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Mead (H. E.) Kentucky and Tennessee. A Textum cognovit A. Heuser. 183 240.

complete guide to their railroads, stations and Coloniæ, J. M. Heberle, 1854. distances, connections north and south; their Meckel (Johann Friedrich). System der verrivers, landings, [etc.] 147 pp. 4 maps. 24°. gleichenden anatomie.

80. Halle, Louisville, H. E. Mead, 1867.

Renger, 1821-31. Mead (Mathew). The almost christian dis- Traité général d'anatomie comparée.

covered; or, the false professor tried and cast. Traduit par MM. Riester et Sauson. (v. i-vii). Published by elder James Reid. 226 pp. 160. Alph. Sauson et Th. Schuster. (v. viii). Th. Winchester, (Va.) J. Foster, 1819.

Schuster. (v. ix-x).

10 y. 80. Paris et Mead (Peter B.) An elementary treatise on Rouen, 1828–38.

American grape culture and wine making. Medary (Samuel). The new constitution, [of

483 pp. 89. New York, Harpers, 1867. Ohio). 26 nos. in 1 v. Meade (George Gordon). Report of the sur- Columbus (0.) 1819.

vey of the north and northwest lakes. 48 pp. Medleys (The) for the year 1711, with the 3 maps. 80. Detroit, Daily free press, 1859. five Whig examiners. 59, 479 pp. 24°. Lon

don, John Darby, 1712. Meade (Thomas). A reply to a paper, circu- Medows (Sir Sidney). Art of horsemanship,

lated under the name of the lord bishop of etc. See Freeman (Strickland). Lincoln (G. Pretyman Tomline]: the object Meek (Fielding Bradford). Check list of the of which is to counteract a verdict in an ac- invertebrate fossils of North America. Miocene. tion brought by Thomas Meade against Rev. ü, 32 pp. 89. Washington, 1864. Charles Daubeny, in 1792. viii, 347 pp. 80. (BMITHSONIAN miscel. coll. v. 7.) Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1806.

The same. Cretaceous and jurassic. Meade ( Wiiliam, D. D.) Companion to the

ii, 40 pp. 89. Washington, 1864. font and the pulpit. 147 pp. 12o. Washing

(SMITHSONIAN miscel. coll. v. 7.) ton, J.8G. S. Gideon, 1846.

See California geological survey. Meadows (F. C.) A new French and English pronouncing dictionary, on the basis of Nu

and Hayden (F. V.) Palæontology gent's. In two parts, with an abridged gram

of the upper Missouri: a report upon collecmar. Corrected and improved by George Fol

tions made principally in 1855–56. Invertesom. 3 p.1. 50, 352, 376 pp. 180. New York,

brates. Part 1. ix, 136 pp. 5 pl. 4o. [WashAlexander V. Blake, 1840.

ington, Sm. inst.] 1863. Meares (John). Voyages in the years 1788–89,

(SITUSONIAN contrib. v. 14.] from China to the northwest coast of America; Meelführer (Rodolph Martin). Accessiones ad [with] a narrative of a voyage in 1786, from

T. J. ab Almeloveen bibliothecam promissam Bengal, in the ship Nootka. 10 p. I. xcvi, 372

et latentem. 8 p. 1. 176 pp. 16o. Noriberga pp. 54 l. 3 maps. 23 pl. 4°. London, J. Il'alter,

et Lipsiæ, A. Otto, 1699. 1790.

( With ALMELOVEEN (T. J. ab.) Bib. promiss., etc.) Mears (John W. D. D.) The beggars of Hol- Méhégan(Guillaume Alexandre, chevalier de).

land, and the grandees of Spain. A history Zoroastre, histoire : [ou, de l'origine des Guèof the reformation in the Netherlands, A. D.

bres]. Traduit du Chaldéen. [anon.] 60, x pp. 1200—1578. 477 pp. 8 pl. 1 map. 169. Phil- 139. [Paris, about 1751]. adelphia, Presb. (1867).

