Michigan Reports: Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Michigan, Volumen124


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Página 60 - ... and to all acts, matters, and things to be done under and in virtue of the bankruptcy, until the final distribution and settlement of the estate of the bankrupt, and the close of the proceedings in bankruptcy.
Página 608 - The judicial power is vested in one supreme court, in circuit courts, in probate courts, and in justices of the peace.
Página 111 - Such exemption shall not extend to any mortgage thereon lawfully obtained ; but such mortgage, or other alienation of such land, by the owner thereof, if a married man, shall not be valid without the .signature of the wife to the same.
Página 327 - ... of some public or private duty, whether legal or moral, or in the conduct of his own affairs, in matters where his interest is concerned.
Página 169 - That hereafter any person or persons entering into a formal contract with the United States for the construction of any public building, or the prosecution and completion of any public work...
Página 323 - By the general concurrence of opinion of every civilized and Christian community there are few sources of crime and misery to society equal to the dram shop, where intoxicating liquors in small quantities, to be drunk at the time, are sold indiscriminately to all parties applying.
Página xlii - The trial judge directed a verdict in favor of the defendants. The case is brought here by writ of error. Stephen Bakker was seventeen years old. He lived with his father on a farm. He was a large, healthy-appearing person. He had a tumor upon his left ear about the size of a dove's egg. Some time before his death he had received treatment, and the tumor nearly disappeared; but prior to the middle of...
Página 275 - ... of the sheriff of the county and his deputies, to go among the persons so assembled, or as near to them as may be with safety, and in the name of the commonwealth to command all the persons, so assembled, immediately and peaceably to disperse...
Página 608 - SEC. 5. The Governor may make a provisional appointment to fill a vacancy occasioned by the suspension of an officer, until he shall be acquitted, or until after the election and qualification of a successor.
Página 5 - ... with the consent of the municipal authorities thereof, under such reasonable regulations as they may prescribe...

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