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Faber (Frederick William). Hymns. vii, Fahnestock (George Wolff). A centennial me

196 pp. 120. Northampton, ( Mass.) Bridg- morial of Christian and Anna Maria Wolff, man of Childs, 1867.

with brief records of their children and relaFaber (Friedrich). Naturgeschichte der fische tives. 113 pp. 2 pl. fol. Philadelphia, Hel

Islands, mit einem anhange von den isländis- fenstein, 1863. chen medusen und strahlenthieren. 206 pp. Fairbairn (William). Treatise on mills and 49. Frankfort am Main, H. L. Bronner, mill-work. part i. 2d ed. xvi, 306 pp. 9 pl. 1829.

89. London, Longmans, 1864. Prodromus der isländischen ornithologie; Useful information for engineers. 3d oder, geschichte der vögel Islands. 2 p. 1. series. xix, 330 pp. 12o. London, Longmans, 112 pp. 1 tab. 80. Kopenhagen, Verfasser, 1866. 1822.

Fairbanks (George R.) The early history of Faber (Théodore). Sketches of the internal Florida; lecture before the Florida historical

state of France. Translated. 256 pp. 16°. society, April 15, 1857. 31 pp. 18o. St. AugPhiladelphia, Humphreys, 1812.

ustine, 1857. Fabre (François Joseph). Descripcion de las Fairbanks (Lorenzo). Science and practice alegorias pintadas en las bóvedas del real

of book-keeping, by single and double entry. palacio de Madrid. 80. Madrid, 1829. 448 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes f: Fabre (J. Antoine). Essa sur la théorie des

Potts, 1866. torrens et des rivières. xxxii, 234 pp. 8 pl. Fairchild (Rev. Ashbel G.) Memoir of Mrs. 4o. Paris, Bidault, 1797.

Louisa A. Lowrie. With an introduction by Fabre d'Olivet (N.) Les vers dorés de Pyth- Rev. E. P. Swift. 2d ed. 221 pp. portrait. agore expliqués, précédés d'un discours sur

180. Philadelphir, W. S. Martien, 1837. l'essence de la poésie. (See Pythagoras.

Les vers dorés. 80. Paris, 1813.) Fairfix (Ferdinando). Memorial against the Fabricius (Otto). Bibelingoak merdlāinnut extension of the patents granted to Robert

imaloncet. (Bible teachings for children). Fulton for improvements in propelling vessels 63 pp. 16o. Kööbenhavnime, C. F. Skubart, by steam. 8 pp. 89. Washington, E. De 1822.

Kraft, 1816. Favna grænlandica. xvi, 452 pp. 1 pl. Fairfield (Sumner Lincoln). Abaddon, the 89. Hafniae et Lipsiae, Rothe, 1780.

spirit of destruction, and other poems. 157 Forsög til en forbedret grönlandsk pp. 80. New York, Sleight & Robinson, grammatica. Andet oplag. 338 pp. 16o. 1830. Kiöbenharn, C. F. Schubart, 1801.

(and Jane). The life of Sumner Lincoln Den grönlandske ordbog, forbedret og Fairfield. [With appendix : The sister of foröget. viii, 795 pp. 16°. Kjöbenharn, C. saint Clara and other poems). F. Schubart, 1804.

1:20. New York, 1817. Okalluktuæt opernartut tersāuko Bibel- Fairholme (George). General view of the imit. '[True narratives from the Bible.] 256 geology of scripture. xv, 493 pp. 3 pl. 8°. pp. 16o. Kiöbenhavnime, C. F. Skubart, 1820. Lonalon, Ridgway, 1833. See Bibie (Esquimaux).

Fairholt (Frederick W.) Miscellanea graphica: Fac simile di alcune imprese di stampatori representations of ancient, medieval, and re

italiani dei secoli xv e xvi. 2 p. 1. 24 pl. 4o. naissance remains in the possession of Lord Milano, P. A. Tosi, 1838.

Londesborough. The historical introduction Fac similes of the memorial stones of the last by Thomas Wright. 81 pp. 50 1. 45 pl. fol.

English ancestors of George Washington in London, Chapman & Hall, 1855. the parish church of Brington, Northampton. Falconer (Capt. Richard). shire, England, permanently placed in the dangerous adventures and imminent escapes state house of Massachusetts. 15 pp. fol. of R. Falconer. 2 p. I. 179 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Boston, W. White, 1862.

