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Baeyer (J. J.) Die küstenvermessung und Baird, (Spencer Fullerton.) Mammals, [of

ihre verbindung mit der Berlinier grundlinie. Chile] [ll'ith Gilliss (J. M.) U. S. ast. exped. Ausgeführt von der trigonometrischen abthei- v. 2]. lung des generalstabes. Xx, 587 pp. 1 map. Mammals: birds : reptiles. [ IFith Eniory

2 pl. 4o. Berlin, F. Dümmler, 1849. (W. H.) Report on the U. S. and Mexican Baffled schemes. A novel. 159 pp. 80. [anon). boundary survey. v. 2, pt. 2] Boston, Loring, 1867.

[Editor.] Outlines of general zoology. Bagay (V.) Nouvelles tables astronomiques [Reprinted from the Iconographic encyclopæe

et hydrographiques. 7, xxvi, 615, 125 pp. dia.] xxi, 502, xvi pp. 89. Atlas, 4o. New 5 pl. 4o. Paris, F. Didot, 1829.

York, R. Garrigue, 1851.

CONTENTS. Bagehot (Walter). The English constitution.

Baird (S. F.) Fishes and Reptiles. viii, 348 pp. 12°. London, Chapman & Hall,

Cassin (John), Birds. 1867.

Girard (Charles). Mammals.

Haldeman (S. S.). Invertebrates. Bagster (C. Birch). The progress and pros- (Atlas wanting).

pects of Prince Edward Island. 139, xxxvi Baker (Charles). Contributions to publications pp. 129. Charlottetown, J. Ings, 1861.

of the society for the diffusion of useful knowBailey (Rev. B.) A dictionary, English and

ledge, and the central society of education. Malayalim. viii, 546 pp. 80. Cottayany, Privately reprinted. vi, 404 pp. 89. [DonChurch Mission Press, 1849.

caster, Yorkshire Inst. press.] 1842. Bailey (John C. W.) Series of practical ma- Baker (George M.) Amateur dramas for parlor sonry. The secretary's special help; a mon

theatricals, etc. 252 pp. 16o. Boston, Lee itor for the secretary of the lodge. 2d ed. 95

& Shepard, 1867. pp. 16o. Chicago, J. C. W. Bailey, 1867.

Baker (Lafayette C.) History of the United The senior deacon's special help; a States' secret service. 704 pp. 17 pl. 89. monitor for the senior deacon of the lodge.

Philadelphia, L. C. Baker, 1867. 63 pp. 16o. Chicago, J. C. W. Bailey, 1866. Baker (Sir Richard). Theatrum redivivum ; The worshipful master's special help; a

or, the theatre vindicated. In answer to monitor for the master of the lodge. 127 pp.

Mr. Pryn's histrio-mastix. 4 p. 1. 141 pp 16o. Chicago, J. C. W. Bailey, 1866.

189. London, F. Eglesfield, 1662. Bailey (J. W.) Notes on fossil fresh water Baker (Thomas). Reflections upon learning, infusoria from Oregon. [With Fremont

[showing] the insufficiency thereof, order (J. C.) exploring expedition to Rocky moun- to evince the usefulness and necessity of revtains in 1842, &c., (p. 302). Ed. Washington, elation. By a gentleman. [anon). 4th ed. 1845.

8 p. 1. 295 pp. 120. London, A. Bosvile, 1708. Bailey (Loring Woart). Observations on the Bakewell (Frederick C.) Great facts: a popgeology of southern New Brunswick, 1864.

ular history and description of the most 159 pp. 80. Frederickton, Assembly, 1865. s. remarkable inventions during the present Bailey (Samuel). On the received text of

century. xii, 304 pp. 1 pl. 120. London, Shakespeare's dramatic writings and its im

Houlston & Wright, 1859. provement. v. 2. vi, 413 pp. 89. London, Bakewell (Robert). Introduction to geology, Longmans, 1866.

