Appendix to Journals of Senate and Assembly ... of the Legislature, Volumen2;Volumen30,Parte2


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Página 116 - They form a portion of that immense mass of legislation; which embraces everything within the territory of a State, not surrendered to the general government; all which can be most advantageously exercised by the States themselves.
Página 115 - The genius and character of the whole government seem to be, that its action is to be applied to all the external concerns of the nation, and to those internal concerns which affect the states generally ; but not to those which are completely within a particular state, which do not affect other states, and with which it is not necessary to interfere for the purpose of executing some of the general powers of the government. The completely internal commerce of a state, then, may be considered as reserved...
Página 115 - Commerce, undoubtedly, is traffic, but it is something more, — it is intercourse. It describes the commercial intercourse between nations, and parts of nations, in all its branches, and is regulated by prescribing rules for carrying on that intercourse.
Página 113 - To regulate commerce with foreign nations, among the several States, and with the Indian tribes.
Página 116 - The power of the States to regulate their purely internal affairs by such laws as seem wise to the local authority is inherent and has never been surrendered to the general government.
Página 137 - Before coming to the question of profit at all the company is entitled to earn a sufficient sum annually to provide not only for current repairs but for making good the depreciation and replacing the parts of the property when they come to the end of their life.
Página 29 - ... or line, plant or system, and not theretofore served by a public utility of like character, or for an extension within or to territory already served by it, necessary in the ordinary course of its business...
Página 137 - If, however, a company fails to perform this plain duty and to exact sufficient returns to keep the investment unimpaired, whether this is the result of unwarranted dividends upon overissues of securities, or of omission to exact proper prices for PUR1916D. the output, the fault is its own.
Página 2 - All public roads and highways, while kept up and maintained as such, are hereby declared to be post routes.
Página 115 - ... restricted to that commerce which concerns more States than one. The phrase is not one which would probably have been selected to indicate the completely interior traffic of a State, because it is not an...

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