London, W. Chetrood and others, 1720. Faeneste (pseudon.] See Aubigné (Théodore

The same. 4th ed. 3 p. 1. 216 pp. 3 Agrippa d'). Aventures, etc.

1. 1 pl. 160. London, J. Mershall, 1734. Faerno (Gabriello). Centvm fabulæ ex anti- Falconia Proba. Centones de vtriusque tes

quis avctoribus delecta. 173 pp. 320. Ant- tamenti hystoriis ex carminibus Virgilii selecti. verpia, ('. Planiin, 1585.

191. uup. sm. 4o. Oppenhey.n, [n. d.] (With JUNIL'S (A.) Emblemata. 1336.1

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The voyages, FALKENSTEIN.


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Falkenstein (Carl). Geschichte der buch- Farnham (Thomas J.) Travels in the great

druckerkunst in ihrer entstehung und aus- western prairies, the Anahuac and Rocky bildung. Ein denkmal zur vierten säcular- mountains, and in the Oregon territory. 112 feier der erfindung der typographie. xiv, 406 pp. 80. New York, Greeley f. McElrath, 1843. pp. 37 pl. 4o. Leipzig, B. G. Teubner, Farquharson (Martha). Allan's fault. 412 pp. 1840.

5 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, presby'n board of Falkman (Ludvig B.) Upplysningar om pub. (1866.]

kronans, kyrkornas och presterskapets in- Farrar (Timothy). Manual of the constitution komster af andeligt gods uti skäue, halland of the United States of America. xii, 532 pp. och bleokinge frän äldre tider till 1660, jem- #o. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. 1867. väl innehällande beskrifning ofuer och förk- Fasciculus temporū omnes antiquorū cronicas laring af 1569 ärs Lunds stifts landebok. 2 complectens. See Rolevinck (Werner). v. 10 p. 1. 328 pp; 344 pp. 80. Lund, Ber- Fashionable (The) cypriad. Part 1. [anon.] lingska boktryceriet, 1848.

248 pp. 189. London, Henderson, 1798. Fall of British tyranny; or, American liberty (No more published.l

triumphant. Tragi-comedy. [anon.] viü, 64 Fau (Julien), and Chevalier (Charles). Noupp. 120. Philadelphia, 1776.

veau manuel complet du physicien-prepara(Imperfect; title page in m. s.)

teur; ou description d'un cabinet de physique. Fall river (Ms.) athenaeum library. Catalogue; 2 v. 406; 530 pp. 24°. Atlas, 88 pl. 8o.

with rules and by-laws. 36 pp. 16o. Boston, Paris, Roret, 1853. Damrell & Moore, 1855.

Fauche (Pierre François). Réflexions sur la Falle (Philip). An account of the isle of Jer- cession de la Guadeloupe à la couronne de

sey. 10 p. 1. 216 pp. 1 map. 160. London, Suède. 20 pp. 12o. Londres, J. C. de Boffe, J. Newton, 1694.

1813. (Imperfect; wanting map and pp. 1 and 2.) Faucher (Léon). Études sur l'Angleterre. 2 v. Fallén (Carl Fredrik). Monographia cimicum xxxi, 472 pp; 434 pp. 89. Paris, Guillaumin, Sveciae. 123 pp. 89. Hafniae, Proft, 1807. 1845.

Fauques (Marianne Agnès de). The last war Falloux (Frédéric Alfred Pierre, ricomte de). of the beasts; a fable. Translated from the

Life and letters of madame Swetchine. Trans- French. [anon.] vii, 244 pp. 12o. London, lated by H. W. Preston. xv, 369 pp. 120. C. G. Seyffert, 1758. Boston, Roberts Bros. 1868.

Fauriel (Claude Charles). Chants populaires Family (The) and ship medicine chest com- de la Grèce moderne, avec une traduction

panion; being a compendium of domestic française, des éclaircissements, et des notes. medicine, surgery, and materia medica. By 2 v. cxliv, 303 pp; 491 pp. 80. Paris, a practising physician. [anon.] 416 pp. 12o. Dondey-Dupré, 1824-25.

Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1851. 8. Favre (Alphonse). Notice sur les cartes géoloFamily (The) treasure; a religious and literary giques de l'Angleterre. [Extrait.] 23 pp. 89.

monthly for 1865-66. v. 2-3. 89. Pittsburgh, Genère, Bibliothèque univ. 1847. (Pa.) 1865-66.

