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With tumult less, and with less hostile din,
Now in the emptier waste, resembling air,
Weighs his spread wings, at leisure to behold
Far off the empyreal Heaven, extended wide
In circuit, undetermin'd square or round,
With opal towers and battlements adorn'd;
And fast by, hanging in a golden chain,
This pendant World, in bigness as a star
Of smallest magnitude close by the Moon.



III. Archbishop (John) Tillotson, Cneius Pompeius Magnus, B.C.
1630, Sowerby.

48. murdered, Alexandria. 29.

Archbishop (Thomas) Tenison, Benedict of Peterborough, 1193.
1636, Cottenham.

Gustavus Vasa (of Sweden),
Thomas Chubb, 1679, East 1560. d. Stockholm.
Harnham, Wilts.

Conrad Vorstius, 1622. died,
Elizabeth Elstob, 1683, New- Toningen, in Holstein.
castle upon Tyne.

Lady Rachel Russell, 1723.
Robert (General) Clive, 1725, Chenies.

Styche, in Shropshire. Francis Rozier, 1793. killed (by
William Julius Mickle, 1734, a bomb), Lyons.

Langholm, in Scotland. Abraham Anquetil du Perron,
Dr. Thomas Percival, 1740, 1805. d. Paris.

Warrington, in Lancashire. Charles Francis Dupuis, 1809.
Horatio(Admiral) Nelson, 1758, d. Is-sur-Til.

Burnham Thorpe.

The quack rumbling papers There is a little marine ani- of my time have divers methods mal which attaches itself to the keels of vessels : of this ‘pas- as we have received numerous

to keep themselves from sinking: senger’ the master knows no

letters (challenges); or there thing, until he discovers with

are but very' few sheets for his finger a “hole.'


sale. In short, their whole con-
cern and concoction is lying'

and effrontery;' but noisy
Obits of the Latin Church.

falsehood when unmasked, like St. Theodota, Martyr at Phi- your humble-bee, is without the lippi in Thrace, 318. sting.


Thither, full fraught with mischievous revenge,
Accurs'd, and in a cursed hour, he hies.

In serpent, inmate bad! and toward Eve
Address'd his way: not with indented wave,
Prone on the ground, as since ; but on his rear,
Circular base of rising folds ! his head
Crested aloft, and carbuncle his eyes;
With burnish'd neck of verdant gold, erect
Amidst his circling spires, that on the grass
Floated redundant : pleasing was his shape.


The M UNDANE EPOCH. This is the ninth' historical day.

The solemn Apaturia’ at Athens, in Pyanepsion, for three days.

Saint Michael. This great Christian festival is entitled by the Latins, “The Dedication of St. Michael's Church, or the Festival of St. Michael and all the Holy Angels.' By one of the Ecclesiastical laws of King Ethelred, A.D. 1014, it is enacted that the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, next before the feast of Michaelmas, should be consecrated by every Christian, who was of age, in fast and penance.-See Ilth October.

William the Conqueror lands at Pevensey, in Sussex, 1066.
Jerusalem is acquired by the arms of Saladin, the Turk, 1187.
Richard II. a prisoner in the Tower deposes himself by an act, 1399.
The fall of Tournay, which closed the campaign of Henry VIII. 1513.
Colonna seizes Rome and plunders the Vatican, with St. Peter's, 1526.
Leicester is ennobled, 1564: when coaches were first brought here.
The act of King James against 'witches' comes in operation, 1604.
Middleton's water' is led to its basin, the New River Head, 1613.
The ‘Comus' is represented at Ludlow Castle, by the Egertons, 1634.
Jefferies is appointed to the Chief Justiceship of the Bench, 1683.
Kouli Khan Nadir Schah is proclaimed King of Persia, 1736.
The Jorullo volcano, Mexico, is formed in this night, 1759.
The Congress of the European powers at Air-la-Chapelle, 1818.

Captains Parry and Franklin reach the Admiralty, from the Arctic and over-land American expeditions, 1827. The latitude made by the first gentleman was eighty-two and three-quarters degrees.

The third Leipsic Fair of twelve days begins on the morrow.

The Muse Uranie is represented in an azure-coloured robe, starcrowned, with a globe in her learned fingers, and scientific instruments placed around. Saturn, the most distant' of the planets, finishes his vast orbit in 29 y. 167 d. and 5 h. He is attended by five moons.

At first, as one who sought access, but fear'd
To interrupt, side long he works his way.

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Prid. Euripides, B. C. 480, Isle of Admiral Ariamenes, B.C. 480.

Salamis. 30.

killed, Salamis.
Cneius Pompeius Magnus, U.C. Saint Jerome, A. D. 420. died,
648, B.C. 106, Rome.

Jerome Mercurialis, A.D.1530, Sir David, Prince of Wales,
Forli, in Italy.

1283. erecuted, Shrewsbury.
James Necker, 1732, Geneva. Rodolph I. (Emperor), 1291.

Isabella, of Bavaria, Queen of

France, 1435. d. Paris.
The happiness of a prince

Francis de Borgia, 1572. Rome.

