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The trumpet's loud clangour
Excites us to arms,
With shrill notes of anger
And mortal alarms;
The double, double, double beat
Of the thund'ring drum
Cries, Hark! the foes come;
Charge, charge, 'tis too late to retreat.-Dryden.


The Mundus patens was again solemnized at Romne.-See 7th Nov.

Edwin wielded the sovereignty of Britain during seventeen years, A.D. 633, seven of which he passed happily by virtue of his marriage, in the securer pale of Christianity. The dense cumulus of heathenism was now breaking up in large masses. “O King (observed a counsellor), often in the depth of winter, while you are feasting with your thanes, and the fire is blazing on the hearth in the midst of the hall, you have seen a bird, pelted by the storm, enter at one door, and escape at the other. During its passage it was visible : but whence it came, or whither it went, you knew not. Such to me appears the life of man. He walks the earth for a few years : but what precedes his birth, or what is to follow after his death, we cannot tell. Undoubtedly, if the new religion can unfold these important secrets, it must be worthy our attention.” It is attested by Bede, that in the days of Edwin, “a woman with a babe at her breast might have travelled over the island without suffering an insult.” The rise and fall of Empires have depended, and must ever depend upon the moral condition and just influence of the better half of the world. All mental slavery and debility of character is superinduced by unsocial ignorance, but especially oppression. He that respects himself, will learn to be respected. As Christianity rests entirely upon the responsibility of man,


very existence is a fair equality of station, that where the sun sets he may run the race of nature with it uncontrolled. What the African is now, the finest vessels were in barbarous times ; but is it not monstrous ? The bright Apollo was of complexion' black, and the greater Osiris : so St. Paul was dark in mind' preceding his conversion.

The Julian year expired in Spain with their Theresa, 1582. The Grand Vizier enters Candia (Crete), 1670. Dryden's “ Macflecnoe' published, 1682.

Selkirk is left on Juan Fernandez, 1704. Kosciusko the immortal patriot of Poland is overthrown at Maciejowice, 1794.

Neither is it safe to count upon the weakness of any man's understanding, who is thoroughly possessed with the spirit of revenge to sharpen his invention : nothing else is required but obsequiousness and assiduity.

Swift's Advice to the October Club. ... 663

Delight not in blood, abstain from revenge; avoid those actions by which I bave incurred the public batred, and consult the experience, rather than the example of your predecessor. As a man, I have sinned; as a sinner, even in this life I have been severely punisbed: but these servants, who bave abused my confidence, and inflamed my passions, will appear with me before the tribunal of Christ. I have been dazzled by the splendour of the diadem: be thou wise and modest; remember what you have been, remember what you are. Love your people like yourself; cultivate the affections, maintain the discipline, of the army: protect the fortunes of the rich, bat above all relieve the necessities of the poor.

Justin to Tiberius. Day. Deaths.


III. St. Casimir, Prince of Poland, Justin II. (Emperor), A. D. Non. 1458.

578. Constantinople. Thos. Goodwin, 1600, Rolesby, Phocas (Emperor), 610. bein Norfolk.

headed in the Straits. Jonathan Edwards, 1703, Il'ind- | Henry III. (Emperor), 1056. sor, in Connecticut.

d. Botfeld. (Spires.) Victor Riquetti, Marquis de Gemblacensis Sigebert, 1113.

Mirabeau, 1715, Perthuis. Sir Edward de Bruce, 1318. Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, killed, Fagher.

1717, Wareham, in Dorset - Elias Eobanus, of Hesse, 1540. shire.

Dr. Edward Wotton, 1555. St. Dr. William Wilkie, 1721, Alban's, London.

Dalmeny in Scotland. Claude d'Espence, 1571, Paris.
Charlotte d'Eon de Beaumont, Phil. Desportes, 1606. Bonport.

1728, Tonnerre, near Armen-G. Bersmann, 1611. Misnia.

Wm. Roussel, 1717, Argenteuil.
Lloyd (Lord) Kenyon, 1733, John P. Baratier, 1740. d. Halle.
Gredington, in Wales.

Dr. George Fothergill, 1760.
William Davies Shipley, 1745, Augustus III. (of Poland), 1763.
Midgham, Berks.

Dr. Thomas Rutherforth, 1771.
John Andrew von Segner, 1777.

Gaspard Guillard de Beaurieu,
Obits of the Latin Church.

1795. d. Paris.
St. Placidus, Abbot at Messina, Peter Choderlos de La Clos,

and Companions, Martyrs, 1803. d. Tarentum.
c. 546.

