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Letter : McTavish (Mrs. John). Baltimore, Apr. 10, 1830. To Count

Incloses a note from the Rev. Mr. Chanche; not being acquainted with Mr. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasury, she cannot ask him a favor, but urges the Count to inform him that the sisters of charity are too poor to pay duty on the vestments they have imported for their chapel; they are a public benefit, nursing the sick and poor; Miss Seton, whom Ingham knew personally, was educated by them, and her mother (Elizabeth Ann Seton) was their superior. A. L. S. 2 pp. 4°.

EM. 3605 Document: Carroll (Charles). [Baltimore?] June 8, 1813. Agreement giving Richard Caton permission to search for minerals, fossils, etc., and to work mines on the land of Charles Carroll; the latter to receive five per cent of the annual profits. A. D. S., Rd Caton. Signed also, Ch. Carroll of Carrollton. Witnessed, Willm. Woodville. 2 pp. Fo.

EM. 3606 Portrait : Taney (Roger Brooke). Full length; seated; directed, facing and looking to the front. Inscription : R. B. Taney (fac-simile signature). From the original Painting by Chappel, in the possession of the publishers. Johnson Fry & Co. Publishers New York, Line. [New York, 1860?] 4°.

EM. 3607 Portrait: Carroll (Charles). Half length; directed, facing and looking to the front; white waistcoat. Inscription: Lith: of Endicott Sw Swett N, Y. Charles Carroll. Of Carrolton. Lithograph. (1850?] 8o.

EM. 3608 View: Baltimore, Md. Lithograph. [Philadelphia ? 1830 ?] 20 x 1218 in.

EM. 3609 The margins and lettering have been trimmed away.

Letter : Maréchal (Ambrose). Baltimore, Jan. 30, 1817. To Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Annapolis. Last Christmas he performed religious

services at the Manor for Carroll's servants and the poor catholics of the neighborhood ; his services there next March will probably be the last that he can render, as the Archbishop (Leonard Neale) has received letters from Rome nominating Maréchal Archbishop in partibus and coadjutor of Baltimore; advises Carroll to engage the Rev. Mr. Smith to officiate; he wishes that Carroll, out of his large means, would fix a clergyman at Annapolis, who could go every month to the Manor. A. L. S. At the bottom Charles Carroll has written a synopsis of his answer, asking Maréchal to engage Smith to officiate once a month, at an annual salary of $180. Endorsed. 3 pp. 4°.

EM. 3610 Document: Caton (Mrs. Richard). Baltimore, July 14, 1848. Division among the four daughters of Mary Caton, deceased, of that portion of her estate consisting of all the ground rents on lots of land in Baltimore. D. S., Charles F. Mayer, James H. Stimpson. Ratified at Hornby Castle and at Cossey Hall, England, Jan. 10, 1850: L C Leeds, witnessed by Robert James Wiley and William Stone; M A Wellesley, Elizabeth Stafford, Emily Mactavish, witnessed by Henry Elwes and one other. 2 pp. Fo.

EM. 3611 Portrait : Colt (Roswell L.). Half length; directed, facing and looking to the front; high white stock. Inscription: (left) Painted by T, Sully P.A. (right) Childs & Inman Lithrs. Lithograph. (Philadelphia, 1830?] Fo.

EM. 3612 The name has been added by Dr. Emmet.

View: Baltimore, Md. Inscription: Charles Carroll's city-house, the place of his death. Wood engraving. 4°. With the accompanying two pages of text by J. C. Carpenter on Doughoregan Manor, and Charles Carroll of Carrollton. Second paper.

EM. 3613 Also in Appleton's Journal, vol. 12 (N. Y., 1874) p. 354.

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Sanderson (John). Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence. Volume XV., Virginia, Illustrated by Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D. New York (1870 ?). Fo.