Favre (Eugène). Deutsches lesebuch. LecFanjat (pseudon.) See Adresse[une] illisi- tures allemandes; ou, choix de versions faciles ble.

et graduées à l'usage des collèges et des gymFanning (Captain). A narrative of the advent- nases de la Suisse française. 3e éd. 216 pp.

ures of an American navy officer, who served 12o. Genère, J. Kessmann, 1853. during part of the American revolution under Favyn (André). The theater of honor and Paul Jones. [anon.] 270 pp. 12o. New York, knighthood; or, a compendious chronicle and 1806.

historie of the whole christian world. [TransFanshawe (Sir Richard). Original letters lated from the French by W. I.) 2 v. in 1.

during his embassies in Spain and Portugal. 9 p. l. 572; 538 pp. 11 pl. fol. London, W.

4 p. 1. 510 pp. 120. London, A. Roper, 1702. Jaggard, 1623. Farmer (Henry T. M. D.) Imagination; the Faxardo (Diego Saavedra). See Saavedra.

maniac's dream, and other poems. 163 pp. Fay (H. A. Capt. U.S. A.) Collection of the 120. New York, Kirk d. Mercein, 1819.

official accounts in detail of all the battles Farmer's (The) magazine. July 1866, to June fought by sea and land, between the United

1867. 3d series. v. 30–31. 89. London, States and Great Britain, 1812–15. 295 pp. Rogerson & Tuxford, (1866–67].

80. New York, E. Conrad, 1817.

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Fearnside (William Gray) and Harral (T.) Fénelon (François de Salignac de La Mothe).

editors. History of London. See Woods Demonstration of the existence and attributes (John), history, etc.

of God. 263 pp. 120. Harrisburgh, (Pa.) Febres (Andres). Diccionario hispano chileno, William Gillmor, 1811. (y chileno bispano). iv, 108 pp; iv, 87 pp.

The same.

Extracts from letters on the 120. Santiago, 1846.

existence of God, [etc.] See Catechism on Feijoo y Montenegro (Benito Jeronimo). Obras christian faith. New York, 1811.

escogidas. Con una noticia de su vida, [etc.] Dialogues concerning eloquence; particpor V. de La Fuente. xliv, 609 pp. 89. Mad ularly that kind which is proper for the pulpit. rid, Riradeneyra, 1863.

Translated by W. Stevenson. 174 pp. 16o. (Bib. de autores españoles, v. 56).

Boston, Farrand, Mallory & Co. 1816. Félibien d'Avaux (André). The tent of Da

Tales and fables, in French and English. rius explained; or, the queens of Persia at

Translated by D. Bellamy. New ed. 2 p. 1. the feet of Alexander. Translated by Col.

78, 86 pp. 28 pl. 4°. London, J. Deighton, 1789. Parsons. 7 p. 1. 51 pp. 1 pl. 4o. London, W. Fenestella (Lucius). [pseudon.] See Fiocchi Redmayne, 1703.

(Andrea Domenico). Fellenberg, (L. Rudolph von). Analysen von Fenu (Joseph). The complete accountant; antiken bronzen. [extract). 120. Bern,

being a system of arithmetic both theoretical 1860.

and practical. 1 p. 1. 168 pp. 51. 89. Dublin, [With MORLAT (A.) Articles).

A. McCulloh, [about 1790]. Fellens (Jean Baptiste). Louis Napoléon, sa

Fenner von Fenneberg (F.) Transatlanvie politique et privée. Dessins par J. A.

tische studien. 213 pp. 12°, Stuttgart, C. A. Beance et H. Emy. 152 pp. 89. Paris,

Sonnewald, 1861. Marescqet, 1852.

Fenton (Elijah). Poetical works. 8°. EdinFeller (F. E.) Das gange der kaufmännischen

burgh, 1794. arithmetik. Herausgegeben von Carl Gustav

( Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 7). Odermann. De autl. xii, 527 pp. 8°. Lcipzig, Feraud (F. G.) A new Spanish grammar. iv, 0. A. Schuly, 1861.

392 pp. 89. London, Dulau di Co. 1809. Feller (Joachim). Oratio de bibliotheca acad. Fergola (Nicola). Della invenzione geometrica; emiæ lipsiensis paulina, cui duplex subjunctus

opera postuma ordinata dal V. Flauti. lviii, est catalogus manuscriptorum. 32 1. unp. 4o.

