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'Twas revelry. Some on the smooth-wheel'd car
A virgin bride conducted: then burst forth
Aloud the marriage-song ; and far and wide
Long splendours flash'd from many a quivering touch,
Borne in the hands of slaves. Gay-blooming girls
Preceded, and the dancers follow'd blithe :
These, with shrill pipe indenting the soft lip,
Breath'd melody, while broken echoes thrill'd
Around them; to the lyre with flying touch
Those led the love-enkindling dance.- The Shield,



XI1. Saint Thomas Becket, 1117, St. Anastasius (Patriarch), 598.

Antioch. 21.

Thomas Allen, 1542, Ultoneter. St. John of Matha, 1213. d.
Dr. Thomas Jackson, 1579, Rome.

Witton, in Durham. Sir J. Seymour, 1536. Bedmin.
Thos. Delafield, 1690, Little Maximilian, Duke de Sully,

1641. d. Villebon. (NogentBishop (Thos.) Newton, 1703, le-Rotrou.) 0.S. Lichfield.

Catherine (of England), 1705. Lewis Henry Christopher Holty, Bernard de Montfaucon, 1741. 1748, Mariensee.

d. St. Germain des Pres.

Michel Coltelli(Procope), 1753. The understanding is like

d. Chaillot. some great empress, who con- Thomas Broughton, 1774. Bedquers half the world, but is un.

minster. able to rule herself; who extends James Harris, 1780. (Quo ?) her regulations into foreign Francis Philip de Reyrac, 1782. climes, while her domestic af

Arnauld de Berquin, 1791. d. fairs are involved in confusion.

Do you doubt the reality of this

Dr. William Vincent, 1815.
remark? Set yourself to medi-
tate upon the most interesting

Nor is it an ordinary struggle truths.-Aspasio.

between reason, sense,


pas. Obits of the Latin Church. sion, that can raise men to a calm St. Thomas of Galilee, A postle, animate them to assault without

and ready negligence of life, and Martyr at Meliapor, in India.

pursue without cruelty, and St. Edburge of Winchester, Vir


stab without hatred.- On Arms. gin, 7th Century. Christian doctrine is comprehended under two divisions: Faith, or the knowledge of God; and Love, or the worship of God.


... 828 ..

And now advanc'd the queen of melting joy,

Smiling supreme in unresisted charms :
Ah then, what transports fir’d the trembling boy !

How throbb'd his sickening frame with fierce alarms!
His eyey in liquid light luxurious swim,

And langnish with uputterable love.
Heaven's warm bloom glows along each bright'ning limb,

Where flattering bland the veil's thin mantlings rove ---Venus.


HERCULES and Venus. In describing this mystery of the Romans w may create an English word, and call it the mulsion of those dark and turbulent elements in nature (Erebus and Nox) which by a divine Energy produced · Heaven' and ' Earth,' Protogonus and Æon, the twofold universe, with their separate attendants.—See 20th September.

The old theogonist introduces “Chaos” as the primal self-existing cause ; and the first of the elements. Indeed the force of that word is MATTER SUPPORTED, expressed by the octave letter A in every tongue. The Druids seem to have computed their days from night to night; and like all the ancient world (before the Exodus), by twenty-four divisions.

The Winter SOLSTICE is that period of the year when the sun enters the first degree of the Tropic of Capricorn, which is about the shortest day. The longest' day at Greenwich (allowing for refraction) is sixteen hours, thirty-four minutes, and five seconds; the shortest' day, seven hours, forty-four minutes, and seventeen seconds. See 21st June.

St. Thomas. This great apostle, called Dydimus (Twin), whose counsels penetrated into India, was killed by the Brachmins, and buried at Meliapour, about ten miles from Madras, A. D. 73. The festival' was instituted, shortly after the invention of musical notes, A.D. 1130.

CEREALIA. These were Athenian festivals upon the longest night, when their ancient year (prior to B.C. 432) began. It is the first day of the Metonic month Gamelion, whose initial paints The Oath.

The Latin · Divalia' to the Goddess of Silence and of Cheerfulness. The Excise-tax is perpetuated by an act of King Charles II. 1660.

Sentence is executed upon many of those Scottish covenanters who had rebelled it is supposed under persecution, 1667. This, which was a singular natural year in temperature, gave the Whigs' a name.

The maiming of Sir John Coventry, a commoner, for reflecting upon the moral character of Charles II. which caused the “ Coventry Act," 1670.

The attributes of God are Truth, Spirit, Immensity, and Infinity, Eternity, Immutability, Incorruptibility, Omnipresence, Omnipotence. Milton.

- 829 o

Lady, that in the prime of earliest youth,
Wisely hast shunn'd the broadway and the green,
And with those few art eminently seen,
That labour up the hill of heavenly truth,
Thy care is fix'd, and zealously attends
To fill thy odorous lamp with deeds of light,
And hope that reaps not shame. Therefore be sure
Thou, when the bridegroom with his feastful friends,
Passes to bliss at the mid hour of night,
Hast gain'd thy entrance, virgin wise and pure.



XI. Thomas Banks, 1738, Lambeth. Archbp. Kinsius, 1060. York. Cal.

Thomas Holcroft, 1744, London. Cardinal (William) D'Estoute22. John Emery, 1777, Sunderland. ville, 1483. d. Rome.

