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Edda. Den ældre edda. Samling af norrone Edgeworth (Richard Lovell). Essay on the

oldkvad, indeholdende Nordens ældste gude- construction of roads and carriages. [with og heltesagn. Udgivet af P. A. Munch. xviii, appendices.] ix, 202, 81, 194 pp. 4 pl. 8o. 216 pp. 4°. Christiania, P. T. Mallings, London, Johnson & Co. 1813. 1847.

Edinburgh. Advocates' library. Catalogue of Eddius (Stephanus). Vita S. Wilfridi, episcopi printed books. Parts 1-2. A.-Beyle. 4o. eboracensis. fol. Oxoniæ, 1691.

Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1863-64. (GALE (Thomas) and FELL (John). Rerum anglica. Royal college of physicians. Catalogue rum scriptores veteres. Oxonire, 168-1-91. v. 3.)

of the library. 8°. Edinburgh, 1863. s. Eddy (Daniel C. D. D.) The angels' whispers ;

Select subscription library. Catalogue. or, echoes of spirit voices. New ed. 258 pp.

xvi, 580 pp.

80. Edinburgh, Neill & Co. 16o. Boston, H. Wentworth, 1866.

1842. The heroines of the church; or, lives and

The same. 1st and 2d supplement to sufferings of female missionaries in heathen

the catalogue. 9, 5,40 pp. 8°. Edinburgh, lands. New ed.

16o. Boston,

J. Johnstone, etc. 1848–52. H. Wentworth, 1866.

(With catalogue, 1842.) The young man's friend. New ed. 260

Society of writers to his majesty's signet. pp. 16o. Boston, H. Wentworth, 1866.

Catalogue of the library. xxxi, 761 pp. 108 1. The young woman's friend; or, the

4o. Edinburgh, Society, etc. 1805. duties, trials, loves, and hopes of woman.

The same.

4 pts. with a general index. New ed. 250 pp.

Boston, H. Went-

5 v. 4o. Edinburgh, 1826–37. worth, 1866.

University. Academic annual for 1810, Eddy (Rev. Richard). History of the 60th

consisting of contributions in literature and regiment New York state volunteers, from

science. By alumni of the university. lxviii, July 1861, to Jan. 1864. xii, 360 pp. 120.

237 pp. 129. Edinburgh, A. & C. Black, Philadelphia, R. Eddy, 1864.

1840. Ede (George). The management of steel.

Catalogus librorum ad rem medicam 4th ed. 221 pp. 120. New York, Appleton,

spectantium in bibliotheca academiæ edin1867.

burgenæ, secundum auctorum nomina dispoEden (Hon. Emily). “Up the country.” Let- situr. Ed. altera. 8°. Edinburgh, 1798. ters written to her sister, from the upper

Nomina eorum quigradum medicinæ provinces of India. 2 v. vi, 302 pp; 263 pp. doctoris adepti sunt. 1705–1845. vi, 280 pp. 120. London, R. Bentley, 1866.

80. Edinburgh, Neill & Co. 1846. Eden (William, afterwards lord Auckland). Edinburgh (The) encyclopædia ; conducted by Four letters to the earl of Carlisle, on per

David Brewster, etc. A–Z. 18 v. 4°. Edinversions of political reasoning; on the war

burgh, W. Blackwood, etc. 1830. between Great Britain, and France and Spain; Edinburgh medical journal. v. 12. pts. 1-2. the public debts; the representations of Ire

July, 1866, to July, 1867. 2 v. 8°. Edinburgh, land respecting a free-trade; population, rev

1867. enue laws respecting commerce, public æcon- Edinburgh (The) review, or critical journal. omy. 3d ed. 232, xi pp. 16o. London, B.

Jan. to Oct. 1867. v. 125-126. 89. London, White & T. Cadell, 1780.

Longmans, 1867. Edged tools. By the author of the “Win and Ed. Lee and sailor Dick: a boy's trials and wear series.” [anon.] 316 pp. 160. New

triumphs. (Round hill stories.) 196 pp. 16° York, R. Carter and brothers, 1867.

