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Archambault (P. J.). See Violette (J. H. subjects, by the marquis d'Argens. [With]

M.) and Archambault. Dictionnaire des two novels, Count de Ronancourt and Isabella analyses chimiques.

Mendosa, and thoughts on the art of beauArcher (Mrs. Ann). Authentic and interesting tifying the face, by Mlle. Cochois. 2 v. xxii,

memoirs of Miss Ann Sheldon, [afterwards 261 pp.; 71., 274 pp. London, D. Brown and

Mrs. Archer). 4 v. 16o. London, 1790. others, 1747. Archer's (The) guide. [With) instructions for Argensola (Bartolomé Leonardo de). Con

the use of the bow; (also) a history of the qvista de las islas Malvcas. 6 p. I., 407 pp. long-bow. By an old toxophilite. [anon.] fol. Madrid, A. Martin, 1609. xii, 178 pp. 1 pl. 16o. London, T. Hurst, Discovery and conquest of the Molucco 1833.

and Philippine Islands. 3 p. 1., 260 pp., 4 l., Archiac (Étienne Jules Adolphe, Vicomte d').

sm. 4o. London, 1708. (In SteHistoire des progrès de la géologie de 1834 vens, John. New collection of voyages and à 1845. 5 v. 8°. Paris, L. Martinet, 1817–53. travels.)

Argensola (Lupercio Leonardo de). InforArchilochus. Iambographorum principis re- macion de los sucesos del reino de Aragon, en

liquiæ. Edidit J. Liebel. Ed. repetita. xvi, los años de 1590 y 1591. 8 p. 1. 232 pp. 8o.

280 pp. 89. Lipsiæ, I. C. Sommer, 1818. Madrid, imp. real, 1808. Archimedes. I teoremi sulla sfera, e sul ci- Argenville (Antoine Joseph Dézallier d').

lindro; quello della misura de cerchio; e le See Dézallier d'Argenville. note critiche e geometriche, [da V. Flauti]. Argis (Antoine Gaspard Boucher d'). Prin75 pp. 89. Napoli, 1852. (With Euclid. cipes sur la nullité du mariage, pour cause Elementi di geometria, ed. Napoli, 1852, v. d'impuissance. Par M*** avocat en parle2.)

ment. Avec le traité de J. Bouhier, sur les Archivio storico italiano. Serie III. 1866.

procédures qui sont en usage en France, pour V. 4–5. 89. Firenze, 1866.

la preuve de l'impuissance de l'homme. Et Arco (Giambattista Gherardo, Conte d'). quelques pièces curieuses sur le même sujet.

Dell' armonia politico-economica tra la città e [anon.] xiv, 388 pp., 31. 169. Londres, il suo territorio; 1, sulla populazione. 2, 1756. dell' annona. (v. 30.) Dell'influenza del Argosy (The); a magazine of tales, travels, comercio sopra i talenti e i costumi; Risposta essays, and poems. v. 2-4. 89. London, al quesito, se in una stato di terreno fertile, Strahan, 1866–7. favorir debbasi maggiormente l'estrazione del- Argüelles (Agustin de). Exámen historico le materie prime, ovvero quella della mani- de la reforma constitutional que hicieron las fatture; Del diritto ai transiti. v. 31. (Scrit- córtes generales y estraordinarias, 1810–

tori class. ital. di econ. pol. v. 30—31.) 1813. 2 v. viii, 479 pp.; vii, 459 pp. 89. Arenhold (Silvius Johannes). Conspectus Londres, Carlos Wood e hijo, 1835.

bibliothecæ universalis epistolarvm. [Epis- Argumentum anti-Normanicum ; or, an artolographi.] 4o. Hanoveriæ, 1746.

gument proving from ancient histories and Aretin (Johann Christoph Anton Maria, Frei- records that William, Duke of Normandy,

herr von). Beyträge zur geschichte und lite- made no absolute conquest of England by ratur, vorzüglich aus den Schätzen der Cen- the sword. (anon). 5 p. 1. 164 pp. 1 pl. tralbibliothek zu München. [Codices græci 12°. London, John Darby, 1682. MSS. recensiti et notis illustrati ab I. Hardt.] Aristoteles. De animalibvs, interprete Theo9 v. 80. München, 1803–07.

doro Gaza. 6 p. l. unp. 106 1. fol. VeArfwedson (Carl David). Colonia Nova netiis, J. & G. de Gregoriis, 1492.

