Biennial Report - State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


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Página 251 - Respectfully submitted. R. GRAHAM, D. McGREGOR, JM RAIT, Committee. The report, as above, having been adopted, on motion, the secretary was instructed to cast the ballot of the association for the persons named in the report,
Página 142 - of regents may deem proper; and all able-bodied male students of the university, in whatever college, shall receive instruction and discipline in military tactics, the requisite arms for which shall be furnished by the State. BOARD OF REGENTS. STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. Ex-officio Regent. Term Expires first Monday in February, 1876.
Página 176 - and paid by the State Treasurer, as per bill of particulars accompanying the report of Regent Weisbrod. GRADUATING CLASSES. Regent Weld, in behalf of the committe on examination of senior classes, presented a report which was accepted and ordered to be placed on file. The
Página 5 - the honor to present to you, and through you to the people of the State, my second annual report, bearing date as above, but being strictly for the school-year ending August 31, 1875. The experience of another year has further assured me of the correctness of the general remarks respecting "defects and desirable improvements," and " encouraging facts and omens,
Página 85 - approved January 19, 1838. establishing " at or near Madison, the seat of government, a university for the purpose of educating youth, the name whereof shall be ' The University of the Territory of Wisconsin.' " A resolution was also passed at the same session, directing the territorial delegate in Congress to ask of that body an appropriation of $20,000 for the erection of the buildings
Página 152 - at interest by direction of the regents, until June 17, 1873, when by resolution the treasurer was instructed to invest the principal and interest, amounting to $300, in such interest-bearing securities as should seem to him most desirable. In accordance with his instructions the treasurer purchased three United States 5-20
Página 150 - COLLEGE FUND. This fund consists of the proceeds of the sales of 240,000 acres of land granted by Congress to the State for the support of an instition of learning, where shall be taught the principles of agriculture and the arts. The interest on the productive fund forms the income. RECEIPTS. From sales of land .................................... $544 57 .......... From dues on certificates .............................. 3 ,451 00 .......... From loans
Página 160 - year, the young women have been put, in all respects, on precisely the same footing in the university with the young men. No difficulties have arisen from it. There were eight young
Página 89 - purposes. During the same year proposals were invited for aid in the establishment of a normal school, in money, land, or buildings, and propositions from various places were received and considered. In 1866, the board of regents was incorporated by the legislature. In

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