The text of the volume consists of the life of Thomas Jefferson, by H. D. Gilpin, from volume 7, pages 7 to 148 of the original edition of Sanderson ; of an article, Mr. Jefferson's Pet, by Schele de Vere, from Harper's Monthly, vol. 44, pages $15 to 826; and of the life of George Wythe, by Thomas Jefferson, from volume 2, pages 155 to 180 of the original edi. tion of Sanderson.

The material indexed consists of: broadside caricature 1, clipping 1, documents 12, engraving 1, letters 33, portraits 83, views 16.

View: Westmoreland County, Va. Inscription: Engraved by J. Duthie after Chapman. Site of Washington's Birth Place. [(right) Printed by W. Pate. | New York, G. P. Putnam & Co.] Inserted in a decorative frame, above which is a figure of Fame kneeling beneath a palm tree, engraved by J. Neagle in 1794. Line.


EM. 3614 Also in Irving's Washington, 4° ed., vol. 4 (N. Y., 1857)

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p. 18.

THOMAS JEFFERSON. Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Half length; Boston. He hears from T[homas] Adams that the directed, facing and looking to the left. Inscrip- continental finances are not flourishing; from an tion: (left) Dessiné par le baron Desnoyers. (right) Italian acquaintance, [Philip] Mazzei, he has learned Gravé par Dequevauvillier. 1 Jefferson. Dédié au that the Grand Duke of Tuscany has a large sum of Général Lafayette, (right) Par son très respectueux ready money which he might be willing to put out et reconnaissant admirateur le Typographe N. Bet- at interest, also immense magazines; the Genoese toni. Line. [Paris, 1801.] Fo. EM. 3615 have heavy deposits in the London bank which they

Letter : Jefferson (Thomas). Albemarle might be induced to withdraw; Mazzei, who is a [County), Va., Oct. 19, 1778. To John Hancock, zealous whig, offers to undertake a mission from

Congress to negotiate the matter; he thinks £600 would enable him to continue a year in Tuscany, in which time the purpose could be effected. Lithograph fac-simile of an A. L. S. in the possession of M. Polock Esq. Phila. 2 pp. F°. With two wood engravings, on India paper, of the Res. of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello Va., and The House in which Thos. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence S. W. Cor. 7th, & Market St. Philada.

EM. 3616 Also in Brotherhead's Book of the Signers, Phila., 1861, P. 109.

Letter : Jefferson (Thomas). Albemarle [County, Va.), Aug. 7, 1779. To William Fleming. Incloses an order explaining the plan of officering and stationing the two western battalions; hopes that Fleming will proceed in concert with the other commissioners so that the chain of posts to be recommended may form a complete western defence; asks him, when he reports the stations proposed, to mention what station the men of each county ought to occupy, also to prepare a statement of the arms in his possession, as the time is near when the men must be raised, and the Executive should pay attention to the procuring of arms and camp utensils. A. L. S. Endorsed by a later hand.

I page. +

EM. 3617 Printed in Ford's Writings of Jefferson, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1893) P. 256.

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Bust; after Gilbert Stuart; oval. Small line engraving. [New York ? 1850 ?]

EM. 3618 Unlettered.

Document: St. Anne's Parish, Albemarle County, Va.-Church-wardens. Apr. 10, 1755. Indenture between Peter Jefferson and Matthew Jordan, Church-wardens, and William Cabell, binding out to the latter party two poor children, Elizabeth and Mary Mathews, to learn the occupation of spinsters. D. S., Pet Jefferson, Matthew Jordan, Wm. Cabell. Endorsed. 12 page. 4°. EM. 3619

View : Shadwell, Va. Inscription : (left) Lossing Del (right) LossingBarritt Sc ! Jefferson's Mill at Shadwell. Wood engraving. 8°. EM. 3620

Also in Harper's Monthly Magazine, vol. 7 (N. Y., 1853) p. 147.

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right; left arm resting on papers on table; statuette of Liberty behind to the right. Inscription: (left) Painted by M. Brown. (right) Engraved by T. House. | Th: Jefferson (fac-simile signature). Engraved for Bancroft's History of the United States, from the original picture, painted for John Adams, in 1786. Line. 8°.

