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Michaux (François André). Voyage à l'ouest session, 1862, 1863, 1865. 4 v. 8. Detroit

des monts Alléghanys, dans les états de l'Ohio, and Lansing, 1835-65. du Kentucky, et du Tennessée, et retour à Reports of the superintendent of public Charleston par les Hautes-Carolines, 1802. instruction (school reports], 1855–57, 1859vi, 312 pp. 1 map. 80. Paris, Levrault, 66. 9v. 80. Lansing, 1858–66. Schoell et Cie. 1804.

Transactions of the state agricultural soMichel (Dan). Ayenbite of Inwyt; or, re- ciety, 1857. v. 9. 592 pp. 80. Lansing, 1859.

morse of conscience. In the Kentish dialect, Third annual report of the secretary of 1340 A. D. Translated from the French of the state board of agriculture, 1864. 254 pp. Lorens, or Laurentius. Edited by R. Morris. 89. Lansing, 1865. 6 p. I. c, 359 pp. 89. London, Trübner, 1866. Michigan (The) teacher; organ of the state (Early English text society publ. No. 23.)

teachers' association, and of the department of Michel (Francisque Xavier). Wayland Smith. public instruction. W. H. Payne [and others), See Depping (G. B.) and Michel.

editors. Jan. 1866, to Dec. 1867. [v.1-2.] 80. Michelet (Jules). Histoire de France au dix- Ypsilanti, Payne, Whitney & Goodison,

huitième siècle. Louis xv et Louis xvi. v. 17. 1866–67.

486 pp. 89. Chamerot & Lauwereyns, 1867. Middendorp (Jakob). Academiarvm orbis Michelet (madame Jules). The story of my christiani libri dvo. 12 p. l. 301 pp. 16o.

childhood. From the French by Mary F. Colonia, Cholinus, 1572. Curtis. xii, 218 pp. 16o. Boston, Little, Middleton (Christopher). A vindication of Brown & Co. 1867.

[his] conduct in a voyage for discovering a Michhailofski-Danilesski(Alexsander). His

northwest passage, in answer to Arthur Dobbs. tory of the campaign in France, in 1814, trans

206, 48 pp. 89. London, 1743. lated from the Russian. 414 pp. 1 map. 8 plans. Middleton (Conyers). A dissertation concern89. London, Smith, Elder of: Co. 1839.

ing the origin of printing in England. 29 pp. Michiels (Alfred). Chefs d'ouvres des grands

sm. 4o. Cambridge, [Eng.] W. Thurlbourn, maitres. See Kellerhoven (F.) and Mi

1735. chiels.

Miège (Guy). The new state of England under Michigan. Census and statistics, 1854. 413

their majesties k. William and q. Mary. pp. 89. Lansing, G. W. Peck, 1854.

By G. M. [anon.] 17 p. 1. 828 pp. 189. LonDocuments accompanying the journal of don, J. Robinson, 1691. the house of representatives : 1843, '48, '50, Miertsching (Johann A.) Journal de voyage '57, '59, '61, '65. 7v. 8o. Detroit and Lan

au pole nord. 2° éd. 143 pp. 1 map. 12o. sing, 1843–65.

Genère, J. Cherbuliez, 1857. [With Senate documents.)

Miéville (Antoine). Manuel du citoyen vauDocuments accompanying the journal of

dois, à l'usage des campagnes et des écoles. the senate: 1843, 49, 50, '55, 57, '61, 265.

272 pp. 120. Lausanne, E. Vincent, 1846. s. 7 v. 8o. Detroit and Lansing, 1843–65.

Mifflin (Samuel W.) Methods of location; or, Joint documents of the legislature: 1850,

modes of describing and adjusting railway '51, '53, '55, '57, '59–65. 12 v. 80. Lansing,

curves and tangents, as practiced by the en1850–65.

gineers of Pennsylvania. 47 pp. 16°. PhilFirst biennial report of the progress of

adelphia, Daniels & Smith, 1850. the geological survey of Michigan, embracing Mignet (François Auguste Alexis). Mémoires observations on the geology, zoology, and

historiques. 3e éd. 534 pp. 120. Paris, botany of the lower peninsula. 339 pp. 8o.

Charpentier, 1854. Lansing, Hosmer &Kerr, 1861.

Notices et portraits historiques et litté

raires. 3e éd. 2 v. iv, 422 pp; 488 pp. 120. CONTEXTS.

