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Haven (Alice Bradley). Good report: morning rior of that country. 179 pp. 1 pl. 18o.

and evening lessons for lent. 318 pp. 169. Philadelphia, s. C. Ustick & Co. 1797. New York, Appletons, 1867.

(Imperfect; pp. 65-68 wanting). Haven (C. C.) Annals of the city of Trenton, Hawkins (Sir Richard). A discourse of the

[N. J.] with random remarks and historic nationall excellencies of England. [anon.] reminiscences. 31 pp. 89. Trenton, N. J. 1866. 7 p. I. 248 pp. 89. London, Henry Fletcher, ( With his Thirty days in N. J. ninety years ago).

1658. Thirty days in New Jersey ninety years Hawks (Francis Lister, D. D.) Romance ago: an essay revealing new facts in connec- of biography. [Richard the lion-hearted]. 2d tion with Washington and his army, in 1776 ed. 273 pp. 6 pl. 16o. New York, J. S. and 1777. 72 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 80. Trenton, Dickerson, 1855. [N. J.] 1867.

Hawn (F.) Report of the geological survey Haven (Samuel F.) Historical address before of Miami county, Kansas. See Swallow

the citizens of Dedham, Sept. 21, 1836. 8°. (G. C.) and Hawn.

79 pp. Dedham, Herman Mann, 1837. Hawtrey (Rev. Montague John Gregg). An Haverhill (The) and Bradford (Mass.] direc- earnest address to New Zealand colonists,

tory for 1867. By Langford & Chase, Bob- with reference to their intercourse with the ton. 138, 20 pp. 12o. Haverhill, (Mass.] J. native inhabitants. vi, 140 pp. 16o. London, V. Smiley, 1867.

J. W. Parker, 1840. Havet (Alfred). French manual: a new method Hay (John). De rebvs iaponicis, indicis et

of acquiring a conversational knowledge of pervanis, epistolae recentiores. 4 p. I. 968 pp. the French language; with a dictionary. Re

25 1.

12o. Antverpice, Martinus Nutius, vised ed. xxxii, 112 pp. 120. New York, 1605. Appletons, 1867.

Hay (Richard). Vindication of Elizabeth More Hawes (Joel, D. D.) An address delivered at from the imputation of being a concubine, and

Hartford, Nov. 9, 1835, the close of the second her children from the tache of bastardy. 17:23. century from the settlement of the city. 80 pp. Reprinted. viii, 224 pp. 89. Edinburgh, I. 120. Hurtford, Belknap and Hamersley, Adams, 1826. 1835.

Hayden (F. V. M. D.) Palæontology of the Sermons, experimental and practical.

upper Missouri.

See Meek (F. B.) and An offering to home missionaries. 407 pp. 12o. Hayden (F. V.) New York, R. Carter & Bros. 1867.

Hayden (Horace H.) Geological essays; or, A tribute to the memory of the pilgrims, an inquiry into some of the geological pheand a vindication of the congregational nomena in America and elsewhere. viii, 412 churches of New England. 2d ed. 176 pp. pp. 89. Baltimore, J. Robinson, 1820.

12o. Hartford, D. Burgess & Co. 1836. Haydn (Joseph). Dictionary of dates, for Hawker (Peter). Instructions to young sports

universal reference. American supplement, men in all that relates to guns and shooting. and biographical index, by G. P. Putnam. 1st Am. from 9th London ed. [With] the 61, 100 pp. 89. New York, G. P. Putnan do hunting and shooting of North America, etc. 1867. By Wm. T. Porter. 459 pp. 12 pl. 8°. Phil Hayes (Isaac I. M. D.) An arctic boat journey adelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1846.

in the autumn of 1854. [2d ed.] xxv, 387 Hawkins (Benjamin W.) Comparative oste- pp. 12 pl. 2 charts. 12o. Boston, Ticknor fi

ology. See Huxley (T. H.) and Hawkins. Fields, 1867. Hawkins (Sir Christopher). Observations on The open polar sea : a narrative of a

the tin trade of the ancients in Cornwall, and voyage of discovery towards the north pole, on the “ Ictis” of Diodorus Siculus. 80 pp. in the schooner “United States.” xxiv, 454 89. London, J. J. Stockdale, 1811.

pp. 10 pl. 8°. New York, Hurd & Houghton, (Wanting 1 plute).