EM. 3621 Also in Bancroft's History of the United States, vol. 8 (Boston, 1860) frontispiece.

Document : Jefferson (Thomas). Charles City County, (Va.,] Dec. 23, 1771. Bond in the sum of £50 for a marriage license between Thomas Jefferson and Martha Shelton. Fac-simile of an A. D. S. Witnessed by Francis Eppes. *2 page. 4°.

EM. 3622 Also in Harper's Monthly Magazine, vol. 43 (N. Y., 1871) P. 369, and (without the signatures) in Sarah N. Randolph's Domestic Life of Jefferson, N. Y., 1871, p. 42.

Portrait: George III., King of Great Britain. Half length; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; robes, and collar of St. George; oval at the corners. Inscription: (left) Hen. Mior

land Pinxt. (right) Rich Houston Fecit. | George IIId, by the Grace of God, K’ing of Great Britain, France and Ireland Defender of the Faith Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburgh, Elector of Hanover, Arch Treasurer, & Prince of the Sacred Roman Empire. London Printed for John Ryall, at Hogarth’s Head, in Fleet Street. Mezzotint. [1760 ?] F°. EM. 3623

Compare J. C. Smith's British Meszotinto Portraits, part 2, p. 659, no. 41.

Portrait : Burke (Edmund). Half length; directed, facing and looking to the right. Inscription: (left) Sir J. Reynolds Pinxt. (right) J. Hardy sculp. | Edmund Burke Esqr. London Publish'd Decr. 18. 1780, by J. Hardy, and to be had of J. K. Sherwin in St. James's Street. Stipple. Fo.

EM. 3624 Letter : Murray (John), 4th Earl of Dunmore. New York, Feb. 26, 1771. To Sir William Johnson. He has received a letter from Lord Hillsborough, with an extract of a letter of Sir William's dated Aug. 14, 1770, directing that the Legislature should again be recommended to regulate the frauds in trade and the incroachments of which the Indians complain; he incloses an address of the General Assembly, showing their sentiments on the subject; it alludes to certain regulations heretofore practised in the Indian country, of which the Assembly declare themselves uninformed, and as to which they require knowledge before a sufficient law can be passed; he desires Sir William to transmit all such regulations as have been observed successfully with the Indians, and any other intelligence proper to the subject. L. S., Dunmore. 2 pp. F°. EM. 3625

Portrait : Jefferson (Thomas). Bust; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right. Inscription: (left) J. B. Longacre (right) H. Meyer |

Th Jefferson (fac simile signature). From a Bust in Possession of the American Philosophical Society. Stipple. 8°.

EM. 3626 A pencil note reads, “ From Longacre's Private Collection." It is to be found also in George Tucker's Jefferson, vol. 1 (Phila., 1837) frontispiece.

Portraits : United States.--Statesmen. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston; busts, in separate frames, with a view of Independence Hall below. Inscription : (centre of the picture) When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for (script). 1 (below) [Portraits of the "] Independence Committee;" from Trumbull's Picture of the Signers. Wood engraving by B. J. Lossing. (New York ? 1840 ?] 8°. EM. 3627

A similar cut, slightly larger, is to be found in Lossing's Seventeen hundred and seventy-six, N. Y., 1847, p. 196.

View: Philadelphia, Penn. Inscription : Graff's house, where Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Wood engraving. (New York, 1875?] 12°

EM. 3628 Document: United States.-Congress, Continental, 1775-1789. [Philadelphia, July 4, 1776.] Declaration of Independence. Fac-simile of the first draft, in Jefferson's handwriting, with interlineations in the handwriting of Franklin and of John Adams. Engraved on steel by Charles Toppan. Philadelphia, 1829. 6 11. 4°.