Sir Fulke Greville, 1628. assas. lies in trusting none about him ; of a commonwealth, in the peo- Thomas Allen, 1632.d. Ouford.

Brooke House. (Warwick.) ple's fearing scandal more than

Peter Lascena, 1636. d. Rome. the lash of the law; and that of

Bishop Juan de Palafox, 1659. a family, in loving rather than

John Reinhold, Count Patkul, fearing the master.—Cleobulus.

1707. broken, Casimir. Bernard Renau D'Elisagaray,

1719. d. France,
Obits of the Latin Church.

Matthew Terrasson,1734. Paris.
St. Gregory, Bishop, surnamed Dr. David Hartley, 1757.d. Bath.

the Apostle of Armenia, and George Whitefield, 1770. died,

the Illuminator,'c. 4th Cent. Newbury Port, New England. St. Jerome, of Aquileia, Priest, Dr. Geo. Butt, 1795. Stanford.

Doctor of the Church, 420. Bishop (Thomas) Percy, 1811.

(See English Church Calendar.) d. Dromore. St. Honorius, of Rome, Arch-Wm. Windham Sadler, 1824.

bishop of Canterbury, d. 653. killed, near Blackburn.

From his slack hand the garland wreath'd for Eve
Down dropt, and all the faded roses shed.

- 650 ...

She gave him of that fair enticing fruit
With liberal hand : he scrupled not to eat,
Against his better knowledge; pot deceivid,
But fondly overcome with female charm.
Earth trembled from her entrails, as again
In pangs; and Nature gave a second groan;
Sky lour'd; and, muttering thunder, some sad drops
Wept at completing of the mortal sin
Original : while Adam took no thought,
Eating his fill. In lust they burned.

Acts. Тн MUNDANE EPoch. This is the ' tenth' historical day, when the father and mother of mankind were cast from Paradise. See 10th September. It is probable that Adam now lost his authority over the 'ferine 'creation, his mind was expanded and their sole nature changed.

An entire eclipse of the sun foretold by the skill of Thales, which determined the battle between the Lydians and Medes, B. C. 610.

The Carthaginians are overthrown by Gelo at Himera, the great minute also of Themistocles at Salamis, B. C. 480.- See 20th August.

The unrivalled triumph of Pompey The Great during two days, for having concluded a war of thirty years in which he had vanquished, slain, and captured 2,183,000 men ; sunk or taken 846 ships ; reduced under the empire 1538 towers and fortresses ; and subdued all the countries between the Mæotian lake and the Red Sea, B. C. 61. The golden vine of Aristobulus, king of the Jews, a little chapel of pearl, consecrated to the Muses, surmounted by a 'sun-dial,' and twenty kings and princes, with a string of barbaric gods, were among the trophies which preceded the car of the conqueror who, as he resembled in his person Alexander (we are told), was shrouded in his mantle.

A Minerval feast, and Meditrinalia to the goddess of Medicines.
The Empress Mayd lands in Suffolk with her handful of knights, 1139.
The Parliament meets when Bolingbroke assumed the royalty, 1399.
Owen Glendower erects his standard as Prince of Wales, 1400.
Luther maintains at Wittemberg his ninety-five propositions, 1517.

Villa Franca in St. Michael is taken and spoiled by Robert, Earl of Essex, 1597. The Contest' between the French and Spanish Ambassadors on Tower Hill for precedence, 1661. The nuptials of Sophia, Princess of Bohemia and Ernest Augustus, 1658. Falconer departs in the · Aurora,' 1769. The Peninsular eagles and colours are deposited at Whitehall, 1812.

They, hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow Through Eden took their solitary way.-Paradise Lost.

w... 651 ........


The wine she drinks is made of grapes.-Shakspeare.

Him, from his craggy winding haunts unearth'd,
Let all the thunder of the chace pursue.
Throw the broad ditch behind you ; o'er the hedge
High bound, resistless ; nor the deep morass
Refuse, but through the shaking wilderness
Pick your nice way; into the perilous flood
Bear fearless, of the raging instinct full ;
And as you ride the torrent, to the banks
Your triumph sound sonorous, running round,
From rock to rock, in circling echoes tost;
Then scale the mountains to their woody tops ;
Rush down the dangerous steep; and o'er the lawn,
In fancy swallowing up the space between,
Pour all your speed into the rapid game,
For happy he ! who tops the wheeling chace ;
Has every maze evolv'd, and every guile
Disclos'd ; who knows the merits of the pack;
Who saw the villain seiz’d, and dying hard,
Without complaint, though by a hundred mouths
Relentless torn : O glorious he, beyond
His daring peers! when the retreating horn
Calls them to ghostly halls of grey renown,
With woodland honours grac’d; the fox's fur,
Depending decent from the roof; and spread
Round the dread walls, with antic figures fierce,
The stag's large front: he then is loudest heard,
When the night staggers with severer toils,
With feats Thessalian Centaurs never knew,
And their repeated wonders shake the dome.
Then sated Hunger bids his brother Thirst
Produce the mighty bowl ; the mighty boul,
Swelld high with fiery juice, steams liberal round,

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