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Zeitschrift des historischen

Limesblatt: Mitteilungen der Streckenkommissare bei der Reichslimeskommission. 21–26. Trier, 1897–98. 8°.


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Zeitschrift des Aachener Geschichtsvereins. See Aachener Geschichtsverein.

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Zeitschrift des Harz-Vereins für Geschichte und Altertumskunde. See Harz-Verein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde.

Zeitschrift der historischen Gesellschaft für die Provinz Posen See Historische Gesellschaft für die Provinz Posen.

Zeitschrift des historischen Vereins für Niedersachsen. See Historischer Verein für Niedersachsen.

Vereins für Schwaben und Neuburg. See Historischer Verein für Schwaben und Neuburg.

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Zeitschrift des Vereins zur Erforschung der rheinischen Geschichte und Alterthümer in Mainz. See Verein zur Erforschung der rheinischen Geschichte und Alterthümer in Mainz.

Zeitschrift des Vereins für hessische Geschichte und Landeskunde. See Verein für hessische Geschichte und Landeskunde.

Zeitschrift des Vereins fur lübeckische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. See Verein für lübeckische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde.

Zeitschrift des Vereins für thüringische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. See Verein für thüringische Geschichte und Alterthumskunde.

Zeitschrift des westpreussischen Geschichtsvereins. See Westpreussischer Geschichtsverein.



(Emmet Collection. Presented to the New York Public Library by John S. Kennedy.)


Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Bust; directed to the Declaration of Independence. Volume XIV., facing, and looking slightly to the right; oval vigMaryland. Illustrated by Thomas Addis Em- nette. Inserted in an engraving of earlier date, met, M.D. New York (1870 ?). Fo.

representing Fame hanging a medallion (containing The text consists of the life of Samuel Chase, by E. Inger

the portrait) upon a column; this again is inserted soll, from volume 9, pages 185 to 235 of the original edition of in a decorative frame apparently of still earlier date, Sanderson; of Thomas Stone, by E. Ingersoll, from volume 9,

and the inscription Charles Carroll is mounted bepages 151 to 169; and the appendix to volume 9; of the life of William Paca, by E. Ingersoll, from volume 8, pages 173 to

low. Line. [New York? 1850?] Fo. EM. 3461 199: of Charles Carroll, by H. B. Latrobe, from volume 7, Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Half length; dipages 237 to 261, the Journal of Charles Carroll, published by the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, 1845, pages i to 4,

rected, facing, and looking to the front; book in 37 to 84, and the will of Charles Carroll dated Sept. 2, 1825, right hand. Inscription : Engraved by James B. with a codicil of Feb. 5, 1827, and second codicil of Jan. 5, Longacre from a Painting by Chester Harding. 1813 The material indexed consists of: book-plate 1, documents 6,

Line. [Philadelphia, 1830?] Fo. EM. 3462 engravings 2, letters 33, newspapers 2, portraits 59, views 49. A pencil note reads, “From Longacre's Private Collection."

SAMUEL CHASE. Letter : Chase (Samuel). At Captain Barney's, Portrait: Sharpe (Horatio). Half length; di[Baltimore ?] Jan. 4, 1800. To Mrs. Chase. De- rected to the left, facing and looking to the front; scribes a narrow escape from death by breaking braided coat and waistcoat. Inscription: Horatio through some ice; he was saved by his son and an Sharpe Governor of Maryland. Horo. Sharpe (facofficer named Alexander. Lithograph fac-simile of simile signature). Lithograph by Max Rosenthal. an A.L.S. in the possession of F. J. Dreer Esq. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 4°.

EM. 3467 Phila. 2 pp. F°. With a small wood engraving, Letter : Sharpe (Horatio). Annapolis, [Md.,] on India paper, of the Res. of Judge Samuel Chase

June 9, 1755. [To Gov. Robert Hunter Morris, Baltimore Md.