EM. 3629 The same engraving is to be found in Jefferson's Writings (Washington) vol. 1, p. 26; Randolph's Memoirs of Jefferson, vol. I, p. 146; Randall's Jefferson, vol. 1, p. 172; and a similar fac-simile is in Jefferson's Writings (Ford) vol. 2, p. 423. The best reproduction of the original is an artotype by Bierstadt, which is also in the Library. The engraving has been described also as EM, 1523.

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Portrait: George III., King of Great Britain. Full length; seated upon a pedestal beneath a dome; face in profile to the left; robes, globe in right hand; a female figure, standing behind, crowns him; Britannia reclines below to the left; two children approach her with a cornucopia. Inscription: (on the pedestal) Redeunt Saturnia Regna. Stipple. [London, 1800?] F.

EM. 3630 The margins and lettering have been trimmed away.

Portraits : United States.-Congress, Continental, 1775-1789. The signers of the Declaration of Independence. Wood engraving by B. J. Lossing.

EM. 3631 Also (on smaller paper) in Lossing's Field-book of the Revolution, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1852) frontispiece.

Portrait : Franklin (Benjamin). Half length; directed to the right, facing slightly to the right, looking to the front; coat with fur collar. Inscription : Engd. by R. W. Dodson from a Painting by J. B. Longacre after an Original Miniature in possession of W. ). Duane Esqre. Benjamin Frank. lin. Benja. Franklin (fac-simile signature). Entered according to the Act of Congress in the year 1835 by James B. Longacre in the Clerks Office of the Dis. trict Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Line. 8°.

EM. 3632 Also in the National Portrait Gallery, vol. 2, Phila., 1835.

Letter : Deane (Silas). Wethersfield, [Conn.,] Oct. 21, 1765. To Thomas Mumford, Groton. Requests him to supply the bearer, when at New London, with either pork or oats. A. L. S. Endorsed. I page. 4°.

EM. 3633 Portrait : Riedesel (Friedrich Adolph von), Baron. Half length; directed, facing and looking to the right; uniform. Inscription: (left) Nach d. Orig : Gem : v. Bach, gez: v. M. von E. (right) M. Lümmel. sc. / Riedesel(fac-simile signature) Herzogl. Braunschweigscher General-Lieutenant. Line. 4°.

EM. 3634 Also (on smaller paper) in M. von Eelking's Leben und Wirken des General-Lieutenants Riedesel, vol. 1 (Leipzig, 1856) frontispiece; and in W. L. Stone's translation, vol. 1 (Albany, 1868) frontispiece.

Portrait : Hawkins (Benjamin). Half length; profile to the right. Inscription: (left) Max Rosenthal | Benjamin Hawkins. Member of the Continental Congress. Benjamin Hawkins (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885 ?] Fo.

EM. 3635 View: Charlottesville, Va. Inscription: Encampment of the Convention Army at Charlotte Ville in Virginia after they had surrendered to the Ameri

Publish'd as the Act directs, Jany i 1789, by William Lane, Leadenhall Street, London. Line. 1512 x 71} in.

EM. 3636 Also in Thomas Anburey's Travels in America, vol. 2 (London, 1789) P. 443. For a small reproduction see Lossing's Field-book of the Revolution, vol. 2 (N. Y., 1859) p. 346.

Letter : Henry (Patrick). Red-hill, Charlotte County, [Va.,] Sept. 18, 1795. To James Wilson [Philadelphia). He has not heard from Bushrod Washington, through whom they had agreed to transact what remained to be done; he is ready to convey the titles of all the lands, with one small exception, and has authorized the bearer, Samuel Harrison, to act for him; the price agreed on is not one-tenth of their real value, but old age and domestic occurrences have induced him to part with them; his daughter has two or three thousand acres ying adjacent which she finds herself compelled to

sell; warns Wilson to be attentive to the taxes in North Carolina, as he hears the land buyers are threatened. A. L. S.

2 pp. Fo.

EM. 3637 Portrait : Tarleton (Sir Banastre), Bart. Full length; with field-piece, standards and horses. Inscription : (left) Sir Joshua Reynolds Pinxt, (right) S. W. Reynolds Sculpt. | Lieut. Col. Tarlton. Proof. Mezzotint, colored. [London, 1820 ?] 8°.

