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Giver of all things fair! but fairest this.'
She heard me thus; and though divinely brought,
Yet innocence, and virgin modesty,
Her virtue, and the conscience of her worth,
That would be woo'd, and not unsonght be won,
Not obvious, not obtrusive, but, retir'd,
The more desirable ; or, to say all,
Nature herself, though pure of sinful thought,
Wrought in her so, that, seeing me, she turn'd. -Eve.


The MUNDANE EPOCH. Earth, with the other planets, scribbles its first leaf under the eternal scrutiny. Adam, introduced to his dominion,' whom he reviews and names, falls into that sleep, which suggested (apparently) to his benignant Maker something was still desirable to finish his bliss, some motive for labour, or some companion to lighten it, his solace in gloom, and partner in felicity. God fashioned, consequently, WOMAN, Isscha, his most perfect conception, excelling man in beauty, as the potter's clay is inferior to porcelain. With the marriage of our first parents (M), Sunday, ended the first day delectable of the world's history, before Christ 4004. The feast of. Trumpets' (with rams' horns) was kept as a Sabbath of joy by the Jews to its memory, on the first day, or new moon, of their first secular month, Tisri.Numbers xxix.

THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX. Noah removes the covering from the ark, and celebrates on the morrow (the moon having replenished her horns), a new-born year, B. C. 2348. The equinoxes and solstices fall antecedently nearly one day in 130 years, or 11 days in 1433 years. See 23d.

ST. MATTHEW's Day. The emblem of this Evangelist (called Levi) was a · Man;' according to St. Austin, a “Lion. He wrote, with an angel's feather, the first Gospel, and that (originally) in the Hebrew tongue. St. Matthew tells the parable of the ‘ten virgins. The passion-flower is dedicated to our martyr in the catholic florilegium.

Alcazaba sails from Cadiz, upon discovery, 1534. He was murdered by his crew in the Straits of Magellan, and the ship was wrecked at Brazil.

Christ's Hospital. The · Anniversary of its foundation, 1550.
Bishop Gardiner is appointed Chancellor by royal patent, 1553.
Violent destructive hurricanes in the Western Indies, 1766.

The National Convention' under the presidency of Pethion, decree, by acclamation, a Republic in France, from · Saturday,' 1792.

The amorous bird of night sung spousal.


For contemplation be and valoar form'd;
For softness she and sweet attractive grace;
He for God only, she for God in him :
His fair large front and eye sublime declar'd
Absolute rule; and hyacinthine locks
Round from his parted forelock manly hung
Clustering, but not beneath his shoulders broad :
She, as a veil, down to the slender waist
Her unadorned golden tresses wore
Dishevell’d, but in wanton ringlets way'd.



X. Dr. Richard Busby, 1606, Lut- Mardonius, B. C. 479. slain, Cal. ton, in Lincolnshire.

Platæa. 22.

Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl Publius Virgilius Maro, B. C.

of Chesterfield, 1694, London. 19. d. Brundusium. (Mount Peter Wargentin, 1717, Sweden. Pausilippo.) Peter Simon Pallas, 1741, Berlin. Walter Devereux, Earl of Es

sex, 1576. poisoned, Dublin. Divine Justice stood at the John Francis Niceron, 1646. d.

(Caermarthen.) entrance. There was ingrati

Air in Provence. tude, malice, ignorance, obsti

Bishop (Thomas) Morton, 1659. nate infidelity, brutish disobe

Easton Mauduit. dience, imperious blasphemy, John Biddle, 1662. Moorfields. with garments dipt in blood, Francis Bernier, 1688. Paris. eyes sparkling, and a hundred

Vincent Viviani, 1703. Paris, pair of chaps, barking at Provi- Thomas Dogget, 1721. Eltham. dence, and vomiting poison.

Dr. Peter Browne, 1735. Cork. Quevedo's Visions.

Joseph Averani, 1738. d. Pisa.

Father Benoit, 1742. d. Rome. Obits of the Latin Church.

Antonio Genovesi, 1769. Naples.

Thomas le Sueur, 1770. Rome. Sts. Maurice (or Mauricius),

Clement XIV. John Ganganelli
and his Companions ; com-
posing the Thebean Legion,

(Pope), 1774.
Martyrs at Agaunum in the Angioló Fabroni, 1803. Pisa.

Valais, 286.
St. Emmeran, Bp. of Poitiers,

Patron of Ratisbon, Martyr,

Thou shalt secure her helpless sex from harms,
And she thy cares shall sweeten with her charms.-State of Innocence.

Next him September marched eke on foot;

Yet was he heavy laden with the spoil
Of harvests riches, which he made his boot.
And him enricht with bounty of the soil:
In his one hand, as fit for harvests toil,
He held a knife-hook; and in th' other hand
A pair of weights, with which he did assoil

Both more and less, where it in doubt did stand,
And equal gave to each as Justice duly scann'd.-Spenser.


THE MUNDANE EPoch. The second historical and first secular' day of mankind corresponds with the twenty-second of September :-the golden · Friday' of King Noë. Corn and wine were yet unknown.

SEPTEMBER. By the ancient Saxons it was named Gerst (barley) month; subsequently Halig (holy) month; and Herst (autumn) month by the Dutch and Germans. It still retains with us its primitive name in despite of imperial folly and superlative presumption.

PLATEA. That celebrated victory happened the twenty-fourth of the Bæotian month, Panemus, this day, observed there as an 'anniversary' by the Greek confederates, B. C. 479.-See 3rd August.

VIRGIL. The monarch of the Latin poets was of large stature, of a dark complexion like Dante, and singular for temperance and modesty.