Paris, Charpentier, 1854. Part 1. Geology. By A. Winchell.

Mignonette; found


the ftowers and Part 2. Zoology. Report of the state zoologist, M. Miles.

Weeds of Hillsdale. [anon.] 379 pp. 160. Part 3. Botany. By N. H. Winchell.

Boston, B. Smith, 1868. Journal of the house of representatives, Mikailofski-Daniefski. See Michailofski. 1861; extra session, 1862, 1863, 1865. 7 v. Miles (James W.) Philosophic theology; or, 80. Lansing, 1861-63.

ultimate grounds of all religious belief based ( With Senate journal, extra session.]

in reason. xii, 234 pp. 8o. Charleston, [S. C.] Journal of the senate, 1835–37. Extra J. Russell, 1849.

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Miles (M. M. D.) Zoology of Michigan. See Nach dem Englischen in’s Deutsche übertraMichigan, Geological survey.

gen von J. Schiel. lx, 654 pp. 80. BraunMiles (Pliny). American mnemotechny; or, schweig, Vieweg, 1849.

the art of memory, theoretical and practical. Millar (John). An historical view of the Eng2 pts. in 1 v. 5th ed. 480 pp. 120. New York, lish government, from the settlement of the M. II. Newman of Co. 1848.

Saxons in Britain to the accession of the house Statistical register and book of general of Stewart. 5 p. 1. 506 pp. 101. 8o. Dublin, reference and quotations. A compilation. 2d Grueber & McAllister, 1789. ed. 200 pp. 120. New York, M. H. Newman Miller (Eli P. M. D.) A treatise on the cause & Co, 1849.

of exhausted vitality; or, abuses of the sexual Milet (Pierre). Relation de sa captivité parmi function. 131 pp. 12o. New York, J. A. Gray

les Onueiouts en 1690-91. 56 pp. 89. Nouvelle & Green, 1867. York, J. M. Shea, 1861.

Miller (George). Latter struggles in the jourMilitärische briefe eines verstorbenen an seine ney of life; or, the afternoon of my days.

noch lebenden freunde, historischen, wissen- [By a) country bookseller. 406 pp. 89. Edschaftlichen, kritischen, und humoristischen inburgh, J. Colston, 1833. inbalts. [anon.] 3 v. 89. Adorf, Verlags- Miller (Joe, pseudon. for John Mottley ?) Jests; büreau, 1841–44.

or, the wits’ vade-mecum. 153 pp. 1 pl. 3:20. NOTE.-Purports to be written by the spirit of C. von

London, Allman f. son, (n. d.]

Joe Miller's jests, with copious additions. Milizia (Francesco). De l'art de voir dans les Edited by Frank Bellew. iv, 287 pp. 120.

beaux arts. Traduit de l'Italien; suivi des New York, 1865. institutions propres à les faire fleurir en Miller (Rer. John, chaplain to the forces in France, et d'un état des objets d'arts dont N. Y.) A description of the province and city ses musées ont été enrichis par la guerre de of New York; with plans of the city and sevla liberté, par le général Pommereul. 4p. 1. eral forts as they existed in 1695. 43 pp. 89. 316 pp. 89. Paris, Bernard, 1798.

London, T. Rodd, 1843. Memorie degli architetti antichi e mod- Miller (J. R.) The history of Great Britain erni. 4a ed. 2 v. lxxix, 263 pp; 331 pp. 89. from the death of George ii, to the coronation Bassano, Remondini, 1785.

of George iv; designed as a continuation of Mill (David). Dissertationes selectae varia s. Hume and Smollett. x, 464 pp. portrait. 8o.

litterarum et antiquitatis orientalis capita ex- London, Jones & Co. 1829. ponentes et illustrantes. 4 p. 1. 447 pp. 231. Miller (John Sebastian). An illustration of the 180. Trajecti ad Rhenum, J. Brocdelet, sexual system of Linnaeus. v. 1. 106 pp. 106 1721.

pl. col. 89. London, author, 1779. Mill (James). History of British India [to

The same.

v. ii. An illustration of the 1805]. 3 v. 4°. London, Baldwin, Cradock, termini botanici of Linnaeus. 86 pp. 86 pl. & Joy, 1817.

