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8 prc88, 1846.


McKeever (IIarriet B.) Eleanor's three birth- land, from Bewclay to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

days. Illustrated by Schell. 295 pp. 4 pl. 62 pp. 89. London, privately printed, 1864. S. 169. Philadelphia, Porter & Coates, (1867). McLeod (Alexander Charles). Acholic dis

Lucy Forrester's triumph. Illustrated eases ; comprising jaundice, diarrhea, dysenby Schell. 298 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, tery, and cholera, with a dissertation on bile, Porter of Coates, (1867).

the bilious function, and the action of cholaloMary Leslie's trials. Illustrated by gues. xxviii, 230 pp. 120. London, Churchill Schell. 301 pp. 4 pl. 169. Philadelphia,

do sons, 1866. Porter & Coates, (1867).

McLeod (Donald). History of Wiskonsan ; Sunshine; or, Kate Vinton. 2d ed. 372 including a geological and topographical depp. 160. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, scription of the territory, with a correct cata1859.

logue of all its plants. 310 pp. 1 map. 12o. McKeevor (Thomas, M. D.) A voyage to Buffalo, Steele's

Hudson's Bay during 1812. 2 p. l. 96 pp. Macleod (Rev. Xavier Donald). Devotion to

6 pl. 89. London, R. Phillips & Co. 1819. the blessed virgin Mary in North America, Mackenna (B. Vicuña). Ses Vicuña Mac- with a memoir of the author, by John B. kenna (Benjamin).

Purcell. xxiii, 461 pp. portrait. 8o. New Mackenzie (Alexander). Tableau historique York, l'irtue & Yorston, 1866.

et politique du commerce des pelleteries dans Maclure (William). Essay on the formation le Canada, depuis 1603 jusqu'à nos jours. Tra- of rocks. 32 pp. 80. Philadelphia, J. Wilduit de l'Anglais par J. Castéra. 310 pp. 89. bank, 1838. Paris, Dentu, 1807.

[With MACLURE (W.) Observations on geology of

the U. S. Ed. 1817). Mackenzie (Colin). Ten thousand receipts, in

Observations on the geology of the all the useful and domestic arts. New ed. re

United States of America. 129 pp. 1

map. vised to April, 1867. 496 pp. 80. Philadelphia,

1 pl. 8. Philadelphia, A. Small, 1817. s. T. E. Zell f. Co. 1867.

Observations on the geology of the West Mackenzie (Sir George). A defence of the

India islands, from Barbadoes to Santa Cruz, antiquity of the royal line of Scotland. With

inclusive. 17 pp. 89. N:w Harnony, Inl. a true account when the Scots were govern'd

1832. by kings in the isle of Britain. 4 p. 1. 204 pp.

( With MACLURE (W.) Observations on the geology 16o. London, R. Chiswell, 1685.

of the U.S. 1817). Mackenzie (George, B1. D.) The lives and MacMahon (Thomas O'Brien). The candor characters of the most eminent writers of the

and good nature of Englishmen exemplified. Scots nation; with an abstract and catalogue xii, 29.2 pp. 89. London, Bew, 1777. of their works. 3 v. in 1. fol. Edinburgh, MacMahon (T. W.) Cause and contrast : James Watson, 1708–22.

an essay on the American crisis. xv, 190 pp. Mackenzie (Robert Shelton). Tressilian and

8o. Richmond, (Va.) West & Johnston, 1862. his friends. 372 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B.

[Imperfect: wanting all after p. 190). Lippincott f: Co. 1859.

Macmichael (William). Journey from MosMackenzie (William L.) Sketches of Canada cow to Constantinople, 1817–18. vi, 260 pp.

and the United States. xxiv, 504 pp. 89. 5 pl. 4o. London, J. Murray, 1819. London, E. Wilson, 1833.

Macmillan's magazine. Edited by D. MasMcKerrell (John). A grammar of the Carná- son. Nov. 1865 to Oct. 1867. v. 13-16. 8°.

taca language. vi, 196, 15 pp. 4o. Madras, London and Cambridge, Macmillan f: Co. college press, 1820.

s. 1866–67. Mackey (James L.) A grammar of the Benga Macnamara (Capt. M. H.) The Irish ninth

language. 60 pp. 1 tab. 12o. New York, in bivouac and battle; or, Virginia and Marymission house, 1855.

land campaigns. 306 pp. 120. Boston, Lee Mackintosh (Sir James). Defence of the f Shepard, 1867.