282, lxiv pp. 11 pl. 8o. Napoli, Flauti, 1812. S. Lipsiæ, Bucht, 1676.

Trattati analitici delle sezione coniche e ( With SCHÜTTGEN, (C.) Histoire, etc. 1722.)

de' loro luoghi geometrici. 3a ed. con nuove Felt (Joseph Barlow, D. D.) The annals of

note del Prof. Flauti. 6 p. 1. xxviii, 422, 6:2 Salem [Mass). 611 pp. 80. Salem, W.8

pp. 9 pl. 4o. Napoli, Flauti, 1810. S. B. Ives, 1827.

Trattato geometrico delle sezione coniche Statistics of towns, population, and tax

reprodotto da V. Flauti. lxxii, 297, lxx pp. ation in Massachusetts.

15 pl. 8o. Napoli, Flauti, 1851. (AMERICAN statistical association, collections. v. 1.) Felton (Cornelius Conway). Greece, ancient Ferguson (Adam). Institutes of moral philosand modern: lectures before the Lowell insti

ophy. New ed. xii, 242 pp. 120. Basil, J. tute. 2 v. vi, 511 pp. portrait; iv, 549 pp.

Decker, 1800.

Ferguson (George). Table of the pay of 80. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1867.

missioned officers, U. S. A. See Jameson Fénelon (François de Salignac de La Mothe). Les aventures de Télémaque. xxxv,

(W. H. jr.) and Ferguson (G.) 234 pp. 2 pl; 275 pp. 1 map. 180. Londres, Ferguson (James). Lectures on select subjects

in mechanics, hydrostatics, pneumaties, and C. Spilsbury, 1805. The same. The adventures of Telema

astronomy. New ed. xlvii, 463 pp. 11 pl. chus. Translated with notes, by J. Kelly, 2 v.

89. London, T. Tegy, 1813.

Astronomical part. See Guthrie (Wil2 p.1. 295 pp; 304 pp. 26 pl. 169. London, J. Walthoe d: T. Waller, 1742-43.

liam). A new system of geography, ed. 1811. Court of beauty; or, judgment of Venus; Fergusson (James). Historical inquiry into also, ethic tales and fables, invented for the

the true principles of beauty in art, more espeeducation of a prince. From the French by

cially with reference to architecture. Part 1, D. Bellamy. 89 pp. 26 pl. 4o. London,

[consisting of introduction, and essays on 1768.

Egyptian, western Asiatic, Grecian, Etruscan, ( With Bellamy: (Daniel), ethic amusements. and Roman art]. 89. London, 1849. London, 1708.)

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(No more published).


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125 pp.

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Fergusson (James). Rock-cut temples of Fessenden (G. M.) The history of Warren,

India. One hundred illustrations of architec- (R. I.) from the earliest times, with parture and natural history in western India. ticular notices of Massasoit and his family. Photographed by major Gill. New ed. xii pp.

18°. Providence, H. H. Brown, 100 stereoscopic views. 89. London, Cundall, 1845. Downes & Co. 1864.

(With TUSTIN, (Rev. J. P.) Dedication of baptist Ferishta (Mohammed Kasim, surnamed). Fastus (Sextus Pompeius). De verborum

church in Warren. Providence, 1815.) The history of Hindostan, translated from the

significatione fragmentum. See Flaccus Persian. With continuation (up to 1666] by Alexander Dow. 2d ed. 3 v. 4o. London, Fétis (François Joseph.) Biographie univer

(Marcus Verrius). 1770-72.

selle des musiciens, et bibliographie générale Fernandez (Diego). Primera [y segunda]

de la musique. 8 v. 80. Bruxelles, Leroux, parte de la historia del Peru. 2 v. in 1. 2 p.

etc. 1835–44. 1. 142 1; 1301. sm. fol. Sevilla, H. Diaz, 1571.

