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arms, etc.

363 pp.

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son, 1829.

6 v.

New York (State). The official reports of the iii. 302 pp. 120. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey

canal commissioners, and the acts of the legis- & I. Lea, 1822. lature respecting navigable communications Nichols (Francis). The British compendium : between the great western and northern lakes, or, rudiments of honour. The genealogy, etc. and the Atlantic ocean. 174, 12 pp. 1 map. 80. of the present nobility of England, coats of New York, T. f: W. Mercein, 1817.

4th ed. 2 p. I.

21. A record of the officers and privates of 65 pl. 32°. London, H. Meere, 1721. the regiments organized in the state of New

The same. 9th ed. 2 v. iv, 596 pp. York, to assist in suppressing the rebellion, 24°. London, J. & P. Knapton, 1751. as taken from the muster-in rolls. v. 5-6. (Wanting v. 2).

4o. Albany, Weed, Parsons & Co. 1866. Nichols (John Gough). Autographs of royal, New York (The) almanac and weather book noble, learned, and remarkable personages

for the year 1857. 226 pp. 24o, New York, conspicuous in English history, from the reign Mason brothers, 1857.

of Richard ii to that of Charles ii, with some New York historical society. Catalogues of illustrious foreigners,engraved under the directhe books, tracts, newspapers, maps, charts,

tion of Charles John Smith, [with] concise views, portraits, and manuscripts, in the libra- biographical memoirs. xiv pp. 63). iv pp. 9 pp. 80. New York, J. Seymour,

55 fac-sim. pl. fol. London, J. B. Nichols & 1813.

Catalogue of books, manuscripts, maps, Nichols (Mrs. Mary Gove). Mary Lyndon ; etc. added to the library since January, 1839. or, revelations of a life. An autobiography. 32 pp. 89. New York, J. W. Harrison, 1840. [anon.] 388 pp. 12o. New York, Stringer

S. & Townsend, 1855. New York state agricultural society. Trans- Nichols (Rebecca S.) Bernice, and other

actions for 1841. v. i. iv, 411 pp. 8 p. 80. poems. 216 pp. 1 pl. 12o. Cincinnati, Albany, T. Weed, 1842.

Shepard & Co. 1844. - The same. For 1861-1866.

80. Nichols (William, D. D.) A conference with Albany, State printers, 1862–67.

a theist; containing an answer to all the most New York state business directory. 1867. usual objections of the infidels against the

By Sampson, Davenport & Co. 1036, 200 pp. christian religion. 3d ed. 2 v. xvi, 516 pp. 80. Albany, Sampson, Davenport & Co. 61; 486 pp. 5 l. 2 pl. 120. London, Hol1867.

land & Bowyer, 1723. New York state library. Catalogue: 1865. Nicholson (N. A.) Science of exchanges. 3d

Law library : first supplement. 180 pp. 80. ed. 108 pp. 89. London, E. Wilson, 1865. Albany, C. Van Benthuysen, 1865.

Nicholson (Peter). The carpenter's new New York state register, for 1843, 1844, 1845, guide: inclnding some observations and cal

1846. Ed. by O. L. Holley. 4 v. in 3. 12o. culations on the strength of timber. 13th ed. New York, 1843–46.

By William Johnston. 117 pp. 83 pl. 4o. Nibelungenlied (Das). Uebersetzt von G.O. Philadelphia, Grigg, Elliott & Co. 1848.

Marbach. Mit holzschnitten nach original. Nicholson (William). An introduction to zeichnungen von E. Bendemann und J. Hüb- natural philosophy. 2 v. xx, 383 pp. 6 1. ner. 207 1. unp. 4o. Leipzig, Wigand, 1840. 19 pl; xi, 441 pp. 71. 7 pl. 89. London, J.