(With CAPUCINS (Les) sans barbe, etc). Mease (James, M. D.) A geological account Meier (Georg Friedrich). The merry philoso

of the United States; comprehending a de- pher; or, thoughts on jesting. From the Gerscription of their animal, vegetable, and min- man. 2 p. l. 213 pp. 189. London, J. Neweral productions, antiquities, and curiosities.

berry, 1764. 4 p. 1. 496, xiv pp. 5 pl. 189. Philadelphia, Meiffren Laugier, baron de Chartrouse. Sce Birch f. Small, 1807.

Temminck (C. J.) Mechanics' (The) magazine and journal of Meigs (J. Forsyth, M. D.) Practical treatise

engineering, agricultural machinery, manu- on the diseases of children. 675 pp. 129. factures, and ship-building. July, 1866, to Philadelphia, Lindsay f. Blakiston, 1818. S. Dec. 1867. New series. v. 16–17; complete Meikle (James, surgeon). Metaphysical maxseries, v. 83–87. 4°. London, Robertson, ims: or, thoughts on the nature of the soul, Brooman & Co. (1866–67].

free will, and the divine prescience. 2d ed. Mechthildis (Saint). Revelationes selectde. 142 pp. 160. Edinburgh, J. Ogle, 1811.

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Mela (Pomponius). Libri de situ orbis tres, [pseudon.] 310 pr. 18°. Philadelphia, J.

adiectis J. Vadiani helvetii in eosdem scholiis; B. Lippincott & Co. 1867. addita quoque in geographia catechesi, et Melton (Edward). Zeldzaame en gedenkepistola Vadiani ad Agricolam digna lectu. 23 waardige zee- en landreizen door Egypten, p. 1. 133 l. fol. Viennae Pannoniae, Lucas West-Indien, Perzien, Turkien, Oost-Indien, Alantse, per J. Lingrenium, 1518.

en d'aangrenzende gewesten, 1660-1667. Melanchthonor Schwarzerd (Philipp). 3 p. 1. 495 pp. 41. 20 pl. 4o. Amsterdam, Jan

Ethica doctrinæ elementa, et enarratio libri ten Hoorn, 1681. quinti ethicorvm [Aristotelis). 8 p. l. 302 pp. Melvil or Melville (Sir James). Memoirs : 16o. Vitebergæ, 1566.

S. containing an impartial account of the most Initia doctrinæ physicæ, dictata in acad- remarkable affairs of state during the sixemia witebergensi. 6 p. 1. 206 1. 169. Vite- teenth century; more particularly relating to bergæ, 1567.

s. England and Scotland. Published by George ( With his Ethicæ doc!rina elementa).

Scott. 3d ed. xx, 403 pp. 151. 89. London, Melbourn (Julius). Life and opinions. 239 D. Wilson, 1752.

pp. 120. Syracuse, Hall of Dickson, 1847. Melville (G. J. Whyte). Digby Grand: an Melchior (Hans Büchman). Den danske stats autobiography. 2d ed. 120. London, J. W.

og Norges pattedyr. Udgivet af Sophus Parker & son, 1857. Zahle. xvi, 298 pp. 13 pl. 89. Kjöbenhavn, -Kate Coventry: an autobiography. 2d ed. Gyldendalk, 1831.

322 pp. 120. London, J. W. Parker & son, Melcombe (lord). Sec Dodington (G. B.)

1856. Melho, Melo, or Mello (Francisco Manoel Melville (Herman). Omoo: a narrative of ad

de). Historia de los movimientos, separacion ventures in the south seas. 389 pp. 12o. New y guerra de Cataluña en tiempo de Felipe iv. York, Harpers, 1847. [Con la vida del autor.] Nueva ed. xxvi, 475 Typee; a peep at Polynesian life, during pp. 16o. Madrid, Sancha, 1808.

a four months' residence in a valley of the Meline (James F.) Two thousand miles on Marquesas. Revised ed. 307 pp. 120. Now

horseback. Santa Fé and back. A summer York, Wiley and Putnam, 1847. tour through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, The same. xiv, 307 pp. 120. New York, and New Mexico, in 1836. x, 317 pp 1 map.