Feuillet (Octave). La petite comtesse. Le (Impersect; 1. 1-4 of v. 2 wanting). Fernandez (Juan Patricio). Relacion historial

parc. Onesta. 5e éd, 352 pp. 120. Paris, de las missiones de los Indios, que llaman

M. Lévy, 1860. Chiquitos. Sacada a luz por Geronimo Her- Few (A) facts regarding the geological survey ràn. 7 p. 1. 452 pp. table, 21. sm. 4o. Mad

of Pennsylvania, exposing the erroneous staterid, M. Fernandez, 1726.

ments and claims of J. P. Lesley. [By an Ferrario (Giulio). Le classiche stampe dal

assistant]. 22 pp. 89. Philadelphia, author, cominciamento della calcografia, compresi gli

1859. artisti viventi. exiii, 401 pp. 89. Milano, Few (A) plain directions for persons intending Bravetta, 1836.

to proceed as settlers in Upper Canada. [With] Ferrario (Giuseppe). Statistica medico-eco

a journal of the author's voyage across the nomica di Milano dal secolo xv fino ai nostri

Atlantic in 1819. By an English farmer. giorni. 2 v. xvii, 658 pp; vii, 546 pp. 1

[anon.] vii, 100 pp. 1

map. 12o. London, map. 89. Milano, Bernardoni, 1838–50. Baldwin, Cradock f. Joy, 1820.

Statistica delle morti improvvise, e par- Feyerabend or Feierabend (Sigmund or Sigticolarmente delle morti per apoplessia nella

ismund). Theatrum diabolorum, das ist; warcittà e nel circondario esterno di Milano dall' hafte eigentliche vnd kurtze beschreibung anno 1750 al 1834. 89. Milano, 1834.

allerley grewlicher, schrecklicher, und Ferreri di Labriano (Francesco Maria).

abschewlicher laster. 5 p. 1. 568 1. fol. Avgvstæ regiæqve Sabavdæ dom vs arbor Franckfurt-am-Mayn, Peter Schund & Co.

1575. gentilitia. [898–1675]. [French and Latin). 209 pp. 34 pl. fol. Avgvstæ Tavrinorum, J. Fichte (Johann Gottlieb). On the nature of B. Zappata, 1702.

the scholar, and its manifestations. TransFerrero (Edward). The art of dancing, [with]

lated by William Smith.

2d ed. 131 pp. a few hints on etiquette; Iso, the figures,

12o. London, J. Chapman, 1848. music, etc. 181, 103 pp. 120. New York, E. Field (David Dudley, D. D.) A history of the Ferrero, 1859.

town of Pittsfield, Mass. 80 pp. 1 inap. 8o. Ferris (John Alexander). The financial eco

Hartford, Case, Tiffany & Burnham, 1814. nomy of the United States illustrated, and

A statistical account of the county of the causes which retard the progress of Cali

Middlesex, Connecticut. 154 pp. 89. Middlefornia demonstrated. 356 pp. 1 pl. 120. San

town, Clark & Lyman, 1819. Francisco, A. Roman & Co. 1867.

Field (George). Rudiments of the painters' Ferro (Pascal Joseph). See Bleile (J.)

art; or, a grammar of colouring. viii, 170 pp. Ferry (Gabriel, pseudon.) See Bellemare 6 pl. 16o. London, Weale, 1850. (Louis de).

Field (Henry M. D. D.) Additional chapters Férussac (André Etienne Just Paschal Joseph with appendix, to the second edition of The François d'Audebard, baron de) and Orbigny

Atlantic telegraph.

pp. 343–438.

16o. (Alcide Dessalines d'). Histoire naturelle

New York, C. Scribner & Co. 1867. générale et particulière des céphalopodes acé- Fielding (Henry). Works; containing a jourtabulifères vivants, et fossiles. 24, 361 pp.

ney from this world to the next; a voyage Atlas, 144 pl. fol. Paris, A. Lacour, 1835-48. to Lisbon; the true patriot, etc.

120. ( Imperfeci).

New York, W. Durrell, 1819.

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5 v.

