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6 Come, blessed Spirit, from above,

My soul do thou inspire, T'approach the table of the Lord

With fulness of desire.
O let our entertainment now

Be so exceeding sweet,
That we may long to come again,

And at thine altar meet.

H Y M N 282.


OME, deareft LORD, descend, and dwell

By faith and love in ev'ry breast !
Then shall we know, and taste, and feel,

The joys that cannot be express’d. 2 Come fill our hearts with inward strength;

Make our enlarged souls possess,
And learn the height, and breadth, and

Of thine unmeasurable grace.
3 Now to the God whose pow'r can do

More than our thoughts and wishes know,
Be everlasting honours done,
By all the church, thro' Christ the Son.

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FATHER, God, who feeoft in me

Only sin and misery,
See thine own anointed One,

Look on thy beloved Son.
2 Turn from me thy glorious eyes,

To that bloody sacrifice ;
To that full atonement made,

To that utmost ransom paid.
3 To the blood that speaks above,

Calls for thy forgiving love ;
To the tokens of his death,

Here exhibited beneath..
4 Hear his blood's prevailing cry,

Let thy bowels then reply;
Then thro' him the finner see;
Then in Jesus look on me!


HY MN 284

AMB of God, for whom we languish,

Make thy grief

Our relief,
Ease us by thine anguish.

2 O our agonizing Saviour !

By thy pain

Let us gain God's eternal favour. 3 In thine own appointment bless us ;

Meet us here

Now appear

Out Almighty Jesus! 4 Let the ordinance be fealing;

Enter now,

Claim us thou For thy constant dwelling. 5 Fill the heart of each believer ;

We are thine,

Love divine
Reign in us for ever.

HYMN 285

LORD, how divine thy comforts are !

How heav'nly is the place
Where Jesus spreads the facred feast

Of his redeeming grace ? 2 “ Here” (says the kind redeeming LORD,

And shews his wounded side) « See here the spring of all your joys,

“ 'That open'd when I dy'd.”

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He smiles, and chears my mournful heart,

And tells of all his pain ; “ All this, says he, I bore for thee,"

And then he smiles again. + What shall we pay our heav'nly King,

For grace so vast as this?
He brings our pardon to our eyes,

And feals it with a kiss.
5 Let such amazing loves as these

Be sounded all abroad,
Such favours are beyond degrees,

And worthy of a GoD.
6 To him, that wash'd us in his blood

Be everlasting praise,
Salvation, honour, glory, pow'r,

Eternal as his days.

HYMN 286.

JESU, dear redeeming Lord,

Magnify thy dying word; In thine ordinance appear,

Come and meet thy followers here. 2 In the rite thou haft enjoin'd,

Let us now our Saviour find
Drink thy blood for finners shed,
Taste thee in the broken bread.

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3 Thou our faithful hearts prepare,

Thou thy pard’ning grace declare,
Thou that haft for finners dy'd,

Shew thyself the Crucify'd ! 4

All the guilt of fin remove,
Fill us with thy heav'nly love,
Stamp us with the ftamp divine,
Seal us, LORD, for ever chine,

HY M N 287


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He LORD, how glorious is his face !

How kind his smiles appear !
And O! what melting words he says,

To ev'ry humble ear !
“For you, the children of my love,

“ It was for you I dy'd;
“ Behold my bleeding hands and feet,

“ And look into my side. 3 “ These are the wounds for you I bore,

“ The tokens of my pains,
« When I came down to free your souls

“ From misery and chains.
• Justice unsheath'd its fiery sword,

" And plung'd it in my heart :
“ Infinite pangs for you i bore,

" And most tormenting smart.

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