comprising the elements of the science, with Baillie (Joanna). A collection of poems, chiefly

an outline of the geology of England and manuscript and from living authors. xliv, 330 Wales. Edited by Prof. Benjamin Silliman, pp. 89. London, Longman, 1823.

with an appendix containing an outline of his Fugitive verses. new ed. viii, 58 pp.,

course of lectures on geology. 1st Am. ed. 89. London, E. Moxon, 1842.

xx, 400 pp. 7 pl. 89. New Haven, H. Howe, Baillie (Captain William). [Works: a series 1829.

of prints and etchings, after Rembrandt, Balbuena (Bernardo de). El Bernardo, poema Ostade, Teniers, Gerard Dow, Terburg,

heroyco. 3 v. 16o. Madrid, Sancha, 1808. Poussin, and other old masters). 2 v. in 1. Baldinucci (Filippo). Opere. Con note ed 60 pl., 53 pl., fol. n. p. Author, (1792).

aggiunte. 14 v. 89. Milano, Soc. de clas. Baillie (William Balfour). Natural history, etc.

ital., 1808–11. See Adams, (Arthur, etc.)

CONTENTS. Baird (Spencer Fullerton). The mammals of V. 1. Cominciamento progresso dell'arte dell'intagliaro North America. xxxiv, 764, 55 pp. 87 pl.

in rame, colle vite.

V. 2-3. Vocabolario toscano dell'arte del disegno. 4o. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1859. V. 4-14. Notizie de'professori del disegno da Cimabue.

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90 pp.

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Baldwin (Edward). Fables, ancient and priest of the church of England. [anon).

modern. 4th ed. 2 v. viii, 206 pp; iv, 219 Ixxxvii, 275 pp. 131. 120. London, R. Sare, pp. 189. London, Godwin & Co. 1815.

1710. Baldwin (Thomas). Universal pronouncing Balzac (Honoré de). Mother and daughter;

gazetteer. Sth ed. 648, 56 pp. 12°. Phil- or, la Marana. ii, 36 pp. 89. London, adelphia, E. H. Butler & Co., 1849.

(1841 ?] [Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's Ball (John, editor). Peaks, passes, and gla- libr., v. 5.]

ciers : a series of excursions by members of Balzac (Jean Louis Guez de). Letters. Transthe alpine club. 5th ed. xiii, 328 pp. 1 map. lated out of French into English by Sir Richard 120. London, Longman, 1860.

Baker and others. 4 v. in 1. 8 p. I. 477 pp. Ball (Rev. John). A letter of many ministers 1 pl. 16o. London, J. Williams, 1654.

in old England, requesting the judgment of Bampton lectures, 1865. See Mozley (Rev. their reverend brethren in New England con

J. B.) cerning nine positions, written A. D. 1637. Bancroft (Aaron, D. D.) An essay on the life Together with their answer thereunto re- of George Washington. vii, 552 pp. 1 pl. turned, 1639. And the reply made unto the 89. Worcester, Thomas & Sturterant, 1807. said answer, and sent over, 1610. Published Life of George Washington. 2 v. 223, by Simeon Ash and William Rathband. 6 p. 1. 218 pp. 189. Boston, T. Bedlington, 1826.

sm. 4o. London, Thomas Vnderhill, Bancroft (Edward, M. D.) Experimental 1643.

researches concerning the philosophy of perBallantyne (Robert Michael). Hudson's Bay; manent colours ; and the best means of pro

or, every-day life in the wilds of North Amer- ducing them, by dyeing, calico printing, etc. ica, during six years' residence in the terri- 2 v. xlv, 401 pp; 394 pp. 89. Philadelphia, tories of the Hudson's Bay company. 3d T. Dobson, 1814. ed. 16o. London, T. Nelson fi sons, 1859. Bancroft (George). Joseph Reed; a historical

essay. 64 pp., 80. New York, IT. J. WulBallier (Gertrude). A week on an iceberg. Nar- dleton, 1867.