EM. 3638 Portrait : Cornwallis (Charles), Marquis. Full length, standing; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; both hands leaning on long cane; uniform; troops in background to the right. Inscription : (within the ground) Charles Marquis Cornwallis. [(below) Painted by D Gardiner. Engraved by I Jones Engraver Extraordinary to His R. H. the Duke of York.) Mezzotint. (London, 1795 ?]

EM. 3639 The margins have been trimmed away. See J. C. Smith's British Meszotinto Portraits, part 2, p. 745, no. 14.

Letter : Stevens (Edward). Culpeper, (Va.,] Aug. 29, 1782. To — Acknowledges letter of 20th inst.; he is doing what he can to obey the orders, but if it should prove necessary for the men to march there would be so many difficulties that their movements would probably be of no use to Fort Pitt; arms and supplies will be needed; he has put himself in communication with the commander of Fort Pitt; a report has just arrived of an action near Fort Wheeling in which the Indians were totally defeated; if true, there may be no necessity of sending men hence into that country. A. L. S. 2 pp. and I leaf endorsed, General Stevens, respects his command of the reinforcemt designd for Fort Pitt.” 4°.

EM. 3640 Portrait : Kalb (Johann von), Baron. Bust; directed and facing slightly to the right, looking to the front; uniform. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall, Morrisania N. Y. 1872. | Maj. Gen. the Baron De Kalb. The Baron de K'alb (fac-simile signature). 4°.

EM. 3641 A private plate.

Portrait : Steuben (Frederick William Augustus Henry Ferdinand von), Baron. Half length; profile to the left ; uniform. Inscription : H. B. Hall | Steuben Maj: Gen (fac-simile signature). Etching. 8o.

EM. 3642 Also in F. Kapp's Life of Steuben, N. Y., 1859, frontispiece.

Portrait : Muhlenberg (John Peter Gabriel). Bust; directed to the front, facing and looking to the left; uniform. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall Morrisania N. Y. 1871 | Maj. Gen. Peter Muhlenberg. P. Muhlenberg (fac-simile signature). Etching. 4o.

EM. 3643 A private plate.

Portrait: Washington (George). Threequarters length, seated; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; book in right hand, dress sword in left fore-arm. Inscription: Gen. George Washington. Born February 22nd. 1732, Appointed Commander in Chief of the American Army, June 15th. 1775. Elected first President of the United States March 4th 1789, Died 14th. Decr. 1799. Stipple. [Philadelphia, 1825 ?] 10 x 13 in.

EM. 3644 The inscription has been cut off, trimmed, and then mounted. The upper line, containing probably the name of the engraver, has been cut away, leaving only the lower ends of the letters. Not mentioned by Baker, but compare no. 367, which has the same inscription.


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2 pp. Fo.

Letter : Rochambeau (Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur de), Count. Paris, Feb. 3, 1789. To

Forwards a letter from the officer in charge at the castle of Ham, informing him of the death of the Marquis de Marbæuf, brother of the Archbishop of Lyons, for several years a prisoner there; a conflict of jurisdiction has occurred between the officer and the town judiciary as to the seal which the former placed on the effects of the deceased, according to the usage in the case of prisoners; he himself thinks the town judiciary is right, since the Marquis was confined there as a private individual, because of his infirmities, and not because of his military rank; he wishes the matter might be decided, although the effects are of no great value. A. L. S. In French. Endorsed. 2 pp. 4o.

EM. 3645 Portrait: Cornwallis (Charles), Marquis. Half length; directed slightly to the left, facing and looking to the left; uniform. Inscription: (left) Painted by A. W. Devis. (right) Engraved by F. Bartolozzi R.A. | To the Right Honble. Lady Louisa Brome, This Portrait of Marquis Cornwallis is by Permission Dedicated by her obedient humble Servt. A. W. Devis. London Published Jany. 1. 1803, by Mr. Devis No. 21, Old Bond Street. Stipple. 4°.

