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Maryland (Prorince.) Proceedings continued. Masius or Maase (Hector Gottfried von der).

June 22, 1774; November 21, 1774; December Antiqvitatum mecklenburgensium schedias8,1774; April 24, 1775; and July 26, 1775. 26 ma historico-philologicum, cum notis Andreæ pp. 4o. Annapolis, Frederick Green, [1775?] Borrichii. 8 p. 1. 166 pp. 16o. Lubeca, J.

The same. December 7, 1775. 62 pp. Weidemeyer, 1700. sm. 4o. Annapolis, Frederick Green, [1776?] De existentia dæmonis, qvatenus è na

(State). Catalogue of the library of the turæ lumine innotescit, dissertatio. 40 pp. state of Maryland. By David Ridgely. [With 16°, additions to December, 1840, in ms.

[App. to his Antiqvitatum mecklenb. schediasma, etc.) Annapolis, J. Hughes, 1837.

Mason (Charlotte). The lady's assistant for Geological survey. Reports. 13 v. in

regulating and supplying the table; being a 2. 89. Annapolis, state printer, 1834-40.

complete system of cookery: with appendix CONTENTS.

on the breeding and management of poultry. ALEXANDER (John Henry). Engineers' reports on 10 p. l. 422, 25 pp. 10 l. 89. London, the topographical survey for 1834–36.

J. Walter, 1801. DUCATEL (Julius T.) Reports of the geologist. 1834-40. Report on iron manufacture.

Mason (Miss Emily V.) The southern poems Journal of the proceedings, [including of the war, collected and arranged. 456 pp. documents,"] of the senate and house of 12o. Baltimore, J. Murphy & Co. 1867. delegates, January session, 1865. 2 v. 8°.

The same. 2d rev. 524 pp. 1 pl. Annapolis, R. P. Bayley, 1865.

12o. Baltimore, J. Murphy & Co. 1868. The same.

Extra session, 1866. 2 v. Mason (George). A supplement to Johnson's 80. Annapolis, Haverstick & Longneckers, 1866. English dictionary. vii, 134 pp. 80. New

The same. January session, 1867. 2 v. York, H. Caritat, 1803. 84. Annapolis, H. A. Lucas, 1867.

Mason (George C.) Reunion of the sons and Report of the committee of grievances daughters of Newport, R. I. August 23, 1859. and courts of justice of the Maryland house 298 pp. 120. Newport, F. A. Pratt & Co. of delegates, on the recent mobs and riots in 1859. the city of Baltimore. v, 347 pp. 89. Annap- Mason (major John). A brief history of the olis, J. Green, 1813.

Pequot war. Introduction by Rev. Thomas · Report of the select committee appointed Prince. 4 p. l. x, 22 pp. 16o. Boston, to inquire into the expediency of repealing the S. Kneeland, 1736. act to provide for completing a new map and [Imperfect; 2 p. 1. in ms.) geological survey of the state. 4 pp. 80. Mason (Rev. William). Heroic epistle to sir Annapolis, 1839.

William Chambers, [anon.] 16 pp. 4o. ( With MARYLAND. Geological survey).

London, J. Almon, 1763. Votes and proceedings of the house of Mason (William), and Hoadly (E. S.) A delegates, November session, 1793. 124 pp. method for the piano-forte. American fingerfol. [Annapolis, 1794 ?]

ing. 239 pp. 1 pl. 4o. New York, Mason [Imperfect; some pp. wanting at closel.

bros. (1867). Maryland institute for the promotion of the Massachusetts. (Colony). A journal of the

mechanic arts. Catalogue of books in the proceedings of [the] commissioners appointed library. Classified and alphabetically ar

by Spencer Phips, lieut. gov. of Massachusetts ranged by titles. 176 pp. 89. Baltimore, bay, to treat with the eastern Indians. [anon.] J. Young, 1865.

16 pp. sm. 4o. Boston, J. Draper, 1752. Marzenado (Santa Cruz de). See Santa

Journal of the house of representatives Cruz de Marzenado (A.)

of his majesty's province of the Massachusetts Mascardi (Agostino). Dissertationes de affec

bay, begun and held at Boston, May 28th, tibvs sive pertvrbationibvs animi, et ethicæ 1755. [727 pp.) fol. Boston, S. Kneeland, prolvsiones. 4 p. I. 490 pp. 91. 18o. Vedi

1755. olani, F. V'igoni, 1667.

