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The Seasons since have, with severer sway,
Oppress'd a broken world: the Winter keen
Shook forth his waste of snows, and Sammer shot
His pestilential heats. Great Spring, before,
Green'd all the year; and fruits and blossoms blush'd,
In social sweetness, on the self-same bough.


THE UNIVERSAL DELUGE. No day, or night, is more interesting to the fraternity of error than the “nones” of this month, when the gates of heaven were broken and God passed judgment on mankind. Methuselah was buried on the verge of the flood, which is signified in his name. It is a coincidence not strained to find the • Neptualia,' games of eight } days in honour of Neptune recorded in the Roman almanac.

The sixth Crusade takes Damietta in Egypt by assault, 1249.

Edward I. confirms the two great Charters, with those additional articles, included in the statute “ de tallagio non concedendo,” 1297.

Queen Elizabeth's speech to a deputation of the two houses bearing a petition respecting her marriage, 1566 : “ If any here doubt that I am by vow or determination bent never to trade in that kind of life, put out that kind of heresy, for your belief is there in a wry.

GUNPOWDER Plot. This unnatural conspiracy' is discovered upon the day appointed for assembling the English parliament, 1605. The Grace ' Non nobis Domini' composed by William Bird was first sung on this occasion, in 1607.-See 7th July.

The articles between Sir William Davenant and the players, comprising Bellerton, Nokes, and Underhill, erecting them to be a company publickly to act in any theatre in London or Westminster, 1660. They began at Salisbury Court, then returned to the Cockpit, and afterwards removed to the new theatre " with scenes" in Portugal Row.

William Prince of Orange lands at Torbay in Devonshire, 1688. The centennial festival was remembered by all the friends of liberty.

Dr. Sacheverel preaches the second of his famous sermons at St. Paul's. The other was delivered at Derby, 14th August, 1709.

Frederick vanquishes the French and Austrians at Rosbach, 1757. The victory at Gemappe, which revolutionized Belgium, 1792. Galvani discovered Galvanism. The Royal Style is settled following the Irish Union, 1800. Republic of the Ionian Isles is founded, 1815.

A trembling candidate for thy compassion
On this world's brink, I look into the next.-Bishop Porteus.

Hope, like a cordial, innocent, though strong,
Man's heart at once inspirits and serenes;
Nor makes him pay his wisdom for his joys;
'Tis all our present state can safely bear,
Health to the frame; and vigour to the mind :
A joy attemper'd; a chastis'd delight,
Like the fair summer ev’ning, mild and sweet;
Tis man's full cap, bis paradise below!




vili. Julianus (Emperor), B. C. 331, Caliph Omar, A. D. 644. assasId. Constantinople.

sinated, Jerusalem. 6.

Sir George Ent, 1604, Sandwich. Innocent VII. (Pope), 1406.
James Gregory, 1638, Aberdeen. Sir John Falstaff, 1460. Nor-
Colley Cibber, 1671, Southamp- wich.
ton Street, London.

Henry Stuart, Prince of Wales,
Joseph Isaac Berruyer, 1682, 1612. Westminster Abbey.

Richard Carew, 1620.
Dr. James Beattie, N. S. 1735. Gustavus Adolphus(of Sweden),
Js. Hay Beattie, 1768, Aberdeen. 0. S. 1632. killed, Lutsen.

Sir. Thos. Roe, 1644. Woodford. There is not a porch, or a Sir Nath. Brent, 1652. London. market-place in which the 'news- John IV. the Fortunate (of Pormonger' does not take his stand

tugal), 1656. d. Lisbon. for a whole day together, tiring John Baptist Morin, 1656. his invention, and amusing his Paris. hearers with an everlasting series Dr. Charles Davenant, 1714. of fictions and forgeries. Samuel Wesley, the younger, Theophrastus. 1739. Tiverton Churchyard.

Claude Simeon Passemant, Obits of the Latin Church.

St. Leonard (or Lienard), Her- John Gottlieb Tielke, 1787. d.

mit of Nobiliac in Limousin, Freyberg
c. 559. (See English Church Louis Joseph Philip, Duke of

Orleans, 1793. guillotined,
St. Iltutus, of Glamorganshire, Paris.

Abbot, 6th Century. Professor (James) Baden, 1804. St. Winoc of Armorica, Abbot, The Princess Charlotte, 1817. d. (before) 750.

St. George's Chapel, Windsor.
Lo where he shineth yonder a fixed star in Heaven,
Whose motion here came under none of the planets seven. ---Holland.

Hark, hark, the storm grows loud,
The day's wrapt ap in a sullen cloud;
Hark, hark, the tempest sings
The sea-men's dirge, and flings
The fatal waves to fatal shores,
While round the ship the billow roars;
And those that never pray'd before
Call now upon some unknown power.


Birth Day of Noah. The Patriarch whose name, in Hebrew, signifies the “ Comforter” received his birth probably in Phænicia, B. C. 2948. There were 8 persons who composed this floating monarchy, Sunday, B. C. 2349. The symbol of our benefactor was the .Sun.'

The sixth day of the Hebrew month Casleu was observed as a fast in memory of the book of Jeremiah torn and burned by King Jehoiakim, B. C. 606.-See Jeremiah, xxxvi. 23.

Cataline assembles the conspirators this evening to fire the capital and cut off the senate and principal citizens, B. C. 63.

Omar received the caliphate by the testament of Abubeker. “I have no occasion," said the modest candidate, for the place.”

