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Give me my scallop-shell of quiet,
My staff of Faith to walk upon;
My scrip of joy, immortal diet;
My bottle of salvation;
My gown of glory, (Hope's true gage)
And thas I'll take my Pilgrimage.---Raleigh.


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The day of the 'Lord Mayor' before the change of style in 1752.-See 9th November. It is the anniversary of the institution by King John in the year 1207 of a ‘Mayor' and 'Sheriffs' for the city by those titles. Previously there were two supreme officers called • Bailiffs' with a magisterial power like the Roman Consuls. The period of election at the “ Yelde Halle” was on Michaelmas day, so late as 1573. “That done,” writes the Recorder to Burghley, my lord elect standeth forth in my place, and there doth disable himself, and in the end is well contented, and so giveth them thanks in like manner, and there doth he take his leave : and so we go to dinner with the two old sheriffs, where we had a costly feast, with a play for our farewell."

James Earl of Morton, a partisan of the British queen, succeeded the Earl of Mar (who died of a broken heart) in the Scotch Regency, 1572.

Raleigh. “ Authors are perplexed,” says Wood, under what topic to place him ; whether of statesman, seaman, soldier, chemist, or chronologer, for in all these he did excel; and it still remains a dispute whether the age he lived in was more obliged to his pen or his sword, the one being busy in conquering the new, the other in so bravely describing the old world.” A peninsula is too cheap to purchase the life of such another man. The mark of Raleigh will stand as a continent supported by opposite seas ; for the wanton root of favouritism bursts into honour before the turbulent gust which swept him from the earth.

Pepys, speaking of Whitehall, 1666 : “ Into the new play-house there the first time I ever was there, and the first play I have seen since before the great plague ; the play being Love in a Tub,' a silly play, and the whole thing done ill.” A destructive hurricane at Malta, 1757.

The Stadthouse at Amsterdam, built of free-stone, by John Campen, an unrivalled commercial structure, is founded, 1648.

James Duke of York visits Edinburgh Castle :— the bursting of Mouns Megg, was taken as a bad omen. Hare hunting now begins.

Of death and judgment, heaven and hell,
Who oft doth tbink, must needs die well.--- Raleigh.

713 ...

Her ivory forehead, full of bounty brave,
Like a broad table did itself dispread,
For Love her lofty triumphs to engrave,
And write the battles of his great godhead.
All good and honour might therein be read:
For there their dwelling was. And when she spake,
Sweet words, like dropping honey, she did shed,
And 'twixt the pearls and rubies softly brake
A silver sound, that heavenly music seein'd to make.--- Belphæbe.



II. James Amyot, 1514, Melun. James Sturmius, 1553. died,
Cal. Hubert Goltzius, 1526, Venloo. Strusburg

Cardinal Baronius, 1538, Sora. Mary of Cleves, pois. 1574.
George II. (of England), 1683, John Jas. Boissard, 1602. Metz.

George Clifford, Earl of Cum-
Richard Brinsley


berland, 1605. Skipton. 1751, Dorset Street, Dublin.' Henry (Admiral) de MontmoJames Perry, 1756, Aberdeen. rency, 1632. beh. Toulouse.

Antoinette de la Porte Bourig

non, 1680. d. Franeker, Puns comical destroy puns John Mottley, 1750. (Quo?) serious. How often have Aris

Antoine Terrasson, 1782. totle and Cartesius been recon-Ferdinand Galiani, 1787. died, ciled by a merry conceit! how

Naples. often have whigs and tories Charles Eleonore de Valazé, shook hands over a quibble! and

1793. stabbed (se) Paris. the clashing of swords been pre- Charles Alexander de Calonne, vented by the jingling of words.

1802. d. Paris. Guardian, No. 36.

Samuel Ayscough, 1804.

Anquetil du Perron, 1805. d. Obits of the Laiin Church.


John Whitaker, 1808. d. Ruan-
St. Marcellus the Centurion,

Martyr at Tangier, 298.

William, Duke of Portland,
St. Asterius, Bp. of Amasea in

1809. Pontus, Father of the Church

Dr. Edmund Cartwright, 1823. (after), 400.

d. Hastings. St. Germanus, Bp. of Capua, c.

Rev. Charles Maturin, 1824. 540.

Good woodman, though thy green be turn'd to grey,
Thy age past April's prime and pleasant May,
Have thy request, we take him at thy praise. Peele's Polyhymnia.


He look'd, and saw the face of things quite chang'd ;
The brazen throat of war had ceas'd to roar;
All now was turn'd to jollity and game,
To luxury and riot, feast and dance;
Marrying, or prostituting, as befell,
Rape or adultery, where passing fair
Allur'd them; thence from eaps to civil broils.---Milton.


Noah is commanded by God, tenth of Marchesvan (Bul), to fill the ark with living creatures, male and female, which employs him seven days.

The Temple of Solomon was dedicated upon this Julian day by some authorities, corresponding with the fifteenth day of Tisri (Ethunim) and during the feast of Tabernacles.-See 26th September.

The peplos is wove by the spotless Athenian Virgins.--See 31st May. Cremona is sacked and burned 286 years from its foundation, A.D.69. The last (seventh) Crusade ends with the treaty of Barbary, 1270.

The conflict upon London Bridge between the retainers of the Bishop of Winchester (bad Beaufort) and the Duke of Gloucester, 1270.