Boston, R. A. Ballou, 1366. Edgeworth (Maria). The absentee. 234 pp. Edlin (A.) Treatise on the art of bread-making. 16o. London, Routledge, 1856.

xxiv, 221 pp. 160. London, Vernor & Hood, Ennui, and Emilie De Coulanges, being 1805. tales of fashionable life. 241 pp. 16o. Lon- Edmond (Charles). Voyage dans les mers don, Routledge, 1856.

du nord à bord de la corvette la Reine HorManœuvring, Madame de Fleury, and

tense. 89. Paris, 1857. The dun. 237 pp. 16o. London, Routledge,

ATTENDED.--Notices scientifiques. 1856.

Relation nautique par A. G. Du Buisson, Vivian, and Almeria : being tales of Partie physiologique et médicale, par Drs. Bellebon fashionable life.

16o. London,

Partie géolegique, par E. B. de Chancourtois et Ferri. Routledge, 1856.




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248 pp.

et Guérault.



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95 pp.


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Edmonds (John W.) Report upon the dis- 7 v. in 1. 80. Paris, Annales des sciences

turbance at the Potawatamie payment. 47 pp. naturelles, 1835-38.
80. New York, 1837.

Report on the claims of creditors of the Mémoire sur un nouveau genre, etc. (Alcyonides).

11 pr, 2 pl. Potawatamie Indians of the Wabash in 1836

Observations sur les alcyons proprement dits. 10 pp, 80. Scatcherd & Adams,

3 pl.

Recherches sur les eschares. 49 pp, 5 pl. 1837.

Observations sur les polypiers fossiles du genre es.

chare. 24 PP, 4 pl. Edwards (Bela Bates). Biography of self

Note sur un nouveau genre de polypiers fossiles eschataught men: with an introduotory essay.

riens (Mélicérite). 12 pp, 3 pl.

Mémoire sur les crisies, les hornères, etc. (Tubulipo642 pp. 16o. Boston, Tilton & Co. 1859.

riens). 46 pp, 11 pl. Edwards (Carlton). In memory: [being a

Observations sur la nature et le mode de croissance

des polypiers. (14) pp. selection from his writings, with a memoir).

Blanchard (Emile), and Lucas (Hipiv, 272 pp. 1 photog. portrait. Albany,

polyte). Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Paris. Printed for priv. distrib. 1863.

Catalogue de la collection entomologiqueEdwards (Edward). Administrative economy

classe des insectes. Ordre des coléoptères. of the fine arts in England. 376 pp. 8o.

iv, 240 pp. 89. Paris, Gide & Baudry, 1850. London, Saunders & Otley, 1840.

(No more published.) Edwards (Frederic E.) A monograph of the and Haime (Jules). Monograph of the

eocene mollusca, or description of shells from British fossil corals. 4°. London, 1850-54. the older territories of England. pp. 1-330. (Palæontographical society.) pl. 1–33. 4°. London, Palæontographical soc.

See Audouin (J. V.) and Edwards 1819-50.

(H. M.) Hist. nat. de la France. (No more published.)

Edwards (John, D. D.) A compleat history, Edwards (George, M. D. of London). Ag- or survey of all the dispensations and methods

grandisement and national perfection of Great of religion, as represented in the old and new Britain; the means of paying off its public testament. 2 v. xvi, 774 pp. 1 pl. 12o. debt within the space of 30 years; of ac- London, D. Broun, 1699. complishing the national improvements, etc. Edwards (John N.) Shelby and his men; or including the art of ameliorating land to the the war in the west. 551 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. greatest advantage. 2 v. in 1. vi, 384 pp; 80. Cineinnati, Miami pub. Co. 1867. 2 p. 1. 313 pp. 4o. London, J. Debrett, Edwards (Rev. Jonathan, senior). The dis[1787].

tinguishing marks of a work of the spirit of Edwards (George, F. R. S.) and Catesby God applied to that uncommon operaiion that

(Mark). Sammlung verschiedener ausland- has lately appeared on the minds of many of ischer und seltener vögel; worinnen ein jeder the people in New England. With a preface derselben nicht nur auf das genaueste bes- by the Rev. Mr. Cooper, of Boston. 76 pp. chrieben, sondern auch in einer richtigen und 12°. London, S. Mason, 1742. sauber illuminirten abbildung vorgestellet A faithful narrative of the surprising wird, von Johann M. Seligmann (und Georg work of God in the conversion of many hunLeonhard Huth.] 9 v. in 4. fol. Nürnberg, dred souls in Northampton, in a letter to Dr. J. J. Fleischmann, 1749–76.

