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The elm of deeper green; and deeper still,
Lord of the woods, the long surviving oak.
Some glossy leav'd and shining in the sun,
The maple, and the beech of oily nuts
Prolific, and the lime at dewy eve
Diffusing odours : nor unnoted pass
The sycamore, capricious in attire,
Now green, now tawny, and ere Autumn yet
Have chang'd the woods, in scarlet bonours bright.---Cowper.


The Roman Mercuralia for six days. The profession of merchandise (saith Plutarch) was honourable, as it brought home the produce of barbarous countries, engaged the friendship of kings, and opened a wide field of knowledge and experience. The oil that Plato disposed of in Egypt defrayed the expense of his travels; and Protus built Marseilles.

The famous Pope Joan succeeds for a few days to the papal chair, 855. The second general council of Lyons terminates, 1274.

Charles VII, the Victorious, is consecrated in the cathedral of Rheims, 1429. Joan of Arc, his supporter, was seated on horseback, helmetted, at his right side, with her triumphal banner unfurled.

The household ordinance of King James, 1604. “We are truly informed by our Privy Council, that if some reasonable order be not taken to abate the great and daily charge of our household, which of necessity hath been much more increased since our coming to the crown, than it was in our dear sister's time ; and that to provide the same increase of provision will not only fall out more chargeable than we like of, but prove more burthensome and grievous to our loving subjects, whose quiet and welfare we greatly desire; First, therefore, to diminish our said daily charge, whereas ourself and our dear wife, the Queen's majesty, have been every day served with thirty dishes of meat; now, hereafter, according to this book signed, our will is to be served but with twenty-four dishes every meal, unless when any of us sit abroad in state, then to be served with thirty dishes, or as many more as we may command.

The celebrated Tarsin produces in her seventh month, at Argenteuil, near Paris, three boys and a girl, who were all baptized, 1779.

Pope disposes of his “ Essay on Criticism,” to Bernard Lintot for fifteen pounds, 1716. A very destructive ice-storm, near Durham, 1792.

In the declining age of a state, mechanical arts and merchandize do flourish.


When forc'd the fair nymph to forego,

What anguish I felt at my heart!
Yet I thought---but it might not be so-..

'Twas with pain that she saw me depart.
She gaz'd, as I slowly withdrew;

My path I could hardly discern;
So sweetly she bade me adieu,

I thought that she bade me return.--- Absence.





xv. Dr. John Dee, 1527, London. John XVIII. (Pope), 1009. Cal. Zachary Ursinus, 1534, Bres- Godfrey (of Bouillon), 1100. 18. lau.

Jerusalem. Dr. Robert Hooke, 1635, Fresh- Archbishop Boniface, 1270. water, Isle of Wight.

Michael Anthony Baudrand, William Rondelet, 1566. d.
1633, Paris.

Xavier Bettinelli, 1718, Man- Bernard, Duke of Weimar,

Gilbert White, 1720, Selborne. Sir Richard Verney, Lord Wil-

loughby de Broke, 1711.

Obits of the Latin Church, Abraham Sharp, 1742. died,

Little Horton.
Sts. Symphorosa, of Tivoli, and
her seven sons, Martyrs, 120. Bishop (Thomas) Sherlock,

1761.d. Fulham. St. Philastrius, Bishop of Bres

Abbé Gabriel Francis Coyer, cia, after, 384.

1782, d. Paris. St. Arnoul, Martyr, in the

John Baseillac de St. Cosme,
Aquilin Forest, near Chartrés,

1786. d. Paris.
c. 534.
St. Arnoul, Bishop of Nantz,
(translation) 640.

Those who teach birds to sing
St. Frederick, Bishop of' Utrecht, keep them awake to increase
Martyr, 838.

their attention. And cock birds, St. Odulph, Canon of Utrecht, among singing birds, are always 9th Cent.

the better singers ; perhaps beSt. Bruno, Bishop of Segni, cause they are more lively, and 1125.

listen more.


If thou desire to take the best advantage of thyself (especially in matters where the fancy is most employed) keep temperate diet, use moderate exercise, observe seasonable, and set hours for rest.


Low lies that house where nut-brown draughts inspir'd,
Where greybeard mirth, and smiling toil retir'd,
Where village-statesmen talk'd with looks profound,
And news much older than their ale went round;
Imagination fondly stoops to trace
The parlour splendours of that festive place;
The pictures plac'd for ornament and use,
The twelve good rules, the royal game of goose.---Goldsmith.


The eighteenth of the month Ab is a Hebrew fast, because that in the time of Ahab the evening lamp was extinguished.

This was a dies atra in the Roman calendar, on account of the fatal victory of Brennus, near the banks of the Allia, B. C. 390. The conqueror, with a Gallic insolence, had observed that the most ancient of all laws ordains, “ that the weak should yield to the strong, and the brave be lords of the world.” He destroyed the city, excepting the capitol, which was preserved in a very extraordinary manner, by the cackling of geese. A flock was supported afterwards at the expense of the republic. The two Latin Saints Ferioll and Galla are the patrons of our Michaelmas fowl. According to Livy, the builder of the Roman story, the Fabii were slain at the Cremera upon the same day.'-See 13th February.