(Imperfect; some pages wanting at the end). Masch (G. M. C.) Geschichte des bisthums Commonwealth. Debates, resolutions, and

Ratzeburg. xvi, 780 pp. 89. Lübeck, F. other proceedings of the convention of the Aschenfeldt, 1835.

commonwealth of Massachusetts, at Boston, Masini (Eliseo). Sacro arsenale; ouero, prattica Jan. 1788, for the purpose of ratifying the

dell'officio della santa inquisitione. Di nuouo constitution recommended by the grand fedcorretto, et ampliato. [anon.] 8 p. 1. 528 eral convention. 216 pp. 129. Boston, Adams pp. 16o. Bologna, G. Longhi, 1679.

& Nourse, and others, 1788.

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v. 95.

Massachusetts. (Commonwealth.) Fourth to life of Mr. Jonathan Mitchel. xxxii, 100

ninth annual reports to the legislature, relating 24°. Boston, B. Green and J. Allen, 1697. to the registry and returns of births, mar- (Imperfect; title p. and 2 p. l. wanting.) riages, and deaths in Massachusetts, for 1845– Essays to do good. 108 pp. 249. New 50. By the secretary of state. 6 v. in 1. 80.

York, Am. tract soc. (about 1820). Boston, Dutton f Wentworth, 1845–51.

India christiana. A discourse delivered Reports and other documents relating

unto the commissioners for the propagation of to the state lunatic hospital at Worcester,

the gospel among the American Indians ; Mass. Printed by order of the senate. 200

[with] several instruments relating to the pp. 80. Boston, Dutton & Wentworth, 1837.

design of propagating our religion in the Massachusetts college of pharmacy. Cata

eastern as well as the western Indians. 120 logue of the materia medica, and of the phar

pp. 18o. Boston, B. Green, 1721.

The life of the renowned John Eliot. 4 maceutical preparations, with the uniform prices. 59 pp. 12o. Boston, college, 1854. s.

p. 1. 152 pp. 18o. Boston, B. Harris and J. Massachusetts historical society. Proceed

Allen, 1691. ings, 1866–67. xvi, 524 pp. 2 portraits. 89.

[Manuductio ad ministerium.] Student Boston, Wiggin & Lunt, 1867.

and preacher; or, directions for a candidate Massachusetts horticultural society. A cata

of the ministry, [new ed. with] a literal trans logue of the library. 65 pp. 80. Boston, H.

lation of [the] Latin preface [by H. Welford). W. Dutton & son, 1867.

xvi, 260 pp. 16o. London, T. Scollick & J. Massachusetts register, 1867, containing a

Matthews, 1789. record of state and county officers, and a direc

The present state of New England ; a tory of merchants, manufacturers, etc.

discourse on the necessities and advantages 80. Boston, 1867.

of a public spirit. 46 pp. 24o. Boston, s. Massie (James William, D. D.) The slave:

Green, 1690. hunted, transported, and doomed to toil; a

Psalterium americanum ; the book of tale of Africa. iv, 176 pp. 16o. Manchester,

psalms in blank verse. XXXV, 426 pp. 180. J. Lowndes, 1846.

Boston, Benj. Eliot, 1718. Massmann (Hans Ferdinand). Atlas zu dem

The wonders of the invisible world; werke [von J. Scheible]: Die baseler todten

being an account of the tryals of several tänze in getreuen abbildungen, [etc.] Sammt

witches, lately executed in New England, etc.

and of several remarkable curiosities therein einem anhange: Todtentänze in holzschnitten des fünfzehnten jahrhunderts. 1 p. I. 49 pl.

occurring. With observations upon the na4o. Leipzig, Expedition des klosters, 1847. s.

ture, number, and operations of devils. NarMasson (Alexander Frédéric Jacques, mar

rative of a late outrage in Swedeland. Some quis de Pezay). Epitre à mon ami.

councels directing a due improvement of the

terrible things lately done in New England. (With DORAT (Claude Joseph). Le pot-pourri, etc. 8o. 1764).

A discourse upon the more ordinary devices Masson (Jean). P. Ovidii Nasonis vita ordine

of Satan, Boston, 1693. [Reprint, 247 pp. me. chronologico sic delineata, ut poëtæ fata et

4o. Boston, 1866.]