Svecia in Americam borealem deducta, his- Commentary illustrating the poetic of toriola. 34 pp. 1 map. 4o. Upsalia, Aristotle, by examples from the modern poets. 1825.

[With] a new and corrected edition of the Argens (Jean Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d'). translation of the poetic. By Henry James

Philosophical visions. Translated from the Pye. xvi, 564 pp., 5 1. [1 pl. inserted.] French. [anon). xxvi, 235 pp. 16°. Lon- 4o. London, J. Stockdale, 1792. don, R. Griffiths, 1757.

On fallacies; or the sophistici elenchi. and Cochois (Mule ). New memoirs, [Gr.] With a translation and notes, by Eda critical inquiry into the nature of friendship ward Poste. viii, 252 pp. 89. London. and happiness, and essays on other important Macmillan & Co., 1866.





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Arizona. Journals of the second and third legis- partie des actes de la diplomatie française,

lative assembly. December sessions, 1865–66. 1784—1830. 2e éd. vii, 576 pp. 89. Paris, 258 pp.; 269 pp. 8o. Prescott, 1866.

A. Le Clerc & Co.,

1839. Arlincourt (Victor, Vicomte d'). Ipsiboé, Histoire de pape Léon XII. 2v. xxvii,

translated from the French. 2 v. viii, 284 pp.; 449 pp.; 465 pp. 89. Paris, A. Le Clerc, 270 pp. 189. London, J. Robins & Co., 1823. 1813.

The renegade, translated from the Histoire de pape Pie VIII. xl, 469 pp. French. 2 v. viii, 256 pp; 272 pp. 18o. 80. Paris, A. le Clerc, 1844. London, J. Robins & Co., 1822.

Artedi (Peter). Bibliotheca ichthyologica, seu Armstrong (John, poet and physician). The historia litteraria ichthyologiæ. Emendata et

art of preserving health; a poem. 59 pp. 16o. aucta a Iohanne Iulio Walbaum. 3 p.1. 230 London, 1756. [Select collection of modern pp. 89. Grypeswaldiæ, A. F. Roese, 1788. poems. 16° Edinburgh, 1758.]

(Artedi, Ichthyologiæ, part I.)

S. - The same.

99 pp. 169. London, T. Philosophia ichthyologica. Emendata Cadell, 1763.

et aucta a Iohanne Iulio Walbaum. 3 p. I. Armstrong (M. K.) History and resources of 196 pp. 1 pl. 89. Grypeswaldiæ, A. F. Roese,

Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. 72 pp. 1 map. 1789. (Artedi. Ichthyologiæ, part II. With

16o. Yankton, (D.T.,) G. W. Kingsbury, 1866. preceding.) Armstrong (Robert, C. E.) Chimneys for fur- Synonymia piscium græca et latina

naces, fire-places, and steam boilers. 64 pp. emendata, aucta atque illustrata. Accedit

1 pl. 16o. London, E. & F. N. Spon, 1866. disputatio de veterum scriptorum hippopoArmy and Navy Journal, August, 1866, to tamo. Auct. Ioh. Gottl. Schneider. viii, 352

August, 1967. v. 4. 4o. New York, W. F. pp., 41. 3 pl. 4o. Lipsia, 1789.
Church, 1867.

Arthur (Robert, M. D.) Some suggestions Arnold (George). Poems, grave


gay. 214 concerning the nature and treatment of decay pp. sq. 16o. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1867. of the teeth. 70 pp. 120. Baltimore, J. Arnold (Isaac N.) The history of Abraham Murphy & Co., 1867. Lincoln and the overthrow of slavery. 736

Treatise on the use of adhesive gold foil. pp. 1 pl. 89. Chicago, Clarke & Co., 1866. 86 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Jones, White & Arnold (Matthew). Heinrich Heine. 61 pp.

McCurdy, 1857. 18°. Philadelphia, F. Leypoldt, 1863. Articles of agreement between the lord proArnoudt (Rev. P. J.) Imitation of the sacred prietary of Maryland and the proprietarys of

heart of Jesus. Translated from the Latin Pensilvania, &c., touching the limits and by Rev. J. A. M. Fastre. xxii, 774 pp. 1 pl.

boundaries of the two provinces, with the 129. Cincinnati, J. P. Walsh, 1865.

commission constituting certain persons to Arretinus. See Aretinus.

execute the same. 19 pp. folio. Map. PhilaArrianus. Voyage round the Euxine sea; delphia, B. Franklin, 1733.

translated and accompanied with a geographi- Asbjörnsen (P. Christian). Norske buldrecal dissertation. Added, discourses: I. On eventyr ag folkesagn. Qen udgave. v. 1. the trade to the East Indies; II. On the dis- xxx, 301 pp. 120. Christiania, P. F. Steens. tance which the ships of antiquity usually

balle, 1859.

