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of Shakespeare, 1623, 1632 and 1664; also Ashbee's facsimile reprints of Shakespeare's Quarto Plays, 1866–71, in 44 volumes, and Boydell's Illustrations of Shakespeare's Plays, 1803, in elephant folio. There is also a collection of biographies of famous actors, illustrated by the insertion of numerous portraits, prints and autograph letters, among which are Bernard's Retrospection of the Stage, in 2 volumes; Bunn's The Stage, before and behind the Curtain, in 3 volumes; Boaden's Life of Kemble, in 6 volumes, with 338 portraits and autographs added; the lives of Garrick, Kean, Mrs. Inchbald, Michael Kelly, Charles Mathews and Mrs. Siddons; and many others of a similar character. One volume on Actors and Editors is illustrated by the insertion of choice theatrical portraits, mostly proof impressions, collected by Sir Charles Price, Bt.

The Tilden library contains a fine collection of illustrated works in large folio relating to natural history, ornithology, botany and gardening, among them being Low's Breeds of Domestic Animals of the British Isles, in 2 volumes; Audubon and Bachman's Viviparous Quadrupeds of America, in 3 volumes; Couch's History of the Fishes of the British Islands, in 4 volumes; Audubon's Birds of America, in 4 volumes; Wilson and Bonaparte's American Ornithology, in 3 volumes; Cassin's Illustrations of the Birds of California, etc.; Bree's History of the Birds of Europe, in 4 volumes; Morris's History of British Birds, and Natural History of their Nests and Eggs, in 9 volumes; Morris's History of British Butterflies; Redoute's Les Roses, in 3 volumes; Lindley's Pomologia Britannica, in 3 volumes; Eaton's Ferns of North America, in 2 volumes; Sprague and Goodale's Wild Flowers of America; Strutt's Silva Britannica; Lowe's Ferns, British and Exotic, in 8 volumes; Loudon's Arboretum and Fruticetum Britannicum, in 8 volumes; Brookshaw's Pomona Britannica; Grindon's Trees of Old England; Sweet's Ornamental Flower Garden, in 4 volumes; Meehan's Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States, in 4 volumes; Michaud and Nuttall's North American Sylva, in 5 volumes; Brooke's Gardens of England; Mangin's Les Jardins; Repton's Landscape Gardening; and Andre's L'Art des Jardins.

The fine art department of the library is unusually large and valuable. It comprises the dictionaries of painting by Bryan, Spooner, and Pilkington—the latter being extended to 4 volumes by the insertion of numerous prints; the works on painting by Winckelman, Raczynski, Waagen, Kugler, Lanzi, Vasari, Hamerton, Ruskin, Walpole, and many others; the works on sculpture by Flaxman, Perkins, Lubke, Perry and Macpherson; the publications of the Society of French Aquarellists, Hamerton's Portfolio, 1870–77; the Art Journal, 1849-80; l'Art, 1872-84; and l'Eau Forte, 1874-81. Among the more important of the illustrated folios are the works of Meissonier, Wouverman and Rembrandt; reproductions of Kaulbach's Original Drawings; Les Loges de Raphael, 1845; Raphael's Pictures of the Transfiguration, 1833 ; Pistolesi's Il Vaticano descritto ed illustrato, 1829-38, in 8 volumes; Righetti's Il Campidoglio descritto, 1833–36, in 2 volumes; Warrington's History of Stained Glass, 1848; Aya Sofia at Constantinople, as restored by Sultan Medjid, 1852; Tableaux Historiques de la Revolution Française, 1788, in 3 volumes; Raoul and Rochette's Choix de Peintures de Pompei, 1867; Roberts's Illustrations of the Holy Land, 1852, in 4 volumes; Alphand's Les Promenades de Paris, in 2 volumes; Turner's Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England, 1826; Coesvelt's Collection of Pictures, 1836; Bourassé's La Touraine, 1856; Taylor's Voyage dans l'Ancienne France, in 27 volumes; Nash's Mansions of England in the Olden Time, 1874; Perrault's Hommes Illustrés en France, 1676-1700;


Barrie's Art Treasures of America; Artistic Houses, in 10 sections; the Vanderbilt Houses, in 4 volumes; and Cozzen's American Yachts, in atlas portfolio of 27 water color prints, with volume of descriptive text, 1884.

