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Hooper (Robert, M. D.) Lexicon medicum; art, and people. v, 468 pp. 16°. New York,

or, medical dictionary. With additions by S. Hurd of Houghton, 1867. Akerly, M. D. 4th Amer. ed. 2 v. in 1. 472 Hoppus (E.) Hoppus's tables of measuring; pp; 367 pp. 23 l. 89. New York, Harpers, or, practical measuring made easy; with curi1829.

ous observations on measuring timber. 18th Hrper (William, M. D.) Rational recreations, ed. 1x, 226 pp. 80. London, Rivington,

in which the principles of numbers and natu- 1823. ral philosophy are elucidated; among which Horatius Flaccus (Quintus). Opera expurgata, are all those commonly performed with cards. notis anglicis illustrata. Cura Thomæ Dug4 v. 89. London, L. Davis, 1774.

dale,jun. xvii, 359 pp. 89. Philadelphia, S. Hope (A.J. Beresford). See Beresford-Hope. W. Conrad, 1815. Hope (Thomas). Costume of the ancients. New Opera, cum notis gallicis. viii, 275 pp.

eil. 2 v. xvi, 50 pp. 61. 300 pl. 89. London, 24° Parisiis, A. Delalain, 1832. H. G. Bohn, 1841.

The works of Horace, (Lat.) with Eng. Historical essay on architecture. 3d ed. lish notes, etc. By Charles Anthon. A new 3 v. 89. London, J. Murray, 1836–40. ed. xxv, 731 pp. 12o. New York, Harpers,


Works, in English verse, by [W.] Dunv. 1. Text. xx, 526 pp.

combe, J. Duncombe, and other hands. With v. 2. Plates. xii pp. 97 pl. v. 3. Index. 90 pp.

notes, historical and critical, [and] many imi

tations. 2d ed. 4 v. 16o. London, B. White, Hopf (Carl). Historisch-genealogischer atlas [and others], 1767.

scit Christi geburt bis auf unsere zeit. Abth. Odes, satires, epistles, and art of poetry. 1. Deutschland. v. 1. xvi, 449 pp. fol. Gotha, Translated by P. Francis. 80. Edinburgh, F. A. Perthes, 1858.

(1792-94). Hopkins (David). See Richardson (J.) Vo- ( Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 1). cabulary, Persian, Arabic, and English,

Odes and epodes, satires, epistles, and 1810.

art of poetry, construed literally, and word Hopkins (Jesse). The patriots' manual; inter- for word, by Rev. Dr. Giles. 352 pp. 18o.

esting to every American citizen. 220 pp. 160. London, J. Cornish, (1859). Utica, W. Williams, 1828.

Satiren aus dem lateinischen übersetzt Hopkins (John Henry, D. D. bishop of Ver. und mit einleitungen und erläuternden an

mont). History of the church, in verse. Com- merkungen versehen von C. M. Wieland. 2 v. posed for the use of bible-classes, (etc.) in the in 1. 312 pp; 254 pp. 8o. Leipzig, Weidmann, protestant episcopal church in the United 1804. States. 256 pp. 120. New York, 1.1. Pooley, Horner (G. R. B. M. D.) Diseases and inju1867.

ries of seamen; with remarks on their enlistHopkins (Samuel, A. M.) Historical memoirs ment, naval hygiene, and the duties of medirelating to the Housatunnuk Indians; or, ac

cal officers. 252 pp. 120. Philadelphia, count of the propagation of the gospel among Lippincott, Grambo & Co. 1854. that tribe, under the ministry of John Ser. Hörnes (Dr. Moriz). Verzeichniss der fosgeant. 1 p. I. 182 pp. 89. Boston, S. Knee- sil-reste aus 135 fundarten des tertiär-beckens land, 1753.

von Wien. 74 pp. 3 tab. 8°. Wien, W. BrauHopkins (Samuel, D. D.) An inquiry concern- müller, 1848.

ing the future state of those who die in their (With Czjzek's erläuterungen, etc.) sins. 2 p. I. vi, 194 pp. 120. Newport, s. Horsburgh (James). India directory; or, direcSouthwick, 1783.

tions for sailing to and from the East Indies, Hopkinsian (The) magazine, 1826–27. Rev.

China, New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, Otis Thompson, editor. v. 2. iii, 583 pp. 80.

