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Who is he that struck thee?", thou to that." 5 And having

69 NOW Peter sat without, thrown down the pieces of silin the palace: and a maid-ser-ver, in the temple, he withdrew, vant came to him, saying, and going out, was choked " Thou also wast with Jesus with anguish. the Galilean." 70 But he deni 6 And the chief-priests, taked it before them all, saying, “ling the pieces of silver, said, know not what thou sayest." 71 " It is not lawful to put them And as he went out into the into the treasury; because it is porch, another maid-servant saw the price of blood.” 7 And takhim, and said to those who were ing counsel, they bought with there, “ This man also, was them the potter's field, to bury with Jesus of Nazareth.” 72 strangers in. 8 Wherefore And he denied it again, with that field is called The field of an oath, saying, “I know not blood, to this day. 9 (Then was the man.” 73 And after a little fulfilled the word of the prophet time those who stood by, came [Jeremiah), who saith. “And and said to Peter, “ Surely thou I took the thirty pieces of sil. also art one of them ; for even ver, the price of him who was thy speech discovereth thee." valued, whom they of the sons 74 Then he began to curse of Israel valued ; 10 and gave himself, and to swear, saying, them for the potter's field, as “ I know not the man.” And the Lord commanded me.") immediately the cock crew. 75 11 AND Jesus stood before And Peter remembered the the governor: and the governwords of Jesus, who had said or asked him, saying “Art thou to him, “ Before the cock crow, the King of the Jews ?” And thou wilt thrice deny me." And Jesus said to him, “ Thou say. going out, he wept bitterly. est it." 12 And when he was

CH. XXVII. i NOW when accused by the chief-priests and it was morning, all the chief- the elders, he answered nopriests and the elders of the peo- thing. 13 Then Pilate said to ple took counsel against Jesus, him, « Hearest thou not how to put him to death. 2 and hav- many things they witness aing bound him, they led him gainst thee?” 14 But he anaway, and delivered him up to swered him not a word; so that Pontius Pilate the governor. the governor was greatly sur

3 Then Judas, who had de- prised. livered him up, finding that he

15 Now at that feast, the gowas condemned, repented, and vernor was accustomed to rebrought again the thirty pieces lease to the multitude one priof silver to the chief-priests and soner, whoever they desired. the elders, 4 saying, “I have 16 And there was there a noted sinned, in that I have delivered prisoner, called Barabbas.* up innocent blood.” And they 17 When therefore, they were said, “ What is that to us? see I gathered together, Pilate said

* See note on next page.

to them, “ Whom will ye that, having caused Jesus

to be I release to you; Barabbas*, scourged, he delivered him up or Jesus that is called Christ?" to be crucified. 18 (For he knew that through 27 Then the soldiers of the envy they had delivered him governor took Jesus with them up: 19 and while he was sit- into the judgment-hall, where ting on the judgment-seat, his they gathered around him the wife had sent to him, saying, whole band. 28 And having “ Have thou nothing to do with stripped him, they put on him that righteous man: for I have a scarlet robe. 29 and having suffered many things this day, platted a crown of thorns, they in a dream, because of him.") put it upon his head, and a 20 But the chief-priests and the reed in his right hand : and elders persuaded the multitudes kneeling down, before him, that they should ask for Barab. they derided him, saying, “Hail, bas, and destroy Jesus. King of the Jews. 30 And

21 Then the governor an- they spat on him ; and took the swering, said to them, “ Which reed, and struck him on the of the two will ye that I release head. 31 And having derided to you?” and they said “Ba- him, they stripped him of the rabbas.” 22 Pilale said to them, robe and put his own raiment “ What then shall I do to Jesus, on him, and led him away to who is called Christ?” They crucify him. all said [to him], " Let him be 32 And as they were coming crucified.” 23 And the govern out, they met with a Cyrenian, or said, “Why, what evil hath named Simon; whom they ke done?” But they cried out compelled to carry his cross. 33 exceedingly, saying, “Let him And having arrived at a place be crucified.”

called Golgotha, which [signifi24 Now Pilate perceiving eth] a place of skulls, 34 they that he could prevail nothing, gave him vinegar to drink, minbut that rather a tumult was gled with gall: and having tasted made, he took water, and wash it he would not drink. 35 And ed his hands before the multi- having crucified him, they parttude, saying, “ I am innocent ed among them his garments, of the blood of this (righteous casting lots. 30 And, sitting man]: see ye to it." 25 And all down, they watched him there. the people answering, said, 37 And they set up over his “ His blood be on us, and on head his accusation written, our children." 26 Then he re- THIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF leased Barabbas to them: and,' THE JEWS. 38 At the same time,

* Some very ancient authorities, cited by Origen, read “ Jesus the son of Abbas ;" which Mi. chaelis says is undoubtedly the original reading. The word “ Jesus” was omitted in later copies, in honour to the name. See Im. Ver. note.

two robbers were crucified with 51 And lo! the veil of the him: one on his right hand, and temple was rent in two, from another on his left.

the top to the bottom: and the 39 And those who passed by, earthquaked, and the rocks reviled him, shaking their were rent ; 52 and the tombs heads, 40 and saying, “ Thou were opened ; and many bodies who destroyest the temple, and of saints, who slept, arose : 53 buildest it in three days, save and they came out of the tombs thyself. As thou art a son of after his resurrection, and enGod, come down from the tered into the holy city, and cross." 41 In like manner appeared to many. the chief-priests also, with the 54 Now when the centurion, scribes and elders, deriding, and those who were with him, said, 42 “He saved others; watching Jesus, saw the earthcannot he save himself? [If]quake, and the things which had he be the king of Israel, let passed, they feared greatly ; him now come down from the saying, "Truly this was a son cross, and we will believe in of a god.” him. 43 He trusted in God; 55 And many women were let him now deliver him, if he there, beholding at a distance; will have him ; for he said, “I who had also followed Jesus am a Son of God.' ” 44 In like from Galilee, ministering to manner the robbers also, who him: 56 among whom was

crucified with him, re- Mary Magdalene, and Mary proached him.