rative of the sufferings of Herman and Gertrude Bandello (Matteo). Romeo and Juliet; or, the Ballier, who, eloping from England, sailed on lovers of Verona. Translated from the Italian. the ill-fated ship Monarch of the Sea, which 18 pp. 89. London, 1841. [Hazlitt's romanstruck an iceberg in mid-ocean and sunk, with cist and novelist's libr., v. 3.] over 700 souls. 48 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Bandiera (Alessandro M.). Novelle. (Novelle C. W. Alexander, (1866].

de autori senesi. v. 2. 180. Milano, 1815.) The same. Woche auf einem eisberge. Bandini (Angiolo Maria). Catalogvs codicvm Begebenheit der leiden von Hermann und Ger latinorvm et italicorum bibliothecae mediceae trude Ballier.

89. Philadelphia, lavrentianae. 5 v. fol. Florentiæ, 1774-78. s. C. W. Alexander, (1866).

Bandini (Salustio Antonio). Discorso economBaltimore. 1st, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 17th, ico; con elogio, scritto da G. Gorani. (Scrit

20th, 21st, 23d to 30th, and 32d annual reports tori class. Ital. di econ. pol., v. 1.) of the commissioners of public schools. 18 v. Bankers' magazine and statistical register. (in 3). 89. Baltimore, 18:29–61.

Edited by J. S. Homans. 3d series, July, Baltimore Bar. Catalogue of the law library 1866, to June, 1867, v. 1; complete series, v.

of the library company of the Baltimore bar, 21. 80. New York, J. S. Homans, 1867. compiled by S. Campbell Dorry. 143 pp. 80. Bankes (John). A short critical review of the Baltimore, J. D. Toy, 1860.

political life of Oliver Cromwell. [anon). 4 Baltimore city directory, 1859—60. By W. p. 1. 272 pp. 1 pl. 12°. London, J. Hodges, 1739.

Eugene Ferslew. 237 pp. 89. Baltimore, Banks (Abraham). Medical etiquette. xvi, Sherwood f. Co. 1859.

104 pp. 169. London, C. Fox, 1839. Baltimore library company. Catalogue of Banks (John). Cyrus, the great; or, books, etc. xxvi, 196 pp. 89. Baltimore, edy of love, 4 p. 1. 57 pp. 2 1.

sm. 4o. Edes f. Leakin, 1809.

London, R. Bentley, 1696. Baltimore mercantile library. Catalogue, 1851. Destruction of Troy; a tragedy. 4 p. I.

338 pp. 89. Baltimore, J. W. Woods, 1851. 75 pp. 1 1. sm. 4o. London, C. Blount, 1679. Baltus (Jean François). A continuation of the The innocent usurper; or, death of Lady

answer to the history of oracles, [of Fonte- Jane Grey. A tragedy. 4 p. 1. 60 pp. sm. nelle). Translated from the French. By a 4o. London, R Bentley, 1694.

48 PP.

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Banks (John). Mary, queen of Scotland. A volunteer. [anon). 312 pp. 1 pl. 120. New

tragedy. (orig. ed.). 2 p. 1. 70 pp. sm. 4o. York, F. A. Brady, 1864. [London, about 1696]. [imp.; title wanting]. Barberi (J. Philippe). Grammaire des gramThe same.

The Albion queens. (al- maires italiennes, élémentaire, raisonnée, tered). 3 p. 1. 64 pp. sm. 4o. London, R. méthodique et analytique; ou cours complet Wellington, [about 1696.]

de langue italienne. 2 v. xxxii, 401 pp; 482 The rival kings. A tragedy. 5 p. 1. 54 pp. 80. Paris, Eymery, 1819. pp. sm. 4o. London, L. C., 1677.