EM. 3463 Philadelphia.] He has received a letter from Gen. Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, Braddock; a duplicate was sent to Gov. Dinwiddie, P. 11.

whereupon the Virginia Assembly granted £6,000; Letter : Chase (Samuel). Baltimore Town, if these governments follow the example, there will (Md.,] Jan. 23, 1777. [To the Legislature of be no difficulty in complying with His Excellency's Maryland.] The committee appointed by the in- requisitions; rather than leave any troops at Fort closed resolutions of Congress [to inquire into the Du Quesne without stores, he would, if he had proconduct of the enemy towards prisoners of war] visions, try to bring out the militia to convoy them; request that the honorable body appoint gentlemen whatever be the result of the Assembly's meeting, to take depositions on the matters contained in the a few cannon and some arms shall be sent from this resolve; the committee has heard that some of the place; he hopes Pennsylvania will not refuse supBritish prisoners taken at Princeton said that they plies; he has warned the back-inhabitants to be on were ordered to stand until they were cut to pieces their guard. A.L.S. Endorsed, 2 11. 4°. EM. 3468 and take no prisoners, also that Gen. Mercer and Printed in the Minutes of the Provincial Council of Lieut. [Bartholomew] Yeates were killed after they Pennsylvania, vol. 6 (Harrisburg, 1851) p. 420. had surrendered, and that several bodies have been Pennsylvania (The) Gazette. Dec. 26, 1765. found hanging on trees in the Jersies. A.L.S.

Numb. 1931.

[Philadelphia : Franklin & Hall.] Endorsed. I page. 4o.

EM. 3464
4 pp.

EM. 3469 The address has been added in pencil by Dr. Emmet. For

Funeral rites of the stamp act in Frederick Town, Md. the resolutions of Congress referred to see the Journals for Jan. 16, 1777.

Portrait: Chase (Samuel). Inscription: Samuel View : Baltimore, Md. Inscription: (left) Fac Chase. Engraved from a Drawing by J. B. Longsimile of the Original drawing by John Moale. !

acre after a Painting by Jarvis. Stipple. 8°. Baltimore Town in 1752. Lithograph. [Philadel

EM. 3470 phia ? 1860 ?] 1718 x 775 in.

EM. 3465 Also in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers, vol. 9

(Phila., 1827) p. 187. Portrait: Chase (Samuel). Bust; after the paint

Portrait : Schuyler (Philip). Bust; directed ing by Jarvis. [Engraved by H. B. Hall.] Line. [New York, 1870?]F.

EM. 3466

to the front, facing and looking to the left; military

uniform. Inscription : Ph: Schuyler (fac-simile Apparently a proof before letter of the plate in the Mary


signature). Engd. by H. B. Hall & land Historical Society's Centennial Memorial, The Journal of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Balt., 1876, p. 34.

York. Stipple and line. [1870 ?) Fo.

EM. 3471 77

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dard. 4 PP.

Portrait: Carroll (John). Half length; directed Portrait : Augusta Sophia, Princess, daughand facing to the left, looking to the front; ponti- ter of George III., King of Great Britain. Three ficals; book in left hand, bookcase and curtain be- quarters length; spinning; directed and facing to hind. Inscription: (left) Painted by J. Paul. (right) the right, looking to the front; plain dress and mobEngraved by W. S. Leney, F.S.A. & B. Tanner, cap; oval. Inscription: (left) Sr. Wm. Beechy del F.S.A. (left) Reverendissimus Joannes Carroll, (right) Geremia Scu | Her Royal Highness Princess S. T.D. Archiepiscopus Baltimoriensis Primus. Augusta. London Pubd, by E. Harding 19 May (right) The Most Reverend John Carroll, D.D. 1806. Stipple. Fo.

EM. 3478 First Archbishop of Baltimore. (left) Entered ac- Portrait: George IV., King of Great Britain. cording to Act of Congress the oth day of April Half length; directed, facing and looking to the left; 1812, by Benjn. Tanner, of the State of Pennsyl- hair dressed in large curls, white cravat, plain coat vania. (right) Published 1st June 1812 by Benjamin with high collar; star; oval within a rectangle. InTanner Engraver, No. 74 South Eighth Street,

scription : (left) 3 | His Royal Highness George Philadelphia. I J. Murphy & Co. Baltimore. With

Prince of Wales Soc. Published 12th. May, 1794. coat of arms. Stipple. 141 x 1776 in.

EM, 3472

by Laurie & Whittle, 53. Fleet Street, London, Portrait: Howe (Richard), Earl Howe, Full Mezzotint. 8o.