Of illustrated publications in large size relating to antiquities there are the great works of Piranesi, in 23 atlas folio volumes, and of Canina, in 16 imperial folio volumes; Layard's Monuments of Nineveh, in 2 volumes; Wood's Palmyra and Balbec, 1827; Murphy's Arabian Antiquities of Spain; Billings's Antiquities of Scotland, in 4 volumes; the Iconographia Simbolica of Pistrucci, 1819, in 2 volumes; Eckhel's Choix des Pierres Gravées, 1788; the Trésor de Numismatique et de Glyptique, 1835, in 9 volumes; and Loubats Medallic History of the United States, 1872, in 2 volumes. There are also the works of Owen Jones, Racinet, and Shaw on Polychromatic Ornament; of Meyrick and Skelton on Ancient Armour; of Hope, Mclan, Planché, Strutt, Shaw and Racinet on Costumes and Dress; Bridgen's Furniture with Candelabra; Lacroix and Seré's Moyen Age et la Renaissance, 1848–51, in 5 volumes; and the English translation, 1878; Hangard-Mauge's Les Arts Somptuaires, 1858, in 4 volumes; and Labarte's Arts Industriels au Moyen Age.

The series of Art Galleries in large folio is very full, comprising the Real Museo Borbonico, in 16 volumes; the Munich Gallery; the Berlin Gallery; the Dresden Gallery; the Galerie du Musée Napoléon, in 10 volumes; the Musée Royal, in 2 volumes; the Musée Français, in 4 volumes; the Dusseldorf Galerie; the Galerie du Luxembourg; the Florence Gallery, 1789, in 4 volumes; the Galerie du Palais Pitti, 1843, in 4 volumes; the Orleans Gallery, 1808, in 2 volumes; Gavard's Galeries Historiques de Versailles, in 19 volumes; Armengaud's Galeries Publiques de l'Europe; the Stafford Gallery, 1818, in 4 volumes; the Turner Gallery, 1812; the National Gallery; the British Gallery; and the Houghton Gallery, 1788, in 2 volumes.

The library also contains an extraordinary collection of Gillray's Caricatures, covering the whole period of his artistic work, from 1777 to 1811, mounted and arranged in eight thick imperial folio volumes, and bound in full morocco. Three of the volumes comprise the artist's political caricatures, from 1777 to 1802; four volumes embrace miscellaneous engravings and caricatures; and one volume is largely taken up with Gillray's original crayon drawings and pen-and-ink sketches. There is also a collection of Hogarth's early engravings, extended to three large volumes; a collection of engravings by George Cruikshank, mounted and bound in six volumes; and a large volume of caricatures, 1770-1784, from the library of Horace Walpole. Among the collections of portraits are the works of Birch, Lodge, Caulfield, and others; and a fine series of portraits of the Lord Chancellors and Lord Chief Justices of England, in a folio volume.

Besides the extra-illustrated books already mentioned, which have been extended by the insertion of portraits, engravings and autograph letters, there are the following:Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Novels, the “Abbotsford edition," 1842-46, extended from 12 volumes to 35 volumes, by the insertion of nearly 4000 illustrations, and bound in blue levant morocco, full gilt; Moore's Life and Letters of Byron, in 4 volumes, with upwards of 450 engravings added; Bray's Life of Stothard, in 3 volumes, with 193 extra plates; Thornbury's Life of J. M. W. Turner, in 2 volumes, with 45 extra illustrations; Parton's Benjamin Franklin, extended to 4 volumes; Ticknor's Life of Prescott, extended to 3 volumes; Boswell's Life of Johnson, extended to 6 volumes; Macaulay's Life and Works, in 10 volumes, with 369 extra plates added; Horace Walpole's Biography, Table-Talk, etc., extended to 5 large volumes; Milton's Poetical Works, 1794, extended to 8 large quarto volumes; Butler's Hudibras, extended to 6 large volumes, with 192 plates; Thomson's Seasons, 1797, in folio, with 122 extra plates; Keysler's Travels through Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, etc., extended to 8 large folio volumes; Duyckinck's Cyclopædia of American Literature, in 5 volumes, with 300 added illustrations; and many others.