1867. Hawkins (John Sidney). An inquiry into the Hayes (John L.) Memorial of the iron man

nature and history of Greek and Latin poetry; ufacturers of New England, asking for a more particularly of the dramatic species. xv, modification of the tariff of 1846. 39 pp. 80. 479 pp. 10 l. 89. London, E. Williams, Philadelphia, C. Sherman, 1850. 1817.

The probable influence of icebergs upon Hawkins (Joseph). History of a voyage to drift. 28 pp. 80. [n. p. about 1844 ?]

the coast of Africa, and travels into the inte- (With the preceding).

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8 pl.


Haym (Niccola Francesco). Biblioteca italiana; Esther, Ruth, Alfieri). iv, 107 pp. 3 pl. 16o.

ossia notizia de libri rari italiani. 4 v. in 2. New York, J. S. Taylor, 1830. 89. Milano, S. Silvestri, 1803.

The sacred mountains. 175 pp. 11 pl. Haynes (D. F.) The romance of the castle. 106 120. New York, Baker f. Scribner, 1847. pp. 89. London, 1841.

Sketches and rambles. xi, 241 pp. 1:20. (Hazlitt's romancist and povelist's lib. v. 3).

New York, Baker of Scribner, 1850. Haynes (Thomas). Treatise on improved cul- Headley (Rev. Phineas Camp). Life and

ture of the strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, military career of major-general William and currant. 5 p. 1. 112 pp. 4 col. pl. 8o. Tecumseh Sherman. 368 pp. 12. New York, London, Sherwood, Jones & Co. 1823.

W. H. Appleton, 1865. Hayward (John). The Massachusetts direct

Massachusetts in the rebellion. A record ory; being the first part of the New England of the historical position of the commondirectory. 192 pp. 18o. Boston, John Hay- wealth, and the services of the leading statesward, 1835.

men, the military, the colleges, and the people, New England gazetteer. 9th ed. 257 in the civil war of 1861-65. xii, 688 pp. 1. unp. 120. Concord, (N. H.) J. S. Boyd &

89. Boston, Walker, Fuller & Co. W. White, 1839.

1866. Hayward (J. Henry). Poetical pen-pictures Heads of agreement assented to by the united

of the war: selected from our union poets. ministers in and about London, formerly 3d ed. 408 pp. 129. New York, J. H.

called presbyterian and congregational. Hayward, 1864.

[anon.] 2 p. 1. 161. sm. 4o. London, [1691 ?] Hazlitt (William, editor). The romancist and (Title wanting.) novelist's library. New series. 6 v. 80.

The same.

Also articles for the adminLondon, J. Clements, 1841.

istration of church discipline agreed upon at (Note. The contents will be fonnd in the catalogue Say-Brook, September 9th, 1708. [anon.]

under the names of the authors). Hazlitt (William Carew). British Columbia,

26 pp. 189. New London, T. Short, 1710.

[With CONFESSION of faith, owned at Say-Brook, and Vancouver island. viii, 217 pp. 1 map. New London, 1710.) 16o. London, Routledge of Co. 1858. Heard (James). A practical grammar of the

Hand-book to the popular poetical and Russian language, with a key. xiv, 323, 197 dramatic literature of Great Britain, from the pp. 12°. St. Petersburg, Sleunine, 1827. invention of printing to [1660]. Parts 1-9. Hearn (William Edward). Plutology; or the A-M. xii, 564 pp. 89. London, J. Russell theory of the efforts to satisfy human wants. Smith, 1867.

xii, 475 pp. 89. London, Macmillan, 1864. Head (Sir Edmund Walker). A hand-book of Hearne (Samuel). A journey from Prince of

the history of the Spanish and French schools Wales's fort in IIudson's bay, to the northern of painting. Intended as a sequel to Kugler. ocean, in the years 1769-72. xliv, 458 pp. xiv, 373 pp. 16o. London, J. Jurray, 1848. 1 map. 8 pl. 4°. London, A. Strahan & T.

s. Cadel, 1795.
Head (Sir Francis Bond). The emigrant. The same. 1, 459 PP.


8 pl. 80. 5th ed. 3 p. 1. 441 pp. 12o. London, J. Dublin, P. Byrne, 1796. Murray, 1847.

Heath (Laban). Greatly improved and enHeadley (Joel Tyler). The Alps and the larged infallible government counterfeit detec

Rhine; a series of sketches. New ed. vii, tor, with designs from original plates. 2d ed. 138 pp. 12o. New York, Baker f. Scribner, 39 pp. 16 pl. 16o. Boston, L. Heath, 1866. 1848.