Barbeyrac (Jean). Traité de la morale des - The unhappy favorite; or, Earl of Essex. pères de l'église. xliv, 334 pp. 4o. AmsterA tragedy. 4 p. 1. 73 pp. 21. sm. 4o. Lon- dam, Pierre de Coup, 1728. don, R. Bentley, 1682.

Barbier (Hippolyte). Biographie du clergó Vertue betray'd; or, Anna Bullen. A contemporain, par un solitaire. (pseudon). tragedy. 4 p. 1. 79 pp. 11. Sm. 4o. Lon- 10 v. 189. Paris, A. Appert, 1840-51. don, R. Bentley, 1682.

(V. 10 wanting.) Banks (T. C.) Copies and translations of the Barchou de Penhoën (Auguste Théodore royal charters by which the territories of Nova

Hilaire, baron). L'Inde sous la domination Scotia and Canada, with the islands and seas anglaise. 2 v. xii, 482 pp; 455 pp. Paris, adjacent, were granted, in 1621, 1625, and

Guiraudet et Jouaust, 1844. 1628, to the Right Hon. Sir William Alexan- Barclay (John). Argenis, nunc primum illus

trata. der. 3, 62 pp. fol. London, Ridgway, 1831.

Archombrotus et Theopompus, sive Bannister (Rev. James). A view of the arts

Argenidis secunda et tertia pars. 2 v. 13 p. I. and sciences, from the earliest times to the

637 pp. 7 1; 16 p. 1. 624 pp. 81. 12°. Lugd. age of Alexander the Great. vii, 124 pp. 12o.

Batar., Hack, 1664–69. London, J. Bell, 1785.

Barclay (John). Memoirs of the rise, proBaptist (The) confession of faith, to which is gress, and persecutions of the people called added a short treatise of church discipline.

quakers in the north of Scotland. (Appendix, 108 pp. 18o. Portland, Thomas Baker Wait,

pp. 191-451, to Jaffray, (Alex.) Diary, etc. 1794.

3d ed. 4°. Aberdeen, 1856.) Baraga (Rev. Frederic). A dictionary of the Barclay (Robert). An apology for the quaOtchipwe language; spoken by the Chippewa

kers; being a full explanation and vindicaIndians, as also by the Otawas, Potawatamis,

tion of their principles and doctrines. 4th ed. and Algonquins, with little difference. vii,

89. London, 1701.

The same. 662 pp. 12o. Cincinnati, J. A. Hemann,

5th English ed. 7 p. 1. 574 1853.

pp. 11 l. 89. London, T. Sowle, 1703. Barbachano (Tomas Azmar), and Carbo Bárdy (Rudolph C.) Das meuchelmörderische (Juan). Memoria sobre conveniencia y

haus Hapsburg-Lothringen; oder, der durch necesidad de eriger constitucionalmente en

die oesterreichische regierung gegen Ludwig estado de la confederation mexicana el an

Kossuth, den gouverneur von Ungarn, beabtiguo distrito de Campeche. 8o. Mexico, sichtige, doch entdeckte und verhinderte 1861.

meuchelmord. Aus dem ungarischen original Barbarities of the enemy, exposed in a report

übersetzt von Samuel Ludvigh. 198 pp. 160. of the committee of the house of represen

Baltimore, J. W. Müller, 1851. tatives of the United States, appointed to Baretti (Joseph). Dictionary, Spanish and enquire into the spirit and manner in which

English, English and Spanish. New ed. 840 the war has been waged by the enemy. 192

pp. 4°. London, F. W'ingrave and others, 1794. pp. 16o. Worcester, Remark Dunnel, 1814. Barfuss (Friedrich W.). Optik, catoptrik und Barbault (J.) Les plus beaux monumens de

dioptrik. Ein populäres handbuch. xxiv, Rome ancienne, dessinés et gravés en 128

526 pp. 41 pl. 12°. Weimar, B. F. Voigt, planches, avec leur explication. viii, 89 pp.

