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Female. Orphan Asylum

165 will by a sincere confession more easily obtain forgiveness, than if by an obstinate Lie you make the fault the greater, and thereby deserve a far greater punishment—Lying is the foundation of every thing that is bad; and a person used to it is never believed, esteemed, or trusted.

Be constant in your prayers, and going to church. -Never forget the religious instruction you have received in this house.-Avoid gaming and all evil discourses, and by following these instructions you will obtain the blessing of God upon your honest labours, and you will also gain the good will of all good persons.

Be clean in your person and business: she who is dirty may sooner become vicious.-Rise early ; for it is difficult, if not impossible, to recover lost time.-A good character is valuable to every one, but especially to Servants, for it is their bread, and without it they cannot be admitted into a reputable family.-Never undertake any place for which you are not qualified : pretending to do what you do not understand only exposes yourself, and deceives and disappoints those whom you serve.—Be modest in your behaviour; it becomes your station, and is pleasing to your superiors. Modesty is the best security for female innocence.—Never expose the affairs of the family in which you reside; this is a sort of treachery which must always make mischief, and bring you into trouble. Keep their secrets, and none of

your own.--Live friendly with your fellow servants; assist them kindly, and they will do the same by you : often times while disputing whose work it is, the work might have been done.

If you are wise, you will prefer a peaceable life, with moderate wages, to great advantages with irregularity. -Be as careful of your master's property as if it were your own, for wastefulness is sin.-Never stay when sent on an errand, a quick return shows diligence ; your time is not your own.-Be not


fond of increasing your acquaintance, for visiting leads you out of your business, robs your master of your time, and puts you to an expense you can ill afford.

As a proof that the Guardians of the Asylum still interest themselves in your future conduct, you are further to take notice (as an encouragement for you to follow the advice here given you), that if at the expiration of your apprenticeship, you shall produce testimonials, to the satisfaction of the Committee, of your good behaviour, you shall receive the pecuniary reward of five guineas, together with a seal of the Corporation, signed by the treasurer for the time being, as a mark of their approbation, which you may retain and bear as a standing memorial of your good behaviour. You will for all these benefits return thanks in the chapel.


Heaven and Hell.

THERE is beyond the sky

A Heav'n of joy and love;
And holy children, when they die,

Go to that world above.

There is a dreadful Hell,

And everlasting pains:
There sinners must with Devils dwell

In darkness, fire, and chains.

Can such a wretch as I

Escape this cursed end?
And may I bope, whene'er I die,

I shall to Heay'n ascend ?


Hymn from Dr. Watts.

Then will I read and pray,

While I have life and breath;
Lest I should be cut off to-day,

And sent t' eternal death.


Question. What is there beyond the sky?
Answer. “A heav'n of joy and love."
Q. Who will go there when they die ?
A. Holy children.


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Q. And to what place will the wicked go?
A. To hell.

Q. What does our Lord tell us, in Matt. xv. 41st verse, will be the sentence passed upon the wicked in the day of judgment ?

A. Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.' Q. From whom will they be commanded to depart? A. From our Lord Jesus Christ. Q. And what will rest upon them? A. His curse. Q. And where are they to go? A. Into everlasting fire. Q. And with whom are they to dwell? A. The devil and his angels.


Q. In what words do we, in the Litany of our Church-service, pray to be delivered from this dreadful end?

A. “From thy wrath, and from everlasting damnation, good Lord, deliver us!"


Q. Then if you would flee from the wrath to come, what must you resolve to do?


66 Read and pray While I have life and breath." Q. But is this all that you have to do?

A. No.-I must read God's holy word in order that I may obey his will; and pray for his grace in order that I may do my duty in that state of life unto which it hath pleased him to call me. From Dr. Watts's Hymns for Children, with Questions and



CONFIRMATION. We have often counselled our readers not to throw away any written or printed scraps of paper, without first looking at them, to see whether there was any thing worth reading on them. We have picked out the following portions of prayers from a torn scrap which was used to wrap up a parcel from the printer; they seem to have been a part of a tract printed for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.”

A Prayer to be used before Confirmation. O most blessed God, from whom cometh every good thought, desire, and purpose; assist me, I beseech Thee, in the dedication which I am going to make of myself unto Thee, whose I desire, and resolve to be, to the end of my days.

Be pleased to confirm me in thy grace, and to strengthen me with might by thy Holy Spirit; that I may ever discern and choose, and follow those things which are acceptable in thy sight.

Arm me, good Lord, against all the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil; with a will stedfastly resolved never to yield to any of them. Enable me to persist faithfully in the performance Way of Reading Parts of the Church Service. 169 of the vow, which was made in my name when I was baptized, and which I now intend with my own mouth to renew openly before thy Church ; whose devout prayers in my behalf I beseech thee to hear, through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

A Prayer after Confirmation. Almighty and everlasting God, I most humbly beseech thee to accept of my hearty thanks for all thy great and undeserved benefits, and fill me, I beseech thee, with good thoughts, desires and purposes.

For this end, be pleased daily to impart unto me more and more of thy Holy Spirit, that I may be preserved in thy fear and love; and enabled to do my duty towards Thee, and towards my neighbour; and to the ministers and stewards of thy heavenly mysteries; that, reverently attending to their instructions, receiving their godly admonitions, and obediently following their guidance and direction, I may be finally owned for one of thy good and faithful servants, at that day, when the great shepherd and bishop of our souls shall appear again to our Salvation. To Him, with Thee, O Father, and the Holy Ghost, be eternal praises. AMEN.



I THINK I have mentioned the subject before, but I

shall repeat it; for our village clerk reads one part Ś of the service wrong, though he is a good reader

upon the whole; and I am not surprised that he and many other of our country people, are led into the mistake. I mean the error of making a consi

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