col. 8o. London, author, 1789. Mill (John Stuart). Considerations on repre- Miller (Josiah). Our hymns; their authors

sentative government. viii, 365 pp. 12o. New and origin. xvi, 416 pp. 12o. London, JackYork, Harpers, 1862.

son, Walford & Hodder, 1866. Dissertations and discussions, political, Miller (Mrs. O. D.) Twilight stories, for the philosophical, and historical. v. 3. 89. Lon- little ones. 191 pp. 16o. Boston, R. A. Baldon, Longmans, 1867.

lou, 1866. Inaugural address ; delivered to the uni

(Round Hill stories.) versity of St. Andrews, Feb. 1, 1867. 99 pp. Miller (Samuel, D. D.) A sermon on the burn89. London, Longmans, 1867.

ing of the theatre at Richmond. 45 pp. 16o. On liberty. 223 pp. 12o. Boston, Tick

New York, Whiting and Watson, 1812. nor, d: Fields, 1863.

(With WITHERSPOON (John). Serious inquiry into Thoughts on parliamentary reform. 20 the nature and effects of the stage. New York, ed. 58 pp. 89. London, J. W. Parker fison,

1812.) 1859.

Miller (Rev. Samuel). Treatise on Mercersburg Die inductive logik. Eine darlegung der theology; or, Mercersburg and modern theolphilosophischen principien wissenschaftlicher ogy compared. 131 pr. 16°. Philadelphia, forschung, insbesondere der naturforschung.

S. R. Fisher & Co. 1866.

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Miller (William Allen). Elements of chemis- Poems of many years. New ed. xi, 275

try, theoretical and practical. 3 v. 89. Lon- pp. 16o. Boston, Ticknor & Co. 1846. don, J. W. Parker & son, 1851-62.

Milton (John). A defense of the people of

England. In answer to Salmasius's defense CONTENTS.

of the king. [Translated by Robert (?) v. 1. Chemical physics.

Washington.] 16o. [Amsterdam, ] 1692. v. 2. Inorganic chemistry. v. 3. Organic chemistry.

Elkovokiaorns, in answer to a book in

tituld Eckov Baoiêckn, the portraicture of king Millet (Joshua). A history of the baptists in

Charles the first. 16o. Amsterdam, 1690. Maine. 472 pp. 12o. Portland, Day & Co.

An old looking-glass for the laity and 1845.

clergy of all denominations; being consideraMilligan (Robert). Reason and revelation; or,

tions touching the likeliest means to remove the province of reason in matters pertaining

hirelings out of the church of Christ. x, 74 to divine revelation defined and illustrated,

pp. 16°. Philadelphia, R. Bell, 1770. and the paramount authority of the holy

Paradise lost. [With] an account of scriptures vindicated. 445 pp. 80. Cincinnati,

[Milton's] life. 12th ed. [Elijah Fenton's R. W. Carroll of Co. 1868.

1st ed.] xxviii, 350 pp. 23 l. 13 pl. 16o. Millin de Grand Maison (Aubin Louis). Peint

London, J. Tonson, 1725. ures de vases antiques, vulgairement appelés

The same. Illustrated by Gustave Doré. étrusques, tirées de différentes collections et

Edited with notes and a life of Milton, by gravées par A. Clener, accompagnées d'ex

Robert Vaughan. fol. London, Cassell, (1866]. plications par A. L. Millin. 2 v. xx, 124

The same.

New ed. with explanatory pp. 72 pl; 146 pp. 78 pl. fol. Paris, P.

notes. 16o. New York, 1867. Didot, 1808–10.


Poetical works, with life of the author. Voyage dans les départemens du midi

348 pp. 16o. Brookfield, [Mass.] 1. Thomas, de la France. 4 v. in 5. 80. Atlas, 4o. Paris,

jr. 1810. L'imprim. impér. 1807-11.

Pro poprlo anglicano defensio, contra Millon (Eugène.) Eléments de chimie organ- Salmasii defensionem regiam. 10 p. I. 244 pp. ique, comprenant les applications à la physi

24°. Londini, Dv. Gard. 1653. ologie animale. 2 v. 636 pp; 771 pp. 89. Story of our first parents, selected from Paris, J. B. Baillière, 1845-48.

Milton's Paradise lost. By Mrs. Siddons. Millot (Claude François Xavier). Elements iv, 190 pp. 1 pl. 89. London, J. Murray, 1822.

of ancient history. Translated from the Milwaukee (Young men's association of the French. 2 v. viii, 504 pp; viii, 519 pp. city of). Catalogue of the library. 181 pp. 89. New York, Mott & Lyon, 1797.