S. sailed in 24 hours; III. On the measure of Ash (Simeon). See Ball (Rev. John). Letter the Olympic stadium. [By William Fal- of many ministers in old England. 1643. coner, M. D.] 222 pp. 1 pl. 2 maps. 40. Ash (Thomas). Carolina; or a description of Oxford, J. Cooke, 1805.

the present state of that country, and the natuArt (l') de vérifier les dates des faits historiques, ral excellencies thereof. [anon.] 2 p. l. 40

etc. (anon.] 3e éd., [par Antine, Clément, etc.] pp. sm. 4o. London, 1682.

3 v., fol. Paris, A. Jombert, 1783–87. Ashburner, (W.) See California. GeologiArt Journal (of London). New series. v.5. cal survey.

Jan.—Dec., 1866. 4o. London, Virtue, 1866. Ashe (Thomas). The spirit of “ The book”; or Artaud de Montor (Alexis François, le che- memoirs of Caroline, princess of Hapsburgh.

valier). Histoire de Dante Alighieri. vi, 2d ed. 3 v. 89. London, Allen & Co., 1811. 635 pp. 3 pl. 89. Paris, Adrien le Clerc, Asher (A.) Bibliog aphical essay on the col1841.

lection of voyages and travels edited by LeHistoire de la vie et des travaux poli- vinus Hulsius and his successors, 1598 to 1660. tiques du comte d'Ilauterive, comprenant une 118 pp. 4o. Berlin, A. Asher, 1839.

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Asher (G. M.) A list of the maps and charts Containing sketches of the ministerial labor

of New-Netherland, and of the views of New- ers, [etc.,) of that period. 2d ed. 435 pp. Amsterdam. A supplement to his biblio- 1 pl. 12°. Philadelphia, Perkinpine & Higgraphical essay on New-Netherland. 22, 120 gins, 1860.

pp., 251. 4o. Amsterdam, F. Müller, 1855. Atlantic Monthly; a magazine of literature, Asher (Rev. Jeremiah). An autobiography; art, and politics. January to Dec. 1867.

with details of a visit to England, and some 19-20. 80. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1867. account of the Meeting st. Baptist church, Atlas de l'archéologie du nord, représentant Providence, R. I., and of Shiloh Baptist des échantillons de l'age de bronze et de church, Philadelphia. x, 227 pp. 1 pl. 160. l'age de fer. 10 pp. 22 pl. 4o. Copenhague, Philadelphia, J. Asher, 1862.

Töle, 1857. Asheton (William, D. D.) The royal apology; Attersoll (Rev. William). The badges of chris

or, an answer to the rebel's plea. 2d ed. 4 tianity; or, a treatise of the sacraments fully

p. 1., 59 pp. London, Robert Clarel, 1636. declared out of the word of God. 11 p. l.; Ashhurst (John, Jr., M. D.) Injuries of the 392 pp., 24 l. sm. 40. London, W. Iag

spine, with an analysis of nearly 400 cases. gard, 1606. 127 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Atwater (Caleb). Essay on education. 123 & Co., 1867.

pp. 89. Cincinnati, Kendall & Henry, 1841. Aslak Bolt. Jordebog: fortegnelse over jor- Mysteries of Washington city, during

degods og andre herligheder tilhörende several months of the session of the 23th Conerkebiskopstolen, i nidaros. Efter original- gress. 218 pp. 18o. Washington, G. A. Sage, haandskriftet udgivet af P. A. Munch. vii, 142 1841.

pp. 89. Christiania, C. Gröndahl, 1852. s. Atwater (Lyman H.) Manual of elementary Assigny (Marius d'). See Gaultruche. logic. 244 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Assurance (The) Magazine. V. 1—2. go. Lippincott & Co., 1867.