Brazil, etc. 2d ed. with supplement. 2 v. in Proridence, Field & Co. 1826.

1. 5 p. 1. xxvi, 446 pp; 3 p. 1. 551, 50 pp. Hopper (Edward). One wife too many; or,

4o. London, author, 1817-18. Rip Van Bigham. A tale of Tappan Zee. Horse owner's friend; a treatise on all diseases 262 pp. 16o. New York, Hurd & Houghton,

and accidents of the horse, with their treat1867.

ment. [anon.] 256 pp. 24°. Ann Arbor, Hoppin (James M.) Old England; its scenery,

(Mich.) Chase, 1867.

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Horsford (Eben Norton). Report on the geolo- | Hough (Franklin B.) History of Duryće's gy of Cattaraugus county.

brigade, during the campaign in Virginia (With NEW YORK, State, annual reports on the geolog. under Gen. Pope, and in Maryland under ical survey v. 4.)

Gen. McClellan, in 1862. 200 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Report on the phrenological classifica

Albany, J. Munsell, 1864. tion of J. Stanley Grimes. Adopted by the

The northern invasion of October, 1780; Albany phrenological society. 28 pp. 120.

a series of papers relating to the expeditions Albany, J. Munsell, 1840.

from Canada under Sir John Johnson and Untersuchungen über glycocoll und ein

others, against the frontiers of New York. iger seiner zersetzungsproducte. [Extract.]

With an introduction and notes. 224 pp. 1 pl. 57 pp. 80. Giessen, Ann. d. chemie, 1846. 8. Horsmanden (Daniel). A journal of proceed

1 map. 89. New York, 1866.

Bradford club publications, No. 6.1. ings in the detection of the conspiracy formed

See New York, State, Convention by some white people, in conjunction with

manual. negro and other slaves [at New York). vi,

(editor). See Washington (George). 205, xvipp. 4o. New York, James Parker, 1744. Hortense de Beauharnais, (Eugénie, queen of Houghton (Douglass). First and second an

Washingtoniana, etc. 1865. Holland). Romances composées et mises en

nual reports of the state geologist (of Michimusique. See Mémoires sur madame la

gan], and documents. 3 v. 80. Lansing, duchesse de St. Leu. Londres, 1832.

1838–39. Horticulturist (The) and journal of rural art

and rural taste. Jan. to Dec. 1867. New series. v. 22. 80. New York, F. W. Wood- Douglass (C.C.) Report of assistant geologist. pp.

66-77. ward, 1867.

Higgins, (J. W.) Report of topographer. rp. 45-65 Horton (R. G.) Youth's history of the great

Hubbard (Bela). Report of assistant geologist. pr. civil war in the United States, 1861-65. 2d Sayer (Abram). Roport of zoologist. pp. 1-15. ed. 334 pp. 16o. New York, Van Evrie,

Wright (John). Report of botanist. pp. 17–44. Horton and Co. 1866.

Houghton (J.) and Bristol (T. W.) Reports Horton (William, M. D.) Report on the geol- on the geography, topography, and geology ogy of Orange county.

of the mineral region of Lake Superior. 109 (New York, State, annual reports on the geol.

pp. map. 16o. Detroit, Charles Wilcox, 1846. survey. v. 2.) Hoskins (Nathan). A history of Vermont, Houghton (John, F. R.S.) Husbandry and from its discovery and settlement to 1830.

trade improv'd; revised by Richard Bradley. 316 pp. 16°. Vergennes, (Ind.) J. Shedd, 1831.

3 v. 8°. London, Woodman & Lyon, 1727. Hoskyns (Chandos Wren). Occasional

Houghton gallery. A set of prints, engraved

essays. 256 pp. 16°. London, Longmans, 1866.

after the most capital paintings, in the collecHöst (Georg). Efterretninger om öen Sanct

tion of H. I. M. the empress of Russia, lately dens

in the collection of the earl of Orford, at gouverneurer, fra 1769 indtil 1776. xx, 203 pp. 120. Krobenhavn, N.