The same. Banking house and counting Farragut, and our naval commanders. room edition. 39 pp. 15 pl. 4o. Boston, With portraits, etc. 609 pp. 89. New York, L. Heath, (1867). E. B. Treat of: Co. 1867.

Heath (Noble). The people's spelling book. The great rebellion; a history of the 168 pp. 120. Philadelphia, author, 1857. civil war in the United States. 2 v. 506 pp. A treatise on arithmetic. 455 pp. 12o. 15 pl; 702 pp. 12 pl. 80. Hartford, Am. Philadelphia, T. E. Chapman, 1855. S. publishing co. 1866.

Heath (Robert). Natural and historical acMiscellanies. viii, 298 pp. 1 pl. 120. count of the islands of Scilly ; [with] a genNew York, Baker & Scribner, 1850.

eral account of Cornwall. viii, xvi, xiii, 456 The power of beauty. [Three essays, pp. 1 map. 80. London, Manby & Cor, 1750.

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Heather (John Fry). A treatise on mathe

CONTENTS. matical instruments. vi, 183 pp. 2 pl. 12o. v. 1. Persians, Phænicians, Babylonians. London, J. Weale, 1819.

v. 2. Scythians, Indians. Appendixes. Heathside farm. A tale of country life. A manual of ancient history with regard

[anon.] 2 v. 291 pp; 299 pp. 120. London, to constitutions, etc. Translated from the GerT. C. Newby, 1863.

man. Oth ed. With a biographical sketch of Hebenstreit (Johann Ernst). Musevm rich- the author. xvi, xxx, 413 pp. 89. London,

terianvm; continens fossilia, animalia, vegeta- H. G. Bohn, 1854. bilia marina, illustrata iconibvs et commenta- A manual of the history of the political sysriis. 384 pp. 14 pl. fol. Lipsiae, C. Fritsch, tem of Europe and its colonies. [1492-1776). 1743.

From 5th German ed. xxxii, 540 pp. 8°. Hebenstreit (Wilhelm ). Wissenschaftlich- London, H. G. Bohn, 1857.

literarische encyklopädie der aesthetik. 2° Heider (Eduard J.) Systematische anleitung ausg. lxxxvii, 994 pp. 89. Wien, C. Gerold, zum traçiren der eisenbahnen. 2e aufl. 8 p. I. 1818.

167 pp. 8o. Leipzig, J. L. Schrag, 1860. 8. Hébert(A. E. capitaine des ingénieurs.) Différ- Heinecken (Carl Heinrich von). Idée géné

ences entre le langage littéral et le langage rale d'une collection complete d'estampes. vulgaire.

Avec une dissertation sur l'origine de la gra(With ERPENIL'S (T.) Rudiments de la langage

vure. 8 p. I. 520 pp. 16 l. 28 pl. 80. Leipsic, arabe).

S. Heckel (Jakob), and Kner (Rudolph). Die

J. P. Kraus, 1771. süsswasserfische der östreichischen

Heinemann (H. von). Die schmetterlinge archie; mit rücksicht auf die angränzenden

Deutschlands und der Schweiz systematisch länder. xii, 389 pp. 89. Leipzig, W. Engel

bearbeitet. I. Grossschmetterlinge. xxiii, 850

Braunschweig, Vieweg, 1859. s. mann, 1858. Hecker (John). The scientific basis of educa

Tabellen zur bestimmung der schmettertion demonstrated. xx, 167, xxiv pp. 12 pl.

linge Deutschlands und der Schweiz. 118 pp. 89. New York, author, 1867.

80. Braunschweig, Vieweg, 1859.

| With the preceding.) Hédelin (François). See Aubignac (F. Hé

Heinrich (Carl). Tyskt och svenskt handdelin, abbé d').

lexikon. 3° upplagan. 2 v. in 1. 480 pp; Hedley (J. H.) Anviisning til hurtig og

528 pp. sq. 18o. Stralsund, LöHer, 1836. S. grundig at lære det engelske sprog. Efter

Heinrich (J.) Landwirthschaftliche beschreiDr. Ahn's methode. 3° oplag. 222 pp. 12o.

buug der guts-wirthschaft Castell; nebst Bergen, E. B. Giertsen, 1864.

einem vorworte über bewirthschaftung grösHedwig (Johann). Theoria generationis et

serer güter in den nordöstlichen Schweiz und fructificationis plantarvm cryptogamicarvm

den nachbarstaaten. xxiv, 357 pp. 9 pl. 8o. Linnaei. 164 pp. 37 pl. 4o. Petropoli, Acad.