A copy of Cromwelliana, 1810, is extended to 5 folio volumes, with 771 portraits, views, etc. A volume called the Milton Memorial has inserted in it the original proclamation of Charles II, dated August 16, 1660, suppressing two of Milton's books.

A volume of special interest is the History of the Tammany Society, from its foundation in 1789 to 1840, by R. G. Horton. The book has been extra illustrated by a number of water-color drawings of New York buildings in the olden time, the frontispiece being a view of old Tammany Hall (now the Sun building). There are also colored drawings of the Old Jail, of the Old Bridewell, of the City Tavern, of Baker's Museum, of the Old Brick Church, and of Harlem Plains in 1814, besides many engraved views and portraits. The binding is an elaborate piece of work, being in full crimson morocco, inlaid with mosaic in blue morocco, the inside covers in polished blue morocco, with gilt borders, finely tooled.

About forty-five years ago Mr. Tilden was counsel for Azariah C. Flagg, in his contested election as comptroller of the city of New York. Mr. Flagg had been prominent in State affairs, and he had preserved his correspondence with Silas Wright, W. L. Marcy, Michael Hoffman, R. H. Walworth, and others, relating to New York affairs, political and financial, from 1821 to 1847. These manuscripts are now in the library, bound in 8 quarto volumes. The most valuable manuscript in Mr. Tilden's collection, however, is the account-book or financial diary, kept by Thomas Jefferson from January 1, 1791, to December 28, 1803, while he was Secretary of State under Washington, Vice President under John Adams, and President of the United States. A description of this important volume is given in Harper's Magazine for March, 1885, pp. 534-542.

After Mr. Tilden was nominated for the Presidency in 1876, many of his admirers sent him gifts. Among these gifts there are two that may be mentioned here. One is a framed portrait of Mr. Tilden, inscribed: “Gov. Samuel J. Tilden of New York, National Democratic Candidate for President of the United States. This Picture contains Eighty Chapters of the Psalms of King David.” Every line of the picture, including the border and group of flags above, is composed of minute Hebrew letters. The other gift is a small volume in Hebrew containing a topographical description of Zion and Jerusalem, printed at Jerusalem in 1876. On the fly leaf is the following inscription: “By request of the author A. M. Lunz of Jerusalem (Holy Land) Presented to His Honor Samuel J. Tilden Esqr. President elect of the U. States of America, and may the God of Israel bless the receiver, grant him many years of peace and happiness in the true fear of God is the true wish of his sincere friends and welwishers, Alfred A. and Kate Marcus and family, Tebeth 17, 5637."


Presented to the New York Public Library by Alexander Maitland.

Abbeville (Claude d'). Histoire de la mission Alfonce (Jean). Les Voyages auantureux dv des Peres Capvcins en l'Isle de Maragnan et terres Capitaine Ian Alfonce, Sainctongeois. Poictiers : circonuoisines ... Paris : de lImprimerie de François Huby, 1614. 8 p.1., 395, 171. 8°. 68, 28 l. 4°.

The Capuchin mission on the island of Maranham, Brazil, Harrisse, Notes sur la Nouvelle France, pp. 6-8. Alfonce was begun in 1611. Most of the early publications relating to was pilot of the expedition under Roberval which sailed from it are in the Library. For a continuation of the above history Rochelle for New France in 1542. The book contains a brief see Yves d'Evreux.

description of the coasts of Labrador, Norembergue, Terre

Neuve, etc. [Abbot (George), Archbishop of Canterbury]. A briefe Description of the whole world. Wherein

Alfonce (Jean). Les Voyages auantureux du is.. described ... the Monarchies, Empires and Capitaine Ian Alfonce, Sainctongeois. Contenant Kingdoms of the same... London : for John

les Reigles & enseignemens necessaires à la bonne Marriot, 1620. 2. ed. 861. 4°.