1839. fol. Rome, Bouchard of Gravier, 1761.

Bargagli (Scipione). Novelle. (Novelle di [Imp., wanting pl. 56.]

autori senesi. v. 2. 18o. Milano, 1815.) Barber (John W.) and Howe (Henry). All Bargrave (John, D. D.) Pope Alexander the

the western states and territories, their his- seventh and the college of cardinals. With tory, with geographical descriptions, etc. 704 catalogue of Dr. Bargrave's museum. xxviii,

pp. 80. Cincinnati, Henry Howe, 1867. 144 pp. 1 pl. sm. 4o. London, 1867. [CamBarber (Joseph). War letters of a disbanded dem soc. pub. No.92.]

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Barham (Rev. Richard Harris). My cousin Barnard (Henry). Practical illustrations of

Nicholas. By Thomas Ingoldsby. (pseudon. ] the principles of school architecture. 175 pp. New ed. viii, 360 pp. 160. London, Rout- 89. Hartford, Case, Tiffany & Co. 1851. ledge & Co., 1856.

- editor. The American journal of educaBaring-Gould (Sabine). Curious myths of tion. v. 1-17. 80. Hartford, 1855-67.

the middle ages. 241 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Lon- Barnard (John, D. D.) Theologo-historicus; don, Rivingtons, 1866.

or the true life of the most reverend divine and On household stories: appendix, (pp. excellent historian, Peter Heylyn. [Reprint.] 298–344 of Henderson (William). Notes on [With Heylyn, (Peter) Ecclesia restaurata, the folk lore, etc.)

v. 1. Cambridge, 1849.] Barker (Jacob). Incidents in the life of J. Barnard (Rev. John, of Marblehead). The im

Barker, from 1800 to 1855. v, 285 pp. 2 pl. perfection of the creature, and the excellency 89. Washington, [author, ] 1855.

of the divine commandment. 4 p. 1. 248 pp. 8o. Barker (Robert). The unfortunate shipwright: Boston, Rogers f. Fowle, and D. Gookin, 1747.

or cruel captain. A faithful narrative of the Barnard (Rev. Mordaunt Roger). Sport in unparalleld sufferings of Robert Barker, in a Norway, and where to find it. [With] a voyage to the coast of Guinea and Antigua. short account of the vegetable productions of

40 pp. 2 pl. 12o. London, author, [1756 ?] the country; a list of the alpine flora of the Burlæus. See Baerle.

Doore fjeld and the Norwegian ferns. xvi, 334 Birlow (Henry Clark, M. D.) Essays on pp. 1 pl. 12°. London, Chapman f. Hall, 1864.

symbolism. x, 144 pp. 120. London, Wil- Barnard (W. D. W. and James). Price curliams f. Norgate, 1866.

rent of Barnard & Co., [druggists, ) importers Burlow (Joel). The columbiad, a poem. 2 v. and jobbers, Saint Louis. 124 pp. 80. St.

xiv, 258; 218 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, C. f Louis, C. G. Ramsey f: Co. 1859. A. Conrad & Co. 1809.

Barnes (Frederick K. joint author). See See Watts (Isaac). Psalms carefully Watts, (Isaac, and others.) Shipbuilding. suited to the christian worship. 24°. Wil Barnes or Berners (Juliana). The gentleman's mington, 1797.

academie, or, the book of S. Albans: containBarnard (Capt. Charles H.) Narrative of ing three most exact and excellent books.

sufferings and adventures in a recent voyage The first of hawking, the second of all the proround the world, [with] account of residence per terms of hunting, and the last of armorie. for two years on an uninhabited island. 266 All compiled in 1486. And now reduced into pp.


map, 6 pl. 8°. New York, J. P. Cal- method by G. M. [Gervase Markham.] 3p. 1. lender, 1836.