London, 1850—51. (Institute of Actuaries.) Atwell (Rev. B. W.) Principles of elocution Asta-Buruaga (Francisco Solano). Diccion- and vocal culture; [with] rules for correct

ario jeografico de la republica de Chile. reading [etc). 98 pp. 120. Providence, viii, 421 pp. 12o. Nueva York, D. Apple- Bangs Williams News Co., 1867. ton & Co., 1867.

Atwood (D. T., Architect). Rules of proporAstley (Philip). System of equestrian educa- tion; compiled and original; and adapted to

tion, exhibiting the beauties and defects of the modern practice. v. 1. 71 pp. 5 pl. 120. horse. 7th ed. xii, 197 pp., 10 pl. 80. Dub- [New York), Author, 1867. lin, T. Burnside, 1802.

Atwood (George, F. R. S.) Treatise on the Astonishing (An) affair. The Rev. Samuel rectilinear motion and rotation of bodies. xv,

Arnold cast and tried for his cruelty. By 436 pp. 8 pl. 80. Cambridge, (Eng.) J. Philandros. (pseudon.] 163 pp. 1 pl. 18o. Archdeacon, 1784.

Concord, (N. H.,) Luther Roby, 1830. Aubert (E.) Om mundtlig rettergang og Astrop (Robert Francis). Original poems, edsvorne. v, 688 pp. 89. Christiania, P.

interspersed with tales. 132 pp. 16°. Phila- T. Malling, 1849. delphia, Carey & Hart, 1835.

Aubeuf (Vertot d'). See Vertot d’Aubeuf. Athenaeum (The); a journal of literature, Aubigné (Théodore Agrippa d'). Aventures

science, and the fine arts. July, 1866 to du baron de Fæneste. Nouv. éd.

June 1867. 2 v. 4°. London, 1866-7. annotée par Prosper Mérimée. xx, 348 pp. Atheneum (The); or spirit of the English 16°. Paris, P. Jannet, 1855.

magazines, [1st series.] v. 1–11. 80. Bos- Aubinac (François Hédelin, abbé d'). Des ton, 1817-22. (v. 1 and 8 wanting.)

satyres, brvtes, monstres, et démons; de Athenian sport; or, two thousand paradoxes levr nature et adoration. 16°. Paris, 1627.

merrily argued, to amuse and divert the age. Auburn (N. Y.) Boyd's Auburn directory, By a member of the Athenian Society. [anon.] [with] business directory of Cayuga co.,

xxxii, 544 pp. 120. London, B. Bragg, 1707. 1867—68. Compiled by A. & W. H. Boyd. Atkinson (Edward). On the collection of 286 pp. 1 map. 12o. Auburn, A. & W. H.

revenue. 70 pp. 8o. Boston, A. Williams Boyd, (1867.] & Co., 1867.

Aucher (Paschal, D. D.) A grammar, ArAtkinson (Rev. John). Memorials of Method- menian and English. [2d ed.] 231 pp. 120.

ism in New Jersey, from 1770 to [1790). Venice, Armenian press, 1832.

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man, 1812.

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Auctores Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ. fol. Basileæ, viii, 304 pp. 1 pl. 169. London, Long1523.

Aurifodina; or, adventures in the gold region. CONTENTS.

By Cantell A. Bigly. [pseudon.] 12°. New Eusebii Pamphili libri ix. Ruftino interprete.

York, 1849. Ruffini Aquileiensis libri ii.

Austria. Notes sur l'élevage du bétail des Item ex Theodoreto, Sozomeo, et Socrate libri xii. Versi ab Epiphanio scholastico, abbreviati per

espèces bovine, ovine et porcine de l'empire Cassiodorum.

d'Autriche. xv, 102 pp. 6 pl. 8o. Paris,

Didot, 1856. Audinet-Serville (Jean Guillaume). His- Topographisches post lexicon des kron

toire naturelle des insectes. Orthoptères. landes Oesterreich unter der Enns. xii, 305 xviii, 776 pp. 14 pl. col. 8°. Paris, Roret, pp. 8°. Wien, k. hof-und staatsdruckerei, 1839.

S. 1864. See Amyot and Audinet-Serville. Austrius Rubeaquensis (Sebastian). See CorAudouin (Jean Victor), and Edwards (Henri nelius. De puerorum morbis.

Milne). Recherches pour servir à l'histoire Authentic biography of Colonel Richard M. naturelle du littoral de la France. 2 v. 406 pp.

Johnson. [anon.] 107 pp. 12o. New York, 6 maps, &c.; 290 pp. 4 tab. 8 pl. Henry Mason, 1833. Paris, Crochard, 1832-34.