Henry VII. is crowned (two months after Bosworth field) during that terrible visitation the sweating sickness. The • Yeomen of the guard' consisting of fifty archers, were then instituted, 1485. His victorious standards, an image of St. George, a red fiery dragon, and a dun cow,' were offered in memorial on the altar of St. Paul's. Pepys notes"

Tom Killigrew's way of getting to see plays when a boy. He would go to the Red Bull, and when the man cried to the boys, ' W'ho will go and be a devil, and he shall see the play for nothing ?' then would he go in, and be a devil upon

the stage." The Fire-mile Act' is passed for the prevention of seditious preaching within five miles of any town sending members to parliament, 1665.

Evelyn, 1680: "I went to London to be private, my birth-day being the next day, and I now arrived at my sixtieth year, on which I began a more solemn survey of my whole life, in order to the making and confirming my peace with God, by an accurate scrutiny of all my actions past, as far as I was able to call them to mind. How difficult and uncertain, yet how necessary a work!”-American and French league, 1778.

Twenty-one members of the French Convention guillotined, 1793. The Caledonian Canal is opened, 1822. British Consuls are appointed to the South American states, 1823.

Watch, therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

St. Matthew.

If the cause of the oppressed is openly to be assisted; if the influence and the strong arm of the powerful are to be controlled; if the public ingratitude to any meritorious individual is to be arraigned, then will no deficiency of eloquence or of fortitude be seen in this great man; then will the client possess in him an advocate and a friend, suited to all his wants, and adequate to his highest expectations : the cause, indeed, will be in the hands of a defender whom no threats can divert from the straight path; whom neither intimidation nor bribes can bend from the uprightness of duty, or for an instant deject from the conscious firmness of his countenance and the determined attitude of his mind.---Milton. Day. Births.



Prid. John Evelyn, 1620, Wotton. John Paleologus (Emperor), Cal. Anne Claude Philip Count de 1418.

Caylus, 1692, Paris. John Stadius, 1579. d. Paris. Clement XIV. John Ganganelli John Bradshaw, 1659. West

(Pope), 1705, St. Archangelo. minster Abbey.
Christoph. Anstey, 1724, Wilt- Theophilus Raynaud, 1663. d.
shire ?

Solomon Van Til, 1713. died,

Though in other respects nei- Victor Amadeus I. (of Sardi-
ther gloomy nor severe,

nia), 1732. d. Rivoli.
tle and placid, he yet sustains William Augustus, Duke of
with unfaltering dignity the cha- Cumberland, 1765. (Abbey.)
racter which he has borne ; and, Louis Elizabeth de la Vergne,
uniformly consistent with him. 1782. d. Paris.
self, he appears like a consul John Edwin (Actor), 1790.

from whom the fasces are not to Charles Grant, 1825.
depart with the year.
Milton's Character of Bradshau.

but gen

The pious, the learned, the Obits of the Latin Church.

eminent, in any walk of genius,

the soldier, and the brave man, St. Quintin, Martyr in Gaul, d.

are either relieved by his wealth 287.

if in distress; or, if not indiSt. Faillan of Ireland, Martyr, gent, are cultivated by his attend. 655.

tions, and cherished in his emSt. Wolfgang, Bp. of Ratisbon, brace.- Milton.

d. 994.

Every man has a certain post to guard and maintain here, and it does not be come hiin to desert and abandon it.... Plato.

- 716 ....

Wi' merry sangs, an' friendly cracks,

I wat they didna weary ;
An'anco tales, an' funny jokes,

Their sports were cheap an' cheery ;
Till butter'd so'ns, wi' fragrant lant,

Set a' their gabs a steerin ;
Syne, wi' a social glass o' strunt,
They parted atf careerin.

Fu' blithe that night.--- Halloween.


In this month, which was sacred to Bucchus, the lesser mysteries were solemnized at Rome. The last two days were devoted to Vertumnus.

Allhallow Eve. The vigil of All Saints' is a spiritual anniversary, when superstition, which is the child of ignorance, impiously snatches the dark veil of futurity, and love-sick visions mingle abroad. There exists a supernatural and unhealthy craving in the mind, as the body, for things which are destructive to the human system. We diet upon sound;

and death is the compass of our knowledge. All the rest is an ashen apple. The Lords of misrule now commenced their sway till Candlemas.—The Greek feast of St. Stachys, mentioned by Paul.

Queen Elizabeth to General Norris upon his capturing a fort in the Low Countries, dated Richmond, 1585: “And herewith we cannot also but put you in mind of the special care we required you to have, at the time of your departure, that the young gentlemen of best birth that did accompany you might be spared from all desperate and hazardous attempts as this was, the place being not assaultable, for that we mean they should be reserved as much as might be, in respect of their valour and towardliness for our service here at home in cases of necessity.”

Johnson is entered a Commoner of Pembroke College, Oxford, 1728.

The first stone of Blackfriars Bridge is placed, 1760 :-completed in 1770. It was burned by the rioters, and rebuilt June 7, 1780.

The fall of Pampeluna to General Don Carlos d'Espana, twenty-four days after Lord Wellington's entry into France over the Bidassoa, 1813.

The five discovered planets we appropriate as governesses of . October.' Polyhymnia presided over singing and rhetoric. The tiara of this muse is a jewelled crown; her right hand is uplifted, and the left supports a sceptre. Harmony is considered to have first broken from her shell.

The mind hath over the body that commandment which the lord hath over a bondman: but reason bath over the imagination that commandment which a magistrate hath over a free citizen.


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