89. Milwaukee, [Wis.] Daily news printing Mills (Frederick,C.) The wine guide; with

establishment, 1861. remarks upon the treatment of spirits, bottled Minding (Julius). Ueber die geographische beer, and cider. 64 pp. 24°. London, Groom

vertheilung der säugethiere. 103 pp. 40. bridge f. sons, 1861.

Berlin, Enslin, 1829. Mills (Lewis E.) Glimpses of southern France Minifie (William). A text book of geometri

and Spain. 2 p. 1. 153 pp. 16o. Cincinnati, cal drawing. 127 pp. 56 pl. 8o. Baltimore, R. Clarke & Co. 1867.

W. Minifie & Co. 1849. Mills (Robert). American pharos; or, light

The same.

With illustrations for drawhouse guide: with a general view of the ing plans, sections and elevations of buildings coast. 134 pp. 89. Washington, Thompson and machinery; and an essay on the theory & Homans, 1832.

of color, in its application to drawing, [etc.] Milman (Rev. Henry Hart). Belshazzar: a

56 pl. 8°. New York, D. Van dramatic poem. 126 pp. 16o. Boston, Wells Nostrand, 1868. & Lilly, 1822.

Minneapolis, (M nesot Merwin's direcMilner (John, D. D.) The key of heaven; a tory, 1867. 264 pp. 89. Minneapolis, H. Mer

manual of prayer. New ed. 480 pp. 1 pl. win, 1867.

24o. Baltimore, J. Murphy & Co. [1867]. Minnesota. Executive documents for 1866. 80. Milner (Mary). The life of Isaac Milner, D. D. St. Paul, Pioneer print co. 1867.

2d ed. xvi, 456 pp. 1 pl. 16°. London, Seeley, Journal of the senate and house of repBurnside & Seeley, 1844.

resentatives. 9th session. Milnes (Richard Monckton, lord Houghton). 406 pp. 89. St. Paul, M. J. Clum, 1867. *

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162 pp.

2 v.

364 pp;




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Minnesota historical society. Collections for Missa sancti Caroli (Borromæi) episcopi et the year 1864, and for 1867.

2 v. 84 pp;

confessoris. 21. fol. Venetiis, Ciera, 1618. 62 pp. 89. St. Paul, [ Society,] 1865-67. (With MISSALE romanym. Venetiis, 1598.) Minutes of the convention of delegates from Missæ propriæ festorvm ordinis fratrvm mithe synod of the presbyterian church of New

101. fol. Venetiis, B. Ciera, 1598. York and Philadelphia, and from the associa- ( With MISSALE romanym. Venetiis, 1598.) tions of Connecticut, held annually from 1766 Missæ sancti Gregorii papæ, pro vivis et deto 1775, inclusive. 68 pp. 8o. Hartford, fvnctis. 2 1. fol. Venetiis, Ciera, 1617. E. Gleason, 1843.

(With MISSALE romanvm. Venetiis, 1598.] Minutoli or Menuminutoli (Julius, von). Die Missale romanvm. 20 p. 1. 273 1. 1 pl. fol.

canarischen inseln, ihre vergangenheit und Venetiis, B. Ciera, 1598. zukunft. 5 1. 259 pp. 89. Berlin, S. Wolf, Missale romanvm, ex decreto concilij tridentini 1854.

restitutum. 31 p. 1. 640, cxvi, 7, 28, 3, 12 pp. Mirabeau (Honoré Gabriel Riquetti, comte de). 8pl. fol. Antverpiæ, Soc. eccl. 1633. s.

Histoire secréte de la cour de Berlin; ou, cor- Mission (La) moderne, par un prisonnier de respondance d'un voyageur françois, depuis la Bastille. [anon.] 2e éd. 68 pp. 12°. Paris, le mois de Juillet 1786 jusqu'au 19 Janvier 1790. 1787. Ouvrage posthume. [anon.] 2 v. in Missionary records. North America. [anon.] 1. xvii, 318 pp; 376 pp. 12°. [Alençon, viii, 423 pp. 189. London, Relig. tract soc. Malassis,] 1789.