French revolution, (with the French constitu- Mac Namee (Gilla Brighde). See Mac Contion of 1791). 175, 22 pp. 89. Philadelphia, midhe. William Young, 1792.

M'Nemar (Richard). The Kentucky revival; Mackintosh. See McIntosh.

with a brief account of the entrance and proMacLauchlan (Henry). Memoir written dur- gress of shakerism in Ohio and Kentucky.

ing a survey of the eastern branch of the New ed. 118 pp. 16o. Albany, E. & E. HosWatling street, in the county of Northumber- ford, 1808.





135 pp.

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Macoy (Robert). A cyclopedia of freemasonry; moiselle Mori. [anon.] 224 pp. 16o. Lon

embracing Oliver's dictionary of symbolical don, J. & C. Mozley, 1864. masonry. Edited by Robert Macoy. Illus- Madden (Sir Frederick). Privy purse expentrated. 556 pp. portrait. 12o. New York, ses of the princess Mary, with a memoir. ccv, Masonic pub. co. 1867.

285 pp. 89. London, 11. Pickering, 1831. The same. 2d ed. 628 pp. portrait. 120. Madden (Frederick W.) History of Jewish New York, Masonic pub. co. 1867.

coinage, and of money in the Old and New McPherson (Edward). Political manual for Testament. xii, xi, 350 pp. 1 pl. 89. London,

1866 and 1867, of executive, legislative, judi- B. Quaritch, 1864. cial, politico-military, and general facts, from Madden (Samuel, D. D.) The reign of George Apr. 15, 1865, to Apr. 1, 1867, and including vi. xxi, 192 pp. 16o. London, W. Nicoll, the development of the presidential and con. 1763. gressional plan of reconstruction. iv, 262 pp. Madison (James). Letters of Helvidius. See 89. Washington, [author], 1867.

Hamilton (A.) and Madison (J.) The same, for 1867, including a classi. Madison (Indiana) library association. Catafied summary of facts from July 4, 1866, to logue of the books. 106 pp. 89. Madison, Apr. 1, 1867, including the action of congress (Ind.) Courier office, 1856.

s. on reconstruction.

80. Washing- Madison (Wisconsin) directory, and business ton, Philp & Solomons, 1867.

advertiser. By Wm. N. Seymour. 1st annual Macpherson (James). See Ossian.

ed. 192 pp. 18o. Madison, W. N. Seymour, Macquart (J.) Facultés intérieures des ani- 1855. maux invertébrés. Ixxxii, 272 pp. 80.

The same for 1866, compiled by B. W. Lille, L. Danel, 1850.

Suckow, with a history of Madison by J. Y. Macquer (Joseph). Elements of the theory Smith. 175 pp. 2 maps.

120. Madison, and practice of chymistry. Translated from B. W. Suckow, 1866. the French [by Andrew Reid). 3d ed. 2 v. Mädler (Johann Heinrich). Der mond, etc. xix, 416 pp, 6 pl ; viii, 432 pp. 89. London, See Beer (W.) and Mädler. J. Nourse, 1775.

Madrid. Repertorio general; ó indice alfabético Macquereau or Macqueriau (Robert). His- de los principales hab intes Madrid. vi,

toire générale de l'Europe depuis la naissance 264 pp. 89. Madrid, J. M. Alegria, 1851. de Charles-Quint jusqu'au cinq juin mdxxvii. Maercker. See Märcker. [Publiée avec des notes par l'abbe Jean Noel Maffei (Giovanni Pietro). Historiarvm indiPaquot]. xvi, 346 pp. 4o. Lourain, Im- carvm libri xvi.

Selectarvm, item, ex India primerie acad. 1765.

epistolarum, eodem interprete, libri iv. AccesThe same. [Partie 2d.] Durant les sit Ignatii Loyolae vita. 2 p. 1. 541 pp. 18 1. années 1527-1529. [Par J. Barrois). xlii,

fol. Coloniae Agrippinae, Arnold 366 Paris, Techener, 1831.

Mylius, 1593. MacRae (Lieut. Archibald, L. S. N.) The Maffei (Scipione dè). A comparison of the use Andes and Pampas.

of inscriptions and medals. (With GILLISS (J. M.) U. S. astron. exped. v. 2.)