EM. 3479 length; standing on deck; directed and facing to the Portrait: Bertie (Mary), Duchess of Ancaster left, looking to the front; drawn sword in right and Kesteven. Half length; nearly in profile to the hand, left hand holding scabbard; behind him,

right; head leaning on left hand, the elbow resting ships engaged. Inscription : The Right Honble

on a table; hair flowing over right shoulder. InRichard Earl Howe, Admiral of the White, Vice

scription : Mary Dutchess of Ancaster. Printed Admiral of England, and Commander in Chief of for John Bowles, at No. 13 in Cornhill. Mezzotint. the Grand Fleet in the Channel. Who so Victoriously (1760 ?] 8°.

EM. 3480 Conquered the French Fleet of superior Force, on

See J. C. Smith's British Messotinto Portraits, part 4, the ist. of June 1794. in which Action 6 French

p. 1761. Ships of the Line where taken, and 2 Sunk. Mezzo- Maryland (The) Journal, and Baltimore Adtint. (London, 1794?] Fo.

EM. 3473

vertiser. Friday, Sept. 26, 1788. No. 78 of vol. Letter : Pemberton (John). Philadelphia, May 15. No. 1076. Baltimore : Printed by W. God30, 1782. To the President and Council (of Penn


EM. 3481 sylvania). He feels himself impelled by God to Violent letter against S[amuel] C[hase]. visit his brethren in Europe; he has laid the matter

Letter : Lewis (William). Dec. 5. 1815. To before the religious society of friends, who have

Lesley (Leslie] Combs, Frankfort, Ky. Acknowl. signified their sympathy; he has no worldly concern

edges letters; he has received solicitations from to promote, but simply a duty to discharge laid on him by God; he informs the President and Council

other men of high respectability, but he has not

answered as yet nor" made any appointment. of his intention, not because he thinks their consent

A.L.S. With a short biographical note by Leslie necessary, but in order to remove all misapprehen

Combs. Endorsed. sion. A.L.S. A postscript, signed Wm: Matthews,

I page. 4o.

EM. 3482 signifies the intention of the latter to accompany

Letter : Iredell (James). Richmond, [Va.,] Pemberton.

EM. 3474

May 24, 1797 To Samuel Tredwell, Edenton, Printed in Penna. Archives, vol. 9 (Phila., 1854) p. 551.

N. C. Blackburn having negotiated Tredwell's

prize as well as his own six lottery tickets, he inPortrait: George III., King of Great Britain.

closes Tredwell's, indorsed; incloses for Mrs. IreHalf length; directed and facing to the left, looking

dell a copy of the President's speech, which all ad. to the front; plain coat with sash and star; oval

mire here, the friends of government enthusiastiwithin a rectangle. Inscription: (left) Heny. More

cally. A.L.S. Endorsed. I page. 4o. EM. 3483 land Pinxt. (right) Rd. Houston fecit | His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales Born 4. June

Portrait : Dallas (Alexander James). Profile 1738. N. S. Mezzotint. (London, 1755?] Fo.

to the right; circular. Small mezzotint (colored) EM. 3475

by St. Memin. [Philadelphia, 1801.] EM. 3484

Unlettered. No. 138 in Elias Dexter's St. Memin collec See J. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto Portraits, part 2, p. 659, no. 41. The inscription as there given differs slightly

tion of portraits, N. Y., 1862. from the above.

Letter : Rawle (William). [Philadelphia ?] Portrait : Chase (Samuel). Inscription : En- Feb. 2 [1800 ?]. To John Hall. If the prisoner graved by J. B. Forrest from a Drawing by J. B. pays the fine and legal charges he cannot be de. Longacre after an original Portrait by Jarvis. tained for any extra allowance, even though he Samuel Chase, Samuel Chase (fac-simile signature). may have agreed to reimburse it; defines the legal Stipple. 8o.

EM. 3476 charges. A.L.S. On the back is a note to the A pencil note reads, “ From Longacre's Private Collec- same effect by R Peters. I page. 4o.

EM. 3485 tion, Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. Phila., 1839.

Portrait: Rawle (William). Half length; Portrait: Charlotte Sophia, Queen of George

directed, facing and looking to the front. InscripIII., K’ing of Great Britain. Half length; profile

tion: (left) Painted by H. Inman (centre) A. Newto the right; low bodice with ermine robe behind,

sam Del (right) Childs & Inman Lithrs. | W Rawle necklace of four rows of jewels with black bow be

(fac-simile signature). From the Original Portrait,

En. hind, large earring with three pendants. Inscrip

Painted by order of the Bar of Philadelphia.

tered according to act of Congress, in the year 1832 tion: Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain &c. &c.

by Childs & Inman in the Clerks office of the DisMezzotint. Fo.

