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4 Our youth decay'd, his pow'r repairs,

His mercy crowns our growing years;
He fatisfies our soul with good,

And fills our mouth with heav'nly food. 5

Let the whole earth his pow'r confefs,
Let the whole earth adore his

grace ;
May all our pow'rs within us join,
In work and worship fo divine !



· Descend from heav'n, immortal Dove,

Stoop down and take us on thy wings, And mount, and bear us far above

The reach of these inferior things. 2 O for a fight, a pleasing sight,

Of our Almighty Father's throne !
Their sits our Saviourcrown’d with light,

Cloth'd in a body like our own. 3 Adoring faints around him stand,

And thrones and pow'rs before him fall;
The God shines gracious thro' the Man,

And sheds sweet glories on them all. 4 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear,

That we shall mount to dwell above,
And stand and bow amongst them there,
And view thy face, and sing thy love ?

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E NCOURAG'D by thy word

Of promise to the poor,
Behold a beggar, LORD,

Waits at thy mercy's door!
No hand, no heart, O Lord, but thine,
Can help or pity wants like mine.
2 The beggar's usual plea

Relief from men to gain,
If offer'd unto thee,

I know thou would'st disdain :
And those which move thy gracious ear,
Are such as men' wou'd scorn to hear.

3 I have no right to say,

That tho' I now am poor,
Yet once there was a day

When I poffeffed more.
Thou know it that from my very birth,
I've been the poorest wretch on earth.
4 Nor can I dare profess,

As beggars often do,


my distress,
My faults have been but few.
If thou should's leave my soul to starve,
It wou'd be what I well deserve.

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5 'Twere folly to pretend

I never beg'd before;
Or, if thou now befriend,

I'll trouble thee no more.
Thou often hast reliev'd my pain,
And often I must come again.
6 Tho' crumbs are much too good

For such a dog as I,
No less than children's food

My soul can satisfy.
O! do not frown and bid me go,
I must have ALL thou canst bestow.
7 Nor can I willing be,

Thy bounty to conceal
From others who, like me,

Their wants and hunger feel.
I'll tell them of thy mercies store,
And try to send a thousand more.
8 Thy thoughts, thou only wise,

Our thoughts and ways transcend,
Far as the arched skies

Above the earth extend.
Such pleas as mine men wou'd not bear,
But God receives a beggar's pray’r.

HYMN 1592

ESU, we thy promise clair,

We are met in thy dear name; In the midft do thou appear, Manifeft thy prefence here: Sanctifyius, LORD, and bless, Breathe thy Spirit, give thy peace: Come, descend, celestial Dove,

Make this time a time of love.
2 Let the fruits of grace abound,

Let us in thy bowels found;
Faith, and love, and joy increase,
Temperance, and gentle

gentleness ::
Plant in us thy humble mind,
Patient, pitiful and kind;
Meek and lowly let us be,

Full of goodness, full of thee. 3 Make us all in thee compleat,

Make us all for glory meet;
Meet t appear before thy sight,
Partners with the faints in light:
Call, O call us each by name,
To the marriage of the Lamb;
Let us lean upon thy breast;
Love be there our endless feast.

HYMN 160.



MY Maker and my King, ,

To thee my all I owe; Thy sov’reign bounty is the spring

From whence my blessings now.. 2 Thou ever good and kind,

A thousand reasons move, A thousand obligations bind

My heart to grateful love.. 3 The creature of thy hand,

On thee alone I live
My God, thy benefits demand

More praise than life can give. 4 O! what can I impart,

When all is thine before? Thy love, demands a thankful heart;

The gift, alas! how poor ! 5 Shall I withhold thy due?

And shall my passions rove? LORD, form this wretched heart anew,

And fill it with thy love. 6 O let thy gracę inspire

My soul with strength divine, Let all my pow'rs to thee aspire,

And albmy days be thine,

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