( With LENGLET Du Fresnoy (N.) M'Sherry (Richard, M. D.) El Puchero; or, studying history. v. 1. pp. 323–360.

don, 1728.) a mixed dish from Mexico, embracing General Scott's campaign, with sketches of military

Maffitt (Rer. John Newland). A voice from life. 247 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Lippin

the ocean, sermon, delivered July 31, 1842, cott, 1850.

to the memory of Rev. George G. Cookman. M'Ure alias Campbel (John). A view of the

89. Washington, Peter Force, 1842. city of Glasgow; or, an account of its origin, Maga excursion papers. 304 pp. 160. New rise and progress. 8 p. I. 381 pp. 16o. Glas

York, G. P. Putnam & son, 1867. gow, James Duncan, 1736.

(Reprinted from Putnam's monthly). (Imperfect : 5 pl. wanting).

Maga social papers. 296 pp. 160. New York, Mac Walter (J. G.) The modern mystery ;

G. P. Putnam f: son, 1867. or, table rapping; its history, philosophy, and [Reprinted from Putnam's monthly). general attributes. viii, 175 pp. 120. London, Maga stories. 325 pp. 160. New York, G. J. F. Shaw, 1854.

P. Putnam 8: son.
Madame Fontenoy. By the author of Made- (Reprinted from Putnam's monthly.)

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1 map.

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New method of

1. Lom.

31 pp.




Magdeleine de Saint-Agy. See Cuvier (G. | Maine. Catalogue of state library, 1850. With

L. C. D.) 'Histoire des sciences naturelles. appendix, 1854. 248, 47 pp. 89. Augusta, W. Magician (The), and “the holy alliance," or T. Johnson, 1850–54.

"the spirit of the book.” Melodrama. 28 pp. Documents published by order of the [anon.] 16°. Philadelphia, 1820.

legislature, 1867. 2 v. 89. Augusta, Stevens & Magini (Giovanni Antonio). Commentarii in Sayward, 1867.

Ptolemæum. Sce Ptolemæus (Claudius). Eleventh annual report of the secretary Geographia universa. Arnhemii, 1597. of the board of agriculture, 1866. 8°. Augusta,

Novæ coelestivm orbium theoricæ con- Sterens & Sayward, 1866. gruentes cum obseruationibus N. Copernici. Fifth report of the board of education, 17 p. 1. 314 pp. 12o. Moguntiaci, J. Albinus, 1851. 170 pp. 12 pl. 120. Augusta, W. T. 1608.

Johnson, 1851. Maglathlin (Henry B.) New practical arith- (With the preceding). metic. Prepared to accompany the mathe

Fourth annual report of the superintenmatical series of Greenleaf. 129. Boston, R.

dant of common schools, 1857. 143 pp. 8 pl. S. Daris & Co. 1866.

89. Augusta, Stevens f. Sayward, 1858. The same. 324 pp. 129. Boston, R. S.

Laws relating to public schools. ComDaris & Co, 1867.

piled by E. Flint, sec. of state. vii, 64 pp. 16°. Magnan (Dominique). La ville de Rome; ou, Augusta, Stevens & Sayward, 1867. description abrégée de cette superbe ville,

Report of the adjutant general, for ornée de 425 planches en taille douce. 4 v.

1864–65. 89. Augusta, Stevens & Sayward, 1866.

S. fol. Rome, Casaletti, Venan, etc. 1778. Magnusen (Finn). See Edda. Den ældre Mair (John). Book-keeping methodized. With edda, etc. 1821-23.

appendix. 3d ed. xiv, 288 pp. 120. EdinMahabaráta. Sâvitri; épisode du Mahabaráta.

burgh, W. Sands and others, 1749. Traduit de Sanskrit par G. Pauthier. 53 pp.

The same. 5th ed. xiv, 416 pp. 89. 12°. Paris, 1841.

Edinburgh, W. Sands and others, 1757. [Included in PLÉIADE (La). )

An introduction to Latin syntax, with an Mahan (Dennis H.) Elementary course of epitome of ancient history. 311 pp. 16o. Balmilitary engineering. Part ii, permanent for

timore, S. & W. Meeter, 1824. tifications. 80. New York, Wiley, 1867.

The same.

Revised by A. R. Carson. Mahon (lord). See Stanhope (Philip Henry,

With exercises by David Patterson. viii, 248 5th earl).

pp. 160. New York, Collins & Hannay, Mahoney (James W.) The Cherokee phy

1828. sician; or, Indian guide to health, as given Mairobert (Pidansat de). See Pidansat de by Richard Foreman, a Cherokee doctor.