EM. 3477

trict Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The lower part of the inscription has been trimmed away. C. Smith's British Mezzotinto Portraits, part 4,

Philadelphia Published by Childs & Inman 122
Walnut Street. Lithograph. Fo. EM. 3486

2 pp. Fo.


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P. 1723, no. 41.


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I page.

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Inscription: freight will bear hard on their funds, but he hopes Thomas Jefferson. Drawn & Engraved by J. B. to supply the brig and the people with provisions Longacre from the Portrait by Field after Stuart. from contributions in Baltimore; he will speak to Stipple. 8°.

EM. 3487 the Secretary of the Navy about McCauley's acA pencil note reads, " From Longacre's Private Collection."

A. L. S.
I page. 4°.

EM. 3491
Also in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers, vol. 7 (Phila., The address has been mounted on the back of the letter.
1827) p. 9.
Portrait: Bedford (Gunning). Half length;

Portrait : Barney (Joshua). Half length; didirected, facing and looking slightly to the right.

rected to the front, facing and looking to the right; Inscription: Gunning Bedford, Jun. Signer of the

naval uniform; hands crossed, holding sword.

Stipple engraving by J. Gross. Fo. Constitution of the U. S. Gunng Bedford Junr (fac

EM. 3492 simile signature). Lithograph by Max Rosenthal.

A proof before letter of the plate in the National Portrait

Phila., 1839.

Gallery, vol. [Philadelphia, 1885?] 4o.

EM. 3488 Portrait : Randolph (John). Half length;

Document: Maryland, Province.-Council of seated; directed to the right, facing and looking to

Safety. Annapolis, June 5, 1776. Commission the front. Inscription: Engraved by T. B. Welch appointing John Hayman second lieutenant in from a Painting by J. Wood in possession of F. S.

Capt. George Well's company of artillery. Printed

form filled in. Key Esqr. John Randolph. john Randolph (fac

D.S., Danl of St. Thos. Jenifer, simile signature). Stipple and line. Fo. EM. 3489

J Hall, Ja. Tilghman, Wm. Hayward. At the Also (on smaller paper) in the National Portrait Gallery,

bottom is a note dated Sept. 4, 1777, signifying vol. 4, Phila., 1839.

that the commission is revoked in favor of John Letter : Harper (Robert Goodloe). Baltimore, Steel; signed by John Moale.

Fo. July 2, 180o. To Gen. [Elias] Dayton, Elizabeth

EM. 3493 Town, N. J. Both parties mean to make a struggle See Archives of Maryland, vol. 11 (Balt., 1892) p. 467, in the election of the lower house of the assembly

and vol. 16 (Balt., 1897) p. 362. in October; the federalists will doubtless win, and Portrait : Carroll (John). Half length; dithey will then alter the law and substitute a choice rected and facing slightly to the right, looking to by the legislature for the present district election of the front; right arm on arm of chair; pontificals, electors; Delaware is for Adams and Pinckney, the a church in the background; oval within a rectangle. Carolinas uncertain; Brown and Relf's publication Inscription : (left) Painted by I. P. De.C (right) (the Philadelphia Gazette) containing Dayton's Engraved by J. Sartain. | The Most Rev. John reply to the Aurora lies, was republished here; Carroll. First Archbishop of Baltimore. [Pubd. Dayton owes it to his country and to the cause of by John Murphy, Baltimore. Copyright Secured.] decency to prosecute this scoundrel (William Mezzotint. (1850 ?) 8°


EM. 3494 Duane); he himself has decided to pursue that Portrait : Pinkney (William). Half length; course on the first occasion. A. L, S. Endorsed.

directed slightly to the right, facing and looking to 3 pp. 4o.

EM. 3490

the front; leaning with right arm on a ledge. InLetter : Key (Francis Scott). George Town, scription: William Pinkney Esq. Engraved by J. [D. C.,] Mar. 13, 1823. To E[li] Ayres, Balti- B. Longacre from a Painting by C. King. Pubmore. Dealing with the affairs of the American lished by Harrison Hall No. 70 South Fourth colonization society; he approves the bargain with Street Philadelphia. Stipple. 8°.

