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3 Pleasures unfully'd Aourish there,

Beyond the reach of time ;
Noc blooming Eden fmild fo fair

In all her dow'ry prime.
4 Sorrow and pain, and ev'ry care

And difcord their shall cease;
And perfect joy and love sincere

Adorn the realms of peace. .
5 The foul, from fin for ever free,

Shall mourn its pow'r no more ;
But eloth'd in fpotlefs purity,

Redeeming love adore. 6 There shall the followers of the Lamb

Join in imınortal songs,
And endlefs honours to his name

Employ their tuneful tongues. 7 LORD, tune our hearts to praise & love

Our feeble notes inspire;
Till in thy blissful courts above

We join th' angelic choir.

HYMN 361.


: WHILE on the verge of life I stand,

And view the scene on either hand, My fpirit ftruggles with my clay, And longs to wing its fight away.

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2 Where Jesus dwells my soul wou'd be;

And faints my much-lov'd LORD to see;
Earth, twine no more about my hearts

Eor 'tis far better to depart.
3 Come, ye angelic envoys, come,

And lead the willing pilgrim home ;:
Ye know the way to Jesu's throne,

Source of my joys, and of your own.. 4 That blissful interview, how fweet !

To fall transported at his feet !
Rais'd in his arms, to view his face,

Thro' the full beamings of his grace! 5 As with a Seraph's voice to sing !

To Ay as on a Cherub's wing !
Performing with unweary'd hands

The present Saviour's high commands 6. Yet with these prospects. full in sight,

We'll wait thy. lignal for the fight;
For while thy service we pursue,
We find a heaven begun below..

HYMN 362


WAKE,.ye faints, and lift your eyes,

And raise your voices high, Awake, and praise that lov’reign love

That thews falvation nighi

2 On all the wings of time it fies;

Each moment brings it near ;
Then welcome each declining day,

And each revolving year. 3 Not many years their round shall run,

Nor many mornings rise,
Ere all its glories stand reveald

To our admiring eyes. 4 Ye wheels of nature, speed your course;

Ye mortal powers, decay;
Fast as ye bring the night of death,

Ye bring eternal day.

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HYMN 363




Here is a land of pure delight,

Where faints immortal reign;
Infinite day excludes the night,

And pleasures banish pain.
2 There everlasting spring abides,

And never-fading flowers.;
Death, like a narrow fea, divides

This heavenly land from ours. 3. Sweet fields. beyond the swelling food

Stand dress'd in living green;
So to the Jews old. Canaan stood,

While Jordan roll'd between.

4 But fearful mortals start and shrink

To cross this narrow fea;
And linger, shiv'ring on the brink,

And fear to lanch away. 5 O! cou'd we make our doubts remove,

Those gloomy doubts that rise,
And see the Canaan that we love

With unbeclouded eyes !
Ó Cou'd we but climb where Moses stood,

And view the landskip o'er,
Not Jordan's streams, nor death's cold.

Shou'd fright us from the shore.

HYMN 364 .

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FT as the bell with folemn toll

Speaks the departure of a foul,
Let each one ask himfelf, Am I

Prepar'd, should I be call'd to die? 2 Only this frail and Meeting breath

Preserves me from the jaws of death;
Soon as it fails, at once I'm gone, ;

And plung’d into a world unknown.
3 Then leaving all I love below,
To God's tribunal I muft

go; Must hear the Judge pronounce my fate, And fix'my everlasting state.

4 But could I bear to hear him say,

“ DEPART, ACCursed, far away;
With devils in the lowest hell

Thou art for ever doom'd co dwell." 5 LORD Jesus! help me now to flee,

And feek my hope alone in thee;
Apply thy blood, thy Spirit give,

Subdue my fins, and in me live.
6 Then when the folemn bell I hear,

If fav'd from guilt, I need not fear :
Nor would the thought distressing be,

Perhaps it next may toll for me. 7

Rather my spirit would rejoice,
And wait impatient for thy voice;
Glad when it bids me earth resign,
Secure of heaven, if thou art mine.

HYMN 365.

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Es it not grief and wonder move

To think of Israel's dreadful fall, Who needed miracles to prove

Whether tħe LORD were God, of Baal ! 2 Methinks I see Elijah stand,

His features glow with love and zeal;
In faith and prayer he lifts his hand,
And makes to heav'n his great appeak.

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