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Give me the chariot whose diviner wheels

Mark their own ront, and, unconfin'd,

Bound o'er the everlasting hills,
And lose the clouds below, and leave the stars behind.
Give me the muse whose generous force,

Impatient of the reins,
Pursues an unattempted course,
Breaks all the critic's iron chains,
And bears to paradise the raptur'd mind.- Urania.



V. Lord Robert Dundas, 1685. William I. (the Conqueror), Id.

1087. d. Rouen. Caen. 9.

His vices were those of a James IV. (of Scotland), 1513. great mind : ambition, the ma- killed, Flouden. Sheen. | lady of every extensive genius; Sir Humphrey Gilbert, lost, and avarice, the madness of 1583. Ocean. the wise : one chiefly actuated George Lord Hunsdon, 1603. his youth ; the other governed

d. Chartreuse. his age. The vices of young Pompone de Bellievre 1607. d. and light minds, the joys of

Paris, wine, and the pleasures of love Charles de St. Evremond, 1703. never reached his aspiring am- Westminster Abbey. bition.

Burke. Charles Fitz-Roy, Duke of

Cleveland, 1730. Abbey. Obits of the Latin Church. Bernard Siegfred Albinus, 1770.

d. Leyden. Sts. Gorgonius, Dorotheus, and

Robert Wood, 1771. d. Putney. Companions, Chamberlains

0. Manning, 1801. Godalming. of the Palace, Martyred Eu

Gilbert Wakefield, 1801. died, nuchs at Nicomedia, 304. St. Kiaran the younger, Abbot

Hackney. (Richmond.)

J. Brand, 1806. d. Som. House. in Ireland, d. 549. St. Omer (or Audomarus), Ab

bot of St. Bertin's, d. 670. St. Osmanna, of Ireland, Vir.

I took notice that a face was gin, c. 7th Century.

carved, with a heart upon the St. Bettelin (or Beccelin), Her- lips of it, and remembered that mit of Croyland, Patron of

this was the ancients' emblem Stafford.

of sincerity.—Parnell, Y'are a baggage; the Slies are no rogues. Look in the Chronicles; we came in with Richard Conqueror. Therefore, paucas pallabris ; let the world slide.

Taming of the Shrew. --------- Cos ------

There we behold the Heaven's great hierarchy,
The stars pure light, the spheres swift movement,
The spirits and intelligences fair,
And angels waiting on th’ Almighties chair.
And there, with humble mind and high insight,
Th' Eternal Maker's majesty we view,
His love, his truth, his glory, and his might,
And mercy more than mortal men can view.-Spenser.


The Autumnal season' now commences in England.-See 8th Dec.

The Roman Games. Carinus celebrated these spectacles in the colossal amphitheatre of Titus, with extraordinary splendour, A. D. 284. Some notion of their natural history may be collected by a comparison. The Emperor Probus exhibited, in the midst of the Circus, a spacious shady forest of large trees, torn up by the roots, filled with 1000 ostriches, 1000 stags, 1000 fallow deer, and 1000 wild boars; and devoted to the sword and spear 100 lions, 100 lionesses, 200 leopards, and 300 bears. Augustus once lavished upon the curiosity of the people thirty-six crocodiles; and the younger Gordian displayed, at his triumph, twenty zebras, ten elks, ten camelopards, thirty African hyænas, ten Indian tigers, a rhinoceros, a hippopotamus, and a troop of thirty-two elephants. But Carinus surpassed all his predecessors, at least in the elegance and variety of his entertainments. The garden of Hesperides rising from the arena, was an invention adapted to delight the softer passions. Olga, Princess of Russia, is received with great pomp


ceremony at Constantinople, by the Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus. The baptism and nomination of the • Empress Helena,'established the era of Russian Christianity, 955. The famous treaty of partition, at the river Kerbechi, was signed the same day, between China and the Russias, N.S. 1689.

FLODDEN. This celebrated battle was fought among the Cheviot Hills, nearest the Tweed. Thomas Howard, the Admiral, reported 10,000 Scots, that fell upon the field, or in the pursuit, 1513. The heroic King James was struck down by an arrow, a spear's length from the feet of Surrey, the English general.

Sir William Waller reduces Portsmouth, 1642. A hurricane at St. Domingo, which entirely destroyed the town of St. Louis, 1737.

He is not worthy to live at all, who for fear or danger of death shunneth his country's service, or his own honour; since death is inevitable, and the fame of virtue immortal.

Gilbert's Maxim. - 009 -........


Broke from the fetters of his native land,
Devoting shame and vengeance to her lords,
With louder impulse, and a threat'ning hand,
The Lesbian patriot smites the sounding chords.
Ye wretches ! ye perfidious men!
Ye cursd of gods and freeborn men!
Ye murderers of the laws!
Tho' now ye glory in your lust,
Tho' now ye tread the feeble neck in dust,
Yet Time and righteous Jove will judge your dreadful cause.




Henry de Valois, 1603, Paris. Louis IV. (of France), 954. ld. John Turberville Needham, Matilda (of England) 'the Em10. 1713, London,

press,' 1167. d. Rouen. Mungo Park, 1771, Fowlshields, John, Duke of Burgundy, 1419. on the Yarrow.

murdered, Montereau. Peter Goudelin, 1649. Gascony. William Wissing, 1687. died,

Burleigh House. (Stamford.) Obits of the Latin Church. Dr. Edward Pococke, 1691. Sts. Nemesianus, Felix, Lucius,

Oxford Cathedral. another Felix, Litteus, Polia George Henry Ursinus, 1707.

