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11 But, o man of God, do mortality, dwelling in light inthou flee these things ; and fol- accessible; whom no man hath low after righteousness, godli- seen, or can see: to whom be ness, faith, love, patience, meek- aionian honour and dominion. ness, 12 Contend the good con- Amen. test of faith; lay hold on aionian 17 CHARGE the rich in the life, to which thou hast been present age, not to be highcalled, and with respect to which minded, nor to trust in uncerthou madest the honourable tain riches, but in [the living] confession before many witnes- God, who richly giveth us all

things to enjoy ; 18 to do good, 13 I charge thee in the sight to be rich in good works, ready of God, who giveth life to all, to distribute, willing to bestow; and in the sight of Christ Jesus, 19 treasuring up for themselves who before Pontius Pilate wit- a good foundation against the nessed the good confession, 14 time approaching, that they may that thou keep this command lay hold on the true life. ment, so as to be without spot, 20 O TIMOTHY, keep that and unrebukeable, till the ap- which is committed to thy trust, pearance of our Lord Jesus avoiding profane empty declaChrist, 15 when, in its own sea- mations, and antitheses of scison, he will manifest, who is the ence falsely so called : 21 which blessed and only Potentate, the some professing, have erred King of kings, and Lord of concerning the faith. The falords; 16 who only hath im-vour of God be with thee.



in my prayers night and day; 1 PAUL, an apostle of Jesus 4 longing to see thee, being Christ by the will of God, on mindful of thy tears, that I may account of the promise of life be filled with joy ; 5 and calling which is in Christ Jesus, 2 to to remembrance the unfeigned Timothy my beloved son, fa-faith that is in thee, which vour, mercy, and peace from dwelt first in thy grandmother God our Father, and Christ Je. Loïs, and in thy mother Eunice; sus our Lord.

and I am persuaded that it 3 I THANK God, whom I serve, dwelleth also in thee. as did my forefathers, with a 6 WHEREFORE I remind thee pure conscience, that without that thou stir up the free gift of ceasing I make mention of thee God, which is in thee through

the putting on of my hands. 7 For all those who are in Asia have God hath not given us a spirit turned away from me ; of whom of fear, but of power, and of are Phygellus and Hermogenes. love, and of prudence. 8 Be 16 The Lord show mercy to therefore not ashamed of the the household of Onesiphorus : testimony concerning our Lord, for he often refreshed me, and or of me his prisoner: but suf- was not ashamed of my chain ; fer joint-affliction with the gos- 17 but, when he was in Rome, pel, according to the power sought for me very diligently, given thee of God; 9 who hath and found me. 18 (The Lord saved us, and called us with a grant him to find mercy from holy calling, not according to the Lord in that day.) And in our works, but according to how many things he ministered his own purpose, and favour to me in Ephesus, thou knowest which was bestowed on us in very well. Christ Jesus, before the aionian Ch. II. 1 Be thou therefore, times; 10 but which hath now my son, strong in the favour been made manifest by the ap- which is in Christ Jesus. 2 pearance of our Saviour Je- And the things which thou hast sus Christ, who hath abolished heard from me through many death, and hath brought life and witnesses, these commit to faithincorruption to light, through ful men, who will be able to the gospel : 11 of which I have teach others also. 3 Wherefore been appointed a herald, and suffer thou hardships, as a good an apostle, and a teacher of the soldier of Jesus Christ. gentiles. 12 For which cause I 4 No one who warreth enalso suffer these things : never- tangleth himself with the aftheless I am not ashamed: for fairs of this life; but that he may I know whom I have believed, please him who hath chosen and I am persuaded that he him to be a soldier. 5 And also is able to keep that which he if any one contend in the games, hath committed to me,* to that he is not crowned unless he day.