Houghton, in Norfolk. [With plans of HoughMoller og son, 1791.

ton hall and estate). 2 v. 5 p. 1. 81 pl; 4 p. I. Hostmann (F. W. M. D.) Over de bescha

71 pl. fol. London, J. & J. Boydel, 1788. ving van negers in Amerika, door kolonisatie Hours at home; a popular monthly, devoted to met Europeanen. 2 v. Ixvi, 346 pp; 463 pp.

religious and useful literature. Edited by 89. Amsterdam, J. C. A. Sulpke, 1850.

J. M. Sherwood. Nov. 1866-Apr. 1867. v. 4. Hotchkiss (Capt. Jed.) and Allan (William).

4o. New York, C. Scribner & Co. (1865). The battlefields of Virginia. Chancellors- House carpenters' book of prices, and rules for ville. 152 pp. 5 maps. 1 pl. 89. New York,

measuring and valuing work. 35

5 pp. 120. D. Van Nostrand, 1867.

Philadelphia, R. Folwell, 1801. Hotho (H. G.) Die malerschule Huberts Van Household tales and traditions of England, Eyck nebst deutschen vorgängern und zeit

Germany, France, Scotland, etc. [anon.] genossen. v. i, ii, lief. 1. 12o. Berlin, Veit

188 pp. 160. London, E. Lumley, [ about 1850). & Co. 1855–58.

Houstou (Mrs. M. C.) Hesperos; or, travels

in the west. 2 v. viii, 293 pp. 12o. London, v. i. Geschichte der deutschen malerei bis 1450. xvii,

J. W. Parker, 1850.

Houston (Samuel). Letter to Gen. Santa Anna. v. ii. Flandrische malerei des xv. jahrhhunderts. le lief. ix, 244 pp.

8 pp. 89. Washington, 1852.

Thomas og

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490 pp.



144 pp.

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139 pp.



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Houtteville (Alexandre Claude François). of his voyages and hardships. 200 pp. 16o.

Religion chrétienne prouvée par les faits. Northampton, John Metcalf, 1848. Avec un discours sur la méthode des princi- Hoyt (David W.) A genealogical history of paux auteurs qui ont écrit pour et contre le John Hoyt of Salisbury, and David Hoyt of christianisme depuis son origine. cciv, 476 pp. Deerfield, (Mass.) and their descendants : 4o. Paris, Greg. Dupuis, 1722.

with some account of the earlier Connecticut Hovey (Alyah, D. D.) The state of the im- Hoyts.

3 pl. 80.

Boston, C. penitent dead. 168 pp. 169. Boston, Gould & Richardson, 1857. Lincoln, 1859.

Hoyt (Epaphras). Practical instructions for How (Rev. Thomas Y.) A vindication of the military officers, [with] a new military dicprotestant episcopal church, in a series of

tionary. viii, 480 pp. 14 pl. 12o. Greenfield, letters addressed to Rev. Samuel Miller. [Mass. ] J. Denio, 1811. xxxvi, 492 pp. 80. New York, Eastburn, Hoyt (Jesse). Letters from Jesse Hoyt, to Kirk & Co. 1816.

the secretary of the treasury, explanatory Howard (Luke). Seven lectures on meteoro- of the action of George Poindexter and his

logy. 2d ed. vi, 218 pp. 16°, London, Har. colleagues, commissioners for the investigavey & Darton, 1843.

8. tion of the affairs of the custom-house at New Howard (Robert). Revelations of Egyptian York.

80. New York, Evening mysteries, and allegories of the Greek lyric

post, [1842 ?] poets clearly interpreted. History of the Huarte de San Juan (Juan). Essame de works of nature, with a discourse on health, gl'ingeni de gl'hvomini per apprender le according with the wisdom of the ancients. scienze. Tradotto dalla lingua spagnuola da

viii, 284 pp. 89. London, H. Colburn, 1850. C. Camilli. 12 p. 1. 367 pp. 16°. Venetia, Howe (Henry). Historical collections of Vir

Aldo, 1586. ginia, with sketch of the District of Columbia. Hubbard (Bela). Report of the assistant 544 pp. 19 pl. 1 map. 80. Charleston, (S. C.)

geologist of Michigan. W. R. Babcock, 1847.