Mairobert (M. F.) 3d ed. 304 pp. 120. New York, J. M. Edney, Maissin (Eugène). Mexique et Texas. See 1857.

Blanchard (P.) San Juan de Ullùa. Paris, Mai(Emanuel). Catalog des bücher-lagers. v. 1.

1839. xiii, 430 pp. 89. Berlin, C. Schultze, 1854. s.

Maistre d'Anstaing. See Le Maistre Maillard (Olivier). Histoire de la passion de

d'Anstaing. Jésus-Christ, composée en 1490, publiée en Maitland (Robert T.) Systematische beschrij1828, comme monument de la langue française

ving der dieren, welke in Noord Nederland of au xve siècle. Avec une notice sur l'auteur, aan deszelfs kusten voorkomen, etc. xxxviii, des notes, etc. par G. Peignot. 2e éd. xxiv, 234 pp. 89. Leyden, Vander Hoek, 1851.

sm. fol. Paris, Crapelet, 1835. Maitland (William). The history of London, Maimbourg (Louis). Libri tres de historia from its foundation to the present time. [1737.

Lutheranismi, 1517–46. See Seckendorf 1st ed.] 8 p. 1. 800 pp. 51. 17 pl. fol. Lon(Veit Ludewig von.) Commentarius de Lu- don, S. Richardson, 1739. theranismo, Francofurti, 1692.

Maittaire (Michael). Annales typographici. 6 Mainardi (Gaspare). Lezione di introduzione v. in 9. 4o. Hagee-Comitum, etc. Vaillant, etc. al calcolo sublime. 2 v. vi, 208 pp; 173 pp.

1719-41. 1 pl. 89. Paris, Bizzoni, 1836–39.

s. Maine. Act to provide for the education of

v. 1. Annales typographici ab artis inventæ origine

ad annum 1500. 6 p. l. 388 pp. 1 pl. Hage. youth. 52 pp. 120. Augusta, IV. T. Johnson, Comitum, J. Vaillant, 1719.

v. 2. Annales typographici ab anno 1500 ad annum 1851.

1536 continuati. I v. in 2. 4 p. l. viii, iv, 860



119 pp.





pp. 40.


Maittaire (Michael). Annales typographici.- Mallet (David). Poetical works. 80. Edin-

burgh, 1794.
pp. 2 pl. Hagse-Comitum, Vaillant & N. Prerost, (Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 9.)

1722 v. 3. Annales typographici ab anno 1536 ad annum Mallet (Paul Henri). Histoire de la maison 1557 continuati; cum appendice. 5 p. l. 925 pp.

et des états de Mecklenbourg. [Jusqu'à Hagæ- Comitum, Vaillant & N. Precost, 1725. v. 1. Annales typographici ab artis inventæ origine l'an 1503]. 2 v. in l. 4 p. I. 292

ad annum 1664. Ed. pova. xiv, 791 pp. 11. Am-
stelodami, P. Humbert, 1733.

Suerin, G. Baerensprvng, 1796.

S. v. 5. Annalium typographicorum tomus v et ultimus; Northern antiquities; or, a description

indicem in tomos præeuntes complectens. (A-K.)
viii, 536 rp. Londini, W. Darres & C. Du Bosc, of the manners, customs, religion, and laws

of the ancient Danes and other northern v. 6–7. Supplementum. 1 v. in 2. See DENIS (M.)

nations, with a translation of the Edda (of Major (Thomas). Ruins of Paestum, otherwise

Snorro Sturleson). Translated, with GoranPosidonia, in Magna Græcia. 45 pp. 24 pl.

son's Latin version of the Edda. 2 v. 5 p. 1. fol. London, T. Major, 1763.

lvi, 415 pp; 3 p. 1. xxxix, 356 pp. 89. Makkari (Al). See Ahmed Ibn Mohammed. Mako de Kerek-Gede (Palko). Compendiaria Mallet du Pan (Jacques). Considerations on

London, T. Carman & Co. 1770. matheseos institvtio in vsvm avditorvm phi

the nature of the French revolution, and on losophiae. Editio altera, emendata. 377

the causes which prolong its duration. Transpp. 9 pl. 120. Vindobonae, J. T. de Trattner,

lated from the French. 4 p. 1. 114 pp. 8°. 1766.