& seure Navigation. Poictiers: par lan de Marnef, Contains an account of America.

mois d'Auril, 1559. (Achevé d'imprimer le 2. jour Agricola (Rudolphus).

du mois de May, 1559.] 2 ed. 4 p. 1., 68, 28 l. 4°. Habes lector : hoc

The edition of Rouen: Theodore Reinsart, 1602, is also in libello. Rydolphi Agricolae ivnioris rheti, ad Joachi- the Library. mum Vadianum Heluetiū Poetā Laureatū, Epistolam, qua de locorum non nullorum obscuritate

Alvarez (Francisco). Ho Preste Joam das inquæstio fit & percontatio. Joachimi Vadiani

dias. Verdadera informaçam das terras do Preste Heluetii Poet. Lau. ad eundē Epistola qua eorum

Joam, segundo vio & escreueo ho padre Francisco quæ priori epistola quæsita sunt, ratio explicatur.

Aluarez capellã del Rey nosso senhor. Agora Vienna : Nono Kalendas Julias, 1515. (16) 1.

nouamēte impresso por mandado do dito senhor em 4o.

casa de Luis Rodriguez liureiro de su alteza. [Coim

bra : ] Luis Rodriguez, 1540. In reply to a request from Agricola, Vadianus gives his

2 p.l., 136 [i. e. opinion on the antipodes, the progress of geographical dis

128], (6) 1. Fo. covery in the eastern and western seas, and adopts the new First edition, The Spanish versions printed at Anvers in Dame of America for the new world. For a detailed account 1557, at Saragossa in 1561, and at Toledo in 1588; as well as of the work see Stevens's Bibliotheca Geographica, London, the German translations printed at Eissleben in 1566 and 1567, 1872, no. 2799. Not mentioned by Harrisse.

are also in the Library. An English translation was issued Agrippa (H. C.) Henrici Cornelii Agrippae

by the Hakluyt Society in 1881. De Occvlta Philosophia, Libri tres. (Coloniae],

Anglerius (Petrus Martyr). P. Martyris ab 1533. Mense Julio. 6 l., 362 pp. Fo.

Angleria Mediolanensi, Opera. Legatio babilo. Bd, with: Ziegler (J.) Terrae Sanctae. Argentorati,

nica. Occeanea decas. Poemata. Cum priuilegio. 1536.

Hispali: per Jacobů corumberger, Aprili, 1511. Albertini (Francesco). Opusculū de Mira- (74) 1.

F. bilibus noue & veteris Urbis Rome ... Romae : per

Harrisse Additions 41. The copy described above is the Jacobum Mazochium, 1515. Die. xx Octob. 103 1.

first issue of this book, and is apparently in the original vel

lum binding. It contains the two leaves of map and errata 4o.

that are found usually with the second issue only. The secHarrisse 79. The discovery of the new world by Vespucius ond issue of 1511, with different title, and with the map, is is mentioned on leaf 103. The editions of 1510, 1519 and 1520

also in the Library. are also in the Library. See also Rome, City.

Peter Martyr was the friend of Columbus and the other

early navigators, and obtained from them valuable informaAlbertinus (Joannes). De mirabile tēporis tion, which he embodied in his Decades. mutatõe, ac terrene potestatis a loco in locũ trăsla

Anglerius (Petrus Martyr). De nvper svb D. tione. Johannis Albertini presbyteri Hallesiensis Declaratio. Gebenü: Huygandus Köln, 1524.

Carolo repertis Insulis, simulatque incolarum mori

(11) bus ... Basileæ, 1521. 43 pp. 4°. 1. 4o.

Harrisse 110.

Peter Martyr's first narrative of the discovBd, with: Martin de Valencia, Passio gloriosi ery of Yucatan by Grijalva, and of the expedition of Cortes martyris ... Andree de Spoleto. Tholose, 1532.

to Mexico, added to a fuller account of Cuba than was conAlbertus Magnus.

tained in his three Decades already printed.