( With HOUGHTON (Douglass). Report on the geology Times of the rebellion in the west; a

of Michigan, Doc. No. 5.) collection of miscellanies. 252 pp. 80. Cin- Hubbard (John N.) Sketches of border adcinnati, F. A. Howe, 1867.

ventures in the life and times of Maj. Moses Howe (Nathaniel). Century sermon in Hop

Van Campen, a surviving soldier of the kinton, Dec. 24, 1815. 2d ed.

revolution. 310 pp. 89. Bath, [N. Y.) R. L.

Underhill & Co. 1812. Andover, Flagg & Gould, 1817. Howell (George Rogers). Early history of Hubbard (S.) The temperance melodist. 120.

Boston, Kidder & Cheever, 1832.

8. Southampton, L. I. With genealogies. 318 pp. 120. New York, J. N. Hallock, 1866.

Hubbard (Rev. William). The present state Howell (James). A German diet, or the

of New England ; a narrative of the troubles ballance of Europe. 4 p. 1, 187 pp. 4 1. 1 pl.

with the Indians, from 1607 to 1677, with a fol. London, H. Moseley, 1653.

discourse about the war with the Pequods in Howells (William D.) Italian journeys. 320

1637, (and a narrative of the troubles with pp. 120. New York, Hurd & lloughton, 1867.

the Indians from Pascataqua to Pemmaquid). Venetian life. 2d ed. 401 pp. 12°. New

6 p. I. 131, xiii, 88 pp. sm. 4o. London, York, Hurd & Houghton, 1867.

Tho. Parkhurst, 1677. Howitt (William). A country book; for the

Hübener (J. W. P.) Flora der umgegend field, the forest, and the fireside. 3d ed. viii,

von Hamburg, städtischen gebietes, holstein392 pp. 8 pl. 16o. London, Routledge & Co.

lauenburgischen und luneburgischen antheils. 1858.

xliv, 523 pp. 89. Hamburg, J. A. Meissner,

1846. Howse (Joseph). A grammar of the Cree language; [with] analysis of the Chippeway

Huber (Therese). Die geschichte des Cevendialect. xx, 324 pp. 80. Cirencester, J. G.

nen-kriegs. 16°. Stuttgart, Cotta, 1834. S. F. f: J. Rivington, 1844.

Hubley (Benrard or Bernard). The history of

the American revolution. v 1. 1774–75. (No Howson (Henry). Information and estimates

8o. Northumrelating to foreign patents.

more published.] 606 pp. 120.

berland, [Pa.] A. Kennedy, 1805. Philadelphia, U. S. and European Pat. Off.

Hübner (Jacob). Verzeichniss bekannter [1866]. Hoxse (John). The Yankee tar. A narrative

schmetterlinge. 431, 72 pp. 89. Augsburg, Hübner, 1816.

8o. 31 pp.

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48 pp.

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Hudson (Thomas). Comic songs. 7th, 8tlı, Hulot (-). Instruction sur le service de

9th, 11th, and 12th collections. 36 pp. each. l'artillerie. Revue et augmentée, par Bigot. 189. London, T. Hudson, 1826–31.

3e éd. xii, 233 pp. 2 tab. 2 pl. 12°. Paris, Huerne de La Mothe (François Charles). Magimel, 1813.

Libertés de la France, contre le pouvoir arbi- Hulshoff (Maria Aletta). Peace republican's traire de l'excommunication. xxxvi, 255 pp. manual; or, the French constitution of 1793; 169. Amsterdam, 1761.

the declaration of the rights of man and of Hufeland (Christoph Wilhelm). L'art de pro- citizens; debates on this constitution in the

longer la vie humaine, traduit sur la 2e éd. national convention, [etc.] vii, 161 pp. go. de l'Allemand. 2 parts in 1v. xvi, 358 pp. 8o. New York, J. Tiebout, 1817. Lausanne, Hignon & Cie. 1809.

Hülsse (Dr. J. A. editor.) Grösseren logaHuffington (William). See Delaware Regis- rithmisch-trigonometrisch tafeln. ter. Dover, 1838–39.

( With VEGA (G. von.) Sammlung, etc.) Hug(Johannes Leonhard). Bemerkungen über Humbert (Jean). Mythologie grecque et rodie aeginetischen bildwerke. 4o. Freiburg,

maine; ou, introduction à la lecture des poètes. Wagner, 1835.

