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Page The promised Land, Happy Poverty,

199 Sins and Sorrows laid before God, 200 Praise to the Redeemer,

201 The pardoning God,

202 Heavenly Aspirations,

203 A living and dead. Faith,

204 Trust in God in Dificulties,

205 A Prayer for e 'new Spirit,

207 The Heavenly - Guest,

208 Weakness-bewoiled,

• 209 The Danger -of -Creature Comforts, 210 Sins and Doubts-overcome by Grace, 211 Satan's Devices exposed,

212 The Vanity of Worldly Schemes,

213 The Path to Heaven through this World, 215 Dehring to be kept in God's Way, 216 Grace and Sin,

161,217,239,245 Longing for a. Sense of Pardon, Weery Souls invited to Reft,

219 The increasing Power of Christ's Kingdom,22 Tke Sovereignty of God,

222 The Kingdom of God nat in Word but in Power,

223 Christ the way, the Truth, and the Life, 224, Breathing after Chrift;

225.3.19 Cbrift the only. Saviour,

225 The divided Heart lamented,

228 Clərift justifies and fan&tifies, For Victory over Death,



- 229

Page To the Holy Ghost,

231,256 (brist our Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanitification and Redemption,

232 Divine Strength in human Weakness, 233 The Deceitfulness of Sin,

235 Praise to the-Redeemer,

235 True and false Zeal,

237 Looking to Jesus,

238 The Faithfulness of God relied on, 240 Law and Gospel

241 The Saint's Deliverance at Death, 242 The Saint's Safety in God,

• 242 The Heart devoted to God,

- 243 The everlasting Covenant, To the Trinity,

244,312,354 Comfort for Mourners,

- 244 Growth in Grace, and Free Grace, 245 Compleatness in Chrift,

246 The Paradox,

246 Defiring Communion with God,

248 Self-Examination,

248 A blesed Gospel,

250 Human Weakness and Christ's Strength, 251 Defiring and pleading Chrift, 252,267 Salvation,

252 Every Creature at God's Command; 253 Vanity of the World,

254 Self-Acquaintance,

256 The Christian Soldier's Uniform,

257 Light shining out of Darkness,



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Page Moonlight,

259 Comfort for weak Believers,

260 The Word of God more precious than Gold, 262 At Dismission,

263,264 At the Sacrament,

265,272-282 For the Love of Christ,

266 Asurance of Pardon,

268 The triumphal Feast,

270 Dedication to God,

277 Morning Hymn,

282,285,286 Evening Hymn,

283,284 Lord's-Day Morning and Evening, 287,288 For New Year's Day, 289,290,291 The Circumcifion,

292 Epiphany,

294 Good-Friday,

295 Repentance at the Cross,

296 It is finished,

297 The Grave fanétified by Christ,

298 Cbrist pierced,

299 Easter-Day,

302, 303,304 The Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, 305,306 His Ascension,

307 Whitsunday, Breathing after the Spirit,

311 The Benefit of Afflictions, The Nativity,

313-318 Sickness, or Divine Corre&tion,

319 A Funeral Hymn,

320,322 On the Death of a Young Person, 323

.. 308



336 338

Page Remembering our latter End,

324,325 Life and Eternity,

326 Death and Glory,

327,328 On the Death of a Believer,

329 The fecond Coming of Christ,

330 The loft Judgment,

332,333 The Jubilee,

335 Joy in - the Lord, For Saturday Evening, The barren Fig-tree

339 The burden'd Sinner,

341 The Joys of Heaven,

343,345 A Profpect of the Resurrection, 344 The Prospeet of Heaven makes Death easy, 348 The Happiness of being with Christ, Salvation approaching,

347 The Paling Bell,

349 Before Sermon,

350 On taking a Member into Society,

351 Upon going forth to-Preach

353 After returning from Preaching, 353 At Meeting

355 At Parting, For Minifters at-meeiing

357 - The same, at Parting, DoxoLOGIES,






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H Y M N I. /

IN V I Ī AIION.. *OME, ye finners, poor and

wretched, С

Weak and wounded, fick and

sore, Jesus ready stands to save you, Full of pity, love and pow'r;

He is able,

He is willing; doubt no more. 2 Ho! ye needy, come and welcome,

God's free bounty glorify:
True belief and true repentance,
Every grace that brings us nigh,

Without money
Come to Jesus Christ and buy.


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