London, J. Owen, 1793.
Compendiaria physicae institvtio in vsvm

( With BRISSOT DE WARVILLE (J.P.) Address to his avditorvm philosophiae. Editio altera emen

constituents. 80. London, 1794). data. 2 parts. 10 p. 1. 348 pp ; 2 p. 1. 419 Malmesbury (William of). De antiquitate pp. 11. 17 pl. 12o. Vindobonae, J. T. de

glastoniensis ecclesiæ. fol. O.coniæ, 1691. Trattner, 1766.

(GALE (Thomas), and FELL, (John). Rerum angli. Malaguti (François). Leçons de chemie agri- carum scriptores veteres. Oxoniæ, 1681-91. v. 31.

cole, 1847. iv, 456 pp. 1 tab. 12o. Rennes, Liber V. de pontificiis. fol. Oxoniæ, Verdier, 1848.

1691. Malan (Rev. Cæsar Henri Abraham). The (GALE (Thomas), and FELL, (John.) Rerum angli

carum scriptores veteres. Oxoniæ, 1864-91. v. 3). Swiss peasant. [In Cherokee]. Asuwisi ageyo. [With] The one thing needful. Sud-Malo (Amand). Éléments de comptabilité alegi udulvdiyu. [anon.] 24 pp. 24°. Park

rurale, théorique et pratique. vii, 164 pp. 16o. Hill, mission press, 1848.

Paris, L. Hachette, 1841. Malcolme (Rev. David). An essay on the an

Malo (Charles, editor). Livre d'amour, ou folastiquities of Great Britain and Ireland. [With]

treries du vieux temps. [Choix de lays, balan attempt to show an affinity betwixt the

ades, etc. des xi-xve siècles. anon.] 188 languages, etc. of the ancient Britons and the pp. 3 pl. 89. Paris, L. Janet, [1821.] Americans of the isthmus of Darien. 256 pp.

Malone (Edmond). Catalogue of early English 129. Edinburgh, T. & W. Ruddimans, 1738. poetry. See Bodleian library. Malespine(A.) Les États-Unis en 1865, d'après Maltby (Isaac). The elements of war. xxiv, les documents officiels communiqués au con

208 pp. 18 pl. 16o. Boston, Wait f. Co.

1811. grès. 48 pp. 89. Paris, E. Dentu, 1865. Malham (Rev. John). Naval gazetteer; or,

Malte-Brun (Malthe Conrad Bruun, called). seaman's complete guide. 1st Am. ed. 2 v.

A system of universal geography: or, a dexlvi, 436 pp; 573 pp. 17 maps. 89. Boston,

scription of the world, on a new plan, accordW. Spotswood & J. Nancrede, 1797.

ing to the great natural divisions of the globe, Malherbe (François de). Le bouquet de fleurs

with analytical, synoptical, and elementary de Sénèque.

tables. With additions and corrections by (With LA RUE (G. de). Essais hist. sur. les bardes,

James G. Percival, (and memoir of the author v. 3. pp. 357–382).

by J. J. N. Huot]. 3 v. 80. Boston, S. Maling (E. A.) Song birds, and how to keep Walker, 1834. them. New cd. xii, 159 pp. 16o. London,

The same. v. 1-3. 80. Philadelphia, Smith, Elder & Co. 1863.

A. Finley, 1827. Mallard (Harriet). Thoughts of heaven. [In

(Wanting, v. 4-5.] verse]. 48 pp. 160. [New York, Baker & Malte Brun (Victor Adolphe), Eyriès (Jean Godwin, 1867.]

B. B.) Klaproth (Henri J. de), and others).

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Nouvelles annales des voyages, de la géogra- lating to the Arctic searching expeditions of phie, et de l'histoire. Année 1865. 4 v. 5 maps. 1850–52. With maps. 2d ed. 89. London, 80. Paris, A. Bertrand, (1865–66].


S. Annales des voyages, de la géographie, Travels in Egypt, etc. See Irby (C. L.), de l'histoire, et de l'archéologie. Année 1866. and Mangles.

4 v. 7 maps. 8°. Paris, Challamel, 1867. Manilius (Marcus). Astronomicon libri v. 165 Malton (William D.) Company and battalion pp. 21. 210. Lvgduni, J. Tormaesius & G.

drill illustrated. 4th ed. xv, 242 pp. 60 pl. Gazeius, 1551. 89. London, Clowes f. sons, 1860.