3e éd. viii, 295 pp. 12°. Paris, B. Duprat, Hugel (Julius von), and Schmidt(C. F.) Die

1847. gestüte und meiereien des königs Wilhelm Humboldt (Carl Wilhelm von). Über die von Wurttemberg. xvi, 220 pp. 7 col. pl. Kawi-sprache auf der insel Java. 3 v. 40. 4o. Stuttgart, Ebner & Seubert, [1851.] S.

Berlin, k. Akad. der wissenschaften, 1836–39. Huggins (John Richard Desborus). Huggini

ana; or, Huggins' fantasy, being a collection of the most esteemed literary productions. 2d ed. 288 pp. 9 pl. 16o. New York, H. C.

v. I. Einleitung über die verschiedenheit des menSouthwirk, 1808.

schlichen sprachbaues, und ihren einfluss auf die Hughes (Jabez). Miscellanies in verse and

geistige entwicklung des menschen-geslechts.

Buch i. Verbindungen zwischen Indien und Java. prose. viii p. 1. 292 pp. 89. London, John v. II. Buch ii. Kawi-sprache. Buch iii. Malayischen

sprachstamm. Abschnitt 1. Stammverwandtschaft Watts, 1737.

der malayischen sprachen. Abs. 2. Betrachtung Hughes (John). Poetical works. 8°. Edin

der einzelnen sprachen des stammes, etc. v. III. Abs. 3. Sprachen der sūdsee inseln.

Abs. 4. burgh, 1793.

Vergleichende grammatik der südseo sprachen, (Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 7).

und beiläufig des malayischen Sprachstamines

überhaupt, von !J. C. E. J Buschmann. Hughes (Thomas Smart). History of England,

from the death of George II. to the present time. [1760—1835.] 5 v. 8o. Paris, Baudry, Humboldt (Friedrich Heinrich Alexander 1835–36.

von). Ansichten der natur, mit wissenschaft

8. Hughes (W.) The American physitian; or, a

lichen erläuterungen. v. 1. viii, 334 pp. 16o. treatise of the roots, plants, trees, herbs, etc.

Tübingen, J. G. Cotta, 1808. in the English plantations in America. viii (No more published.) p.1. 159 pp. 24°. London, William Crook, The same. Aspects of nature in different 1672.

lands and different climates. Translated by Hugo (Marie Victor). The king's fool; or, le Mrs. Sabine. 475 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Lea roi s'amuse. iv, 44 pp. 89. London, [1841 ?] & Blanchard, 1849.

S. (Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's lib. v. 5.]

The same. Views of nature; or, conLucretia Borgia; a dramatic tale. Trans

templations on the sublime phenomena of crelated from the French by W. T. Haley. viii, ation. Trans. from the German by E. C. Ottó 39 pp. 89. London, [1841?]

and H. G. Bohn. xxx, 452 pp. 2 pl. 12o. (Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's lib. v. 5.]

London, H. G. Bohn, 1850. Hull (Joseph Hervey). English grammar, by The same. Tableaux de la nature, ou

lectures. 107 pp. 160. Hagerstown, J. H. considérations sur les déserts, sur la physiHull, 1823.

onomie des végétaux, et sur les cataractes de Hullah (John), and Sharland (Joseph B.)

l'Orénoque. Trad. de l'Allemand par J. B. B. The grammar school chorus; containing Wil

Eyriès. 2 v. x, 240 pp; 240 pp. 16°. Paris, hem's method of teaching vocal music; also,

F. Schoell, 1808.

s. selections for devotional exercises, [etc.] in Humboldt (Friedrich Heinrich Alexander one, two, and three parts. 183 pp. 80. Boston, von). Cosmos: sketch of a physical description 0. Ditson & Co. [1866].

of the universe. Translated from the German


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by E. C. Otté; (assisted, v. 4 by B. H. Paul, | Humphreys (Col. David). The life and heroic v. 5, by W. S. Dallas). 5 v. 1 pl. 120 exploits of Israel Putnam. 190 pp. 189. New London, H. G. Bohn, 1849–58.

York, Ezra Strong, 1834. Correspondance scientifique et littéraire; Miscellaneous works. [Poems, and recueillie, publieé, et précédeé d'une notice, life of Israel Putnam). 348 pp. 89. New etc. par de La Roquette; suivie de la biographie York, Hodge, Allen f. Campbell, 1790. des correspondants de Humboldt, etc. xliv, Hungerford (James). The old plantation, and 466 pp. 2 1. 2 pl. 8°. Paris, E. Ducrocq, what I gathered there in an autumn month. 1865.