Harpers, 13419. 16°. New York, Ilurd & Houghton, 1857.

Memminger (J. D. G. von). Beschreibung Melish (John). A geographical description of

von Württemburg. 3° auflage. xvi, 848 pp. the United States, with the contiguous Britisha

1 table. 8°. Stuttgart, J. G. Cotta, 1841. s. and Spanish possessions. 2d ed. 180 pp. 89. Memoir of Charles Gordon Lennox, fifth duke Philadelphia, J. Melish, 1816.

of Richmond. [anon.] xi, 348 pp. 1 pl. 89. The same. 3d ed. 89. Philadelphia,

London, Chapman & Hall, 1862. author, 1818.

Memoir of the Rev. W. A. B. Johnson, misA statistical view of the United States; sionary in Sierra Leone, 1816–23. With precontaining a geographical description of the fatory remarks by Rev. W. Jewett. [anon.] United States, and of each state and territory.

xiii, 430 pp.


map 160. London, Seeley, 45 pp. 180, Philadelphia, author, 1822.

1832. [ With the preceding).

Mémoire historique et instructif sur l'Hospice The traveller's directory through the de la maternité. [Rédigé par MM. Hucherard, United States. [2d ed.] xix, 183 pp. 2 maps. Sausseret, et Girault]. xiv, 140 pp. 4°. Paris, 199. Philadelphia, author, 1822.

Imprimerie des hospices civiles, 1808. Mellen (George S.) One thousand choice re- Mémoires de monsieur le marquis de *

cipes, mysteries and disclosures, touching Écrits par lui-même. [anon.] 3 p. I. 202 pp. every branch of business, [etc.] New ed. 103 18o. Paris, Coustelier, 1728.

pp. 189. Lewiston, (Ve.) G.S. Mellen, 1866. (With CAPUCINS (Les) sans barbe, etc.) Mellin (Georg Samuel Albrecht). Encyclopa- Mémoires militaires sur la campagne de disches Wörterbuch der kritischen philosophie.

l'armée belgique dans les Pays-Bas au6 v. in 11. 89. Leipzig, etc. F. Frommann, trichiens, pendant 1790. Par un oflicier de 1797-180.1.

l'armée. [anon.] xi, 169 pp. 89. Londres, Mello (Francisco Manoel de). See Melho. Spilbury, 1791. Melpomene divina; or, poems on christian Mémoires sur le Canada, 1749–60. 207 pp. 21.

themes. By Christopher Laomedon Pindar. 89. Québec, T. Cary f. Cie. 1838.


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press, 1861.



Mémoires sur madame [Hortense Beauharnais guay d'Hilliers, the king of Greece, St. Arn

Bonaparte] la duchesse de St. Leu, ex-reine aud, Reschid Pacha, Gortschakoff, Orloff, vicede Hollande; suivis des romances composées adm. Parseval-Deschenes, vice-adm. Hamelin, et mises en musique par elle-même. [anon.] the Sultan, Omar Pacha, Menschikoff. [anon.] xi, 84 pp. 13 pl. obl. 4o. Londres, Colburnd 2 p. 1. 156 pp. 16o. London, D. Bryce, (1864). Bentley, 1832.

Ménant (Joachim). Observations sur la peine Mémoires tirés des papiers d'un homme d'état, de mort. 2e éd. 20 pp. 8o. Paris, 1846.