95 1. sm. 4o. London, H. Lownes, 1595. Barnard (Daniel Dewey). Specches and re- Barnet (James). Coast pilot for the lakes on

ports in the assembly of New York, 1838. xi, both shores, from Chicago to Buffalo, [etc.]

228 pp. 12o. Albany, Oliver Steele, 1838. Fourth issue. 89. J. Barnet, Chicago, 1867. Barnard (Rev. Frederick A. P., D. D.) Pro- Barns (Rev. William). Sermons on the most

ceedings at (his) inauguration as president of important subjects in the book of God. 350 pp. Columbia college, Oct. 3, 1864. [Including his 1 pl. 120. Philadelphia, J. G. Miller, 1866. inaugural discourse. ] 106 pp. 89. New York, Barnum (Phineas Taylor). The humbugs of Hurd f. Houghton, 1865.

the world. 424 pp. 120. New York, CarleBarnard (George). The brunnens of Nassau

ton, 1866. and the river Lahn. 2 p. 1. 28 pl. fol. Lon- Barocci or Barocius (F.) See Barozzi (F.) don, T. McLean, [about 1850.]

Baron (Rev. Richard). The pillars of priestcraft Barnard (Henry). Discourse in commemora- and orthodoxy shaken. xxiii, 349

tion of the life, character, and services of the pp; xi, 340 pp. 189. London, R. Griffiths, Rev. Thomas H. Gallaudet, Hartford, Jan. 7, 1752. 1852. With appendix on deaf mute instruc- Barozzi or Barocius, (Francesco). Admirantion and institutions. 80. Hartford, (Conn.) dvm illvd geometricvm problema tredecim 1852.

modis demonstratvm, etc. 269 pp. 51. 4o. Educational memoirs of teachers, educa- Venetiis, J. B. Fantini, 1586. tors, and promoters and benefactors of educa- Barr (Capt. James). Correct and authentic tion, literature, and science. Part I. Teachers narrative of the Indian war in Florida, with and educators. v.1. U. S. 524 pp. 26 ports. a description of Maj. Dade's massacre, [etc.] 89. New York, F. C. Brownell, 1859.

32 pp. 18o. New York, J. Narine, 1836.

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Barra (Justo de la.) Los dos Robinsones 6 | Barry (Martin, M. D.) Zusätze [With Kreber

aventuras de Carlos y Fanny dos niños in- (G. A. F.) Mikroskopische untersuchungen,
gleses abandonados en una isla de América. 1834.]
Relacion imitada del inglés. 2a ed. 3 v. Barry (P). Shoeburyness and the guns. xiii,
18o. Madrid, Marin, 1792–97.

262 pp. 4 pl. 89. London, Low, 1865.
Barrande (Joachim). Systême silurien du Bartas. See Du Bartas.

centre de la Bohême. 1° partie; recherches Barth (Carl). See Longhi (J.) and Barth
paléontologiques. 2 v. text. Atlas, 2 v. in (C.) Die kupferstecherei, u. 8. W.
3. 4o. Prague, l'auteur, 1852–67.

Barth (Johann August). Pacis annis 1814 et

1815 fæderatis armis restitutæ monumentum,
v. 1. Crustacés, trilobites, xxx, 936 pp.; atlas, 51 pl. orbis terrarum de fortuna reduce gandia gen-
v. 2. Classe des inollusques, ordre des céphalopodes.
xxxiv, 712 pp. atlas, 244 pl. (in 2 v.)

tium linguis interpretans principibus piis felici-
Barreiros or Barros (Caspar). Commentarius bus augustis, populisque victoribus liberato-

de Ophyra regione. 42 l. unp. 18°. Rotero- ribus liberatis dicatum. 50 l. unp. fol. Vratis-
dami, Berewout, 1616. (With Novus orbis, laviæ, Barth et Co., (about 18157)
Roterodami, 1616.)