The burning of Peroline Massey, at Guernsey, for heresy, 1557 : “the said Massey's infant breaking violently out of the mother's womb, into the fire, was taken out thereof, and presently thrown in again and burnt.” In June, the preceding year, Lord Burleigh notes, three persons were burnt at Stratford at one fire ; and in the compass of the year were burnt above eighty persons, whereof many were maidens. 1557, in this year were burnt about London above sixty-four, whereof twenty

1558, in June, now burning in Smithfield, seven at one fire. Anno 6th Mariæ, July, at Brentford, six at one fire.”

John Sobieski defeats the Turks before Vienna, and raises the siege, 1683. The vanquished Aled with precipitation, leaving behind them the standard of Mahomet. “ I came, I saw, God gave the victory," writes that famous Polish hero, when he sent it to the Pope.

Major Symes enters Amerapoora, on the Irouwaddy, the capital of the Birmans. This well known embassy returned to Calcutta, the 22d December, 1795. The inquisition is restored at Cadiz, 1814.

were women,

If a road between two fields be bad, the traveller may drive through which field be pleascs.

Twelve Tables.

Hail, happy Britain ! highly favour'd isle,
And Heaven's peculiar care! To thee 'tis giv'n
To train the sprightly Steed, more fleet than those
Begot by winds, or the celestial breed
That bore the great Pelides through the press
Of heroes arm’d, and broke their crowded ranks;
Which, proudly neighing, with the Sun begins
Cheerful his course ; and ere his beams decline,
Has measur'd half thy surface unfatigued.-The Chace.



xiv. Conrad Vorstius, 1569, Cologne. Francis Petrarch, 1374. Arquà, Cal.

Archbishop (Gilbert) Sheldon, near Padua. 19.

1598, Stunton, Staffs. Peter Landais, executed, 1485. Rophino Lacy, 1795, Bilboa. Dr. John Caius, 1573. Caius

College, Cambridge.
John Henry Stæhelin, 1721.

William Somervile, 1742. d.
Cato was wont to say of young

Edstone. (Wotton.) persons, that he had a greater Samuel Walker, 1761. died, opinion of such who were subject

Truro. to colour, than those that looked

Nathaniel Hooke, 1763. Hedpale ; teaching us thereby to look with greater apprehensions

James Bernard de Noinville, on the heinousness of an action,

than the reprimand which might Dr. Job Orton, 1783. Shrews-
happily follow; and to be more

afraid of the suspicion of doing
an ill thing, than the danger of

Captain Matthew Flinders, 1814. it.


Iturbide (of Mexico), 1824.

shot, Padillo.


Obits of the Latin Church.
St. Macrina, V. in Pontus, 379. Give me a heart that is easy
St. Arsenius, of the Desert, and open, but I will have no
circa 449.

holes in it; let it be bountiful St. Symmachus, Pope, d. 514. with judgment ; but I will have St. Vincent of Paul, Founder of nothing run out of it if I know the Lazarites, 1660.



Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but the price of a virtuous wise is far above rnbies; she openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

Proverb af Lemuel.

The first I'll name, they ca'd him Cæsar,
Was keepit for his honour's pleasure :
His hair, bis size, his mouth, his lugs,
Show'd he was nane o' Scotland's dogs ;
But whelpit some place far abroad,
Where sailors gang to fish for cod.--- The Twa Dogs.


The Lucaria were Roman patriotic games during three or four days.

Cicero is at Velia, on the coast of Lucania, escaping by short stages into Greece, B. C. 44. He wrote to Trebatius from this his birthplace, and drew up from memory the treatise of Topics, or the art of finding arguments.—See 20 September. The winds, like good citizens, blew him here again on the 17th of August, to the service of his country, instead of being an idle spectator of the Olympian vanities.

The firing of Rome in the reign of Nero is placed by the authority of des Vignoles on the 19th of July (during nine days), the day on which also it was sacked and burned by the Senonian Gauls. See 18th June.

The festival of Epaphras, first bishop of Colosse. See Col. i. 7.
The conflict begins between the Saracens and Spanish Goths. See 22d.

The fall of Constantinople to the Venetian crusaders, when Isaac Angelus (feeble and blind) was solemnly reseated with his son, Alexius, upon the imperial throne, 1203. Their deposition and assassination by Alexius, surnamed Mourtoufle, happened 8th February, 1204.

The battle of Taillebourg, upon the Charente, 1242. The French monarch carried the bridge at the head of a vast and superior force ; the oriflamme, his standard, was unsurled on the left bank; and after a desperate stand, the English, under Henry, the royal palmer, were driven with rapidity to Saintes.

The first stone of that unrivalled repository, The Bodleian LIBRARY, at Oxford, founded by Bodley, is placed with all the formalities, 1610.

Mary I. is proclaimed, 1553. Philip lands at Southampton, 1554. The "INVINCIBLE ARMADA” this day enters the Channel, 1588.

Four vessels of an Amsterdam expedition return from the Java voyage, (the remaining four proceeded to the Moluccas) N. S. 1599.

The eleventh month, Thermidor, of the French Republican calendar began; the period when the Roman sol entered the sign Leo. See 23rd.

The inauguration of our late memorable King, George IV. 1821. Never think that can be spoken with decency, that modesty is ashamed to act.


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