(With DRAKE (S. G.) Witchcraft delusion in New opera veris assignentur annis, notisque philolo

England, v. i.) gicis et historicis illustrentur, etc. 3 p. l. 242 and others. The principles of the protes

pp. 61. 18o. Amstelodami, Jansson, 1708. s. tant religion maintained, and the churches of Mastalier (Adolphus Edward). Ischel, [Switz- New England in the profession and exercise

erland. A hygienic essay, with special ref- thereof defended, against all the calumnies of erence to the sanative advantages of Ischl]. one George Keith. viii, 156 pp. 24°. Boston,

106 pp. 8°. Leipzig, B. Tauchnitz, jun. 1850. Richard Pierce, 1690. Masters (Robert). History of the college of The same.

Corpus Christi and the b. virgin Mary in the ( Imperfect: wanting 4 pp. at end). university of Cambridge, of its principal mem- Mather (Rev. Eleazar). A serious exhortation bers, etc. Part 1. 4 p. 1. 212, 84, 54 pp. 6 pl. to the present and succeeding generation in 4o. Cambridge, (Eng.) J. Bentham, 1753. s. New England. 4 p. I. 31 pp. sm. 4o. Cam

The same. Part 2. History of its prin- bridge, (Mass.) S. Green and M. Johnson, 1671. cipal members. 3p. 1. pp. 213-428. App. pp.

The same. 2d ed. 2 p. 1. 31 pp. sm. 4o. 85–115. 91. 1 pl. 4o. [Cambridge, 1755]. s. Boston, John Foster, 1678. Mather (Cotton, D. D.) Ecclesiastes; or, the

( With WALLEY (Rev. Thomas). Balm in Gilead. Cam. MATHER.

bridge, 1670).


148 pp.

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Mather (Increase, D. D.) A brief history of erties of the churches in New England; [with]

the war with the Indians in New England, discourse concerning congregational churches. from June 24, 1675, to August 12, 1676. 4 p. 1. 4p. 1. ix, 216 pp. 12o. Boston, D. Henchman, 51, vii pp. sm. 4o. London, Richard Chiswell, 1738. 1676.

An attempt to show that America must (pp. 2, 43, 45, imperfect.)

be known to the ancients, [with] appendix A discourse concerning comets. 6 p. 1. concerning the American colonies. 35 pp. 80. 143 pp. 24°. Boston, 1683.

Boston, T. Leverett f. H. Knox, 1773. (Imperfect; title page wanting.)

Mather (Rer. Samuel, of Windsor, Conn.) The Doctrine of divine providence opened

self-justiciary convicted and condemned. A and applyed; also, sundry sermons. 4 p. I.

discourse concerning the necessity of re180, Boston, Joseph Brunning,

nouncing our own righteousness. 82 pp. 24°. 1684.

Boston, D. Henchman, 1740.
The greatest sinners exhorted and en-

[Imperfect: wanting pp. 3-4.) couraged to come to Christ now, (with other Mather (William W.) Reports on geology. sermons). 3 p. 1. 146 pp. 24o. Boston, Joseph (NEW YORK, State. Annual reports on geol. survey. Brunning, 1686.

v. 1-5.] The great blessing of primitive counsel- Mathéron (Philippe). Catalogue méthodique lours. 23 pp. sm. 4o. Boston, B. Harris,

et descriptif des corps organisés fossiles du 1693.

département des Bouches du Rhone, et lieux Heaven's alarm to the world. 2d im

circonvoisins ; précédés d'un mémoire sur les pression. 4 p. I. 38 pp. 24o. Boston, Samuel

terrains supérieurs au grès bigarré du S. E. de Sewale, 1682.

de la France. [extract]. 269 pp. 41 pl. 89. (With MATHER (Increase). Discourse concerning

Marseilles, Soc. de statistique, 1842. comets. 24°. Boston, 1653.)

Mathews (Cornelius). Pen and ink panorama The latter sign discoursed of, in a ser- of New York city. 209 pp. 18o. New York, 30 pp 1 24o.

J. S. Taylor, 1853. [With MATHER, (Increase). Discourse concerning Mathias (Thomas James, editor). Componicomets, Boston, 1653.) The mystery of Christ opened and ap

menti lirici dè più illustri poeti d'Italia. 3v. plied in several sermons. vi, 212 pp. 24°.