[le prince de Hardenberg] sur les causes se- Mendell (Miss -), and Hosmer (Miss Harcrètes qui ont déterminé la politique secrète des riet). Notes of travel and life [in the United cabinets dans les guerres de la révolution; par States). 288 pp. 120. New York, for the M. le comte d'Allonville, [Alphonse de Beau- authors, 1854. champs, etc). 3 v. 80. Bruxelles, Wahlen, Mendham (Joseph). See Index librorum pro1838–41.

hibitorum a Sixto v. confectus. Memoirs of an unfortunate yonng nobleman Mendoza (Iñigo Lopez de). See Lopez de

[James Annesley), returned from thirteen Mendoza. years' slavery in America, where he had been Mengarini (Rev. Gregory). A Selish or Flatsent by his cruel uncle. [anon.] 3 v. 277 pp; head grammar, [or] grammatica linguæ sel235 pp; 215 pp. 16o. London, J. Freeman, icæ. viii, 122 pp. 89. New York, Cramoisy

1743–47. Memoirs of Ferdinand VII, king of the Spains. [Shea's library of American linguistics, ii.)

By Don ***** advocate of the Spanish tribu- Mengin-Fondragon (Pierre Charles Joseph, nals. Translated from the Spanish by M. J. baron de). Lettres à ma fille ; ou, conseils Quin. [anon.] vii, 307 pp. 89. London, sur l'éducation. xii, 240 pp. 180. Paris, Hurst, Robinson & Co. 1824.

Dcbécourt, 1843. (NOTE:-Ettinger represents this book as written by Mengotti (Francesco). Del commercio de' Quin himself.)

Romani dalla prima guerra punica a ConMemoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klop

stantino; il colbertismo; ossia, della libertà di stock. Translated from the German [by Miss

commercio de' prodotti della terra. Elizabeth Smith. anon.] xii, 236 pp. 120.

(SCRITTORI class. ital. di econ. pol. v. 36). Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1808.

Mengs (Anton Raphael). Opere. Aumentate Memoirs of the dead, and tomb's remem- dall'avvocato Carlo Fea. xlvi, 445 pp. porbrancer. [anon.] 300 pp. 160. Baltimore,

trait. 4o. Roma, Pagliarini, 1787. editors, 1806.

Menke (Theodor). Orbis antiqui descriptio Memoirs of the life and adventures of Tson

in usum scholarum. Ed 24. 5 p. 1. 17 maps. nonthonan, a king of the Indian nation called

4o. Gotha, Perthes, 1854. Roundheads. [anon.] 2 v. xx, 189 pp; Mennechet (Édouard). Leçons de littérature viii, 210 pp. 169. London, J. Knox, 1763.

française classique, [etc.] Tirées des Matinées Memoirs of the life and times of Sir Thomas

littéraires. 393 pp. 120. New York, LeyDeveil. [anon.] 83 pp. 89. London, M.

poldt of Holt, 1868. Cooper, 1748.

Menon (-). La cuisinière bourgeoise; préMemoirs of the Nutrebian court. [anon.] 2 v. cédée d'un manuel. 12° éd. 16°. Paris, Voin 1. 3 p. 1. 236 pp; 3 p. 1. 256 pp. 1 pl. 16o.

ronval, 1811. London, M. Laugham, 1747.

Méon (Dominique Martin). Nouveau recueil Memoranda concerning Baltimore city and its de fabliaux et contes inédits des poètes fran

surroundings. 93 pp. 1 map. 120. Baltimore, çais des xije-xve siècles. 2 v. viii, 500 pp; W. M. Innes, 1860.

482 pp. 2 pl. 80. Paris, Chassériau, 1823. Memphis (Tenn.) City directory, 1867–8. Mercantile agency United States business Also a classified business register [and] city

directory for 1867, containing the names of and county record. T. M. Halpin, compiler.

merchants, manufacturers, and traders. By 80. Memphis, Bulletin pub. co.