[n.d.] Mirabella e Alacogne (Vincenzo). Dichiara- Missionary remains; or, sketches of the

zioni della pianta dell'antiche Siracuse, e lives of [Jeremiah] Evarts, [Elias] Corned'alcune scelte medaglie d'esse, e de' principi lins, and [Benjamin B.] Wisner. [anon.] che quelle possedettero. 128, 126 pp. 16 pl. With an introduction by Samuel H. Cox. fol. Napoli, L. Scoriggio, 1614.

143 pp. 18o. New York, Taylor & Gould, Mirick (B. L.) The history of Haverhill, 1835.

Massachusetts. 277 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Haver- Missirini (Melchior). Della vita di Antonio hill, A. W. Thayer, 1832.

Canova. Libri quattro. 523 pp. 3 pl. 89. Mirone (monsieur de, pseudon.) See Saumery Prato, frat. Giachetti, 1824.

(- de). L'heureux imposteur. Utrecht, 1740. Misson (François Maximilien). A new voyMirrour (The) of government, both ecclesiasti- age to Italy, with observations on Germany, call and civill. [anon.] 5 p. 1. 151

pp. sm.

Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders, and 4o. London, Thomas Gibbs, 1658.

Holland. 4th ed. 2 v. in 4. 12o. London, Miscellaneous (A) collection, consisting of an R. Bonvicke (and others], 1714. original letter of Columbus, original poetry, Missouri. Journal of the state convention,

With selections, by M. H. [anon.] held in Jefferson city, July, 1861, Oct. 1861, 132 pp. 4o. London, T. Davison, 1803. June, 1862, June, 1863. 4 v. 89. St. Louis, Miscellaneous pieces. v. i, containing poems, G. Knapp f. Co. 1861-63.

translations and essays. v. ii, containing a Journal of the state convention, held at free enquiry into the nature and the origin St. Louis, Jan.-April. 1865. 287 pp. 8o. of evil, and reflections on several subjects. St. Louis (Mo.) Democrat office, 1865. [anon.] 2 v. 287 pp; xxx, 257 pp. 120. Mistanguet (—). Les plaisantes idées du London, R. & J. Dodsley, 1761.

sievr Mistanguet. Ensemble la genealogie Miscellany of knowledge; a new work, by de Mistanguet et de Bruscambille. [anon.]

several gentlemen, on different subjects; viz: 79 pp. 16°. Paris, lean Millot, 1615. lectures on natural philosophy: poetry on Mitchel or Mitchil (Jonathan). Letter to his different subjects; a twelve-month's tour brother [on conviction of sin). 17 pp. 180. through America; political hints for the peru- [n. p. 1649 ?] sal of the legislature. [anon.] 6 p. 1. 302 pp. Mitchel (Martin), and Osborn (Joseph H). 11. 12o. London, 1792.

Geographical and statistical history of the Missa de sancto angelo cvstode. 2 1. fol. county of Winnebago; with a general view Venetiis, Ciera, 1617.

of the state of Wisconsin. 120 pp. 16o. ( With MISSALE romanvm. Venetiis, 1598.)

Oshkosh, Mitchel & Smith, 1856. Missa sacratissimi rosarii beatissimæ virginis Mitchell (Donald G.) Rural studies, with Mariæ. 2 1. fol. Venetiis, B. Ciera, 1617.

hints for country places. viii, 295 pp. 12o. I With MISSALE romanvm. Venetiis, 1598.)

New York, C. Scribner & Co. 1867.

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Mitchell (Elisha). Elements of geology, with tales. 4 p. l. 442 pp. 6 1. 5 pl. 16o. Roven,

an outline of the geology of North Carolina. Jacques Cailloré, 1645.

141 pp. 1 map. 80. [n. p.] 1842. Moebius. See Möbius. Mitchell (John M.) The herring; its natural Moehring. See Möhring.

history and national importance. xii, 372 pp. Moeller. See Möller. 6 pl. col. 8°. Edinburgh, Edmonston & Doug- Moerch. See Mörch. las, 1864.

Moffat (Mrs. A. S.) One-armed Hugh, the litMitchell (Joseph). Missionary pioneer; or, tle corn merchant; or, Ralph and Tib. 506

a memoir of John Stewart (a man of colour), pp. 5 pl. 16o. Boston, Graves & Young, 1866. founder of the mission among the Wyandotts, Moffat (Rev. James C.) Life of Thomas Chalat Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 96 pp. 24°. New mers. 2d ed. 435 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Moore, York, J. C. Totten, 1827.