Colman. With prefaces by Drs. Watts and Edwards (H. Sutherland). The three Louisas: Guyse. xvi, 132 pp. 89. London, J. Oswald,

a novel. 3v. 120. London, Tinsley, 1862. 1737. Edwards (Henri Milne). Histoire naturelle The same. 125 pp. 16o.

de coralliares, ou polypes proprement dits. [Another edition; title wanting). Text, 3 v. atlas, 8. Paris, Roret, 1857–60. A history of the work of redemption.

Leçons sur la physiologie et l'anatomie 402 pp. 89. Ner York, R. Hodge, 1786. comparée de l'homme et des animaux. Humble attempt to promote an explicit v. I–VIII, pt. 1. 80. Paris, V. Masson, agreement and visible union of God's people 1857-63.

thro' the world, in extraordinary prayer, for Mélanges carcinologiques. (extract). the revival of religion and the advancement

1 p. 1. 192 pp, 23 pl. 40. Paris, of Christ's kingdom on earth. 188 pp. 180. Annales des sciences naturelles, etc. 1851-54. Boston, D. Henchman, 1747.

A treatise concerning religious affections. Recherches anatomiques, physiologiques, 499 pp. 80. Elizabethtown, (N. J.) Shepard et zoologiques sur les polypes. (extracts). Kollock, 1787.



2 v.

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Edwards (Rev. Jonathan, senior). Humble 1788. 6 pl. 284 pp. 3 pl. 1 map. 16°. Köö

inquiry into the rules of the word of God, benhavn, 1789. concerning the qualifications requisite to a Egger (Emile). Mémoires de littérature ancomplete standing and full communion in the cienne. xxiii, 520 pp. 89. Paris, Durand, visible christian church. With an appendix 1862. by Mr. [Thomas] Foxcroft. sm. 4o. v, 136,

Mémoires d'histoire ancienne et de 16 pp. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1749.

philologie. xi, 516 pp. 2 pl. 8o. Paris, A farewell-sermon, preached in North- Durand, 1863. ampton, June 22, 1750. 36 pp. 16o. Boston, Eggerling (H. W. E.) Beschreibung der VerS. Kneeland, 1751.

einigten Staaten von Nord America, den Misrepresentations corrected, and truth deutschen auswanderern gewidmet. 2° aufl. vindicated, in a reply to Rev. Solomon Wil- 12o. Mannheim, Löfler, 1833. liams's book, entitled The true state of the Egleston (Thomas, jr.) Catalogue of minerals, question concerning the qualifications neces- with their formulae, etc. xiii, 42 pp. 89. sary to lawful communion in the christian Washington, Sm. Inst. 1863. sacraments. iv, 173 pp. 2 1. 1 pl. 89. (Smithsonian miscel. coll. v. 7.) Boston, S. Kneeland, 1752.

The same. 34 pp. 89. New York, School Edwards (Rev. Morgan). Materials towards

of mines, 1866. a history of the American baptists in Penn

check list of the tes, with their sylvania. v. i. 132 pp. 1 pl. 16°. Phila

formulæ and crystalline systems, etc. 12 pp. delphia, Joseph Crukshank & Isaac Collins, 89. New York, 1866. 1770.

Diagrams to illustrate the lectures on Materials towards a history of the crystallography delivered at the school of baptists in Jersey. v. ii. 155 pp. 160.

mines of Columbia college. x pp. 33 pl. 8o. Philadelphia, Thomas Dobson, 1792.

New York, 1866. (Hazard coll. pam. v. 107).

Eglin (Raphael). Captivitatis babylonicæ hisEdwards (Pierrepont). Practical guide for toria. See Helwig (Christophı). Elenchi

British shipmasters, to United States ports. judaici. Lugduni in Batavis, 1702.

viii, 323 pp. 129. London, Longmans, 1866. Egyptian dream-book and fortune-teller, conEdwards (William Frederic). Recherches sur taining an alphabetical list of dreams, with

les langues celtiques. xix, 538 pp. 89. their signification. 16o. New York, 1866. Paris, imp. royale, 1844.