Bilibald Pirckheimer, 1530. d. The fixing of the good hours Nuremberg. of the mind hath been practised Richard Plantagenet, 1550. by two means, vows or constant Eastwell. resolutions, and observances or Alexander Farnese, Duke of exercises ; which are not to be

Parma, 1592. d. Arras, regarded so much in themselves, Richard Allein, 1681. as because they keep the mind Paul Boccone, 1704. Palermo. in continual obedience. The Pierre Varignon, 1722. Paris. obliteration of the evil hath been James Basnage de Franquenet, practised by two means, some

1723. d. Hague. kind of redemption or expiation Michael Baron, 1729. d. Paris. of that which is past, and an Bishop (Chas.) Lyttelton, 1768. inception or account .de novo' Percival Pott, 1788. London. for the time to come.—Bacon. Peter Henry Larcher, 1812.

Obits of the Latin Church.

I do not find the wisdom and St. Ischyrion, Martyr in Egypt, diligence of Aristotle well pur253.

sued, who began to make a colSts. Cyril (the philosopher) and lection of the popular signs and

Methodius (Archbishop), Bro- colours of good and evil, both thers and Inventors of the simple and comparative, which Sclavonian alphabet, 9th Cen- are as the sophisms of rhetoric. tury.


Let not other regard themselves so holy, as I have no corner left for me.

Queen Elizabeth.

...... 830 ..

The wits of Charles found easier ways to fame,
Nor wish'd for Jonson's art or Shakspeare's flame.
Themselves they studied, as they felt they writ;
Intrigue was plot, obscenity was wit.
Vice always found a sympathetic friend;
They pieas'd their age and did not aim to mend.
Yet bards like these aspird to lasting praise,
And proudly hoped to pimp in future days.


Roman festivals devoted to the Lares Compitales, guardians of the cross roads. The word Lars' in Etruscan signifies a leader.-See 1st May.

The capture of Alexandria from the Greeks under Amri the Saracen, a fourteen month's siege, Friday, in the month Moharram, A.D. 640. “ I have taken,” he addressed the Caliph Omar," the great city of the West. It is impossible for me to enumerate the variety of its riches and beauty; and I shall content myself with observing, that it contains 4000 palaces, 4000 baths, 400 theatres or places of amusement, 12,000 shops for the sale of vegetable food, and 40,000 tributary Jews.” It is well known that the second Alexandrian Library (established by Cleopatra) was then destroyed to feed the baths. That collection consisted of the treasures in the Serapion of 300,000 volumes and those 200,000 rolls brought by Marc Antony from Pergamus, with the accumulation of seven centuries. The first was principally formed by the two Ptolemies, and contained at the period of the fire in Cæsar's time 700,000 volumes. The temple of Serapis escaped : the rest, imprisoned in the Bruchion Musæum, were consumed, pulcherrimum regiæ opulentiæ monumentum. The knowledge was in a wrong place, or the simple gist of printing had forbad its annihilation. The rays of science lead to one focus.

The coronation of Stephen (of the house of Blois) at Westminster, 1135.

The famous Protestant League of defence against a decree (19 Nov.) of the Imperial diet is concluded this day at Smalkald, 1530.

The Great Seal of England is delivered to Sir Nicholas Bacon, with the style of “ Lord Keeper,” then first adopted, 1558.

The Protestants of Germany here introduced the Gregorian, or New Style of supputation, by the omission of ten days, concluding the year 1699.

Sir William Temple's mission to the Hague regarding the French monarch's occupation of Flanders, which terminated in the triple alliance, 13th January, 1668.— Ismael is taken by Suwarrow, 1790. The fourth French month, Nivóse, began in · Capricorn' yesterday.

'Tis you that say it, not I. You do the deeds, And your ungodly deeds find me the words.-Sophocles.

831 .....

O happy Britain! we have not to fear
Such hard and arbitrary measure here;
Else, could a law, like that which I relate,
Once have the sanction of our triple state,
Some few that I have known in days of old,
Would run most dreadful risk of catching cold;
While you, my friend, whatever wind should blow,
Might traverse England safely to and fro,
An honest man, close-button'd to the chin,
Broad-cloth without, and a warm heart within.--- Epistle.



X. Bishop (Matthew) Wren, 1585, Childebert I. (of France), 558. Cal. London.

d. Paris. 23.

Heneage Finch, Earl of Notting- Dagobert II. (of Austrasia), ham, 1621, London?

assass. 679. (Stenay.) Frederick Augustus (of Saxony), Henry de Lorraine, Duke of 1750.)

Guise, 1588. murd. Blois.

Secretary (William) Davison, It was recorded in the sacred

1608. books of the Persians and the Redemptus Baranzano, 1622. Chaldeans, that the world, com

d. Montargis. posed of a total revolution of Roger Ascham, 0. S. 1568. twelve thousand periods, was

St. Sepulchre, London. divided into two partial revolu- Michael Drayton, 1631. Westtions, of which one, the age and

minster Abbey. reign of good, was to terminate Dr. W. Musgrave, 1721. Exeter. at the expiration of six thousand, Chas. Michael (Abbé) L'Epée,

and the other, the age and reign

of evil, at the expiration of ano-
ther six thousand.-Volney. Genius having afterwards in-

vented the more simple art of

applying signs to sounds, of Obits of the Latin Church.

which the number is limited, St. Victoria, Virgin, Martyr at and of painting the word instead Rome, 250.

of the thought, hieroglyphic picTen Martyrs of Crete, 3rd Cent. tures were, by means of alphaSt. Servulus, a Beggar of Rome, betical writing, brought into 590.



Honour your parents :---make oblations of your fruits to the gods:---hort not living creatures.

Laws of Triptolemus, in Zenocrates.

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