Authentic and interesting memoirs of Mrs.

Clarke, [with] Wardle's charges relative to CONTENTS.

the Duke of York, and minutes of evidence.

From authentic documents. [anon.] 371 pp V. 1. Voyage à Granville, aux iles Chausey et à

80. Boston, J. Belcher, 1809. Saint Malo.

Authentic narrative of the Seminole war and V. 2. Annélides. Considérations sur l'état actuel des pêches maritimos en France, par M. Milue

miraculous escape of Mrs. Mary Godfrey and Edwards.

her four children, [also) massacre of whites Mémoire sur la pêche de la morue à Terre neuve, par by indians and negroes in Florida. [anon.] M. Milne Edwards.

24 pp. 89. Proridence, (R. I.) 1836.

Authentic (The) records of the court of EngAughey (Rev. John H.) The iron furnace: or land, for the last seventy years [1761—1831).

slavery and secession. 296 pp. 120. Phil- Canon.] 395 pp. 89. London, J. Phillips, adelphia, J. S. Claxton, 1865.

1832. August (E. F.) Vollständige logarithmische Auton, Autun, Authon, (Jehan d') or Dantra.

und trigonometrische tafeln, &c. 4e aufl. Chroniques, avec une notice, et des notes, par x, 225 pp. 189. Berlin, Veit & Co., 1857. P. L. Jacob, bibliophile. [Paul Lacroix.]

4 v. 84. Paris, Silvestre, 1834-5. Augusta, Hallowell, and Gardiner directory, Aviler (Augustin Charles d'). Cours d'archi

for 1867—68. By Langford & Chase. 182, tecture, qui comprend les ordres de vignole, 32 pp. 12o. Augusta, (Me.,) Pierce Bros., avec des commentaires, et tout ce qui regarde 1867.

l'art de bâtir. Nouv. éd. 4°. Paris, J. MarAugustin (Antonio). See Agustin (Antonio). riette, 1738. Augustinus (Aurelius, Saint). Sermones de Avogadro (Amedeo). Fisica de corpi pontempore. fol. Basilee, 1495.

derabili; ossia trattato della costituzione genSermones de sanctis. fol. Basilee, 1495.

eral de corpi. 4 v. 8°. Torino, stamperia (With preceding.)


Awful calamities, or the shipwrecks of DecemAugustinus Triumphus, de Ancona. Summa

ber, 1839, on the coast of Massachusetts. 5th de súma potestate ecclesiastica. 469 1. fol.

ed. 89. 24 pp. Boston, 1840. Auguste, [J. Schussler), 1473.


Aydelott (B. P., D. D.) Ethics for our counAult Dumesnil (d'). Dictionnaire his

try and the times. 214 pp. 12o. Cincintorique, géographique, et biographique des nati, R. W. Carroll & Co., 1866. croisades, publié par J. P. Migne. cxcv, Ayora (Gonzalo). Cartas escribialas al rey

1042 pp. 89. Paris, J. P. Miyne, 1852. Don Fernando en el año 1503 desde el RoselAuntient lere, containing aphoristical and pre- lon, sobre el estado de la guerra con los

ceptive passages from the works of eminent Franceses. Dalas a luz D. G. V. 88 pp. 8o. English authors of the 16th and 17th centuries. Madrid, Sancha, 1794.

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Babbage (Charles). Observations on the tem- Considerations touching the pacification of the church

of England ple of Serapis at Pozzuoli, near Naples, etc.; Considerations touching the plantation in Ireland. with a supplement, Conjectures on the phys

Discourse of the union of England and Scotland.

Fragment of an essay, of fame. ical condition of the surface of the moon. 42 Letier and discourse to Sir H. Savill, touching helps

for the intellectual powers. pp. 80. London, author, 1847. Babbidge (Rev. Charles). The claims of con- Observations upon a libel, 1592.

Proposition to the King, touching the compiling and gregational churches; a centennial address, amendment of the lawes of England. being a vindication of the rights of the first

Report of Dr. Lopez, his treason.

Speeches. church in Pepperell, Mass. 80. 44 pp. Bos

Bacon (George Washington), and Larkins ton, Crosby & Nichols, 1847.