Zürich, C. Beyel, 1845. imp. scientiarum, 1784.

Heinsius (Johannes Wilhelm). Allgemeines Heeren (Arnold Hermann Ludwig). Ancient

bücher-lexicon, oder vollständiges alphabetisGreece. Translated from the German, by

ches verzeichniss aller von 1700 bis zu ende George Bancroft. Also, three historical trea

[1861) erschienenen bücher, welche in tises: 1. Political consequences of the reforma

Deutschland und in den durch sprache und tion. 2. Rise, etc. of political theories. 3. Rise

literatur damit verwandten ländern gedruckt and growth of the continental interests of

worden sind. 20 v. in 15. 4o. Leipzig, J. F. Great Britain. New ed. xii, 518 pp. 89.

Gleditsch, 1812-28; F. A. Brockhaus, 1836-63. London, H. G. Bohn, 1817. Historical researches into the politics,

CONTENTS. intercourse, and trade of the Carthaginians, v. 1-4. A--Z. 1700-1810. Neue auflage.

5. A-Z. 1811-15. Ethiopians, and Egyptians. Translated from

6. A-Z. 1816-21. Herausgegeben von C. G. the German. 2d ed. 8, xxxii, 520 pp. 2 pl.


7. A--Z. 1822-27. Herausgegeben von C. G. 1 map. 89. London, H. G. Bohn, 1857. S.

Historical researches into the politics,

v. 8 in 2 v. A-Z. 1828–34. Herausgegeben von ().

A. Schulz, intercourse, and trade of the principal nations v. 9 in 2 v. A-2. 1833-41. Bearbeitet von 0. A.

Schulz. of antiquity : Asiatic nations. 2v. xvi, 363 v. 10. A-Z. 1812-46. Bearbeitet von L. F. A. Schiller.

v. 11. A-Z. 1847-51. Von L. F. A. Schiller. pp. 1 pl. 1 map; 472 pp. 3 pl. 89. London,

v. 12. A--Z. 1832-56. Von L. F. A. Schiller. II. G. Boln, 1854.

v. 13. A-Z. 1857-62. Von C. R. Heumann.

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3 v.

son, 1786.


Heiss(Johann von). Histoire de l'empire. 2 v. 214 pp. 22 1. fol. London, West & Crosley,

9 p. 1. lxix, 523 pp. 3 p. 1. 740 pp. 10 pl. 4o. 1687.

Amsterdam, Wetsteins & Smith, 1733. Hemingford, or Hemingburgh (Walter of). · Held (Joseph). Staat und gesellschaft vom Chronica de gestis regum Angliæ, mlxvistandpunkte der geschichte der menschheit

fol. Oxoniæ, 1687. und des staats.

89. Leipzig, F. A. (GALE (Thomas), and FELL (John). Rerum anglica. Brockhaus, 1861–65.

rum scriptores veteres. Oxoniæ, 1684-91. v. 2.)

Hempel (Gustav). Geographische beschreiCONTENTS.

bung der grossherzogthümer Mecklenburgv. 1. Grundanschauungen über staat und gesellschaft. xxiv, 598 PP.

Schwerin und Mecklenburg-Strelitz. xiv, v. 2. Volk und regierung, mit besonderer rücksicht 147 pp. 16o. Neu Strelitz, L. Dümmler, 1829.

auf die entwickelung der gesellschaft und des
staats in Deutschland. xxix, 796 rp.

S. v. 3. Der Verfassungsmässige oder constitutionelle Henderson (John, comedian). staat. xxiv, 1,020 pp.

Letters and Helena's household; a tale of Rome in the

poems. With anecdotes of his life, by John first century. [anon.] 3 p. l. 422 pp.

Ireland. xii, 206 pp. 89. London, J. John12°. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1867. Hellenbroek (Rev. Abram). A sermon from Henderson (Peter). Gardening for profit : Canticles, on taking the little foxes. Trans

guide to successful cultivation of the market lated from the Dutch. 31 pp. 16o. Boston,

and family garden. 243 pp. 120. New York,

0. Judd & Co. 1867. S. Knecland of. T. Green, 1742.

[With TEXNEXT (Rev. Gilbert). Necessity of hold. Henderson (William). Notes on the folking fast the truth. Boston, 1743).

lore of the northern counties of England and Heller (Joseph). Das leben und die werke

the borders. With an appendix on household Albrecht Dürer’s. 297, 983 pp. 3 pl. 8o.

stories, by S. Baring Gould. xxvii, 344 pp. Bamberg, E. F. Kunz, 1827.