" But the place has occasion for you,” replied the expiring Mussulman. Henry III. grants the separate charter called the Charter of Forests, 1217. The treaty of Salisbury is signed by the deputies of Edward I., the Scotch regency, and Eric King of Norway, 1289. Henry VI. receives the royal unction in his eighth year at Westminster, 1429. He was crowned in the French metropolis the 17th day of December, 1431.

A political pageant, called “ England's Joy,” is represented at the Swan Theatre, 1602. It was the year of a fierce histrionic paper war.

The · Microcosm’appeared at Eton, 1786 :-closed 30th July, 1787. An earthquake at Guernsey, 1799. Blucher's defeat at Lubeck, 1806.

The princess Charlotte of Wales, “among the Pleiads a new kindled star,” the consort of Prince Leopold, died in child-birth of a still-born male child, to the inexpressible grief of an affectionate people, 1817.

Michaelmas Term. Previous to the alteration of the style in 1752 it commenced upon this day. In the years, 1583, and 1593, by reason of the plague, this term was kept at Hertford.--See 25th November.

In the latitude of Spitsbergen (discovered by Barentz in 1596), at 70 degrees, the sun disappears from about this day for three months.

Down he descends, and booming o'er his head
The big waves close; he's number'd with the dead.-- False Prophet.

The assertion that the “liberties taken by the writers of journals with their superiors were exorbitant and unjustifiable,” is only an instance of that partiality which almost every man indulges with regard to himself: the liberty of the press is a blessing when we are inclined to write against others, and a calamity when we find ourselves overborne by the multitude of our assailants; as the power of the crown is always thought too great by those who suffer by its influence, and too little by those in whose favoar it is executed; and a standing army is generally accounted necessary by those who command, and dangerous and oppressive by those who support it.

Dr. Johnson. Day. Births.


VII. William Stukeley, 1687, Hol- Caius Cilnius Mæcenas, B.C.8. Id.

beach, in Lincolnshire. Sir Martin Frobisher, killed, 7. Frederic Leopold, Count Stol- 1594. Plymouth. berg, 1750, Bramstedt. Gaspar Tagliacozzi, 1599. died,


Henry Montagu, Earl of ManThe English money was to

chester, 1642. the Austrians, as a shower to a John Kyrle, the Man of Ross, field. The armies, which had

0. S. 1724.
hitherto been hid in mountains Philip Baron Stosch, 1757. d.
and forests, started out of their Florence.
retreats; and, wherever the Reverend Joseph Fownes, 1789.
queen's standard was erected, J. Thornton, 1790. d. Clapham,
nations scarcely known by their Paul Sandby, 1809. d. Pad-

names, swarmed immediately dington.
about it. An army, especially John Andrew de Luc, 1817.
a defensive army, multiplies it-

self. Life of Frederick.

Francis Joseph (of Naples),


Obits of the Latin Church.
St. Prosdecimus Ist. Bishop of If you are fond of an earthen
Padua, c. 103.

cup, consider it is but clay, of St. Willibrord, of Northumber

a frail nature, and you cannot land, 1st. Bp. of Utrecht, 738. be much troubled or surprised, St. Werenfrid, Priest in Hol- whenever it happens to be land, 8th Century



What advantage can it be to a blind man, that his parents had good eyes.

Charron upon Ancestry.

So fares a traitor to an earthly crown;
While death sits threatening in his prince's frown,
His heart's dismay'd ; and now his fears command
To change his native for a distant land;
Swift orders fly, the king's severe decree
Stands in the channel, and locks up the sea;
The port he seeks, obedient to her lord,
Hurls back the rebel to his lifted sword.-Last Day.


The Roman Mundus is again opened for the last time.-See 30th August.

Cicero, with the authority of a Consul, summons the Senate to the Temple of Jupiter where it was assembled in times only of public alarm, and delivers his famous invective in the presence of Cataline, B. C. 63.

Mæcenas the friend and counsellor of Augustus, to whom Virgil dedicated his Georgics and Horace his Odes, was born at Arezzo, upon the Ides of Venus (April), a fact which the lyrist elegantly mentions.

Wallace grants a protection to the monks of Hexham for their lives and possessions, 1297 : “ Abide with me, for there alone can you be secure; for my people are evil doers, and I cannot punish them.”

A marvellous thunder-stone fell about mid-day at Ensisheim in Alsace, which weighed (it is learnedly attested) 255 pounds, Wednesday, 1492.

The victory at Prague, and fight of Frederick of Bohemia, 1620.

The articles of peace, called the treaty of the Pyrenees, between France and Spain, is concluded in the Isle of Pheasants on the Bidassoa, 1659.

The first “ Gasette” in England is published at Oxford, where the Court had retired during the great plague, on Tuesday, 1665. The weekly returns of the dead (generally) in London for the months of July and August were 1006, 1268, 1761, 2785, 3014, 4030, 5312, 5568, 7496. In December, 73 parishes (it began within the walls 10th June, at Fenchurch Street) were stated to be free from the disease, and the court returned to Whitehall 2nd February, 1666, when the title of the Journal was changed to the “ London Gazette."

Dr. Hawkesworth commences his admired paper, called The Adventurer," 1752 ; concluding on the 9th of March, 1754.

The last execution under the Inquisition was a female burned at Seville, 1781. Llorenté has calculated 241,000 victims in Spain, of 45 grand Inquisitions. Hidalgo is overthrown at Aculco in Mexico, 1810. Gobet, Bishop of Paris, solemnly resigns his functions, 1794.

How many lift the head, look gay, and smile,
Against their consciences ! and this we know.-Dr. Young.

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