EM. 3646 For two earlier states of the plate see EM. 3942 and EM. 4007.

Portrait : Arnold (Benedict). Half length; profile to the left; uniform. Inscription : Engd. by H. B. Hall. N. Y. 1865. / B Arnold (fac-simile signature). (right) Private Plate. Line. 4o.

EM. 3647 View : Petersburgh, Va. Inscription: (left) Painted by J. Shaw. (right) Engraved by J. Hill. | Bolling's Dam, Petersburgh, Virginia. Aquatint. [New York ? 1820 ?) 1372 x 934 in. EM. 3648

View: Westover, Va. Inscription : (right) Richardson Sc. | Westover, on James River. Wood engraving. (New York, 1875?] 8o. EM. 3649 From Appleton's Journal, vol. 6 (N. Y., 1871) p. 520.

Portrait : Lafayette (Marie Jean Paul Joseph Roch Yves Gilbert Motier de), Marquis. Half length; profile to the left; uniform. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall from the Original by Le

Vacher 1871. | Maj. Gen. the Marquis de Lafayette. Lafayette (fac-simile signature). 4°. EM. 3650 A private plate.

Portrait: Washington (George). Half length; directed and facing to the right, looking to the front; uniform. Inscription: Engraved by J. A. O'Neill. Washington. From an original contemporary picture in the possession of William Menzies, Esq. (left) Private plate (right) Proof. Mezzotint.

EM. 3651 Also in Addresses of the City of New York to George Washington, N. Y., 1867. Baker, no. 93.

Portrait : Tarleton (Sir Banastre), Bart. Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right; uniform. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall, Morrisania N. Y. 1874. | Lieut. Col. Banastre Tarleton. Yours faithfully Ban: Tarleton (fac-simile signature). Fo.

EM. 3652 A private plate.

Portrait : Nicholas (George). Profile to the right; circular. Small mezzotint (colored) by St. Memin. [Virginia, 1808.]

EM. 3653 Unlettered. No. 628 in Elias Dexter's St. Memin Collection, N. Y., 1862.

Letter : Nicholas (George). Marlborough, (Va.,] Feb. 26, 1779. To M[atthew] and Thomas Irwin, Philadelphia. Sends a letter from [Edmund] Randolph containing a commission for taking depositions to prove their claim; this will save them the expense of sending their witnesses to Virginia. A. L. S. 1 page. 4°.

EM. 3654 The address is mounted below the letter.

Document: Deslandes (Loyer). Philadelphia, Dec. 2, 1783. Protest before Barbé, vice consul of France at Philadelphia by Loyer Deslandes of a note of Louis de La Valette for £30 155., received from M. Cothenet. A. D. S. Signed also, De La Vallette. Witnessed, Mallet, P: D: Robert. Certified, P. F. Barbé [de Marbois]. In French. With seal affixed,

EM. 3655 Portrait : Marbois (François Barbé de). Full length, seated, with feet on cushion; black gown; table with books behind. Inscription: (left) Tableau du temps. | Marbois (François de Barbé, Marquis de). Line (Paris, 1860?) Fo. EM. 3656

Portrait : Frederick II., King of Prussia. Half length; directed and facing to the left; looking to the front; uniform, cocked hat; ornamental oval frame within a rectangle, with a helmet, sword, map, lyre, and book lettered Histoire de mons tems. Inscription: (on a tablet) Immortalis. Cvivs Nomen Vbiqve. Fridericvs Secvndvs. Borvssorum Rex. Trivmphis Caesar. Imperio Traianvs. Vita Antoninvs. In Repvblica Gerenda Vespasianvs. Philosophia Avrelivs. Regum Exemplum. Sine Exemplo Maximvs. Vnicvs In Terris. (below, left) Franke pinx. (right) Cl. Kohl sc. Vienna 1792. Line. Fo.