1 pl. 12°. London, Longmans, 1866. Kellwig (Johann Christian Ludwig). Tabel- Henkel (Johann Friedrich). Anleitung zum larische uebersicht der ordnungen, familien und

chirurgischen verbande: umgearbeitet und gattungen der säugethiere, nach Illiger's Pro

mit vielen zusätzen versehen von J. C. Stark. dromus systematis mammalium. viii, 118 pp.

Von neuem bearbeitet und mit zusätzen ver89. Helmstadt, C. G. Fleckeisen, 1819.

mehrt von J. F. Dieffenbach.

40 Helme (Elizabeth). The farmer of Inglewood

pl. 89. Berlin, G. Reimer, 1829. 8. forest. 162 pp. 89. London, 1841.

(Wanting pl. xl.) (HAZLITT's romancist and novelists libr. v. 4.) Henkle (W. D.) Algebra. See Stoddard Helmont (Jean Baptiste van). Opera omnia.

(J. F.) and Henkle. 19 p. 1. 765 pp. 36 ). 4o. Francofurti, J. J. Henle (Julius). Handbuch der rationellen Erythropilus, [Rothuet] 1682.

pathologie. 2 v. in 3. 89. Braunschweig, Opuscula medica inedita. 8 p.1. 275 pp.

Vieweg, 1854-55. 21 1.

4o. Francofurti, J. J. Erythropilus, 1682.

v. 1. Einleitung und allgemeiner theil. 3e aufl. 4 p. I. [With the preceding.) Helper (Hinton Rowan).

The impending

v. 2. Specieller theil.

Abth. 1. Pathogenie. 2e aufl. viii, 835 pp. 3 pl. crisis of the south : how to meet it. 15th

Abth. 2. Symptomatogie und aetiologie. vi, thousand. 12o. New York, J. B. Burdick, 1860.

Nojoque: a question for a continent. Hennekeler (Gysbert van). Sce Van Hen479 pp. 120. New York, G. W. Carleton & nekeler. Co. 1867.

Hennell (Sara S.) Christianity and infidelity; Helvicus (Christophorus). See Helwig an exposition of the arguments on both sides. (Christoph).

xii, 173 pp. 89. London, Hall, Virtue & Co. Helwig, or Helwich (Christoph). Elenchi 1857.

judaici. Antonii Probi oratio de monarchia Hennepin (Louis). A new discovery of a vast regni Israelis. Raphaelis Eglini captivitatis country in America, extending above four babylonicæ historia. Cum T. Crenii præfa- thousand miles, between New France and New tione, notis et indice. 88, 466 pp. 31. 180. Mexico. With the continuation; giving an Lugduni in Bataris, A. de Swart, 1702. account of the attempts of the sieur La Salle

The historical and clironological theatie. upon the mines of St. Barbe. 2 v. in 1. 11 p. I. Faithfully done into Englislı according to the 239 pp; 16 p. l. 355 pp. 2 maps. 7 pl. 12o. two best editions, with additions.

London, U. Bentley & others, 1698.

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357 PP.

493 pp.

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Hennequin (Amand). Essai sur l'analogie rigiert vnd gebessert. [anon.] 186 1. fol.

des langues. 220 pp. 89. Besançon, Bintot, Strassburg, Balthassar Beck, 1529. 1838.

Herbert, Herbers, or Hébert. Extraits du Henrici (Moritz). Die kupferstechkunst und Dolopathos. Par Le Roux de Lincy. See

der stahlstich; für männer vom fach und Loiseleur Deslongchamps, (A. L. A.) kunstfreunde. iv, 168 pp. 160. Leipzig, J. C. Essai sur les fables, etc. Hinrichs, 1834.

Herbert (Henry William). Ruth Whalley; Henriques (A. D. Y.) Modern mercantile cal- or, the fair puritan. A romance of the Bay

culator; a companion for the accountant and province. 72 pp. 80. Boston, H. L. Williams, book-keeper. xv, 369 pp. 8°. New York, J. 1845. M. Bradstreet & Son, 1867.