FLIGHT OF MAHOMET. An imposing event which took place it is ascertained with certainty, sixty-eight days after the commencement of the great Arabian æra, on Wednesday,' A. D. 622.–See 16th July.

Henry VI. of Germany and his captive, Richard the Lion, address letters from Spires to the Primate and Magnates of England notifying the severe terms of ransom ‘agreed upon between them, 1193.

A dreadful pestilence broke forth this day at Penrith in Cumberland, which in a period of fifteen months destroyed 2260 persons, 1597. At Kendal, Richmond, and Carlisle, the numbers were nearly similar.

The capitulation of Ostend to that famous General Spinola after a close siege of three years two months and sixteen days, 1604.

The coronation of King George III.' and his most exemplary Queen Charlotte, Princess of Mecklenburgh-Strelitz. Their happy and wellattempered marriage was solemnized on the 8th day of September, 1761.

FRENCH REPUBLICAN ÆRA. It computes from the Equinox at midnight : “ The 1st of the 1st Decade of the 1st month (Vendimiaire) of the Ist year of the French Republic one and indivisible,' 1792.-See 24th Nov.

Holy's the fourteenth' day beyond the rest.--Hesiod.

Amidst th' Hesperian gardens, on whose banks
Bedew'd with nectar and celestial songs,
Eternal roses grow, and hyacinth,
And fruits of golden rind, on whose fair tree
The scaly-harnest dragon ever keeps
His unenchanted eye; around the verge
And sacred limits of this blissful Isle,
The jealous ocean, that old river, winds
His far extended arms, till with steep fall
Half his waste flood the wild Atlantic fills.-Comus.





Octavius Cæsar Augustus, U.C. Pepin the Short (of France), Cal.

691, B. C. 63, Palatium. 768. d. $t. Denys. 23.

Geoffry Plantagenet, Earl of Bishop Jewel, 1571. d. Monk-
Brittany, 1158.

ton Farley. (Salisbury.)
Dr. Jeremy Collier, 1650, Stow Joachim Junge, 1657. d. Ham-

Qui, in Cambridgeshire. burgh.
Ferdinand VI, the Wise (of Princess Mary of Orange, 1660.
Spain), 1713.

Valentin Conrart, 1675. Paris.
John Tutchin, 1707. d. South-

wark. Vegetation preceded the ani- Dr. James Abbadie, 1727. mal creation as the linen and Mary-le-bone.

cotton manufacture of the Ar. Herman Boerhaave, 1738. St. cotti and Egyptians was known Peter's, Leyden.

long before the use of silk, Thomas Bott, 1754. d. Norwich. by the Chinese, and of hair- Dr. James Brown, 1766. cloths in colder regions. The Dr. Peter Templeman, 1769. vegetable was the first and 'sa- Dr. Matthew Baillie, 1823. cred' robe.


Major John Cartwright, 1824.
Professor Bouterwek, 1828, d.

Obits of the Latin Church.
St. Linus (2nd Pope), Martyr, Nebuchodonasor planted in
1st Century.

his new palace a pensile paradise St. Thecla of Lycaonia, Virgin, to please his queen, because she

Disciple of St. Paul, 1st Cent. had been brought up in Media, St. Adamnan of Raphoe in Ire- and was fond of a mountainous land, Abbot, 705.


Berasus. The definition of humanity includes all other virtues.- Varanes, the Persian.

Let us divide our labours; thou, where choice
Leads thee, or where most needs, whether to wind
The woodbine round this arbour, or direct
The clasping ivy where to climb; while I,
In yonder spring of roses intermix'd
With myrtle, find what to redress till noon :
For, while so near each other thus all day
Our task we choose, what wonder if so near
Looks intervene and smiles.-Eve to Adam.


THE MUNDANE EPOCH. This is the third' historical day of the world,

The twenty-third of Tisri was a feast of rejoicing, instituted in me}mory of the law which God gave the Jews by the hand of Moses.

The games for the dawn of Octavius, in the Consulate of Cicero, at a house, regarded as sacred ground, bearing the sign of the Ox-Heads, over which the plough of Romulus passed. The 'Centaur' rose in the morning.

The fall of Gamala (supposed impregnable) to Vespasian 23d of Hyperbereteus (Tisri), A. D. 67. Nor age nor infancy was spared.

Bloreheath. This rebel field, near Drayton, the Yorkists won by stratagem, often fairly adopted against superiority in numbers, 1459.

The College of Physicians is incorporated, 10th Henry, 1518.

Treasurer Powlett, during the great plague, 1563 : "I think her Majesty best were where her Highness now is, in Windsor, if health there continue, though the house be cold, which may be holpen with good fires ; and if her Highness shall be forced to remove, as God forbid, I think then best the household be put to board wages, and herself to repair to Oatland.”—The Autumnal Quarter in the sign divine opens.

King Charles is defeated under the walls of Chester, 1645.

Charles, in a servant's dress, and Rochester, with Colonel Windham, of Trent, and Juliana Coningsby (two supposed runaway' lovers) find an asylum in a small inn at Charmouth, this evening, 1651.

Leith Bridge is founded, 1783. The Bridge at Kew is opened, 1789.

ASSAYE. This splendid victory of Major-General Arthur Wellesley, over the Mahratta chief (Scindiah), and the Rajah of Berar, the subsequent defeat on the plains of Argaum, and their entire submission, after the storming of that unattempted fortress, the Gawil Ghur, gave the stamp of genius to his military mission, and pred his rising fame, 1803.

The revolutionary conflict at Brussels of four days began, 1830.

If love be searched well and sought,
It is a sickness of the thought.-Chaucer.

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