contend according to the laws. 13 Hold fast the form of 6 The husbandman must first sound words, which thou hast | labour, and then partake of the heard from me, in that faith fruits. 7 Consider what I say ; and love which are in Christ and the Lord give thee underJesus. 14 Keep that good doc- standing in all things. trine, which is committed to 8 Remember that Jesus Christ, thy trust, through the holy spi- of the race of David, hath been rit which dwelleth in us.

raised from the dead, according 15 Thou knowest this, that to the gospel which I preach;t 9

j. e. the gospel. See ver. 14; 1 Tim. v. 21, which are the only places in which the same word occurs. “The apostle triumphed in the thought, that, though he was persecuted, and soon to fall a sacrifice to the fury of his enemies, the gospel which was entrusted to him would not perish with him, but would be preserved by the power of God to the end of time.” See Slichtingius in loco. Im. Ver. note. + Or, the gospel proclaimed by me.

and on account of which I suffer | are not only vessels of gold, and hardships, unto bonds, as an of silver, but also of wood, and evil-doer: but the word of of earth ; and some to honour, God is not bound.

and some to dishonour. 21 If 10 Wherefore I endure all any one, therefore, cleanse him. these things for the sake of the self thoroughly from these chosen, that they also may things, he will be a vessel to obtain the salvation which is in honour, sanctified, [and] fit for Christ Jesus, with aionian glory. the master's use, and prepared

11 This is a true saying: for to every good work. if we have died with him, we 22 Flee also youthful desires: shall also live with him : 12 if and, together with those who we suffer, we shall also reign call on the Lord out of a pure with him : if we deny him, he heart, follow righteousness, also will deny us: 13 though we faith, love, peace. 23 But avoid be faithless, yet he continueth foolish and unlearned questions, faithful: he cannot deny him- knowing that they beget conself.

tentions : 24 and the servant of 14 Put men in remembrance the Lord should not contend; of these things, charging them but should be gentle to all men, before the Lord that they con- apt to teach, forbearing ; 25 in tend not about words, to no meekness instructing those who profit, but to the subversion of oppose themselves ; if by any the hearers. 15 Study to pre means God may give them resent thyself before God approv- peritance, to the acknowledged by him, a workman who need- ment of the truth : 26 and they eth not to be ashamed, rightly who have been taken captive by dividing the word of truth. the impostor may recover them

16 But avoid profane empty selves out of his snare, to the declamations : for those who will of God. use them will increase to more Ch. III. 1 But know this, that ungodliness: 17 and their speech in the last days difficult times will eat as doth a gangrene : of will come. 2 For men will whom are Hymenéus and Phi- be lovers of their own selves, letus : 18 who have erred con- | lovers of wealth, boasters, cerning the truth, saying that proud, blasphemers, disobedient the resurrection is already past; to parents, unthankful, unholy, and overturn the faith of some. 3 without natural affection, co19 Nevertheless the firm foun- venant-breakers, impostors, indation of God standeth, having continent, fierce, haters of good this inscription, “The Lord men, 4 treacherous, rash, vain, knoweth those who are his.” lovers of pleasure more than And, “ Let every one who nam- lovers of God; 5 having a form eth the name of the Lord de- of godliness, but denying its part from iniquity.”

power : from such also turn 20 But in a great house there away.

6 For of such are those who Ch. IV. 1 I charge thee enter into families, and lead [therefore] before God, and becaptive weak women laden with fore Jesus Christ who is about sins, led away by many evil de- to judge the living and the sires, 7 ever learning, and never dead, and whose manifestation able to come to the knowledge and kingdom are at hand. 2 of the truth. 8 Now as Jannes Preach the word; be urgent in and Jambres withstood Moses, season, out of season; confute, so these also withstand the truth: rebuke, comfort, with all longmen of corrupt minds, un- suffering and teaching. 3 For approved concerning the faith. the time will come when men 9 But they will not proceed will not endure sound teaching; far: for their folly will be mani- but will heap to themselves fest to all men, as that of the teachers according to their own others also was.