1 pl. 16o. Londra, Bulmer e Ca. 1802. Boston, 1686.

The same. Aggiunta ai componimenti A sermon wherein is shewed that the lirici. 3 v. 3 pl. 16o. Londra, Bulmer e Ca. church of God is sometimes a subject of great

1808. persecution. 3 p. 1. 24 pp. sm. 4o. Boston,

Poesie liriche e varie. Nuova ed. 3 v. Samuel Sewall, 1682.

in 1. 12o. Napoli, A. Nobile, 1825. A sermon, wherein is shewed that excess

Mathieu (P. F.) Histoire des miraculés et des in wickedness doth bring untimely death. 2d

convulsionnaires de Saint Médard. viii, 491 ed. 180. Boston, J. Brunning,

pp. 16°. Paris, Didier et Cie. 1864. 1685.

Matienzo (Juan de). Dialogvs relatoris et adSome important truths about conversion.

vocati pintiani senatvs, in quo varia proponxxii, 260 pp. 24°. Boston, John Edwards,

untur ad renunciatorum, advocatorum et judi1721.

cum munera. 6 p. 1. 151 pp. 20 1. fol. Pintiæ, The same. 2d ed. xxii, 258 pp. 18o.

L. Sanchez, 1604. Boston, Boone, 1721.

[With VALDES (Juan). De dignitate, etc.) (Imperfect. Some pp. wanting at the close.)

Matigny (Hubert de). De la disparition de la De successu evangelii apud Indos Occi

monnaie d'argent et de son remplacement par dentales in Nova-Anglia: epistola ad Johan

la monnaie d'or; ou, situation monétaire de nem Leusdenum. 8 pp. 18o. Ultrajecti, W.

la France, en 1859. 2e éd. 168 pp. 30. Paris, Broedeleth, 1699.

auteur, 1859. (With BNITZ (G. W.) Novissima sinica, 1699).

Matlack (Timothy). An oration, 1780, before Mather (Richard). A reply to Mr. Ruther

the American philosophical society. 27 pp. ford; or, defence of the answer to Mr. Herle's 4o. Philadelphia, Stymer & Cist, 1780. booke against the independency of churches. Matson (N.) Map of Bureau county, Illinois, 6 p. I. 109 pp. sm. 4o. London, J. Rothwell with sketches of its early settlement. 88 pp. f H. Allen, 1647.

8 pl. 26 maps.

sm. 4o. Chicago, G. H. Mather (Samuel, D. D.) An apology for the lib- Fergus, 1867.

37 PP.

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Mattei (Paschal de'). Devotion to the holy 145, 10 pp. 15 pl. 120. Oxford, Theatre,

guardian angels in the form of considerations, 1732. prayers, [etc. From the Italian]. 230 pp. Maurepas (Jean Frédéric Phelippeaux, comte 32°. Baltimore, Kelly & Piet, 1866.

de). Mémoires [depuis 1749 jusqu'en 1772, Matter; its forms and governing laws. By redigés par N. N. de Sallé et publ. par J. L.

George Duplex. (pseudon?) viii, 166 pp. G. Soulavie]. 3 v. 80. Paris, Buisson, 1792.

120. London, Bradbury & Erans, 1857. Maurice (Matthias). Faith encouraged, in a Matthäi (Johann Friedrich). Verzeichniss der plain exposition of Heb. vi, 4-6. x, 26, 1 königlich sächsischen gemälde-galerie zu

16. xvi, 262 pp. 16o. London, J. Dresden. 2 v. in 1. x, 240, xii pp; 130, vi pp.

Clark, 1726. 1 pl. 8o. Dresden, [Galerie, ] 1835. Maury (Mathew Fontaine). Explanations and Matthew (George F.) Geology.

sailing directions to accompany the wind and [With BAILEY (L. W.) Geology of southern New

current charts, etc. Brunswick).

318 pp. 12 pl. 49. Matthews (James N.) My holiday; how I

Washington, C. Alexander, 1851. spent it: being some rough notes of a trip to

The same. 4th ed. 413 pp. 19 pl. 4o. Europe and back, in 1866. 275 pp. 120.

Washington, C. Alexander, 1852.

The same. Buffalo, M. Taylor, 1867.

