water to Sea ffor

.2. pewter bottles for the water Payd the det for lodginge and dyet to Eliz Hibbert of

Gatcomb who detayned a rug & .2. axes ffor packinge strawe ffor lyminge the omnes vnum in Christo Jesu, in the

Ancyent ffor a crane in the chimney in the cookroome being

21! at iij!
To the Customs for their ffee for our bill of store
To the searchers also

Smo. xxxvijli xv!
Given to Charles Coyfe m? Langlies man towards his

fishinge tooles taken with him
Payd Willm Clement for the releife of his wife in his

absence and for redemtion of his tooles that were

Payd to Thomas Coopy vpon an agreement made at

Stoke .7. Septembr, a Smyth Carpenter & Turner
Payd to John Cole for a years wages beforehand
Given to Walter Hampton Richard Sherife th'elder

Richard Sherife the younger, Thomas Peirse
Thomas Davis Humfry Osborne and xpistopher
Nelme for their wholl seuerall wages and ernest

To Humphrey Plant Carpenter & Sawyer for his .3.

years wages beforehand to pay his dets To Richard Godfrey of London Joyner vpon a Compo

sicon with him made



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Payd for .4. squaringe axes bought in Wotton by Walter

Payd for the Cuntry farme
ffor hire of a warehouse for .

·3. weeks
To one Hale a drummer by mr Thorpes appoyntment
Payd to the Lighters by mr Thorps appoyntment
Payd more for dyet in Bristoll, washing of clothes and

for horsemeat there
To the boatmen of Barkly for cariage of dyuers things

from Barkley ffor one Tun of sider to Mi Thorpe with the caske To m' Gouyuge for one barrell of vinegar and .11. gal

lons of oyle.
To the playsterer that layd the brick and plaister worke
of the cook roome

Smo. xxxviijli is vid
To m' Huggins that gave the comunion and a sermon

to our people
ffor . 36. li of bacon at iijd the pound
ffor .4. Armors
ffor a musket
ffor a boat that waited on vs at Kingrode
To Clarks for wrytings as by a bill of particulars
Payd for the ship
Layd out by Richard Partridge in Ireland for provisions

and other expenses there over and besides xiijli

fraight by him receaved Layd out by Partridge at Gatcombe about the ship as

appeareth by his bill of accompt given to St Willm

Due more to be payd there as by the said bill appeareth

Smo 228li 1889

Smo total 79111,105 10 Whereout deduct ready monyes before comprehended because they are likewise charged in wares bought

Soe remayneth-723i 165 1d

Wherevnto ad as followeth in the next page.
Payd by St Willm Throkmorton towards the passinge of

our patent
Payd by m' Smyth for the like
Payd by m' Thorpe for the like
Payd for the cariage of all the London provisions from

thence to Waneswell.
Payd for wrytinge the three Virginian patents into our

leiger book Payd for .11. gallons of sacke sent to sea Payd for six rugs at .ixs



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Payd to John Hurd Willm Patche Thomas Patche Willm
Stone and Willm Parker at their entertainment

Smo _ ixli xiiijs iiij!
Soe cleerly disbursed by vs vntill the departure of the
ship the xvth of September .1691.

733 IOS Inde quinta pars


149 I! But for the present we must pay quarta pars, to leave out St George Yardley which is

7. Soe each of vs doth leave for St George Yardley

139 Of which quarta pars of – 183! 79 7d q; m' Berkeley and his partners have payd 103! 4: 80


gd Soe remayneth due from m' Berkeley


29 Of which quarta pars of — 183! 79 70 q; SWillm Throkmorton hath by himselfe payd — 61. 5?

And by mWoodleefe his partner for a third parte 65! Sm in toto

1 26! Soe remayneth due from Sr Willm Of which quarta pars of 183. 79 70 q; m' Thorpe hath payd — 229! 59 79

229! 59 Soe due to him for payment whereof m' Berkeley becometh debttor

18! Of which quarta pars of 183. 79 7d q; m' Smyth hath payd .


159 2 Soe dewe to him


7? ffor payment of which — 91 79 74 m? Berkeley becometh

debtor for thirty fower pounds fower shillings and

ten-pence. And St Willm Throkmorton for .


2? Memorandum. That whereas it is specifyed in the third precedent page, That lv: is owinge for Clarks wages, and — vijli vis xd to be payd at Gatcomb as by bill appeareth, That theis two somes are to bee equally borne and payd by all the partners.

And likewise Si Willm Throkmorton is to bee payd by m' Berkeley m Smyth and m? Thorpe xjs iij towards fiftene shillings hee hath payd for the patent, because hee hath it not allowed him in the second precedent page of this book. Which allowances made, St George Yardleyes fifth cometh to — 148! 17979

! And soe to each of vs —37! 4? 4ob. q;.





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*** Na stands for N. Y. Public Library, Astor Building; Nl for N. Y. Public Library, Lenox

Building; C for Columbia University Library.


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95. fo.



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[ocr errors]

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95. 4°.

Na C


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