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Página 135 - Lectures on the Diseases of Women and Children. By Dr. GS Bedford. 4th Edition. 8vo. 18s. The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics. By Gunning S. Bedford, AM, MD With Engravings. 8vo. Cloth, II.
Página 389 - Idiots have been improved, educated, and even cured; not one in a thousand has been entirely refractory to treatment; not one in a hundred who has not been made more happy and healthy; more than 30 per cent.
Página 389 - ... the standard of manhood, till some of them will defy the scrutiny of good judges when compared with ordinary young men and women.
Página 23 - I must tell you, in limine," he writes, " that it is far more dangerous to diminish or withdraw alcohol than to give too much" (p. 484). Again — " I cannot too strongly impress upon you that, to do good with stimulants, you must use them early, with care and watchfulness, in very definite quantities, and not in a vacillating or timid manner. . . . The harm which they do (in disease) is grossly and unfairly exaggerated, and always due to the slovenly administration of them
Página 392 - ... pauses of music, the eloquent harmonies of human gesture, look, and speech, these are the powerful agents of their transition from physiological to mental education. Away, then, with books ! Give us the Assyrian and Jewish mode of instruction. The representative signs of thought were painted, engraved, sculptured in deepness or in relief, sensible to the eye and...
Página 544 - ... no means of combining against him, no power of even locally overmastering him, and, on the other hand, with the strongest motives for seeking his favour and avoiding to give him offence. In struggles for political emancipation, everybody knows how often its champions are bought off by bribes, or daunted by terrors. In the case of women, each individual of the subject-class is in a chronic state of bribery and intimidation combined.
Página 389 - He says that more than forty per cent. have become capable of the ordinary transactions of life, under friendly control ; of understanding moral and social abstractions, and of working like two-thirds of a man.
Página 222 - SMITH— On the Wasting Diseases of Infants and Children. By EUSTACE SMITH, MD, FRCP, Physician to HM the King of the Belgians, and to the East London Hospital for Children. Fourth Edition. Post 8vo, 8s.
Página 80 - A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by various Authors, arranged and edited by T. HOLMES, MA Cantab, Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children, and AssistantSurgeon to St. George's Hospital. Volume I.— General Pathology.
Página 393 - The foot being held at a right angle to the leg, the point of the knife is introduced immediately below the malleolar projection of the fibula, rather nearer its posterior than anterior edge, and then carried across the bone, slightly inclining backwards, to the inner side of the ankle, where it terminates at the point exactly opposite its commencement...

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