EM. 3495 (Ralph Randolph] Gurley; the balance of this

Also in the Portfolio, vol. 28 (Phila., 1822) P. 433.

THOMAS STONE. Letter: Stone (Thomas). [Port Tobacco, Md.] of character and that he behaved well as an officer Apr. 27, 1783. To his brother Watty (Walter,] in the army. A. L. S. 2 pp. Fo.

EM. 3497 [Philadelphia). Directs him to deliver the inclosed

Portrait: Stone (Thomas). Inscription: Thomas letter to Lawrence Washington, if in Philadelphia;

Stone. Drawn by J. B. Longacre from a Painting the young gentleman's father returns thanks for

by Pine

Engraved by G. B. Ellis. Line. 8. the kindness shown him; neither Mr. Mason nor

EM. 3498 himself can go to the county where the charge

Also in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers, vol. 9 (Phila., against Lawrence Washington will be examined; 1827) p. 153. it is desired that the latter should remain in

Portrait: George III., King of Great Britain. Philadelphia until he hears further from his father.

Half length; profile to the left; small oval frame Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the posses- within an ornamental rectangle; crown, sceptre, sion of J. Mickley Esq. Philada.

I page.

Fo. escutcheon and ermine robe below. Inscription : With a small wood engraving, on India paper, of

(right) W. Walker sculp | George the II]d King of the Res. of Thos. Stone Port Tobacco Md.

Great Britain, &c. Line. (London, 1770?] 8°. EM. 3496

EM. 3499 The original of this letter is now in the New York Public

Portrait : Washington (George). Library, and has been described as Em. 1048. The fac-simile is to be found also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, file to the left; velvet coat. Inscription: Go WashPhila., 1861, P. 33.

ington (fac-simile signature). From a portrait by Letter: Stone (Thomas). [Port Tobacco, Md.?] Sharpless, presented by Washington to Col. TallSept. 13, 1786. To (William Smallwood,] Gov- madge. Stipple engraving by H. B. Hall and Sons. ernor. Capt. [Thomas Andrew ?) Dyson intends to

EM, 3500 apply for the naval office of Potomac, made vacant Also (on smaller paper) in the Magazine of American Hisby the death of Mr. Lock, and has desired Stone tory, vol. 9 (N. Y., 1883) p. 81. to recommend him; his acquaintance with Dyson is Portrait : Cromwell (Oliver). Half length; slight, but he understands that the latter is a man profile to the left; armor; oval frame with a view

Bust; pro



below of Cromwell refusing a crown; below that a Portrait : Craik (James). Silhouette ; bust; helmet, cornucopia, axe and sword. Inscription: profile to the left; cocked hat. Inscription : Dr. (on the frame) Oliver Cromwell (below, left) J. James Craik. Wood engraving. 8o.

EM. 3504 Houbraken sculps. Amst. (centre) In the Collection Also in Lossing's Mount Vernon and its associations, N.Y., of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire. (right) Cooper 1859, p. 318. pinxit. Line.

EM. 3501

View: London.-Bank of England. InscripAlso in Birch's Heads of illustrious persons, London, 1743,

tion: London Printed for Bowles & Carver, No. 69 p. 93 Letter : Johnson (Thomas). Annapolis, [Md.,]

St. Paui's Church Yard. A View of the Bank of

England, Threadneedle Street, London. (left) The Aug. 30, 1779. To Thomas Sim Lee. M. Gerrard

Centre erected 1733, G. Sampson, Architect. (right) [Gérard) will stop here on his way to Baltimore,

Sir Robert Taylor, Kint, Architect of the Wings. I and Johnson desires to show him attention; he

Published 25. July 1797.

Line. Fo. EM. 3505 wishes Lee's assistance in the matter, and asks him to come up; hopes to see Mr. Carroll also. A. L. S.

View : Annapolis, Md. Inscription: View of Endorsed. 72 page. 4°.

EM. 3502 Annapolis in 1797.

Entered according to act of View : Annapolis, Md. Inscription: (above, Congress in the year 1871 by Chase & Town in the right) Columb. Mag. (below) A Front View of the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, State-House &c. at Annapolis the Capital of Mary- Lithograph, colored. 8.

EM. 3506 land. Line. (Philadelphia, 1790?] 8°. EM. 3503 Also in the American Historical Record, vol. 1 (Phila., From the Columbian Magasine.