Habes in hac pagina, Amice lector, Alberti Magni Germani pricipis

Anglerius (Petrus Martyr). The History of philosophi, De natura locorum .. Argentorati :

Trauayle in the West and East Indies, and other M. Schurerius, Mense Januario, 1515. 3 p.l., 43 1. countreys lying eyther way, towards the fruitfull

and ryche Moluccaes.... With a discourse of the Harrisse 78. A reference to the discoveries of Vespucius is

Northwest passage. Gathered in parte, and done on leaf D.

into Englyshe by Richard Eden. Newly set in Aleman (Mateo). Ortografia Castellana ... order ... by Richard Willes. London : Richard Mexico : emprenta de Jeronimo Balli, 1609. 7 p.l., Jugge, 1577. 10 p. 1., 466 l., 61. 4°. 83 I., I port. 4°.

Apianus (Petrus). Cosmographicus Liber. The Arst Spanish grammar printed in America.

Landshutae: Typis ac formulis D. Joannis Weys

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senburgers, impensis Petri Apiani, Mense Janu., 1524. 4 p.l., 104 (6) pp. 4°. Harrisse 127

First edition. The name America appears on several of the maps and revolving diagrams; on page 69, chapter 4, begins "America : quæ nunc Quarta pars terrae dicitur"

etc. Apianus (Petrus). Cosmographicvs liber ... studiose correctus, ac erroribus vindicatus per Gemmam Phrysium. Antuerpiae: impensis R. Bol. laert, typis J. Graphei, 1529, mense Febr. 55 (1) 1. 49. Harrisse 148, Additions 88. Second edition.

Apianus (Petrus). Cosmographicvs Liber .. iam denuo integritati restitutus per Gemmam Phrysium ... Antuerpiae: Joan. Grapheus, 1533. mense Febr. [Vaeneüt... per Gregoriú Bontiū.] 66 l. 4o. Harrisse 179.

Third edition. Apianus (Petrus). Cosmographicvs Liber .. iam denuo integritati restitutus per Gemmam Phrysium ... Antuerpiae : Joan. Grapheus, 1533. mense Febr. [Vaeneunt... per A. Birckman.] 66 1. 4o. Another issue of the preceding, for a different bookseller.

Apianus (Petrus). Cosmographicvs liber .. iam denuo integritati restitutus per

Gemmam Phrysium... Antuerpiae: Joan. Grapheus, 1534, mense Febr. I pl., 66 l. 4o. Harrisse Additions 106.

Apianus (Petrus). Cosmographia ... per Gemmam Frisium ... iam demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis quoque locis aucta, figurisque novis illustrata; Additis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gēmae Frisii. Parisiis: expensis Viuantium Gaultherot, 1551. 2 pl., 74 1. 4o.

Apianus (Petrus). Cosmographia ... per Gemmam Frisium ... Additis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gēmae Frisii. Parisiis : impressum expensis Viuantii Gaultherot, 1553. 2 p.1., 74 1. 4° The title is dated 1553; the colophon 1551.

Apianus (Petrus). Folium Popvli Instrvmentvm hoc a Petro Apiano... recens inventvm, et in figvram folii popvli redactum per radios Solis toto orbe horas comunes ostendit... In disem newen Instrument... werden durch den Sonnensheyn... gefunden die gemaine stunden des Tages. Ingolstadii, 22 die Mensis Octobris, 1533. 101. Fo. Bd. with his : Introdvctio geographica. Ingolstadii,'1533.

Apianus (Petrus). Horoscopion Apiani generale... Ingolstadii, 1533. 171. Fo. Bd. with his : Introdvctio geographica. Ingolstadii, 1533.

Apianus (Petrus). Instrument Buch, durch Petrum Apianum erst new beschriben ... Ingolstadii: Cum Gratia & Priuilegio Caesareo, 1533. 511. Fo. Bd. with his: Introdvctio geographica. Ingolstadii, 1533.

Apianus (Petrus). Introdvctio geographica .. in ... Verneri Annotationes . Huic accedit Translatio noua primi libri Gëographiae Cl. Ptolemaei ... libellus quoque de quatuor terrarum orbis in plano figurationibus Authore Vernero. Locvs etiam ... desumptus ex fine septimi libri Claudii Ptolemaei de plana terrarum orbis descriptione ... Adivncta est & epistola Joannis de Regio monte de compositione & vsu cuiusdam Meteoroscopii armillaris, cui recens iam opera P. Apiani, accessit Torquetum instrumentum pulcherrimū. Ingolstadii : Cum Gratia & Priuilegio Imperiali, 1533. 80 l. Fo.