The same, [book first]. The sphere, made Maly (Joseph Carl). Nachträge, zu Maly's an English poem; with annotations and an

enumeratio plantarum phaneragamicarum astronomical appendix. By Edward Sherimperii austriaci, etc. See Neilreich (Au- burne. 8 p. I. 221 pp. 3 1. 4 pl. fol. Longust).

don, N. Brooke, 1675. Mammatt (Edward). A collection of geologi

The same. The five books, containing cal facts and practical observations, intended a system of the ancient astronomy and astrolto elucidate the formation of the Ashby coal- ogy; together with the philosophy of the field, etc. xii, 101 pp. 1 map. 133 pl. 4o. stoicks. Done into English verse, [by Thomas Ashby-de-la-Zouch, W. Hextall, 1836.

Creech). With notes. 63, 134, 88 pp. 4 1. Man and the conditions that surround him ; 6 pl. 12o. London, J. Tonson, 1697.

his progress and decline, past and present. Manley de La Riviere (Mrs. N.?) The adven[anon.] 365 pp. 120. New York, G.W. Carle- tures of Rivella; or the history of the author ton & Co. 1867.

of the Atalantis. By Sir Charles Lovemore. Manassi (Niccolò). Oracoli politici; cioè sen- (pseudon.] Done into English from the

tenze, et docvmenti nobili, et illustri raccolti French. iv, 120 pp. 120. London, 1714. da tutti gli antichi, e principali auttori hebrei, Memoirs of Europe, towards the close greci, et latini. Co i fiori de gli apoftemmi of the eighth century, written by Eginardus, di Plutarco. 4 p. l. 92 pp. 16o. Venetia, secretary and favourite to Charlemagne. Aldo, 1590.

[pseudon.] 8 p. 1. 380 pp. 89. London, J. Manby (George William). Essay on the pre- Morphew, 1710. servation of shipwrecked persons. 94 pp. 8o.

Secret memoirs and manners of several London, Longmans, 1812.

persons of quality of both sexes. From the Manchester (England) free library. Cata- new Atalantis. [anon.] 2d ed. 2 v. vi, 264

logue of the books. Reference department. pp. 1 p); 6 p. 1. 272 pp. 1 pl. 89. London, Prepared by A. Crestadoro. vii, 975 pp. 80. J. Morphew, 1709.

London, S. Low, son, & Marston, 1864. Mann (A. Dudley). Letter to the citizens of Manchester (New Hampshire) directory, etc. the slave-holding states, in relation to a week

With an almanac for 1860. No. vi. By Adams, ly Atlantic ferry line between Chesapeake Sampson & Co. 192 pp. 160, Manchester, Bay and Milford Haven. 30 pp. 160. Lon(N. H.) Fisk & Stearns, 1860.

don, J. Miller, 1856. Mandeville (H. D. D.) An introduction Mann (Horace). Life and works. Edited by

to the author's “Course of reading,” etc. Mrs. Mary Mann. v. 1-3. 80. Boston and 212 pp. 12o. New York, D. Appleton & Co. Cambridge, H. B. Fuller, and editor, 1865-68. 1848.

CONTENTS. Mañèr (Salvador Joseph). Defensa de la dis- v. 1. Life, by Mrs. Mary Mann. 602 pp. sertacion critico-historica sobre el juicio uni

v. 2. Lectures, and annual reports, on education.

xii, 571 pp. versal, contra la impugnacion de un docto v. 3. Annual reports on education. xii, 758 pp. anonimo. 30 p. 1. 168 pp. 4o. Madrid, Im Mann (Nicholas). Of the true years of the prenta del reyno, [1742?]

birth and of the death of Christ. 10 p. 1. Manesca (L.) The French reader, etc. to 212 pp. 89. London, J. Wilcox, 1733.

which is added a table of the French verbs, Mann's black book of the British aristocracy. etc. 286, 26 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Thomas, 72 pp. 180. Philadelphia, H. Hooker, 1848. Cowperthwait & Co. 1851.

Manne (Louis Charles Joseph de). Catalogue Mangin (Edward). The parlor window; or, des livres de feu M. de Manne suivi de mananecdotes, original remarks on books, etc.

uscrits, lettres autographes, et autres docuvi, 179 pp. 189. London, E. Lumley, 1841. ments provenant du cabinet de M. d'Anville. Mangles (James). Papers and despatches re- viii, 264 pp. 89. Paris, François, 1863. s.

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