Bartholin (Albert). Liber de scriptis Dano-
Barrett (Solomon, jr). The principles of gram-

rum, Norwagorum et Islandorum.

mar: a compendious treatise on the languages, Moller (Johann), Bibliotheca, etc.
English, Latin, and Greek. Revised ed. 204 Bartholin (Caspar). Enchiridion physicum
pp. 12o. Albany, J. Munsell, 1848.

ex priscis et recentioribus philosophis accu-
Barringer (Mrs. M. M.) Dixey cookery; or, rate concinnatum, etc. 6 p. 1.855 pp, 35 l. 24°.

how I managed my table for twelve years. Argentina, E. Zetzner, 1625.
121 pp. 129. Boston, Loring, 1867.

De studio medico inchoando, continu-
Barrington (Daines). The probability of reach- ando, et absolvendo-consilium. [With Con-

ing the north pole discussed. 1 p. l. 90 pp. ring (H.) Introductio in universam artem
40. London, C. Heydinger, 1775.

medicam.] ed. 1726.
Barrois (J.) Bibliothèque protypographique, Bartlett (Elisha, M. D.) The history, diag-

ou librairies des fils du roi Jean, Charles V, nosis, and treatment of the fevers of the Uni-
Jean de Berri, Philippe de Bourgogne et les ted States. 547 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Lea
siens. xl, 346 pp. 1 pl. 4o. Paris, Treut- f. Blanchard, 1847.
telf. Würtz, 1830.

Bartlett (John Russell). Dictionary of Amer-
Barron (Charles). Natural history, etc. See icanisms. A glossary of words and plıras 's
Adams (Arthur), etc.

regarded as peculiar to the United States.
Barron (Rev. Richard). See Baron (Rev. R.) xxvii, 412 pp. 8°. New York, Bartlett &
Barros (Caspar). See Barreiros (Caspar). Welford, 1843.
Barrow (Isaac). The mathematical works. A history of the destruction of his Brit-

Edited by W. Whewell. 2 v. in 1, xix, 414 nanic majesty's schooner Gaspee in Narragan-
pp; 320 pp. 27 pl. 8. Cambridge, uni- sett bay on the 10th of June, 1772. 140
versity press, 1860.

pp. 80. Providence, A. Crawford Greene,
The usefulness of mathematical learning 1861.
explained and demonstrated, being mathe- Bartlett (Samuel C. D. D.) Life and death
matical lectures at Cambridge. xxxii, 440 eternal: a refutation of the theory of annihi-

pp. 2 pl. 89. London, S. Austen, 1734. 8. lation. 390 pp. 12o. Boston, Am. Tract
Barrow (Sir John). Travels in China, con- Soc. [1866.]

taining descriptions, observations, and com- Bartoli (Pietro Santi) or Santi-Bartoli (Pietro).
parisons at the imperial palace of Yuew-min- Lucemæ veterum sepulchrales iconicæ, ex
yuen, and on a journey from Pekin to Canton. cavernis romanis subterraneis collectae, cum
1st Am. ed. 422 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, W. observationibus J. Petri Bellorii, [et] studio
F. M'Laughlin,

L. Begeri. 3 v. in 1. 10 p. 1. fol. Coloniæ
Barruel(abbé Augustin de). Memoirs illustra- Marchicæ, U. Licbpert, 1702.

ting the history of Jacobinism. Translated (Imperfect, wanting 3d part, 35 pl.)
from the French. [By R. Clifford.) 1st Am.

ed. 4 v. 89. New York, C. Davis, 1799. v. 1. Continens varios ritus, et ludos funebres, etc.

21. 10 pp. 37 pl.
Barry (Rev. Henry Bootliby). Cæsar and the

v. 2. Cont. gentilium deos. 21. 15 pp. 46 pl.
Britons. 3 p. 1. 174 pp. 89. London, Bald-

v. 3. Cont. symbola et emblemata, simul cum lucernis

sacris veterum christianiarum. 21. 12 p. (Want-
uin of Cradoch, 1831.

ing 35 pl).

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