Ehninger (J. W.) A series of etchings sugEgan (Pierce). Boxiana ; or, sketches of an- gested by Hood's bridge of sighs. 2 p. I. 8

cient and modern pugilists. [Illustrated). pl. obl. fol. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1851. 89. London, 1823-29.

Ehrenström (Marianne d'). Notices sur la The same. New series. 2 v. 89. London, littérature et les beaux arts en Suède. 7 p. I. 1828-29.

317 pp. 89. Stockholm, Eckstein, 1826. Egede (Hans). Det gamle Grönlands nye per. Ehrentempel des neunzehnten jahrhunderts.

lustration, eller naturel-historie. 6 p. 1. 131 In biographien berühmter zeitgenossen. 3 v. pp. 1 map, 11 pp. sm. 4o. Kiöbenhavn, Groth, 89. Leipzig, Spamer, 1852–55. 1741. The same. Description et histoire nat

CONTEXTS. urelle du Groenland. Traduite en François

v. 1. Humboldt, von H. Klencke. xvi, 224 pp. 2 pl. par Mír. D. R. D. P. 160. Copenhague et

2. Wellington. xvi, 307 pp. 7 pl.

3. Von Stein. ix, 217 pp. portruit. Genère, 1763. Egede (Hans Saabye). Brudstykker af en Eichenfeld (Joseph von), and Endlicher

dagbog holden i Grönland i aarene, 1770– (Stephen). Analecta grammatica, maximam 1778. 154 pp. 16o. Odense, 1816.

partem anecdota. xxvi, 571 pp. 1 pl. 89. - The same. Bruchstiikke eines tagebuches Vindobona, F. Beck, 1837. gehalten in Grönland 1770–78. Aus dem Eichstädt (Heinrich Carl Abraham). Opvscvla diinischen übersetzt von G. Fries, mit einer oratoria. Orationes, memoriæ, elogia. Ed. 24. vorrede. xcii, 191 pp. 1 map. 120. Ham- xxxii, 804 pp. 89. Jenæ, Mauke, 1850. S. burg, Perthes & Besser, 1817.

Eichthal (Gustave d'). Histoire et origine des Egede (Paul). Efterretninger om Grönland, Foulalis, ou Fellans. xii, 296 pp. 1 pl. 80.

uddragne af en journal holden fra 1721 til Paris, Dondey-Dupré, 1841.


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168 pp.



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Eichwald (Eduard). Naturhistorische skizze New-England. 18 p. 1. 46 pp. 8m. 4. Lon

von Lithauen, Volhynien und Podolien, in don, Peter Cole, 1653. geognostisch-mineralogischer, botanischer, Eliot (William Greenleaf, D. D.) Discourses und zoologischer hinsicht. 3 p. l. 256 pp. on the doctrines of christianity. 16th [ed.] 3 pl. 4°. Wilna, J. Zawadzki, 1830.

16°. Boston, Amer. Unit. assoc. Eisenlohr (W.) Lehrbuch der physik. 6° 1867.

aufl. vi, 657 pp. 89. Stuttgart, Krais & Early religious education considered as Hoffmann, 1852.

the divinely appointed way to the regenerate Ejercicio cotidiano, ú horas divinas. [anon.] life. 128 pp. 16o. Boston, Crosby, Nichols

v, 458 pp. 210. Bogotá, F. Torres Amaya, & Co. 1855, 1854.

Lectures to young men.

8th ed. 190 Elcock (Ephraim). Animadversions on pp. 16o. Boston, Amer. Unit, assoc, 1867.

book called a Plea for non-scribers. 3 p. 1. Lectures to young women. 8th ed. 196 61 pp. em. 4o. London, Richard Wodnothe, pp. 160. Boston, Am. Unit, assoc. 1867. 1651.

Elis (Carl). Chronik der alten bischofstadt Elder (Cyrus). My gift. [Poems.) 104 pp. Halberstadt. 122 pp. 89. Halberstadt, C.

120. New York, N. Tibbals of Co. 1867. B. Elis, 1859. Elderfield (Christopher). The civil right of Ellen: a poem for the times. [anon.] 48 pp.

tythes. By C. E. [anon.] 4 p. l. 344 pp. 120. New York, Carleton, 1867. sm. 4o. London, J. Holden, 1650.