Michael Felibien, 1719. nus,

Victor, Jader, and Dativus, Bishops ; with many

Guichard Joseph du Verney,

1730. d. Paris. Priests, Deacons, and other

Dr.T.Sheridan, 1738.d.Dublin. Companions, part Martyrs,

John Baptist Bertrand, 1752. part Confessors, in Numidia,

C. Gros de Boze, 1753. d. Paris. c. 257. St. Pulcheria, Virgin, Empress,

Mary (Wolstonecroft) Godwin,

1797. St. Pancras.
d. 453.
St. Salvius, Bishop of Albi, in

J.C. Adelung, 1806. d. Leipsic ?
Languedoc (after), 580.

Augustus Louis von Schloezer,

1809. d. Gottingen. St. Finian (called 'Winin,' by

Richard Reynolds, 1816. died, the Welsh), Bishop, Patron

Cheltenham. of Ulster, 6th Century. St. Nicolas, of Tolentino, died, Ange de la Chabeaussiere, 1820.

d. Paris. 1306.

J. B. Venturi, 1822.d. Reggio. Ugo Foscolo, 1827. d. London.

The sordid man will caution his wife “never to lend any thing,"- an end of candle, a bandful of salt or oatmeal, or a sprig of rosemary.---Theophrastus.

The owl is abroad, the bat and the toad,

And so is the cat-a-mountain,
The ant and the mole sit both in a hole,

And frog peeps out of the fountain.
The dogs they do bay, and the timbrels play,

The spindle is now a-turning,
The moon it is red, and the stars are fed,

And all the sky is a-burning.- Charm.


The Abyssinian and Egyptian year begins.-See 29th August. The age of the ‘Pyramids,' which are cemented with the history of Egypt, has been fixed by Sir John Marsham, B.C. 2000. The loftiest is 500 feet.

The great fast of Expiation, or day of atonement for transgressior., was solemnized by the Jews, on the ninth nychthemeron (from evening to evening) of their seventh month, * Tisri.'--See Lev. xxii. 27. During this Anniversary they abstained from eating, drinking, ablutions, anointing, the use of shoes, and from the marriage-bed. There is a tradition that it was the day of Adam's repentance after his fall, and of the institution of circumcision by Abraham. This holiday continued for 25 hours, and was therefore the longest sabbath ; called loma, “the day,' in the Talmud, and the sabbath of sabbaths,' by the Hellenistic Jews. The first expiatory victims were a ram and a bullock, for the high-priest and his wife. One of two goats was also sacrificed by lot ; the other, termed the 'scape-goat,' gnasazel (a supposed type of Satan), was loosed in the wilderness, bearing the sins of the people.--See 30th Sept.

The memorable battle of Pinkey, near Musselburglı : the Protector, Somerset, led the English ; and obtained one of the most finished victories on record, 1547. The Scots were led by the Earl of Arran.

The surrender of the city and castle of Bristol, by Prince Rupert, to Sir Thomas Fairfax, 1645. Charles revoked his commission : Tell my son, that I shall less grieve to hear that he is knocked in the head, than that he should do so mean an action."

An agreement between the Van Hoorn, or Berbice Company, and the Dutch East India Company, to furnish the former annually after this day 240 negroes from Angola, or Ardra (one third to be females), at 165 forins a-head, 1714.

A lunar rainbow is observed at Matlock, in Derbyshire, 1802.


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O'tis the Paradise, the heaven of earth :
And did'st thou know the comforts of two hearts
In one delicious harmony united, -
As to joy, one joy; and think both one thought;
To see their souls meet at an interview;
In their bright eyes ---at parley in their lips;
Their language, kisses: and observe the rest...
Touches, embraces, and each circumstance
Of all love's most apmatched ceremonies,
Thou would'st abhor thy 'tongue' for blasphemy.---Chapman.



II. Pierre de Ronsard, 1524, Ven- Archbishop Aldred, 1069. York. Id. 11. dome, on the Loire.

Treasurer Cressingham, 1297. Thomas Erpenius, 1584, Gor- slain, near Cambusken neth. cum, in Holland.

Charles de Montmorency, 1381.
Henry, Viscount de Turenne, Sir Arthur Aston, 1649. slain,

1611, Sedan Castle, on the Drogheda.

James Harrington, 1677. St.
William Lowth, 1661, St. Mar- Margaret's, Westminster.
tin's, Ludgate.

Mary Chandler, 1745.
Elizabeth (Singer) Rowe, 1674, John Augustus Ernesti, 1781.

d. Leipsic.
James Thomson, 0. S. 1700, Joseph Celestino, 1808. Mutis.

Ednam, in Roxburghshire. Admiral Sir Home Riggs PopJohn Targioni Tozzetti, 1722, ham, 1820. d. Cheltenham, Florence.

David Ricardo, 1823. d. GatJohn Bernard Basedow, 1723, combe Park. (Harnish.)


Obits of the Latin Church.

Carry a watchful eye upon Sts. Protus and Hyacinthus, those familiars that are either

Brothers (Eunuchs), Martyrs silent at thy faults, or sooth thee at Rome, 257.

in thy frailties, or excuse thee St. Paphnutius, Bishop in Upper in thy follies; for such are either

Thebais (after), 335. cowards, or flatterers, or fools. St. Patiens, Archbishop of Lyons,

Enchiridion. c. 480.

The makers of Bread' and · Beer,' the blood and marrow of every commodity, are under the surveyal of certain civil oflicers called chymists.--Atalantides.

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