Herbich (Franz). Stirpes rariores bucovinæ ; Henry (David). The curiosities of London and oder, die seltenen pflanzen der Bucovina.

Westminster described. [anon.] 2 v. 198 pp. 65 pp. 89. Stanislawon, author, 1853. 6 pl; 213 pp. 6 pl. 189. London, J. Harris, Herborn (Nikolaus). De Indis convertendis. [about 1790).

See Novus orbis. Roterodami, 1616. Henry (James, M. D. pseudon ?) Notes of a Herchenbach (Wilhelm). Aus der mansarde ;

twelve years' voyage of discovery in the first eine wahre geschichte. 188 pp. 1 pl. 12o. six books of the Eneis. xvi, 586 pp. 89. Dres- Regensburg, G. J. Manz, 1866. den, Meinhold, 1853.

· Bagdad, die königin der wüste; erzähHenry (Matthew). Miscellaneous writings. lung. 192 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Regensburg, G. J.

New ed. 4 p. 1. 876 pp. 4o. London, S. Manz, 1866.
Bagster, 1811.

· Ein verlorenes leben; erzählung. 185 CONTENTS.

pp. 1 pl. 12°. Regensburg, G.J. Manz, 1866. Life of Mr. Philip Henry.

In der mühle; erzählung. 188 pp. 1 pl. Sermons, tracts, and biography of eminent christians; sermon on the author's death by Rev. W. Tong.

120. Regensburg, G. J. Manz, 1863. Henry (William, M. D.) The elements of ex- Hering (C. J.) De kultuur en de bewerking

perimental chemistry. 2d Am. ed. With sup- van het suikerriet, benevens eene beschryving plement, and theory of galvanism, by R. Hare, van al de toestellen tot de suikerbereiding en M. D. 3 v. [illust.] 89. Philadelphia, R. De

tot het destilleren van rum. 3 v. in 1. 21 pl. silver, 1823.

80. Rotterdam, H. Nijgh, 1858. Henschel (C. A.) Le système de mesures et Hering (J. H.) Bespiegeling over neêrde poids le plus commode, basé sur le pas landsch waternood, 14-15 Nov. 1775. 2 v. naturel de l'homme, et projeté d'après l'analo- xvi, 38, 245 pp. 7 pl; viii, 335 pp. 3 pl. 80. gie du système métrique. Trad. de l'Allemand. Amsterdam, Lovering & Allart, 1776. 35 pp. 2 pl. 8o. Cassel, O. Bertram, 1855.

The same. 21-22 Nov. 1776. xxviii,

32, 238 pp. 5 pl. 80. Amsterdam, J. Allart, Hentz (N. M.) Araneides, of Massachusetts. 1776. (In HITCHCOCK (E.) Catalogue of animals, etc. of Herkern or Herkeren. Insha i Herkérn. The

Hentzner (Paul). Travels in England during

forms of Herkern corrected from a variety of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Translated by

manuscripts, translated into English: with

an index of Arabic words explained, by F. Horace [Walpole, ] late earl of Orford; with sir Robert Naunton's Fragmenta regalia; or,

Balfour. [Arabic and English]. 266 pp. 4o. observations on Queen Elizabeth's times and

Calcutta, 1781. favourites. viii, 152 pp. 11 pl. 8°. London,

Hermann (Carl Heinrich). Geschichte des

deutschen volkes. Erläuterung zu einige Edward Jeffery, 1797. Herald (The) of health, and journal of physi- Hermann (Paul). Lapis materiæ medicæ

bildern. See Foss (R.) cal culture, devoted to hygienic medication, bodily development, and laws of life. M. L..

lydive. 1737.

(With TEICHMEYER (H. F.) Institutiones materiæ Holbrook, M. D. editor. Jan. to Dec. 1867. medicæ.) new series, v. 9–10. (complete series, v. Hermannsen. See Herrmannsen. 43–44.) viii, 302, 304 pp. 80. New York, Hermetical (The) triumph: or, the victorious Miller, Wood & Co. [1867.]

philosophical stone, translated from the Herbarius. Das kreüter buch, oder herba- French. [With] the ancient war of the

rius. Das buch von allen kreütern, wurtzlen knights, translated from the German. [anon.] vnd andern dingen, wie mans bruchen soll zü xxvi, 147, 39 pp. 1 pl. 189. London, P. gesundtheit der menschen, von neüwem cor

Hanet, 1723.

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