7th ed. enlarged. xxvi, Matthiae(August Heinrich). Animadversiones

869 pp. 34 l. 23 pl. 4o. Philadelphia, E. in hymnos homericos, cum prolegomenis de

C. f. J. Biddle, 1855.

The same. cujusque consilio, partibus, ætate. xvi, 464

8th ed. 2 v. xxxvi, 383 pp. pp. 89. Lipsiæ, Weidmann, 1800.

39 pl. 12 charts; vii, 874 pp. 6 pl. 4o. Matthieu (Pierre). Concernant la mort dé

Washington, C. Wendell, 1858–59. plorable de Henry iv, roy de France. Ensem

Investigations of the winds and currents

of the sea. ble vn panegyriqve et vn discovrs fvnèbre.

[From the appendix to the Wash216 pp. 16o. [Genève, A. Pernet, ] 1620.

ington astronomical observations for 1846). [v. 2 of MATTHIEU (Pierre). Histoire de France,

126 pp. 4o. Washington, C. Alexander, 1851. Genève, 1620). Histoire de France et des choses mem

A new theoretical and practical treatise orables aduenues aux prouvinces estrangères

on navigation. viii, 216, 174 pp. 9 pl. 89. durant sept années de paix (1598-1604] dv

Philadelphia, Key & Biddle, 1836. regne dv roy Henri iv, roy de France et de

Wind and current charts. Gales in the Nauarre. 2 v. 20 p. 1. 728 pp. 39 1; 8 p. 1.

Atlantic. 2 pl. 24 maps. 4o. Washington, 844 pp. 16o. Genève, Balthazar & Pernet, 1857. 1620.

Die physische geographie des meeres. Mattison (Hiram). The resurrection of the Deutsch bearbeitet von Dr. C. Boettger. xii, dead; considered in the light of history,

268 pp. 6 pl. 8°. Leipzig, G. Mayer, 1856. philosophy, and divine revelation. With an introduction by Rev. M. Simpson, D. D. 3d Maury (Sarah Mytton). An English woman in ed. 405 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Perkinpine America. An appendix contains the history and Higgins, 1866.

of the emigrant surgeons' bill. cxviii, 251, Maturin (Charles Robert). Fatal revenge; 204, 16 pp. 89. London, Thomas Richardson or, the family of Montorio. 4th ed. 255 pp.

fi son, 1848. 89. London, 1840.

Mauvillon (Jacques). The history of Prussia, (HAZLITT'S romancist and novelist's lib. v. 1.)

particularly during the reign of the late king Maudsley (Henry, M. D.) Physiology and

Frederick William. [anon.] 7 p. 1. 525 pathology of the mind. xv, 442 pp. 80.

pp. 120. London, R. Manby. 1756. New York, D. Appleton & Co. 1867.

NOTE.—A compilation from Mirabeau's writings upon Maunder (Samuel). The treasury of knowl

edge. Part i. Being a new and enlarged Maximilian (Alexander Philipp, prinz von dictionary of the English language. Part ii.

Wied-Nieuwied). Beiträge zur naturgesComprising a new universal gazetteer. 2 v.

chichte von Brasilien. 4 v. in 6. 8°. Weimar, in 1. 198 p. 1. 346 pp. 2 pl. 189. London, S.

Landes industrie comptoirs, 1825–33.
Maunder, 1830.
Maundrell (Henry). A journey from Aleppo
to Jerusalem, at easter, 1697. 5th ed. [with] a v. 1. Amphibien. xxii, 614 pp. 3 pl.

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v. 2. Säugthiere. 622 pp. 5 pl. journey to the banks of the Euphrates. 6 p. I. v. 3-4. Vögel. 1280, xii pp. I pl; 946, viii pp. 2 pl.





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Maximilian (Alexander Philipp, prinz von Mayhew (Jonathan, D.D.) A discourse con

Wied-Nieuwied). Reise in das innere Nord- cerning unlimited submission and non-resistAmerica in den jahren 1832–34. 2 v. xvi, 654 ance to the higher powers, with reflections on pp; xxii, 687 pp. atlas, 81 pl. 1 map. 4o. the resistance made to king Charles i. 180. Coblenz, J. Hoelscher, 1839–41.

