The Medical Department of United States Army from 1775 to 1873

Surgeon General's Office, 1873 - 314 páginas

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Página 181 - to raise for a limited time an additional military force, and for other purposes...
Página 221 - I have the honor to transmit herewith a bill to increase the efficiency of the Medical Department...
Página 3 - Lieutenant and you are your self to observe and follow such Orders and Instructions, as you shall from time to time receive from Me or...
Página 226 - Hammond, one of whose first acts after becoming surgeon-general, in 1862, was to issue a circular stating, that, ' as it is proposed to establish in Washington an army medical museum, medical officers are directed diligently to collect, and to forward to the office of the surgeon-general, all specimens of morbid anatomy, surgical or medical, which may be regarded as valuable, together with projectiles and foreign bodies removed, and such other matters as may prove of interest in the study of military...
Página 8 - He, suspecting some improper correspondence, kept the letter, and after some time opened it ; but, not being able to read it, laid it up, where it remained until he received an obscure letter from the woman, expressing an anxiety after the original letter. He then communicated the whole matter to Mr. Ward, who sent him up with the papers to me. I immediately secured the woman ; but for a long time she was proof against every threat and persuasion to discover the author.
Página 209 - War is authorized to select from the sergeants of the line of the Army who shall have faithfully served therein...
Página 140 - Act, no person shall receive the appointment of Assistant Surgeon in the Army of the United States, unless he shall have been examined and approved by an Army Medical Board, to consist of not less than three Surgeons or Assistant Surgeons, who shall he designated for that purpose by the Secretary of War...
Página 8 - I immediately secured the woman ; but for a long time she was proof against every threat and persuasion to discover the author. However, at length she was brought to a confession, and named Dr. Church. I then immediately secured him and all his papers. Upon his first examination, he readily acknowledged the letter, said it was designed for his brother Fleming, and, when deciphered, would be found to contain nothing criminal.
Página 244 - That the chiefs of the respective bureaus of this department proceed immediately to reduce the expenses of their respective departments to what is absolutely necessary, in view of an immediate reduction of the forces in the field and garrisons, and the speedy termination of hostilities, and that they severally make out statements of the reductions they deem practicable.
Página 6 - That the number be not kept in constant pay, unless the sick and wounded should be so numerous as to require the attendance of twenty, and to be diminished as circumstances will admit; for which the pay is fixed by the day, that they may only receive pay for actual service. That oiv clerk, two storekeepers, and one nurse to every ten sick be appointed by the director.

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