369 pp. 120. New York, Harpers, 1859. Kritische untersuchungen über die his- Hunt (Cornelius E.) The Shenandoah; or, the torische entwickelung der geographischen last confederate cruiser. 273 pp. 120. New kenntnisse von der neuen welt, und die forts- York, G. W. Carleton & Co. 1867. chritte der nautischen astronomie in d. 15ten Hunt (Rev. Daniel). History of Pomfret, (Ct.] und 16ten Jahrhundert. Aus dem Fran- A discourse delivered on the day of annual zösischen übersetzt von J. L. Ideler. 3 v. 89. thanksgiving, in the first church, in Pomfret, Berlin, Nicolai, 1836–52.

Nov. 19th, 1810. 35 pp. 80. Hartford, Letters to Varnhagen von Ense, 1827– J. Holbrook, 1841. 58, with extracts from Varnhagen's diaries, Hunt (John, M. D.) Hours of reflection on and letters to Humboldt. Translated from honor and pleasure. 324 pp. 18o. (n. p.) the 2d German ed. by F. Kapp. 407 pp. por- 1815. trait. 120. New York, Rudd f Carleton, Hunt (Leigh) and Lee (S. Adams). The book 1860.

S. of the sonnet. [With preliminary essays). and Bonpland (Aimé). Personal nar- 2 v. xiv, 340 pp; vi, 344 pp. 16o. Boston, rative of travels to the equinoctial regions Roberts Bros. 1867. of the new continent during the years 1799- Hunt (Robert). The poetry of science; or, 1804. Translated into English by Helen studies of the physical phenomena of nature. Maria Williams. 2 v. xii, li, 289 pp; 299 xxiv, 463 pp. 89. London, Reeve, Benham pp. 89. London, Longmans, 1814.

of Reeve, 1818. The same. 432 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Hunt (Thomas Sterry). See Logan (Sir W. M. Carey, 1815.

E.) and Hunt (T. S.) Sketch of the geology Hume (David). The history of England, from of Canada.

the invasion of Julius Cæsar to the revolution Hunt's merchant's magazine. See Merchant's in 1688, with his life, written by himself. 8 v. magazine and commercial review. portrait. 89. Edinburgh, Hill f. Doig, 1810. Hunter (Charles, M. D.) On the speedy relief

The same. Continued to the death of of pain and other nervous affections, by means George II. by T. Smollett. 89. London, of the hypodermic method. 64 pp. 89. Lon1832.

don, Churchill, 1865. Humphrey (Mrs. E. J.) Six years in India, Hunter (John, surgeon). A treatise on the

as seen by a lady missionary. 286 pp. 180. venereal disease, with copious additions, by New York, Carlton & Porter, 1866.

P. Ricord, edited, with notes, by F. J. BumHumphrey (George). Museum calonnianum: stead. 520 pp. 8 pl. 89. Philadelphia, specification of the various articles which Blanchard and Lea, 1853.

8. compose the magnificent museum of natural Hunter (John H.) Analytic history, for schools, history collected by M. de Calonne in France. founded upon the Esquisses historiques of D. [anon.] 84 pp. 80. London, 1797.

Levi Alvares. 312 pp. 120. New York, D. (With ms. corrections, etc. by the author).

Fanshaw, 1848.

8. Humphreys (Col. David). An essay on the Hunter (Robert, royal gov. of N. Y.) State of

life of Israel Putnam. 187 pp. 16o. Hart- the case in dispute between the queen and the ford, Hudson & Goodwin, 1788.

late assemblies, of the province of New York The same. 144 pp. 180. Brattleboro', arising from the refusal of the latter to admit W. Fessenden, 1812.

of any amendments from the council, to The same. With a (poetical) address money bills. [anon.] 8 pp. fol. New York, to the armies of the United States, and a W Bradford, 1713. poem on the happiness of America. 285 pp. Huntington (Prof. Ezra A.) Notes on the 1 pl. 16o. Philadelphia, W. McCarty, epistle to the Hebrews. 134 pp. 89. Auburn, 1811.

[N. Y.] Wm. J. Moses, 1866.



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