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this contract, shall be permitted or required to work more than eight hours in any one calendar day, except in case of extraordinary emergency caused by fire, flood or damage to life or property.

3. The Contractor further stipulates and agrees that the wages to be paid for a legal day's work as hereinbefore defined, to all classes of such laborers, workmen or inechanics upon said work or upon any material to be used upon or in connection therewith, shall not be less than the prevailing rate for a day's work in the same trade or occupation in the locality within the State where such public work on, about or in connection with such labor is performed in its final or completed form, is to be situated, erected or used. The Contractor further agrees that this contract shall, at the option of the State, be void and of no effect, unless said Contractor and each and every person who may have any part on the Contractor's behalf in performing the same, shall comply with the provisions of this paragraph.

4. The Contractor further agrees that in the construction of said work only citizens of the United States shall be employed, and in all cases where laborers are employed on such public works, preference shall be given to citizens of the State of New York. The Contractor further agrees that this contract shall, at the option of the State, he void, if the provisions of this section are not complied with.

5. The Contractor further agrees that all stone which shall be used in the said work, except paving blocks and crushed stone, shall be worked, dressed and carved within this State, and that if this paragraph is violated by the Contractor, the State shall at its option revoke the contract and be released from liability thereon.

6. The Contractor further agrees that he will not assign, transfer, convey, sublet, or otherwise dispose of this contract or of his right, title or interest therein, or his power to execute the same, without the consent in writing of the Superintendent of Public Works, or any moneys which are to become due or payable to him because thereof, to any person, company or corporation, without the previous consent in writing of the Canal Board of the State of New York, and that until such consent in writing shall have been given, that no claim or demand shall exist in favor of any person, company or corporation, to any of the moneys to be paid by the State on account of the provisions of this contract in favor of any person, association or corporation except the said Contractor.

12. It is further mutually agreed that if, in the judgment of the State Engineer, the work is not being performed according to the contract or for the best interests of the State, he shall so certify to the Canal Board, and the Canal Board shall thereupon have power to suspend or stop the work under this contract while it is in progress, and direct the Superintendent of Public Works, and it shall thereupon become his duty to complete the same in such manner as will accord with the contract, specifications, and be for the best interests of the State, or at the option of the Canal Board, that the contract may be cancelled and the work readvertised and relet in the manner prescribed in chapter 147 of the Laws of 1903.



That we.......

Contractor.. and.

.sureties are held and jointly and severally firmly bound unto THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK in the sum of

.dollars ($...

.) to be paid to the said people, their certain attorney, agent or assigns for which payment well and truly to be made, we jointly and severally bind ourselves and each of our successors, heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals. Dated

day of one thousand nine hundred and

WHEREAS the said Contractor has entered into a contract with the People of the State of New York whereby it he they have has covenanted and agreed to furnish all labor and services and material of every kind and to do and perform each and every act and thing necessary and proper for the improvement of the.

.canal, between the and the

in accordance with the plans and specifications for said work adopted by the Canal Board of the State of New York or as the same may be changed or altered from time to time by its duly authorized agents or officers.

THE CONDITION of this obligation is such that if said Contractor will well and truly pay in full at least once each month all laborers who may be employed on the work specified in such contract, then this obligation shall be void but shall otherwise remain in full force and effect.

.. (Seal)


(Seal) vii


Statutes, etc., of other States and of the United States, regulating Conditions

of Employment on Public Work.



MECHANICS. 1. The employment of laborers and mechanics at each of the United States navy yards and stations is committed to a board consisting of three commissioned officers on duty at the station, designated the “ Board of Labor Employment."

2. No person can be given employment in a United States navy yard as a mechanic or laborer until he registers with the Board of Labor Employment.

3. The office of the Board of Labor Employment is in the navy yard. Persons residing in the vicinity of the navy yard in which they desire to register for employment should apply to the board in person, during the regular working hours of the yard, for the prescribed blank forms upon which application must be made, and for information required to facilitate registration.

4. Persons at a distance should write to the “ Board of Labor Employment” at the navy yard in which they desire to register for the prescribed blank application and blank certificates of recommendation. They should state the occupation in Schedule A, or the trade in Schedule B, in which they desire to register.

5. All applicants will be registered in the order of their application.

6. No applicant will be registered unless he furnishes satisfactory evidence that he is a citizen of the United States, or has served in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, and that his discharge or discharges therefrom were not dishonorable or for bad conduct.

7. Before entering the name of an applicant on the register, such further inquiry may be made in regard to his character and capacity as the board may deem practicable or expedient; and any applicant who has been convicted of crime, misdemeanor, or vagrancy, may, in the discretion of the board, be refused registration.

8. In case an applicant is found, in the opinion of the board, unfit or in any way disqualified to perform the service which he seeks, his name will not be entered on the register.

