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All their fins are wash'd away,
They shall stand in God's great day:
With them number'd may we be,

Here, and in eternity"
3 They produce the fruits of grace,

In the works of righteousness;
They are harmless, meek and mild,
Holy, humble, undefild:
They are lights upon

lights upon the earth, Children of an heav'nly birth: With them number'd may we be,

Here, and in eternity!
4 Born of God, they hate all fin,

God's pure feed remains within ;
They have fellowship with God,
Thro' the mediator's blood :
One with God, with Jesus one,
Glory is in them begun;
With them number'd may we be,

Here, and in eternity!
5 Tho’they suffer much on earth,

Strangers quite to this world's mirth;
Yet they have an inward joy,
Pleasures that can never cloy;
They alone are truly bleft,
Heirs of God, joint-heirs with CHRIST
With them number'd may we be,
Here, and in eternity!

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HYMN 85. i Come, thou wounded Lamb of God!

Come, wash us in thy cleansing blood; Give us to know thy love, then pain

Is sweet, and life or death is gain. 2 Take our poor hearts, and let them be

For ever clos'd to all but thee;
Seal thou our breasts, and let us wear

That pledge of love for ever there. 3

How can it be, thou heav'nly King,
That thou shou’d'It man to glory bring!
Make slaves the partners of thy throne,

And give them an immortal crown! 4 Ah, LORD! enlarge our scanty thought,

Toknow the wonders thou hast wrought;
Unloose our stamm'ring tongues to tell

Thy love immenfe, unlearchable.
5 First-born of many brethren, thou;

To thee both earth and heav'n inust bow, Help us to thee our all to give, "Thine may we die, thine may we live !

H Y M N 86.

* Jesu, Jesu, deareft LORD,

How wondrous is thy love!
Thy patience, .pity, cenderness,
Which I each moment prove!

2. O LORD, how faithless is my heart,,

How apt to turn aside ;
And wander in its own deceits,

Of reasoning and pride i
3. Yet, dearest. Saviour, love me fill,,

The poorest, and the worft ;
For well I know where fin abounds,,

Thy grace abounds the moft. 4 Yet let me not thy grace abuse,

And sin because thou’rt good ; But let thy love with shame,

That I thy love withstood..

5 Saviour of finners, now do this,

Let me not turn away
From thy dear cross and bleeding wounds,

But bind me there to stay !
On me, my King, exert thy pow'r,

Make old things pass away;
Create all new, and draw me still,

Still nearer ev?ry day..


7 I thank and praise thee, dearest LORD

For all that thou hast done : O take me to thee as I am, ,

For thy redeemed one.

HYMN 87 I Disciples of Christ,

Ye friends of the Lainb; Attend, and affift

In singing his fame :
Eternal thanksgiving

The faithful thou'd pay,
The living, the living,

As we do this day. 2 A body of clay

He humbly put on,
And then took away

The sin we had done
And in it endured,

The wrath to us due,
The curse we incurred,

Our stripes and our wo. 3 Not only he dy'd,

But also arose ;
Laid weakness afide,

And trod on his foes,
(Sin, death and the devil)

He triumphed o'er,
And every evil

Dominion and pow'r. 4 O merciful Lamb,

Who fit’st on the throne,
We bow at thy name,

We count thee alone

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Deserving our blessing;

And blessing we'll give,
Without ever ceasing,

So long as we live.

Y Saviour, my almighty friend,

When I begin to praise ;
Where will the growing numbers end,

The numbers of thy grace ? 2 Thou art my everlasting trust,

Thy goodness I adore !
Send down thy grace, o blessed LORD,

That I may love thee more.
3 My feet shall travel all the length

Of the celestial road;
And march with courage in thy strength,

To fee the Lord my God.
4 How will my lips rejoice to tell

The victries of my King!
My fout redeem'd from sin

and hell,
Shall thy salvation fing,
5 My tongue shall all the day proclaim

My Saviour, and my GOD ;
His death hath brought my foes to shame,

And drown'd them in his blood. i 6 Awake, awake, my tuneful pow'rs,

With this delightful song
I'll entertain the darkest hours,

Nor think the feason long.

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