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Who fain wou'd believe him,

And in your best room
Wou'd gladly receive him, is

But fear to presumę. 3 Remember one thing,

(O may it sink deep)
Our Shepherd and King

Cares much for his sheep.
To trust him endeavour ;

The work is his own :
He makes the believer,

And gives him his crown. 3 Those feeble desires,

Those wishes so weak,
'Tis Jesus inspires,

And bids you still feek.
His Spirit will cherish

The life he first gave :
You never shall perish,

If Jesus can fave.
4 The lambs are preserv'd,

Tho' helpless in kind,
When lions are ftary'd,

They nourishment find :
Their Shepherd upholds them,

When faint, in his arms;
And feeds them and folds them,

And guards them from harms.

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5 Blest soul, that can fay,

“ Christ only I feek;
Wait for him alway,

Be conftant, tho weak:
The LORD whom thou seekeft

Will not tarry long ;
And to him the weakest
Is dear as the strong.

HYMN 276.

• Precious Bible ! what a treasure

Does the word of God afford ?
All I want for life or pleasure,

Let the world account me poor,

Having this I need no more. 2 Food to which the world's a stranger,

Here my hungry foul enjoys ;
Of excess there is no danger,

Tho' it fills, it never cloys.
On a dying Christ I feed,

Here is meat and drink indeed.
3 When my faith is faint and sickly,

Or when Satan wounds my mind,
Cordials to revive me quickly,

Healing MED'CInes here I find :
To the promises I fee,
Each affords a remedy.

4 In the hour of dark temptation

Satan cannot make me yield;
For the word of confolation

Is to me a mighty SHIELD.
While the scripture-truths endure,

From his pow'r I'm secure.
5 Vain his threats to overcome me,

When I take the Spirit's SWORD,
Then with ease I drive him from me,

Satan trembles at the word:
'Tis a sword for conquest made,

Keen the edge, and sharp the blade. 6 Shall I envy then the miser

Doating on his golden store ?
Sure I am, or shou'd be wiser;

I am rich, 'tis he is poor.
Jesus gives me in his word
Food and med'cine, shield and sword.

: Η Υ Μ Ν




Dismiss us with thy blefling, LORD;

Help us to feed upon thy word; All that has been amiss, forgive,

And let thy truth within us live.
2. Tho' we are guilty, thou art good ;

Wash all our works in Jesu's blood;
Give ev'ry fetter'd foul release,
And bid us all DEPART IN PEACE.


HYMN 278. ANOTHER. ESUS, knit all our hearts to thee;

And join us all in one'; In our assemblies, ev'ry where,

Be thou our aim alone. 2 Reign thou fole monarch of our hearts;

And we, as sinners, lie
Before the feet of thee, our LORD,

To all eternity.


ANOTHER i Father, before we hence depprt

Send thy good Spirit down; Let him reside in ev'ry heart,

And bless the feed that's fown, 2 Thou fountain of eternal love,

Who gav'st thy Son to die; . O lét thy Spirit from above,

Enlighten and apply. HYMN 280. ANOTHER Once more before we part

We'll bless the Saviour's Name į Record his mercies ev'ry heart,

Sing ev'ry tongue the fame.


2 Hoard

2 Hoard up his sacred word,

And feed thereon, and grow; Go on to seek to know the Lord, And practise what you


H Y M N 281.


'His day the LORD of hosts invites

Unto a costly feast ;
I wou'd take care, and well prepare

To be a welcome guest. 2 Awake, repentance, faith, and love ;

Awake, o ev'ry grace;
To meet your Lord, with one aceord,

In his most holy place.
3 Worldly distraction, stay behind,

Below the mount abide ;
Cause no disturbance in my mind,
To make


Saviour chide. 4 O come, my Lord, the time draws nigh

That I am to receive;
Stand with my pardon sealed by,

Persuade me to believe.
5 Let not my Jesus now be strange,

Nor hide himself from me;
But cause thy face to shine upon
The soul that longs for thee.


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