9. No certificates, other than those filed at the date of registration, will be received or required subsequent to entry of the applicant's name on the register.

10. Any applicant for employment who gives a false name or residence, or presents false certificates, or secures registration or employment through false representation will be discharged, and his name permanently removed from the register as soon as the fact is ascertained.

11. Applicants will be admitted and restricted to registration in such of the occupations and trades in the following list, under Schedules A and B, as are approved by the Department for the navy yard in which the applicant desires work:

Schedule A. Boys.

Helpers, tinners'. Boys, boiler scalers.

Helpers, boiler makers'. Dredgers.

Helpers, brass finishers'. Helpers, general.

Helpers, carpenters' (house). Helpers, blacksmiths'.

Helpers, coppersmiths'. Helpers, boat builders'.

Helpers, galvanizers'. Helpers, joiners'.

Helpers, iron finishers'. Helpers, machinists'.

Hod carriers. Helpers, molders'.

Holders on. Helpers, painters'.

Janitors. Helpers, plumbers'.

Laborers (common). Helpers, sawmill.

Rivet heaters. Helpers, ship fitters'.

Stable keepers. Helpers, shipwrights'.


Schedule B. Anchor makers.

Instrument makers. Blacksmiths.

Joiners (house). Block makers.

Joiners (ship). Boat builders.

Laboratorians. Boiler makers.

Leather workers. Box makers.

Letterers and grainers. Cabinetmakers.

Machinists all round. Calkers wood.

Machinists, tool hand. Calkers and chippery, iron.

Machinists, floor or vise hand. Carpenters (house).

Machinists, electrical. Cartridge makers.

Masons, brick. Catchers.

Masons, stone. Chain makers.

Mill men. Coffee roasters.

Model makers. Compass fitters.

Molders, green sand (iron or brass). Coopers.

Molders, loam. Copper refiners.

Oakum spinners. Coppersiniths.

Oakum makers. Core makers.

Ordnance men. Drivers.

Packers. Drillers.

Painters. Drivers for fire engine.

Pattern makers. Engine tenders.

Pavers. Engine tenderg, fire.

Pile drivers. Engine tenders locomotive.

Pipe fitters. Engine tenders stationary.

Plasterers. Fasteners.

Plumbers (house). Finishers brass.

Plumbers (ship). Finishers, iron.

Pressmen. Firemen.

Printers. Flag makers.

Punchers and shearers. Flange turners.

Reamers. Forgers heavy.

Riggers. Furnacemen.

Riveters. Galvanizers.

Rollers, iron. Gas fitters.

Rope makers. Gas makers.

Sail makers. Hammer men.

Saw filers. Harness makers.

Sawyers. Hostlers.

Seamstresses. Horseshoers.

Ship fitters.

Spar makers.
Tin roofers.
Tool makers.

Schedule B-Continued.

Tool sharpeners.
Wharf builders.


12. An applicant to be registered for employment in an occupation or trade, in Schedule A or B, must present in person to the Board of Labor Employment, at the navy yard in which he desires employment, an application, and evidence to establish his capacity for the work he desires, his character and habits of industry and sobriety.

13. The board will furnish prescribed blank forms (Navy Yard Orders, Forms 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22) to enable applicants to carry out the provisions of paragraph 12.

14. These forms must not be folded nor in any way mutilated. The printed words thereon must not be erased. The name of the occupation or trade for which the applicant is recommended in the certificates must be identical with that written on the application.

15. Form 17, the application, to be filled out and signed by the applicant.

16. Form 18, a statement of the applicant's services in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States, to be presented and signed by an applicant who shows to the Board of Labor Employment, when presenting his application, an honorable discharge from or a certificate of service in one or more of the said armed branches of the Government.

17. Form 19, a character certificate, which must be signed by a reputable citizen of the applicant's locality, testifying to the latter's character and habits of industry and sobriety.

18. Form 20, a trade certificate, which must be signed by a firm or member thereof, superintendent, master workman, or other person under whom the applicant has worked at the trade in which he applies for employment, certifying to his capacity in said trade and to his character and habits of industry and sobriety; and the person who so certifies must specifically state that he has employed the applicant in the trade for which he recommends him. If this certificate is signed by a foreman, quarterman, or other employee of a navy yard, it shall not be accepted.

19. Form 21, a certificate which must be signed by the head of department of a navy yard under whom the applicant served in the trade in which he applies for employment.

20. Form 22, a discharge card, which must be signed by the head of department of a navy yard under whom the recipient served.

21. An applicant may be registered as “boy,” “ boiler scaler," "janitor,” or “laborer," if he presents to the Board of Labor Employment with his application any of the following properly filled out and signed, viz:

(a) Form 18.
(b) Two of Form 19.
(c) Forms 19 and 20.
(d) Form 21.
(e) Form 22.

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