Ellet (Mrs. Elizabeth F.) Family pictures from Elderhorst (William). Chemical report. the bible. 2 p. 1. 223 pp. 12°. New York, G.

(With Owen's first report on geology of Arkansas.) P. Putnam, 1849. Eldredge (Mira). Drops of water from many Elliot (Stephen). An address to the literary

fountains. 216 pp. 16o. New York, Foster and philosophical society of South Carolina, & Palmer, 1867.

1814. 20 pp. 4°. Charleston, W. P. Young, Élémens d'économie politique, suivis de quel- 1814.

ques vues sur l'application des principes de Elliott (Charles). The sabbath. 106 pp. 120. cette science aux règles administratives. xxi, Philadelphia, Presbyt, bd. of pub. [1867). 384 pp. 89. Paris, Fantin, 1817.

Elliott (Charles Boileau). Letters from the Élie de Beaumont (Jean Baptiste Armand north of Europe; or, journal of travels. xxiii,

Louis Léonce). Note sur les systèmes de 475 pp. 89. London, H. Colburn & R. Bentmontagnes les plus anciens de l'Europe. ley, 1832. [Extract.] 123 pp. 80. Paris, Soc. géol. de Elliott (Charles W.) Remarkable characters France, 1847.

and places of the holy land. 640 pp. 12 pl. Eliot (Rev. Andrew). A burning and shining 1

map. 89. Harlford, (Conn.) J. B. Burr of light extinguished. Sermon (on the death) of Co, 1867. Rev. John Webb, 1750. 42 pp. 12o. Boston, Elliott (Franklin Reuben). Fruit book; or, Joshua Winter, [1750?]

the American fruit-grower's guide in orchard (With WALLEY (Rev. Thomas.) Balm in Gilead. and garden. 503 pp. 12o. New York, C, M. Cambridge, 1670).

Saxton, 1854. Eliot (Rev. John). The day-breaking, if not

Elliott (Robert). Original sketches. See the sun-rising of the gospell with the Indians

Views in India, China, etc. in New England. [anon.] 25 pp. sm. 4o.

Ellis (Alexander John). The alphabet of na. London, Fulk Clifton, 1647. A late and further manifestation of the

ture; or, contributions towards a more accugospel amongst the Indians in New-England.

rate analysis and symbolization of spoken

sounds: with some account of the principal 4 p.1. 23 pp. sm. 4o. London, 1655.

phonetic alphabets hitherto proposed. vii, 194 Learned conjectures of John Eliot, touching the Americans, of new and notable con

pp. 89. Bath, I. Pitman, 1845, sideration, written to Mr. Thorowgood. 2 p. 1.

Ellis (Benjamin). The medical formulary; 67 pp. 4°. London, Henry Brome, 1660.

being a collection of prescriptions. 8th ed. (Appended to THOROWGOOD (Rev. Thomas). Jews

With numerous additions. By Samuel George in America. London, 1660.)

Morton. 272 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Lea & See Bible, Inulian, Massachusetts.

Blanchard, 1846. and Mayhew (Rev. Thomas). Tears Ellis (Charles Mayo). The history of Roxbury of repentance; or, a further narrative of the

town. part i. 146 pp. 89. Boston, Samuel progress of the gospel amongst the Indians in

G. Drake, 1847.

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Ellis (Daniel). Thrilling adventures of D.

vii, 143 pp.

169. London, H. G. Bohn, Ellis, the Union guide of east Tennessee, 1850. during the southern rebellion. 430 pp. 120. New York, Harpers, 1867.

Uses of great men; Plato; Swedenborg ; Montaigne; Ellis (Henry). A voyage to Hudson's bay by

Shakspeare ; Napoleon ; Goethe. the Dobbs galley, and California, in 1746-7, Emerson (William). System of astronomy. for discovering a north-west passage. xxviii, xii, 368 pp. 12 pl. 89. London, J. Nourse, 336 pp. 1 map. 8 pl. 89. London, H. Whit- 1769. ridge, 1748.