the mother of James and of 45 Now from the sixth hour, Joses, and the mother of the there was darkness over all the sons of Zebedee. land, until the ninth hour. 46 57 NOW in the evening, And about the ninth hour Jesus there came a rich man of cried out with a loud voice, Arimathea, named Joseph, who saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabach- himself was also a disciple of thani ?” that is, My God, my

Jesus. 58 This man went to God, why hast thou forsaken Pilate, and asked for the body me? 47 Then some of the by- of Jesus. Then Pilate comstanders, hearing this, said, manded the body to be deliver“ He calleth Elijah." 48 And ed. 59 And when Joseph had immediately one of them ran, taken the body, he wrapped it and taking a sponge, filled it in clean linen; 60 and laid it in with vinegar, and putting it on his own new tomb, which he a reed, gave him to drink. 49 had hewn in a rock: and he But the rest said, “ Forbear : rolled a great stone to the door

see whether Elijah will of the tomb, and departed. 61 come and save him." 50 Then And Mary Magdalene was Jesus, having cried again with there, and the other Mary ; a loud voice, expired.

sitting over against the tomb.

let us

62 NOW on the morrow, , he is risen, as he said : come, being the day after the prepara- see the place where the Lord tion, the chief-priests and the lay,* 7 and depart quickly, and Pharisees came together to Pi- tell his disciples that he is risen late, 63 saying, “Sir, we re- from the dead: and, lo! he will go member that this deceiver said, before you into Galilee ; there while he was yet alive, Within ye shall see him. Lo! I have three days I will rise again.” 64 told you.” 8 And they went Command therefore that the out in haste from the tomb tomb be made secure, till the with fear and great joy; and third day ; lest his disciples ran to tell his disciples. 9 And come and steal him away, and [as they went to tell his disciples), say to the people, He is risen lo ! Jesus met them, saying, from the dead :' for this last “ Peace be to you.” And they imposture would be worse than came near, and taking hold of the first.”. 65 Pilate said to his feet, they did him obeisance. them, « Take a guard : go, 10 Then Jesus said to them, secure it as well as ye can.' “ Fear not: go, tell my brethren 66 So they went and secured the that they may go into Galilee ; tomb; sealing the stone, and and there they shall see me.” posting the guard.

11 NOW, as they were going, CH. XXVIII. 1 But after the lo! some of the guard came into sabbath, as it began to dawn, the city, and told the chieftoward the first day of the week, priests all the things which had came Mary Magdalene, and the been done. 12 These having asother Mary, to view the tomb. sembled with the elders, and 2 And, lo! there had been a taking counsel, gave much great disturbance: for a mes- money to the soldiers, 13 saysenger of the Lord, having de-ing, “ Tell the people, His disscended from heaven, came ciples came by night, and stole and rolled back the stone [from him away while we were asleep.' the entrance], and was sitting 14 And if this be heard of by

the governor, we will appease 3 Now his appearance was as him, and indemnify you.” 15 lightning, and his raiment white So they took the money, and as snow : 4 and for fear of him, did as they were taught : and the keepers trembled, and be this report is spread abroad came as dead men. 5 But the an- among the Jews to this day. gel speaking to the women, 16 NOW the eleven disciples said, “ Fear not: for I know went into Galilee, to a mounthat ye seek Jesus, who was tain which Jesus had appointed crucified. 6 He is not here: for to them. 17 And on seeing him,

upon it.

* The reading of the Vat. MS. and of the Ethiopic and some other ancient versions, is so where he lay."

they did him obeisance : but baptizing them into the name some doubted.

of the Father, and of the Son, 18 And Jesus came, and and of the holy spirit; 20 teachspake to them, saying, “Alling them to observe all things power is given to me in heaven whatsoever I have commanded and on earth. 19 Go ye and you : and lo! I am with you almake disciples of all nations, I ways, to the end of the age.



down and unloose. 8 I indeed 1 THE beginning of the gos. have baptized you in water : pel of Jesus Christ, the Son of but he will baptize you in a God.

holy spirit.” 2 As it is written, in the pro 9 And it came to pass in phet Isaiah, “ Behold, I send those days that Jesus came from my messenger before thy face, Nazareth of Galilee, and was who will prepare thy way : 3 baptized by John, in Jordan. 10 The voice of one crying in the And immediately going up, out desert, •Prepare ye the way of of the water, he saw the heavens the Lord, make his paths part asunder, and the spirit, as straight;' 4 thus John came bap- a dove, descending upon him. tizing in the desert, and pro- 11 And a voice came from heaclaiming the baptism of refor-ven, saying, Thou art my bemation, for the remission of sins. loved son, in whom I am well 5 And all the country of Judea, pleased.” and all they of Jerusalem, went 12 And immediately the out to him, and were baptized spirit sendeth him forth into by him, in the river Jordan, con- the desert. 13 And he was fessing their sins.

tempted by the adversary forty 6 Now John was clothed with days;* and was with the wild camel's hair, and with a leath-beasts; and the angels minisern girdle about his loins; and tered to him. he ate locusts and wild honey. 14 NOW after John had been 7 And he proclaimed, saying, delivered up to prison, Jesus “One mightier than I cometh came into Galilee, proclaiming after me; the latchet of whose the glad tidings (of he reign] sandals I am not worthy to stoop of God, 15 [and] saying, “ The

*i.e. he was exposed to various trials for the discipline of his mind. See note on Matt. iv, 1.

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