(William George). Descriptive handbook of Babié de Bercenay (François), and Beau

America. viii, 392 pp. 2 pl. 2 maps. 12o. mont (L.) Galerie militaire, ou notice his

London, G. W. Bacon & Co. (1866). torique sur les généraux, les amiraux, etc.,

Bacon (Leonard, D. D.) Slavery discussed qui ont commandé les armées françaises depuis

in occasional essays, from 1833 to 1846. 241 le commencement de la révolution jusqu'à pre

pp. 12o. New York, Baker & Scribner, 1846. sent. 7 v. 16°. Paris, 1805. Bachaumont (François le Coigneux de). Baddeley (F. H.) Geognosy of a part of the Euvres. Sce Chapelle (C. E. L.)

Saguenay country. 79, 116 pp. [ With Que

bec, Lit. & hist. soc. Transactions. v. 1.] Bachiller y Morales (Antonio). Prontuario

The same.

Partie géognostique d'une de agricultura general para el uso de los lab

exploration du territoire du Saguenay. 7-66 radores i haciendados de Cuba. 80. Habana,

pp. [With Canada, Rapport des commis1856.

saires pour explorer le Saguenay.] Bache (Alexander D.) Discussion of the mag

Localities of metallic minerals in the netic and meteorological observations made

Canadas. 332 to 426 pp. [With Quebec, at Girard College in 1840–45. Third section,

lit. & hist. soc. Transactions. v. 2.] comprising parts vii-ix. Vertical force. 70

Baden (Gustav Ludvig). Dansk-norsk histopp. 4o. [Washington, Sm. Inst). 1863. (In

risk bibliothek, indeholdende efterretning om Smithsonian contrib, to knowl. v. 14.)

de skrifter, som bidrage til dansk-norsk hisThe same. Fourth section. Parts x-xii.

torie kundskab. 7 p. 1. 358 pp. 18o. Odense, Dip and total force. 41 pp. 4o. [Washing

S. Heurpel, 1815. ton, Sm. Inst). 1864. (In Smithsonian contrib. to knowl. v. 14.)

Baden (Jacob). Fuldstændig tydsk og dansk

ordbog. Med en fortale om det tydske sprogs, Observations at the magnetic and mete

2 v. xxiv, 1536 pp. ; 1224 pp. 89. orological observatory at Girard college,

Kjöbenhavn, Gyldendal, 1787-97. 1840-45. 1v. in 3. 8o. 3,213 pp. atlas, 210

[See Amberg (H. C.) Fuldstændig pl., oblong fol. Washington, Topographical

dansk og tydsk ordbog]. bureau, 1847. Backer (Augustin et Alois). Bibliothèque des

Baden. Amtliche beiträge zur statistik der écrivains de la compagnie de Jésus, ou notices

staats finanzen des grossherzogthums Baden. xi, 392 pp.

40. Karlsruhe, C. F. Müller, bibliographiques. v. 1-7. 8°. Liége, 1853–61.

1851. Bacon (Francis, lord). Essays, with annota

Uebersicht der strafrechts pflege im tions by Richard Whately. xx, 536 pp. 80.

grossherzogthum Baden wahrend das jahr New York, C. S. Francis & Co. 1857.

1829. xiv, 96 pp.

4o. Carlsruhe, C. F. Essays, with a sketch of his life and

Müller, 1830. character, [etc. )and portions of the annotations

The same for 1830. xii, 131 pp. 4o. of Archbishop Whately. By J. R. Boyd. 426

Heidelberg, C.F. Winter, 1831. (With precedpp. 120. New York, A. S. Barnes & Co. 1867.

ing). Resuscitatio; or, bringing into public Baer (Friedrich Carl). Essai historique et light several pieces of the works, hitherto sleep

critique sur l'Atlantique des anciens. 2° éd. ing, of Francis Bacon, with life. By William Rawley. 12 p. 1. 282, 122 pp. 1 pl. fol. Baerle (Caspar). Rervm per octennivm in

114 pp. 2 maps. 8°. Avignon, Seguin, 1835. s. London, W. Lee, 1637.

Brasilia et alibi gestarum, sub præfectura CONTENTS.

illustrissimi comitis I. Mauritü historia. Editio Advertisement touching the controversies of the church of England.

29. Cui accesserunt Gulielmi Pisonis tractatvs Advice to the King, touching Mr. Sutton's estate. de aëribus et locis in Brasilia. 5 p.1. 644 pr., Beginning of the history of Great Britain. Confession of the faith.

10 1. 2 maps. 5 pl. Clivis, T. Silberling, 1660.



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