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Fielding (Sarah). Adventures of David Sini- for the work by the most popular authors of

ple; and familiar letters between the principal the day. 2 v. 209 pp. 61 pl. fol. London, characters in David Simple, and some others. T. G. March, 1843. [anon)

160. London, A. Millar, Fine (The) arts quarterly review, October, 1744-53.

1864, to January, 1865. v. 3. 89. London, Fiery (The) cross; a tale of the great Ameri- Chapman f Hall, (1865].

can war. By the author of “The black an- The same. July, 1866, to June, 1867. gel,” etc. [anon.] 411 pp. 189. London, New series. v. 1-2. 89. London, Day & C. Clarke, (1866).

son, (1866–67]. Figaniere (Jorge Cesar de). Bibliographia Finishing (The) stroke. Being a vindication

historica portugueza. ix, 359 pp. 80. Lis- of the patriarchal scheme of government; boa, typog. do panorama, 1850.

wherein Mr. Hoadly's examination of this Figuier (Guillaume Louis). The vegetable scheme is considered. [anon.] 120. London,

world; being a history of plants, with their printed by the booksellers, 1711. botanical descriptions and peculiar properties. Finlay (Hugh). Journal, during his survey Illustrated by M. Faguet. [Translated with of the post-offices between Falmouth and preface by W. S. 0.] 89. London, Chapman Casco bay, in the province of Massachusetts, & Hall, 1867.

and Savannah, in Georgia ; begun 13th SepThe world 'before the deluge. 4th ed. tember, 1773, and ended 26th June, 1774. 89. London, Chapman & Hall, 1865.

[With introduction by F. H. Norton). 4o. Filangieri (Gaetano). Delle leggi politiche ed Brooklyn, privately printed, 1867. economiche.

Finney (Rev. Charles G.) Lectures on revivals (Scrittori class ital. di econ. pol. v. 32.)

of religion. 438 pp. 120. New York, Learitt, Filelfo (Francesco). Epistole. 1. unp. Lord & Co. 1835. Ixi l. sm. 4o. Argentine, 1495.

Sermons on important subjects. 3d ed. Orationes et nonnulla alia opera. clxvil.

vi, 277 pp.

89. New York, J. S. Taylor, paged. 49. B. de Zanis de Portesio, Venetiis,

1836. 1491.

Finsch (Otto). Index ad C. L. Bonaparte Filelfo (Giovanni Maria). Ep tolae. 108 1.

conspectum generum avium.

80. unp. sm. 4o. Venetie, Joannes de Cereto, 1492.

Lugduni-Batavorum, E. J. Brill, 1865. Fillmore (A. D.) Harp of Zion : a book of

and Hartlaub (Gustav). Beitrag zur church music, [with] course of instruction, fauna Centralpolynesiens. Ornithologie der [etc.] 336 pp. obl. 16o. Cincinnati, R.

Viti-Samoa und Tonga-inseln. xxxix, 290 W. Carroll & Co. (1867).

pp. 14 col. pl. 8. Halle, H. W. Schmidt, and (C. L.) The polyphonic, or 1867. juvenile choralist; containing music and Fiocchi (Andrea Domenico). Lucii Fenestele hymns. obl. 320. Cincinnati,

de Romanorum magistratibus liber. 22 l. R. W. Carroll & Co. [1863).

unp. sm. 4o. [n. p. about 1480]. Filson (John). The discovery, settlement, and Note. Falsely attributed to L. Fenestella.

present state of Kentucke, with appendix The same. De Ro[manorum ) magistracontaining the adventures of Daniel Boon, tibus : restitutus industria Joannis Camertis. minutes of the Piankashaw council, account

sm. 4o.

Vienne, H. Victor, of the Indian nations in the U. S. and the

1510. stages and distances between Philadelphia Fiorentino (Paolo). See Paolo fiorentino. and the falls of the Ohio.

12o. Fiorillo (Johann Dominic). Geschichte der Wilmington, James Adams, 1784.

zeichnenden künste in Deutschland und den Finch (Louisa Thynne, countess of Guernsey). Vereinigten Niederlanden. 4 v. 80. HannoFairburn's genuine edition of the death-bed

Hahn, 1815-20. confessions of the late countess of Guernsey Firdusi (Abú'l Kasim Hasan Ben Mohammed to lady Anne H*******; with the —'s et Túsí, known as). Le livre des rois, par [queen Caroline's] last letter to the king. Abou'lkasim Firdousi. Publié, traduit, et [anon.] iv, 50 pp. 80. London, J. Fair

commenté par Jules Mohl. 4v. fol. Paris, burn, [1821?]

imp. royale, 1838–55. Finden (Edward and W.) Tableaux of national (Collection orientale).

character, beauty, and costume. With original Firenzuola (Agnolo). Novelle. tales in prose and poetry, written expressly (In POGGIALI, (G.) Novelle fiorentini. 180. Milan,


23 pp.

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128 pp:

35 l. unp. .

118 pp.


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