evil desires, having itching ears; 10 But thou hast fully known 4 and will turn away their ears my doctrine, manner of life, from the truth, and will be turnpurpose, faith, long-suffering, ed to fables. 5 But watch thou love, patience, 11 persecutions, in all things, suffer hardships, sufferings; what things befel do the work of an evangelist, me in Antioch, in Iconium, in fulfil thy ministry. Lystra, what persecutions I en 6 For I am now ready to be dured : but out of all the Lord poured out, and the time of my delivered me. 12 Yea, and all departure is near. 7 I have who will live religiously in maintained the good contest, I Christ Jesus, will suffer perse- have finished my course, I have cution : 13 and evil men and kept the faith. 8 As for what seducers will grow worse and remaineth, a crown of righteworse, deceiving and being de- ousness is laid


for me, with ceived.

which the Lord, the righteous 14 But do thou continue in the Judge, will reward me at that things which thou hast learned, day: and not me only, but [all] and of which thou hast been per- those likewise who love his apsuaded, seeing from whom thou pearance. hast learned them ; 15 and that 9 ENDEAVOUR to come to me from a child thou hast known speedily. 10 For Demas hath the holy scriptures, which are forsaken me, having loved this able to make thee wise unto present age, and is departed to salvation, through the faith Thessalonica; Crescens to Gawhich is in Christ Jesus. 16 latia, Titus to Dalmatia. 11 All scripture divinely inspired Luke alone is with me. Take is profitable (both] for teaching, Mark, and bring him with thee: for reproof, for correction, for for he is profitable to me for instruction in righteousness: 17 the ministry. that the man of God may be 12 Now Tychicus I have perfect, thoroughly instructed sent to Ephesus. 13 The cloak in every good work.

which I left in Troas with Car

pus, when thou comest, bring out of the mouth of the lion. 18 with thee; and the books, es- [And] the Lord will deliver me pecially the parchments. 14 from every evil work, and will Alexander the coppersmith hath preserve me to his heavenly done me much evil : the Lord kingdom: to whom be glory to will reward him according to the ages of ages. Amen. his works. 15 Of whom beware 19 SALUTE Prisca and Aquithou also; for he hath greatly la, and the household of Onesiwithstood our words.

phorus. 20 Erastus remained in 16 In my first defence no Corinth : and Trophimus I left one was with me, but all forsook sick in Miletus. 21 Endeavour me: may it not be laid to their to come before winter. Eubulus, charge. 17 But the Lord stood and Pudens, and Linus, and with me, and strengthened me: Claudia, and all the brethren, that through me the preach- salute thee. 22 The Lord Jesus ing of his gospel may be fully Christ be with thy spirit. (The known, and that all the nations favour of God be with you.] may hear: and I was delivered



5 For this cause I left thee 1 PAUL, a servant of God, in Crete, that thou mightest reand an apostle of Jesus Christ, gulate the things which are (as to the faith of the chosen of wanted, and appoint elders in God, and the acknowledgment every city, as I directed thee: of the truth which is in order | 6 if any one be irreproachable, to godliness; 2 in hope of aio- the husband of one wife, having nian life, which God, who can- believing children, who are not not lie, promised before the aio- under accusation of dissolutenian times; 3 but hath mani- ness, or disobedient. fested in its proper season his 7 For the bishop* must be irword of promise with which I reproachable, as the steward of am intrusted, according to the God; not self-willed, not pasappointment of God our Sa- sionate, not addicted to wine, viour;) 4 to Titus, a genuine son not quarrelsome, not greedy of according to our common faith: sordid gains; 8 but a lover of favour, mercy, and peace from hospitality, a lover of good men, God the Father, and the Lord discreet, just, holy, temperate ; Jesus Christ our Saviour. 9 holding fast the true word as

* Or, a superintendant, the same as a presbyter or eller. See ver. 5; and Acts xx. 17, 28.

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