EM. 3657 View: London. Inscription: (left) 39 A General View of the City of London, next the River Thames. (right) Vue Générale de la Ville de Londres qui comprend la partie la plus voisine de la Tamise. | Printed for Bowles En Carver, Map & Printsellers, No. 69 in St. Paul's Church Yard, London. Line. [1760 ?] 16 x 9%2 in.

EM. 3658 Letter: Vergennes (Charles Gravier de), Count, Autun, (France,] Apr. 17, 1770. To the Duke (de Choiseul). Acknowledging a letter of the 9th, he says it is true as M. de St. Priest has reported, that the old translation of the agreement with the Porte is imperfect; on this account he engaged the Sieur Deval to make a new version, his object being not so much to control the demands of the dragomans, as to judge rightly of the propriety of the demands which his ministry obliged him to make at Constantinople; although the affairs of the Levant and Barbary ports are simpler, he believes that Deval's translation will prove useful to M. de St. Priest; he has but one copy, which he will send to the Duke immediately on his return to his country house. A. L. S. In French.

EM. 3659 Portrait : Vergennes (Charles Gravier de), Count. Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right; sash and star; curtain draped above to the right, coat of arms below to the left. Inscription: (on a tablet) Charles Gravieu, Graaf de Vergennes. (below, right) Reinr. Vinkeles; sculp. 1791. Line. (Amsterdam.] 8o. EM. 3660

Portrait : Calonne (Charles Alexandre de). Bust; directed, facing, and looking to the front; in an oval supported by a female figure among clouds.


2 pp. Fo

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Inscription : [(above) European Magazine) (below, left) d. Le Brun pinxt. (right) Bromley sculpt. I M. de Calone. Publish'd by J. Sewell 32 Cornhill i May 1789. Line. 8o.

EM. 3661 Also in the European Magasine, vol. 15 (London, 1789) P. 267.

Portrait : Condorcet (Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat de), Marquis. Head; profile to the right; oval. Inscription : (left) Į B Lemort del (right) Auguste de St. Aubin Sculp. | Me. ]. Ae. Ns. Condorcet le 17 Septembre 1743. Député de Paris à l'Assemblée Nationale en 1791. I'an zeme. de la Liberté. A Paris au Bureau de l’Imprimerie du Cercle Social rue du Théatre François. Line. [1791 ?] 4o.

EM. 3662 Portrait : Alembert (Jean le Rond d'). Half length; seated behind a table; directed slightly to the right, facing and looking to the right; right hand raised, holding pen, left hand on table, holding compasses; a globe and books on a bureau to the right. Inscription: (on a tablet) J. D'Alembert. Line. [Paris ? 1780?] Fo.

EM, 3663 The margins and lettering have been trimmed away.

Letter : Jefferson (Thomas). Paris, June 14, 1787. To Martha Jefferson. Sends her 15 livres as desired, but cautions her against anticipating her allowance; it is better to do without any article than to run into debt; advises her to hurry the making of her gown, as they will dine at the Marquis Fayette's next week. Fac-simile of an A. Li S. I page. 4o.

EM, 3664 Also in Randall's Life of Jefferson, vol. 1 (N. Y., 1858) P. 476.

Portrait: Washington (George). Half length; seated; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; right hand resting by the finger tips on papers upon a table; hilt of dress sword in bend of left arm; curtain behind. Inscription: George Washington, First President of the United States. From the Original Series, painted by Stuart, for the Messrs. Doggett of Boston. (right) Entered according to the Act of Congress. Lithograph. (Boston? 1850?] Fo.

EM. 3665 View: Philadelphia, Penn. Inscription : Office of Secretary of Foreign Affairs, South Sixth Street. | Page 423. Wood engraving by Mumford. 89.

EM. 3666 Also in J. F. Watson's Annals of Philadelphia, vol. 1 (Phila., 1884) p. 418.