Anderson, Wilstach & Keys, 1853.
Mitchell (S. Augustus). An accompaniment Moffitt ( Mrs. Mary Anna). The nobleman

to Mitchell's reference and distance map of the and the teacher; or, the youth's defense. An
United States, with a general view of the Irish story. 253 pp. 160. New York, J.
United States. 324 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Craft, 1867.
Mitchell & Hinman, 1834.

Mohammed ibn abi Mohammed ibn Zafer, Mitchell's geographical reader: a system or Djafer. Solwan el mota; ossiano, conforti of modern geography. 600 pp. 120. Phila- politici. Versione italiana di M. Amari. Ixxvii, delphia, Thomas, Cowperthwait f Co. 1840.

352 pp. 12o. Firenze, F. Le Monnier, 1851. New traveller's guide through the United Mohammed Kasim, surnamed Ferishta. See States. 118 pp. 1 col, map. 24°. Philadel- Ferishta. phia, Thomas, Coperthwait Co. 1850, S. Mohammed Wali Ullah. See Wali. Mitchell (S. Augustus, jr.) New general atlas; Mohan Lal. Travels in the Panjab, Afghan

containing maps of the various countries of istan and Turkistan to Balk, Bokhara, and the world, plans of cities, etc. together with Herat; and a visit to Great Britain and Gervaluable statistical tables. [New ed.] 27 pp. many. xxvii, 528 pp. 89. London, Allen 91 maps. 4°. Philadelphia, S. A. Mitchell,

f. Co. 1846. 1867.

Mohl (Hugo von). Grundzüge der anatomie Easy introduction to the study of geog- und physiologie der vegetabilischen zelle. raphy. sq. 12°. Philadelphia, S. A. Mitchell, 152 pp. 1 pl. 89. Braunschweig, Vieweg, 1866.

1851. Mitchell (Thomas). The gospel crown of life; Mohl (Jules de). Commentaires sur le livre

a system of philosophical theology. xxv, 417 des rois. See Firdusi. pp. 1 pl. 12o. Albany, J. Munsell, 1851.

Mohr (D. M. Nicolas). Forsog til islandsk Mitre (Bartolomé). Historia de [Manuel] Bel- naturhistorie. xvi, 413 pp. 7 pl. 89. Kjögrano. 2 v. 644 pp; 553 pp. 89. Buenos

benhavn, C. F. Holm, 1786. Aires, Mayo, 1859.

Mohr (Francis), and Redwood (Theophilus). Mittermaier (Carl, M.D.) Madeira und seine Practical pharmacy; the arrangements, appa

bedeutung als heilungsort. viii, 158 pp. 8o. ratus, and manipulations of the pharmaceutical Heidelberg, J. C. B. Mohr, 1855.

shop and laboratory. Edited by William Mnemonika: or, chronological tablets, ex- Proctor, jr. 576 pp. 89. Philadelphia, Lea

hibiting in a methodical manner the most f Blanchard, 1849. remarkable occurrences, from the creation of Mohr (Friedrich). Commentär zur preussischen the world to the present period. [anon.] pharmacopoe, nebst übersetzung des textes.

346 pp. 189. Baltimore, E. J. Coale, 1812. 2e aufl. 2 v. xx, 485 pp; 459 pp. Möbius (August Ferdinand). Die elemente Braunschweig, Vieweg, 1853–[54].

der mechanik des himmels. xx, 315 pp. 2 pl. Lehrbuch der pharmaceutischen technik. 80. Weidmann, 1843.

2e aufl. xii, 545 pp. 89. Braunschweig, Möbius (Carl August). Das aquarium des

Vieweg, 1853. zoologischen gartens zu Hamburg. 4° aufl. 55 Möhring (Paul Heinrich Gerhard). Avivm pp. 80. Hamburg, Zool. gesellschaft, 1866. 8.

genera. 88 pp. 80. Bremae, G. G. Rump, Fauna der kieler bucht. See Meyer

1752. (H. A.) and Möbius (C. A.)

Moir (David Macbeth). The bridal of BorthMocquet de Meaux (Jean). Voyages en wick. 11 pp. 80. London, 1841. Afriqve, Asie, Indes Orientales et Occiden

(Hazlitt's romancist and novelist's lib. v. 4).

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