R. G. Dun & Co. 821 pp. 4o. New York, 1867.

John F. Trow, 1867. Men (The) of the time; or, sketches of living Mercator, or Kaufmann (Gerhardt). Historia notables. [anon.] 564 pp. 120. New York,

myndi; or, Mercator's atlas. Containing his Redfield, 1852.

cosmographicall description of the fabricke Men (The) of the war. Francis Joseph, the

and figure of the world. By the studious inprince of Prussia, prince Paskiewitsch, Bara

dustry of Ivdocvs Hondy (Hondt). Eng


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325 pp.

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lished by W. S[altonstall]. 12 p. 1. 58, 930 pp. sociale; conjuration de Catilina. 430 pp. 16o. 16 l. 191 maps. fol. London, M. Sparkc d: Paris, Lévy, 1853. S. Cartwright, 1635.

Mélanges historiques et littéraires. 382 Mercey (Frédéric Bourgeois de). Assyrie. pp. 160. Paris, Lévy, 1855. 19 1. m3.

Merivale (Herman). Memoirs of Sir Philip ( With GOBINEAU, (A. de). Essai sur l'inégalité des Francis. . Sce Parkes (Joseph). races humaines, v. 2.)

Merleker (Carl Friedrich). Geschichte der Merchant's (The) magazine and commercial

geographie und der geographischen entdeckreview. Edited by W. B. Dana. Jan. to Dec.

ungen, in verbindung mit der 'geschichte der 1867. v. 56–57. 89. New York, W. B. Dana

schiffahrt, der kolonien, etc. xii, 214 pp. 89. & Co. 1867.

Darmstadt, C. W. Leske, 1839. Mercier (Alfred). Biographie de Pierre Soulé, Merle d'Aubigné (Jean Henri). The protec101 pp. 12°. Paris, Dentu, 1848.

tor: a vindication. 3d ed. 426 pp. 89. LonMercier (Louis Sébastien). Tableau de Paris.

don, Oliver f. Boyd, 1848. [anon.] xi, 556 pp. 160. Hambourg, Vir- Merlin or Merdhyn (Ambrose). Prophetia anchaux, 1781.

glicana et romana, una cum libris explanaMercure (Le) françois. [Composé par Jean tionvm Alani de Insylis. Addita synt vaticinia

Richer jusqu'en 1635, et continué par Théop. Joachimi abbatis calabri. 8 p. 1.
Renaudot jusqu'en 1644.] 1605–1644. 25 v.

11. 180. Francofvrti, J. J. Porssius, 1608. 12°. Paris, 1617–48.

Merrem (Blasius). Beitraege zur naturgeMercure historique et politique, contenant schichte; (nebst beitraege zur geschichte des

l'état présent de l'Europe, Nov. 1686 à Dec. amphibien). 3 v. in 1. 4o. Essen, ctc. 1792–
1777. [Rédigé par Sandras de Courtilz, 1829.
Bayle, La Brune, Saint Élier, Guyot, Rousset,

Le Fèvre et autres). 183 v. 18o. Parme et v. 1. Beitraege zur naturgeschichte, etc.
La Haye, 1686–1777.

47 pp. 12 col. pl. Duisburg, author, 1790.

v. 2. Beitraege zur geschichte der amphibien. (Imperfect : v. 44, Jan.-June 1708, wanting).

aufl. 47 pp. 2 col. pl. Essen, G. D. Baedeker, Meredith (Henry). Account of the gold coast

v. 3. Beitraege zu geschichte der schlangen. ii, 141 pp. of Africa, with a brief history of the African 13 col. pl. Essen, G. D. Baedeker, 1821. company. viii, 264 pp. 1 map. 89. London, Vermischte abhandlungen aus der thierLongmans, 1812.

geschichte. 3 p. 1. 172 pp. 7 pl. 4o. GötMerewether (John, D. D.) A statement of tingen, V. l'ossiegel, 1781.

the condition and circumstances of the cathe- Versuch eines systems der amphibien. dral church of Hereford. 89 pp. 10 pl. 8°. xv, 191 pp. 1 pl. Marbvrgi, J. C. Ilereford, W. H. Vale, 1842.

