Manual Training Magazine, Volumen9

University of Chicago Press, 1908

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Página 203 - The thing to be done was clear : to train selected Negro youth who should go out and teach and lead their people, first by example, by getting land and homes ; to give them not a dollar that they could earn for themselves : to teach respect for labor, to replace stupid drudgery with skilled hands; and, to these ends, to build up an industrial system, for the sake not only of self-support and intelligent labor, but also for the sake of character.
Página 5 - The genuine principle of interest is the principle of the recognized identity of the fact or proposed line of action with the self ; that it lies in the direction of the agent's own growth, and is, therefore, imperiously demanded, if the agent is to be himself.
Página 1 - ... a clerk or salesman, and looks upon work in the factory as the occupation of ignorant and unsuccessful men. The schools do so little really to interest the child in the life of production...
Página 189 - I have recently examined all the courses offered by the university, and I find but one (the course in theology) in which a knowledge of drawing would not be of immediate value (and even there I think it might help in some cases). The power to draw is greatly needed in nearly all the courses and absolutely indispensable in some of them. A very large proportion of studies now train the memory, a very small proportion train the power to see straight and do straight, which is the basis of industrial...
Página 378 - Superintendent be authorized to designate one or more boys' elementary schools in which the course of study may be experimentally modified for the purpose of determining in what way these schools may become more effective in training pupils for industrial pursuits, while at the same time maintaining their efficiency for preparation for high schools.
Página 365 - ... has fallen off more than 36 per cent. To-day yellow pine leads all other woods in amount cut, while Douglas fir — and this will be a surprise to many — comes second. Since 1899 the cut of Douglas fir has increased 186 per cent. Louisiana is the foremost yellow pine State, with Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas following in order. Washington produces by far the greatest amount of Douglas fir. A comparison of the lumber-producing States shows that since 1899 there have been many changes in their...
Página 436 - ... the rest, is conditioned — first, upon the work that finds its expression in the family, that supports the family. So teach the boy that he is to be expected to earn his own livelihood; that it is a shame and scandal for him not to be self-dependent, not to be able to hold his own in the rough work of actual life. Teach the girl that so far from its being her duty to try to avoid all labor, all effort, that it should be a matter of pride to her to be as good a housewife as her mother was before...

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