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Under the Protection of Mars.

Felicesque Jovis stellas, Martisque rapacis,
Et grave Saturni sidus in omne caput.- Propertius.

Then first he form'd the immense and solid Shield;
Rich various artifice emblaz'd the field;
Its utmost verge a threefold circle bound ;
A silver chain suspends the massy round;
Five ample plates the broad expanse compose,
And godlike labours on the surface rose.
There shone the image of the Master-mind :
There earth, there heaven, there ocean he design'd;
The unwearied sun, the moon completely round;
The starry lights that heaven's high convex crown'd;
The Pleiads, Hyads, and the Northern Team ;
And great Orion's more refulgent beam ;
To which, around the axle of the sky,
The Bear revolving points his golden eye,
Still shines exalted on the ethereal plain,
Nor bathes his blazing forehead in the main.

Two cities radiant on the shield appear,
The image one of peace, and one of war.
Here sacred pomp and genial feast delight,
And solemn dance, and Hymeneal rite :
There, in the forum swarm a numerous train,
The subject of debate a townsman slain.
Another part (a prospect differing far)
Glow'd with refulgent arms and horrid war.
Two mighty hosts a leaguer'd town embrace,
And one would pillage, one would burn the place.
Meantime the townsmen, arm'd with silent care,
A secret ambush on the foe prepare.
Their wives, their children, and the watchful band
Of trembling parents, on the turrets stand.
They march; by Pallas and by Mars made bold :
Gold were their gods, their radiant garments gold,
And gold their armour : these the squadron led,
August, divine, superior by the head!-Shield of Achilles.
Deep in the shady sadness of a vale,
Far sunken from the healthy breath of morn,
Far from the fiery noon, and eve's one star,
Sat gray-hair'd Saturn, quiet as a stone,
Still as the silence round about his lair ;
Forest on forest hung about his head
Like cloud on cloud. No stir of air was there,
But where the dead leaf fell there did it rest.
It seem’d no force could wake him from his place ;
But there came one, who with a kindred hand
Touch'd his wide shoulders, after bending low
With reverence, though to one who knew it not.
She was a Goddess of the infant world;
By her in stature the tall Amazon
Had stood a pigmy's height: she would have ta’en
Achilles by the hair and bent his neck.
Her face was large as that of Memphian sphinx :
But oh ! how unlike marble was that face :
How beautiful, if sorrow had not made
Sorrow more beautiful than Beauty's self.
There was a listening fear in her regard,
As if the vanward clouds of evil days
Had spent their malice, and the sullen rear
Was with its stored thunder labouring up.
One hand she press'd upon that aching spot
Where beats the human heart, as if just there,
Though an immortal, she felt cruel pain :
The other upon Saturn's bended neck
She laid, and to the level of his ear
Leaning with parted lips, some words she spake
In solemn tenour and deep organ tone.
“ I have no comfort for thee, no not one :
I cannot say, ' O wherefore, sleepest thou !
For heaven is parted from thee, and the earth
Knows thee not, thus afflicted, for a God;
And ocean too, with all its solemn noise,
llas from thy sceptre pass'd ; and all the air
Is emptied of thy hoary majesty."

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ASCEND, I follow thee. It was a hill,
Of Paradise the highest ; from whose top
The hemisphere of earth, in clearest ken,
Stretch'd out to the amplest reach of prospect lay.
His eye might there command wherever stood
City of old or modern fame, the seat
Of mightiest empire, from the destin'd walls
Of Cambalu, seat of Cathaian Can,
And Samarchand by Oxus, Temir's throne,
To Paquin of Sinæan kings; and thence
To Agra and Lahor of great Mogul,
Down to the golden Chersonese ; or where
The Persian in Ecbatan sat, or since
In Hispahan ; or where the Russian Ksar
In Mosco; or the Sultan in Bizance,
Turchestan-born ; nor could his eye not ken
The empire of Negus to his utmost port
Ercoco, and the less maritime kings
Mombaza, and Quilou, and Melind,
And Sofula, thought Ophir, to the realm
Of Congo, and Angola, farthest south ;
Or thence from Niger flood to Atlas mount
The kingdoms of Almansor, Fez, and Sus,
Morocco, and Algiers, and Tremisen ;
On Europe thence, and where Rome was to sway
The world : in spirit perhaps he also saw
Rich Mexico, the seat of Montezume,
And Cusco in Peru, the richer seat
Of Atabalipa ; and yet unspoild
Guiana, whose great city Geryon's sons
Call · El Dorada. But to nobler sights
Michael from Adam's eyes the film remov’d,
Which that false fruit that promis'd clearer sight
Had bred ; then purg'd with euphrasy and rue
The visual nerve, for he had much to see ;
And from the well of life three drops instill’d.
Adam, now ope thine eyes ; and first behold
The 'effects' which thy original crime hath wrought.'