Krieger, 1820. Mérian (Marie Sibylle). Histoire générale des Merrill (Orsamus C.) An oration delivered

insects de Surinam, et de toute l'Europe; con- at the meeting-house in Bennington, on the tenant les descriptions des plantes, fleurs et 4th of July, 1806. 56 pp. 16o. Bennington, fruits, dont ils se nourrissent, etc. 3e éd. re- [Vt.] Benjamin Smead, [1806 ?] vue, etc. par Buchoz. 3 v. fol. Paris, L. C. Merry (The) droll; or, pleasing companion. Desnos, 1771.


Including some poetical recreations. [anon.] Mérimée (Prosper). Chronique du règne de vii, 134 pp.

180. London, C. Parker, Charles ix. Suivie de La double méprise, et 1769. de la Guzla; [ou, choix de poésies illyriques). Merryweather (George, pseudon ?) Kings Nouv. éd. 443 pp. 16o. Paris, Charpentier, the devil's viceroys and representatives on 1856.

earth. 456 pp. 89. [n. p.] author, 1838. Colomba; suivi de La mosaïquo et autres Merzdorf (J. F. L. Th.) Bibliothekarische contes et nouvelles. Nouv. éd. 450 pp. 16o. unterhaltungen. 2 v. lxxxvi, 173 pp; vi, 239 Paris, Charpentier, 1854.

pp. 80. Oldenburg, W. Berndt, 1844–50. S. Les deux héritages; suivis de L'inspec- Metcalf (Samuel L.) A collection of some of teur général, et des Débuts d'un aventurier.

the most interesting narratives of Indian war369 pp. 16°. Paris, Lévy, 1853.

fare in the west, containing an account of the Episode de l'histoire de Russie: les faux adventures of Daniel Boone; with the expediDémétrius.

160. Paris, Léry, tions of generals Harmer, Scott, etc. Cand Col. 1855,

James Smith's narrative).

120. Etudes sur l'histoire romaino; guerre Lexington, (Ky.) William G. Hunt, 1821.

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452 pp.

270 pp.



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Metcalfe (Samuel L. M. D.) Caloric; its | Mexico. Dimision del ministerio (1852).

mechanical, chemical and vital agencies, in 12 pp. 89. Mexico, V. G. Torres, 1852. the phenomena of nature. [2d ed.] 2 v. Memoria en cumplimiento del articulo 630 pp; 481 pp.

8o. Philadelphia, J. B. 120, de la constitucion federal. 28 pp. 8 tab. Lippincott & Co. 1859.

89. Mexico, Impr. del supr. gobierno, 1825. Meteorological register for the years 1822– Memoria leida en las camaras en 1851.

25, from observations made by the surgeons 43 pp. fol. Mexico, V. G. Torres, 1851. of the army, at the military posts of the Memoria sobre el estado de la agricultura United States. 63 pp. 89. Washington, é industria de la republica, 1845. 75 pp. 89. E. De Krafft, 1826.

Mexico, J. M. Lara, 1846. Meteyard (Eliza). The hallowed spots of Meyendorf (Georg von). Voyage d'Oren

ancient London; made memorable by the bourg à Boukhara, fait en 1820, à travers struggles of our forefathers for civil and re- les steppes qui s'étendent à l'est de la mer d' ligious freedom. xii, 291 pp. sm. 4°. Lon- Aral et au-dela d' l'ancien Jaxartes. Revu don, Marlborough & Co. 1862.

par A. Jaubert. vii, 508 pp. 1 map. 7 pl. Life of Josiah Wedgwood. With an 89. Paris, Dondey-Dupré, 1826. introductory sketch of the art of pottery in Meyer (Christian Friedrich Hermann von). England. With illustrations. 2 v.