Augustus (H. O.). Hieronymi Oliverii Avgvsti

De Imperio Romano, in pristinam Gentem & dignitatem restituto, Liber vnicus. Eivsdem, De partitione orbis : Libri quattuor. Addita eivsdem nonnvlla epigrammata. Avgvstae Vindelicorum : Philippus Vihardus excudebat, 1548. 62 l. to.

Harrisse 284, Additions 166. The reference to America is on leaf 37.

Auszug (Ein) ettlicher sendbrieff dem aller durchleuchtigisten groszmechtigistē Fürsten ... Carl Römischen und Hyspanischē Konig &c, unserm gnedigen hern durch ire verordent Hauptleut, von wegen einer newgefundē Inseln, der selbē gelegenheit und inwoner sitten vñ gewonheitē inhaltend vor kurtzuerschinen tagen zugesandt. Nürmberg : F. Peypus, 17. Marcii, 1520. 71. 4o.

Harrisse 105. Contains an account of the expeditions to Yucatan.

Badius Ascensius (Jodocus). Stultifere naues sensus animosque trahentes Mortis in exitium : (Paris :] De Marnef. Impressit Thielmannus keruer, Anno hoc iubileo. [1500.] 201. 4°.

Basin (Jean). Novvs elegansqve conficiendarum epistolarum, ac alias de arte dicēdi modus Duos principales de hoc in se coplectēs libros. Quorum prior, quattuor rursum libellos. Alter vero tres amplectitur tractatus. De impressorio libelli loco Idem. Vrbs Deodatensi retinens a nomine nomen: Hoc in Vosagica valle parauit opus. Anno natalico domini supra sesquimellenú septimo. (1507.] 120 1., and i blank l. 4o.

The compiler this volume was a canon of the cathedral college of St. Dié, and, together with Waldseemuller and Ringman, was one of the first to take up the course of the new discoveries of Columbus and his followers; he translated from the French into Latin the account of the four voyages of Vespucius which had been sent to King René of Lorraine, which translation forms the second part of Waltzemüller's Cosmographiæ introductio. For a detailed account of this book see D'Ávezac's Martin Hylacomylus, Paris, 1867, pp. 67 ff., where it is described as " unique peut-être."

Best (George). A Trve Discovrse of the late voyages of discouerie, for the finding of a passage to Cathaya by the Northweast, under the conduct of Martin Frobisher, General. Deuided into three Bookes ... London : Henry Bynnyman, 1578. 8 p.l., 52, 39, 68 pp. 2 maps. 4o. A fine copy, with the maps in perfect condition.

Biard (Pierre). Relation de la Novvelle France, de ses terres, naturel dv Païs, & de ses Habitans. Item, du voyage des Peres Jesuites ausdictes contrées... Lyon: chez Lovys Mögvet, 1616. 6p.l., 338 pp., 18 1. 8°.

Biondo (Michel 'Angelo). Tavole de anno in anno della anticipatione delle stelle fisse. .. Roma: Girolamo dal Forno, 1545. 20 l. 4o.

Boemus (Joannes). Omnium Gentivm Mores, leges, & Ritus ex multis clarissimis rerú scriptoribus .. Accessit libellvs de Regionibus Septentrionalibus ... ex Jacobo Zieglero ... Praeterea, Epistola Maximiliani Transylvani lectu perquam iucunda, ad R. Card. Saltzburgen de Molvccis Insvlis ... Antverpiae : Joan. Steelsi, 1542. 123, 21 l. 8°.

Harrisse Additions 136. The letter of Maximilian of Transylvania gives an account of Magellan's voyage round the world.

Boemus (Joannes). I Costymi, le leggi, et l'vsanze di tutte le genti; divisi in tre libri... Tradotti per Lucio Fauno... Aggiuntoui di noua il Quarto libro, nel qua si narra i costumi & l'vsanze


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