Emmich (Matthias). Geneviève de Brabant. Ellis (Sir Henry). Journal of the proceedings Traduit du Latin, par E. de La Bédollière.

of the late embassy to China. 382 pp. 89. 24 pp. 120. Paris, 1841. Philadelphia, A. Small, 1818.

Emmons (Ebenezer). Birds of Massachusetts. Ellis (Rev. J. D. D.) A defence of the thirtynine articles of the church of England, (In HITCHCOCK (E.) Catalogue of animals, etc. of

Mass.] [with] the Lambeth articles. 3 p. l. 177

Report on the geological survey of Pp. 189. London, R. Bonwicke and others,

North Carolina. xvi, 314 pp. 80. Raleigh, 1710.

H. D. Turner, 1852. E'lis (Samuel). The history of the order of

Report of the North Carolina geological the sons of temperance, from 1842 to 1848. Revised ed. 233 pp. 12o. Boston, Stacy,

survey. Agriculture of the eastern counties;

(also] description of the fossils of the marl Richardson & Co. 1848.

beds : illustrated. xvi, 315 pp. 80. Raleigh, Ellis (Rev. William). Polynesian researches

H. D. Turner, 1858. during a residence of nearly eight years in the

Reports on the geology [of New York). Society and Sandwich islands. New ed. 4 v.

(NEW YORK. Annual reports on the geological sur. 16o. London, H. G. Bohn, 1859.

v. 1-5.] Elwes (Alfred). Legend of the mount; or, Emmons (Richard, M. D.) The battle of

the days of chivalry. 95 pp. 1 pl. 16o. Bunker hill. 2d ed. 144 pp. 12°. New York, London, E. Wilson, 1866.

Sackett & Sargent, 1839. Ely (Ezra Stiles, D. D.) The journal of the The same; or, temple of liberty. 2d ed.

stated preacher to the hospital and almshouse 144 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Boston, 1841. in the city of New York, for 1811. [anon.]

6th ed. 144 pp. 12o. Bos300 pp. 12°. New York, Whiting & Watson, 1812.

The same. An historic poem. 10th ed. Emblemata anniversaria academiæ altorfinæ, 144 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Boston, 1865.

stvdiorvm ivventutis exercitandorvm cavsa The defence of Baltimore [in 1814] and proposita et variorvm orationibvs exposita. death of general Ross. 48 pp. 161. 16o. 6 pl. 153 1. 31. sm. 4o. Norimberga, Le- Washington, William Emmons, 1831. vinus Hvlsius, 1597.

Emory (William H.) Notes of a military reEmerson (Charles N.) Internal revenue guide; connoissance from fort Leavenworth, in Mis

containing the law of June 30, 1864, as souri, to San Diego, in California, including amended March 3, 1865, July 13, 1866, and parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila March 2, 1867. 402 pp. 80. Springfield, rivers. 416 pp. 89. Washington, Wendell & (Mass.) S. Bowles of Co. 1867.

Van Benthuysen, 1848. Emerson (Mrs. Eleanor Read). Memoirs, Report on the United States and Mexican

with some of her writings. To which is boundary survey, made under the direction of added Rev. [Samuel] Worcester's sermon the secretary of the interior. 8 v. in 3. 4o. occasioned by her death. 2d ed. 96 pp. 16o. Washington, Government press, 1857–59.

Boston, Lincoln & Edmands, 1809. Emerson (Ralph Waldo). May-day and other pieces. iv. 205 pp. 12o. Boston, Ticknor &

v. 1. pt. 1. [Itinerary, etc.) xi, 253 pp. 1 map 57 pl.

v. 1, pt. 2 Geological reports of C. c. Parry and fields, 1867.

Arthur Scott. Palæontology and geology,

by James Hall. Description of cretaceous Nature. [Including commodity, beauty,

and tertiary fossils, by T. A. Conrad. viii, language, and discipline. 1st ed.] 95 pp.

174 pp. 1 col. map, A pl.

v. 2, pt. 1. Botany of the boundary. Introduction 12o. Boston, J. Munroe & Co. 1836.

by C. C. Parry. Botany by John Torrey.

270 pr. 61 pl. Cactaceae, by George Engel. Representative men ; seven lectures.

mann. 78 pp. 75 pl.

The same.

ton, 1856.


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