First printed at Boston, 1750. Reise nach Brasilien in den jahren [With BARON (R.) Pillars of priestcraft shaken. v 2. 1815–17. 2 v. xxxvi, 385 pp. 11 pl; xviii,

pp. 259-335. Lond. 1752). 346 pp. 8 pl. atlas, 22 pl. 3 maps. 4o. The expected dissolution of all things, Frankfurt am M. H. L. Brönner, 1820–21. s. a motive to universal holiness.

Two serVerzeichniss der auf seiner reise in mons. 76, 5 pp. 16o. Boston, Edes & Gill, Nord-Amerika beobachteten säugethiere.

1755. (Extract). 240 pp. 4 pl. 89. Berlin, Archiv [With MAYHEW (Jonathan). Striving to enter in, etc.

Boston, 1761.) für naturgeschichte, 1862. Maxims and observations, moral and physical,

Observations on the charter and conduct with characters from the most approved au

of the society for the propagation of the gospel thors. [anon.] viii, 184 pp. 12° London,

in foreign parts. 176 pp. 89. Boston, R. & S. J. Bladon, 1788.

Draper, 1763. Maxwell (Alexander). Plurality of worlds.

Remarks on an anonymous tract [by 2d ed. viii, 265 pp. 89. London, d. Max

archbishop ker), entitled, An answer to well, 1820.

Dr. Mayhew's observations on the charter Maxwell (John S.) The czar, his court and

and conduct of the society for the propagation people, including a tour in Norway and

of the gospel in foreign parts. 86 pp. 89. Sweden. 368 pp. 120. New York, Baker

Boston, R. & S. Draper, 1764. f. Scribner, 1848.

| With MAYIEW (Jonathan). Observations, etc.

Boston, 1763). Maxwell (William). An oration commemorative of the Rev. John Holt Rice, D. D. 33

Striving to enter in at the strait gate, and PP. 80. Richmond, (Va.) R. J. Smith,

the connexion of salvation therewith. Two 1832.

sermons. 88 pp. 160. Boston, R. Draper & May (Walter W.) A series of fourteen sketches

others, 1761. made during the voyage up Wellington chan- Mayhew (Rer. Thomas ). Tears of repentnel in search of Sir J. Franklin, with a short

See Eliot (Rev. John), and Mayhew account of each drawing. 7 pp. 14 pl. fol.

(Thomas). London, Day & son, 1865.

Mayne (F.) Voyages and discoveries in the Mayer (Carl von). Heraldisches A. B. C. buch,

arctic regions. 110 pp. 16o. London, Longdas ist: wesen und begriff der wissenschaftlichen heraldik, ihre geschichte, literatur, Mayne (Jolin). A dispensatory and therapeutheorie und praxis. xv, 523 pp. 65 pl. 80.

tical remembrancer. Revised by R. Griffith. München, C. Wolf, 1857.

329 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard,

1848. Mayhew (Rev. Experience). Indian converts;

or, some account of the lives and dying Mayne (Zachary). Two dissertations concernspeeches of a number of the christianized

ing sense and the imagination, with an essay Indians of Martha's Vineyard, in New Eng

on consciousness. [anon.] 4 p. I. 431 pp. 80.

London, J. Tonson, 1728. land. xxiv, 275 pp. 120. London, S. Gerrish,

Mazaudier (-, engineer). Guide pratique 1727.

d'architecture navale, avec un appendice sur See Bible (Indian, Massachusetts).

les bateaux à vapeur. 492 pp. 8o. 13 pl. 4o. Mayhew (Jonathan, D. D.) A defence of the observations on the charter and conduct of

Paris, Desauche, 1835. the society for the propagation of the gospel

[Text and plates bound together.) in foreign parts, against an anonymous pam- Mazzini (Giuseppe). Life and writings. v. phlet, [by Rev. Henry Caner,] falsely intitled 1-4. v. 1 and 3, autobiographical and politiA candid examination of Dr. Mayhew's ob

cal; v. 2 and 4, critical and literary. 120. servations. 144 pp. 80. Boston, R. & S.

London (printed at Edinburgh), Smith, Elder Draper, and others, 1763.

& Co. 1864-67. The same.

Mazzocchi (Jacopo). Epigrammata antiqve ( Wilh MAYIEW (Jonathan). Observations on the vrbis (Romæ]. 10 p. 1. clxxxi pp. 9 1. fol.

charter of the soc. for the prop. of the gospel in
foreign ports. Boston, 1763).

Roma, J. Mazochius, 1521.


mans, 1855.


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