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2 His terrors keep the world in awe ;

His justice guards his holy law;
His love reveals his fmiling face;

His truth and promise seal the grace, 3 Thro’all his works his wisdom shines,

And buffles Satan's deep designs ;

His pow'r is sov'reign to fulfil
„The noblest counsels of his will.
4 And will JEHOVAH condescend

To be my Father and my Friend !
Then let my songs with Angels join ;
Heav'n is secure, if God be mine.

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H Y M N 80.

Heavenly King,

Look down from above;
Afift us to sing

Thy mercy and love: :
So sweetly o'erflowing,

So plenteous the store,
Thou still art bestowing,

And giving us more.
2 O God of our life,

We hallow thy name;
Our bus'ness and strife

Is thee to proclaim :
Accept our thanksgiving

For creating grace ;
The living, the living

shew forth thy praise.

3 Our Father and LORD,

Almighty art thou;
Presery'd by thy Word,

We worship thee now:
The bountiful donor

Of all we enjoy ;
Our tongues to thine honour,

And lives we'll employ.

4. But O; above all

Thy kindness we praise,
From sin and from thrall

Which saves a lost race;
Thy Son thou hast giv'n

A world to redeem,
And bring us to heav'n,

Whose trust is in him.

5 Wherefore of thy love

We fing and rejoice,
With angels above

We lift up our voice ;
Thy love each believer

Shall gladly adore,
For ever and ever,

· When time is no more.

HY MN 81. DESIRING PERSEVERANCE. · HAIL, Alpha and Omega, hail !

Author of all our faith,
The finisher of all our hopes,

The truth, the life, the path. 2 Hail, first and last, the morning-ftar,

In whom we live and move;
Increase our little spark of faith,

And purify our love.
Let that belief which Jesus taught,

Be treasur'd in our breast;
The evidence of unseen joys,

The substance of our rest, 4 O let us go from strengih to strength, 4

From grace to greater grace,
From one degree of faith to more,

Till we behold thy face.

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L ET us the sheep by Jesus nam'd,

Our Shepheru's mercy bless;
Let us, whom Jesus hath redeem’d,

Shew forth our thankfulness.

2 Not unto us, to thee alone,

Be praise and glory givin; Here fhall thy prąises be begun,

But carry'd on in heav'n,
3 The hosts of spirits now with thee,

Eternal anthems ling;
To imitate them here, lo! we

Our hallelujahs bring. 4 Had we our tongues like them inspir'd,

Like theirs, our fongs shou'd rife; Like them we never shou'd bę tir’d,

But love the sacrifice, 5 Till we this veil of flesh lay down,

Accept our weaker lays; And when, OLORD, we reach thy throne,

We'll join in nobler praise.


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CH HILDREN of Israel, see what shade

The cross does us afford; It was for weary trav'lers made ;

We thank thee for it, LORD. 2 Here let us sit, and all prepare

To sing his worthy fame ;
Who to redeem us sojourn'd here,

CHRIST Jesus is his name..

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3 We sing thy suffrings, wounds and blood,

The virtue of thy pain :
We sing thy griefs, thou dying God,

Thou Lamb for finners Nain.
4 We hail thee, thou by Jews revil'd;

To thee we bow the knee;
Hail! very God, the promis'd child,

The prophets fang of thee.
5 While others praise an unknown God,

We each will sing of thee ;
Jesus has wash'd me in his blood,

And liv'd, and dy'd for me.


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LESSED are the sons of God,
They are bought with CHRIST's own

They are ransom'd from the

Life eternal they shall have :
God did love them in his Son,
Long before the world begun;
With them number'd may we be,

Here, and in eternity!
2 They the feal of this receive,

When on Jesus they believe ;
They are justify'd by grace,
They enjoy a solid

peace :

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