United States.-Statutes. Congress of the United States: At the Second Session, Begun and held at the City of New York, on Monday the fourth of January, one thousand seven hundred and ninety. An Act for the Relief of John Stewart and John Davidson. [New York, 1790.] i page. Fo. Signed in manuscript by Thomas Jefferson. EM. 3667

Portrait : Hamilton (Alexander). Half length; profile to the left. Inscription : Yr freind & serv A Hamilton A D C (fac-simile signature) Miniature of Alexander Hamilton on Ivory by Mrs. Sharpless. Lithograph. (New York ? 1860 ?] 8o.

EM. 3668 Portrait : Randolph (Edmund). Half length; directed to the front, facing and looking to the right. Inscription: Etchd. by H. B. Hall Mor. risania N. Y. 1872 | Edm : Randolph (fac-simile signature) Edmund Randolph. Fo. EM. 3669

Portrait: Hammond (George). Bust; directed, facing and looking to the left. Inscription: (right) Albert Rosenthal | George Hammond, British Minister Plenipotentiary to the U. S. 1791-1805. Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885?] Fo. EM. 3670

Portrait : Charles III., King of Spain. Half length; directed to the right, facing nearly to the front, looking to the front; armor and large wig; oval frame with curtain draped to the right, coat of arms below. Inscription: (on the frame) Carolus III. D. G. Hisp. Et Ind Rex. | F. Stampart ad vivum pinx. Vienna, E. C. Heiss excud. Aug. Vind. (within the ground, left) Cum Priv. S. C. Maj. Mezzotint. Augsburg (1760?). Fo. Em. 3671

Portrait : Carmichael (William). Bust; directed, facing and looking slightly to the right. Inscription: (left) Albert Rosenthal | William Car. michael Member of the Continental Congress. Wm. Carmichael (fac-simile signature). Etching. [Philadelphia, 1885 ?] Fo.

EM. 3672 Letter : Carmichael (William). Madrid, July 8, 1781. To [Richard) Harrison, Cadiz. Introduces Mr. Peyrera, who goes from Paris to Cadiz on business. A. L. S. Endorsed. I page. 4°. EM. 3673

Portrait : Short (William). Bust; directed, facing and looking to the front. Inscription: From a portrait by John Neagle for the Penna. Colinization [sic] Society. W: Short (fac-simile signature). Pen-and-ink drawing by David McN. Stauffer. [New York, 1885?] Fo.

EM. 3674 Letter: Short (William). Paris, Feb. 23, [17]96. To - Acknowledges a letter of Jan. 7th containing the accounts of their journey; he will give a draft on the public funds for his portion; asks him to examine certain papers relative to the negotiation at Madrid, that is, those marked no. I, being copies of his correspondence from 1793 to 1795, which he desires should be carried to America; or, if a sure conveyance offers, they may be returned to him here; Mr. Franklin would perhaps take charge of them. A.L.S. Endorsed. 2 pp. 4°.

EM. 3675 Portrait: Knox (Henry). Half length; directed and facing to the left, looking to the front; uniform. Inscription : Engraved by R. Whitechurch at J. M. Butler's establishment, 84 Chestnut St. Máj. Gen. Henry Knox H Knox (fac-simile signature). New York, G. P. Putnam & Co. Stipple. 4°.

EM. 3676 Also in Irving's Washington, 4o ed., vol. 2 (N.Y., 1857) p. 86.

Letter: Randolph (Edmund). Philadelphia, May 12, 1793. To William Channing (Newport, R.I.]. Incloses a copy of the President's proclamation announcing the neutrality of the United States; the President desires great watchfulness against infractions of neutrality; advises Channing to correspond with some of the federal officers, especially the collectors ; if he finds any fitting out of vessels of war he must omit nothing to bring the culprits to punishment, and in the trial of such cases he must impress the public with the danger with which such conduct threatens this country. L. S. 2 pp. 4°.

EM. 3677 Portrait : Washington (George). Full length, standing ; right arm extended, left hand on the scabbard of sword ; black clothes ; table to the left with books and inkstand ; armchair, columns and curtain behind. Inscription : (left) Painted

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