XXXV, Über die reptilien und säugethiere der ver504 pp, 1 pl; xxiv, 643 pp. 4 pl. 89. London, schiedenen zeiten der erde. 150 pp. 80. Hurst & Blackett, 1865.

Frankfurt a. M. S. Schmerber, 1852. Metz (Friedrich). Geschichte des buchhandels Zur fauna der vorwelt. Fossile saeuge

und der buchdruckerkunst. 2 1. vi, 340 thiere, voegel und reptilien aus dem molassepp; 136 pp. 89. Darmstadt, Jonghaus, 1835. mergel von Oeningen. viii, 52 pp. 12 pl. fol.

Frankfurt am Main, H. Keller, 1845. S. Meugy (Jules). De l'extinction de la prosti- The same. Die saurier des muschel

tution. Pétition au sénatsession de 1865. kalkes, mit rücksicht auf die saurier aus Suivie du discours de M. Dupin sur le luxe buntem sandstein und keuper. viii, 167 pp. effréné des femmes. 3° éd. 71 pp. 16°. Paris, 70 pl. fol. Frankfurt am Main, H. Keller, Garnier, (1866).

1847-55. Meusel (Johann Georg). Das gelehrte Meyer (Christian Paul). Museum meyerianum,

Teutschland, fortgesetzt. Sce Hamberger sive catalogus rerum naturalium, et nonnul(J. G.)

larum artefactarum, quas Meyer collegit. iv, Lexikon der vom jahr 1750 bis 1800 276 pp. 89. Trajecti ad Rhenum, B.Wild & J. verstorbenen teutschen schriftstellern.

Altheer, etc. 1802. 89. Leipzig, G. Fleischer, 1802-16. Meyer (H. A.) and Möbius (Carl August).

Teutsches künstlerlexikon oder ver- Fama der kieler bucht. v. 1. Die hinterzeichniss der jetztlebenden teutschen künst- kiemer, oder opisthobranchia. xxx, 86 pp. ler. Nebst einem verzeichniss sehenswürdiger 26 pl. 4o. Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 1865. S. bibliotheken, kunst-münz-und naturalienkab- Meyer (Hermann J.) Neues konversationsinete in Teutschland und in der Schweitz. lexikon, ein wörterbuch des allgemeinen wisausg . 3 v. 89. Lemgo, Veyer, 1808–14. s.

2e aufl. 15 v. A-Z. 89. HildburgMexia (Pedro). The historie of all the Ro- hausen, Bibliographischen institut, 1861–67.

mane emperors, beginning with Caivs Jvlivs Meyer (Dr. J.) Land, volk und staat der Cæsar, and successively ending with Rodolph schweizerischen eidgenossenschaft. 2 v. 334 the second now raigning. Englished by W. pp; 209 pp. 184. Zurich, F. Schulthcss, Traheron. 5 p. 1. 890 pp. fol. London, M. 1861. Lovrnce, 1604.

Mezzofanti (Giuseppe, cardinale). Catalogo Mexican letters. Containing humorous and della libreria; compilato da Filippo Bonifazj.

satirical observations on the manners, customs, 139 pp. 80. Roma, Fratelli Pallotta, 1851. S. religion and policy of the English, French, Micali ( Giuseppe ). Antiche mouumenti per Spaniards, and Americans. [anon.] 2v. xii, servire all'opera intitolata l'Italia avanti il ix, 264 pp; 280 pp. 120. London, 1V. Gold- dominio dei Romani. xi pp. 60 pl. fol. Firenze, smith, 1773.

[autore,] 1817. Mexico. Código fundamental de los estados- Michaelis (H. C.) Quæstiones de bello punico

unidos mexicanos. 92 pp. 21. 18o. Mexico, primo. 188, xii pp. 8o. Trajecti ad Rhenum, V. G. Torres, 1847.

C. Van der Post, jun. 1846.


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