Charles Marquis Cornwallis,
St. Galla of Rome, Widow, 6th 1805. Ghazepure in Benares.

Count Bern. de Lacepède, 1825. I entreat you to enrich my friend, not indeed by adding any thing to his estate, but by taking something from his desires.

Epicurus. - 664

The virtuous Marcia tow'rs above her sex :
True, she is fair, (Oh how divinely fair !)
But still the lovely maid improves her charms
With inward greatness, unaffected wisdom,
And sanctity of manners. Cato's soul
Shines ont in every thing she acts or speaks,
While winning mildness and attractive smiles
Dwell in her looks, and with becoming grace
Soften the rigour of her father's virtue.-Juba.


The Feast of Tabernacles agrees with this day.--See 15th Sept.

Alexander's serenth campaign in Asia was employed in Sogdiana ; he wintered at Nautaca, from Bactra 230 miles, and two and twenty from Samarcand. In the Spring, following his nuptials with Roxana, he advanced from the mountains, seized the hill forts and carried Nysa (founded by Bacchus), then passed the Indus, and seated himself at Taxila ; the Hydaspes they forded in Metagitnion (corrected reading), and the intervening space after the defeat of Porus was occupied in constructing upon that river vessels for the navigation of the Indus, a memorable expedition which was on float this Julian day, B.C. 327. Nearchus, the Admiral, began his voyage from the mouth, by the coast of Beloochistan, with the Monsoon, 20th of Boëdromion (about this day), and reached Diridotis, in Susiana, 11th February, B. C. 325.

Cicero in exile corresponds with his family from Thessalonica, 58.

Justin had reigned after his uncle, the great Justinian, thirteen years, A.D. 578. The next year Mahomet was born, and three years sooner Uffa, the Saxon, established here the kingdom of the 'East Angles.'

Phocas, the forbidding rebel that, like the Turk, cut off the whole family of his predecessor, was changed for · Heraclius,' whose posterity, by Eudoxia, retained the Eastern purple till the fourth generation, 610.

The Gregorian, or · New Style, commenced in Spain, Portugal, and part of Italy, this day, accounted the 15th (omitting ten days), 1582.

The Reversion of the Revels' is granted to Master Ben Jonson, 1621.
Prince Charles and Buckingham land in England from Spain, 1623.
Addison's witty paper upon nonsense, a Whig-Examiner, 1710.
The immense · Sea Serpent,' in the Sound, near New York, 1817.

If he is a coward, he will surely be a murderer.- Emperor Maurice.

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Oars is the place at banquets, balls, and plays;
Sprightly our nights, polite are all our days;
Courts we freqngut, wherë 'tis our pleasing care
To pay due visits, and address the fair :
In fact, 'tis true, no nymph we could persuade,
But still in fancy vanquish'd every maid;
Of unknown duchesses lewd tales we tell,
Yet, would the world believe us, all were well.-Pope.


The sixth of the Hebrew month, Marchesvan, was kept as a fast in solemn memory of Nebuchadnezzar's extinguishing the eyes of Zedekiah, after that he had slain the king's children in his sight.—See 7th July.

This mournful anniversary at Rome recorded the defeat of Cæpio and Mallius by the Cimbri and Ambrones, B.C. 105. Sertorius was one of the handful that escaped the massacre by wading the Rhone in his armour. Lucullus, however, retrieved in some measure the honour of this day by that dreadful victory over Tigranes, in which 100,000 Armenians were cut to pieces, B. C. 69. The general lost but five followers,

The treaty of submission by Roderic, King of Connaught, 1175.

Henry VII. lands at Calais, sat down before Boulogne on the 16th, and concluded treaties of peace and confederacy the 3d of Nov. 1492.

The expediency of a marriage between Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Anjou, is canvassed by the principal statesmen of the day, 1579.

Mr. Pitt having resigned the ministry yesterday, on the present day a pension of £3,000 was settled upon him for three lives, and the title of Baroness of Chatham was conferred upon his lady, with remainder to her issue, 1761: "I was called into the ministry by the voice of the people, and to them I hold myself answerable for my conduct. I have served my country with success, but I will not be responsible for the conduct of the war any longer than while I have the direction of it."

Manilla, the capital of the Philippine Isles, is taken by storm. In the capitulation, the whole country with all its dependent islands, was comprehended, besides a ransom of one million sterling, 1762.

La Fayette preserves the French Royal family from the popular excitement. Louis XVI. was then conducted to Paris, where he accepted the Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1789.

Genius is of no country, her pure ray
Spreads all abroad, as gen'ral as the day.-The Rosciad.

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