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Farewell, you happy shades!
Where angels first should practice hymns, and string
Their tuneful harps, when they to heav'n would sing.
Farewell, you flow’rs, whose buds, with early care,
I watch'd, and to the cheerful sun did rear :
Who now shall bind your stems ? or, when you fall,
With fountain streams your fainting souls recal;
A long farewell to thee, my nuptial bow'r,
Adorn'd with ev'ry fair and fragrant flow'r.
And last, farewell, farewell my place of birth. --Eve's Lament.



Cal. Henry III. (of England), 1207, Michael II. the Stammerer 1. Winchester.

(Emperor), A. D. 829. Richard Jago, 1715, 0. S. Bishop (John) Alcock, 1500. Beaudesert.

Kingston upon Hull.
Paul (of the Russias), 1754. Don John of Austria, 1578.

poisoned, Bonges.
Annals, by their very nature, Joseph Mede, 1638. Cambridge.
can interest us but little more

Robert Ashley, 1641. Temple. than almanacks ; but the changes Jacques le Paulmier, 1670. d.

Caen. and distresses in the life of an excellent character, raise in our

Peter Paul de Riquet, 1680. bosoms admiration, expectation, Peter Corneille, 1684. d. Paris. joy, sorrow,

Alexander Sumorokof, 1777. d. hope, fear.—Cicero.


Robert Bakewell, 1795. Dishley. Obits of the Latin Church. James Fordyce, 1796. d. Bath, St. Piat (or Piaton), Apostle of

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d. Ancona.
Tournay, Martyr, c. 286.
St. Remegius, Archbishop of

Rheims, Apostle of France
(d. 533), translated. (See The Greek symposia, or syn-

English Church Calendar.) dipna, refer us only to gross
St. Wasnulf (or Wasnon), Pa- gratifications; our own convivia

tron of Conde, c. 651. implies, that then we truly feast, St. Bavo (called Allowin), Pa- when we live together in such

tron of Ghent, c. 655. harmony as results from a beneSt. Fidharleus of Ireland, Abbot, volent interchange of minds. 762.


The feebler herd before the stronger run;
For now the war of nature is begun.-Raphael.

The man of art' prescribes all nature; marks
For dread the embow'ring thicket form'd for love
And love's delights of peace; and wise in this
Career of ruin, he; for love itself
Is the first dread-love the first great terror
Of the man of art-commutual foe!
And yet is love the universal friend.
But hence, let Nature rise and reign in man!- The Hurricane.


The Call OF ABRAHAM. This great event (an Epoch rather) is placed by Eusebius upon the first day of October, B. C. 2016. [1921.] The Cesarean Era used by the Syrians, commenced from the same Julian day, 1st of their month Tisri 1, B. C. 48.

OCTOBER. The eighth month of Romulus and tenth in the Julian year was given to Mars, called · Mamers’ at Carthage, the god of hunting.

Cæsar triumphs for his victory over the younger Pompey, B. C. 44. The people behaved bravely, who would not clap even the goddess Victory, for the sake of so bad a neighbour" Tully observes. Rome's first man never learned the ne quid nimis of Terence.

Constantine writes from Berytus to the præfectus prætorii commanding him to send to the mines all those criminals hitherto employed by a barbarous custom in the gladiatorial shows, A. D. 325.

The solemn dedication of the church of St. Paul, at London, by its diocesan Roger Black, in the presence of King Henry, 1240.

The coronation of Queen Mary, at Westminster, 1553. 'It was done royally.' In the church Elizabeth whispered to Noailles, that the crown in her hands was very heavy. Be patient,” he said ; "it will seem lighter, when it is on your own head.The Earl of Devonshire was made one of the Brothers, Knights of the Bath. The abjuration runs :

Almighty God give you the pressing' of all knighthood. You shall honour God above all things ; you shall be stedfast in the faith of holy Church, and the same maintain and defend to your power. You shall love your sovereign above all earthly creatures : and for your sovereign and sovereign's right and dignity, live and die. You shall defend widows, maidens, and orphans in their right. You shall suffer no extortion as far forth as you may.” The London University opens, 1828.

Frederick's victory at Losowitz, 1756. Pheasant-shooting begins.

Some natural tears they dropt, but wip'd them soon;
The world was all before them, where to choose
Their place of rest, and Providence their guide.- Milton.
.......... 657 ...

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