1872) frontispiece.

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p. 29

WILLIAM PACA. Letter : Paca (William). [Philadelphia,] Feb. Portrait : Smallwood (William). Bust ; di19, 1779. To Joseph Reed. He knows of no reso- rected, facing and looking to the front; uniform. lution of Congress which discontinues Gen. Arnold's Inscription: Genl. Smallwood. W Smallwood (faccommand in this city. Lithograph fac-simile of an simile signature). Stipple and line. 12°. A. L. S. in the possession of J. Mickley Esq. Philada.

EM. 3511 I page.

With a small wood engraving, on Also in R. W. Griswold's Washington and the Generals of India paper, of the Res. of Wm. Paca Queenstown

the American Revolution, vol. 1 (Phila., 1847) p. 274. Md.

EM. 3507

Letter : Blair (John). Williamsburg, (Va.,] Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861,

Mar. 10, 1768. To Sir William [Johnson,] [Tryon Letter : Paca (William). [Maryland,] Friday

County, N. Y.?]. Acknowledges letter of Jan. 8th evening (1780). To Gov. [Thomas Sim] Lee. Hav

to the Lieutenant Governor [Fauquier], who died ing learned that his wife is seriously ill, he intends

on the ed inst.; the Council have advised him to lay to set off for Philadelphia next morning; he can find

it before the Assembly; sends him a power, under no boat at present for Kent Island, and therefore

their seal, to transact business with the Indians at requests the use of one belonging to the state; Com

the congress to be held in summer; incloses a letter modore Grayson could probably contrive to get him

from Lord Shelburne directing them to run the over. A. L. S. Endorsed. I page. F°. EM. 3508

boundary line between themselves and the Indian Paca's second wife was a Miss Anna Harrison, of Philadel- hunting ground, in which service Sir William and phia. She died in 1780.

Mr. Stewart (John Stuart) are to join; they will bePortrait : Paca (William). Inscription: IVill- gin at Col. Chiswell's lead mines, but there is great iam Paca. Engd, by P. Maverick from a drawing uncertainty as to the other end of the line. L. S. by ). B. Longacre from Copley. Line. 8°. EM. 3509

2 pp. Fo.

EM. 3512 Also in Sanderson's Biography of the Signers, vol. 8 (Phila., 1827) p. 175.

Letter : Paca (William). Annapolis, Md.,] Engraving : Great Britain.-Royal family.

Jan. 28, 1785. To Gov. (George] Clinton, New George III. is seated in the centre; Queen Charlotte,

York. Acknowledges a letter and depositions relaalso seated, at his left hand; the princes stand to

tive to the piracy of Hughes and Burke; he has had the left of the picture, the princesses to the right.

depositions taken, which he now forwards; the Inscription: (left) T. Stothard Esq: pinx. (right) P.

schooner is at Baltimore, and the affair has been Roberts sc | The Royal Family of England in the

communicated to the Judge of the Admiralty so year 1787. Stipple. (London, 1800 ?] 4°. EM. 3510 that she may be secured. L. S. Endorsed. i page. A key is engraved below.


EM. 3513

CHARLES CARROLL. Letter : Carroll (Charles). Doughoregan, Wharton at his summer residence. Lithograph fac[Md.,) July 19, 1826. To Charles H. Wharton, simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of R. C. Washington [D.C.). Acknowledges letter of the Davis Esq. Phila. 2 pp. F° With a small wood 14th inst; he is fast nearing the end of earthly cares; engraving, on India paper, of the residence of he disapproved of Jefferson's administration, and Charles Carroll of Carrollton Baltimore Ma. was dissatisfied with a part of Adams's; yet the ser

EM. 3514 vices of both men in the cause of independence Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, should be remembered, and their errors forgotten;

The letter is printed in K. M. Rowland's Charles Car. he is going to Baltimore to attend the ceremonies

roll of Carrollton, vol. 2. (N. Y., 1898) p. 340. to their memory; the Baron de Montreiul and family Letter: Carroll (Charles) and Plater (George). are now here; when the vote of independence was York, [Penn.,] June 22, 1778. [To the Governor taken, he was not in Congress, but he signed as and Assembly of Maryland.] They received the soon as he took his seat; he should be glad to see instructions of the House of Delegates, and laid

p. 81.

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