Johnson, 1782.
Nicely (Wilson). The great southwest; or, Nicholson. See, also, Nicolson.

plain guide for emigrants and capitalists, em- Nicolai (Christoph Friedrich). Allgemeine bracing a description of Missouri and Kansas. deutsche bibliothek. 118 v. 8°. Berlin, Kiel, Also a township map of Missouri and Kansas. und Stettin, F. Nicolai f. C. E. Bohn, 1766–96. 115 pp. 1 map. 120. St. Louis, R. P. Stud- Auhang ; [und] register, zum v. 1-12. ley & Co. 1867.

1 v. in 2. 1348 pp. 8o. Berlin und Stettin, F. Nicholas (Samuel Smith). Conservative essays, Nicolai, 1771.

legal and political. v. 3. 155 pp. 89. Louis- Anhang; (und) register, v. 13–24. 3 v. ville, Bradley & Gilbert, 1867.

80. Berlin und Stettin, F. Nicolai, 1777. See, also, Nicolas.

Anhang; (und) register, v. 25–36. 6 v. Nicholls (John). Recollections and reflec- 80. Berlin und Stettin, F. Nicolai, 1780.

tions, personal and political, as connected Anhang ; (und) register, v. 37–52. 4 v. with public affairs, during the reign of George 80. Berlin und Stettin, F. Nicolai, 1785.

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Nicolai (Christoph Friedrich). Anhang; [und] upper Mississippi river. 170 pp. 89. Wash

register, v. 53–86. 5 v. in 6. 89. Berlin und ington, Blair & Rives, 1843. Stettin, F. Nicolai, 1791.

(With FRÉMONT (J. C.) Report. Washington, 1845). - Neue allgemeine deutsche bibliothek. 107 Nicolovius (Alfred). Johann Georg Schlosv. in 106. 89. Kiel, Berlin, und Stettin, C. E. ser's leben und literarischen wirken. iv, 281 Bohn & F. Nicolai, 1793–1806.

pp. 89. Bonn, E. Weber, 1844. Anhang zum v. 1-28, nebst den registern. Nicolson (William, archbishop of Cashel). The 6 v. 89. Kiel, C. E. Bohn, 1797-1801.

English, Scotch, and Irish historical libraries. · Anhang zum v. 29–68, nebst registern. 4

A short view and character of most of our v. 8°. Berlin & Stettin, F. Nicolai, 1802–3. historians, either in print or manuscript. With

Die mitarbeiter an Friedrich Nicolai's a letter to White Kennet. 3d ed. xvi, 590 pp. Allgemeiner deutscher bibliothek nach ihren fol. London, G. Strahan, 1736. namen und zeichen in zwei registern, [von Nicolson. See, also, Nicholson. G. Parthey). iv, 72 pp. 4o. Berlin, Nicolai, Nieberding (C.H.) Geschichte des ehemaligen 1842.

niederstifts Münster, etc. Ein beitrag zur gesNOTE.-The register of Allgemeine deutsche biblio- chichte und verfassung Westphalens. 3 v. 120.

thek, v. 87-117, constitutes v. 118. The register
of Neue allgemeine deutsche bibliothek constitutes

Vechta, C. H. Faurel, 1840-52.
v. 105-107 of the series.

Niebuhr (Barthold Georg). Epitome of NieNicolaides (Georgos), Topographie et plan bubr's history of Rome, with chronological

stratégique de l'Iliade, avec une carte. xiv, tables and appendix, by Travers Twiss. xliii, 271 pp. 1 map. 89. Paris, L. Hachette &

359 pp. 89. Orford, J. A. Talboys, 1836. Cie. 1867.

Niecollucci (Amadio, anagram). See MachiNicolas (Sir Nicholas Harris). The court of avelli (Niccolò).

queen Victoria ; or, portraits of British ladies, Niemeyer (August Hermann). Beschreibung distinguished by birth and rank: with bio

des hallischen waisenhauses. 80. Halle, 1799. graphical and genealogical memoirs. 81 See Schulze (J. L.) etc. pp. 10 pl. fol. London, Hogarth, 1845.

Niemeyer (Johann Christian). Plan d'une A full display of the whole peerage of académie des beaux arts en Italie, presénté England, which has existed at any period aux états respectifs de l'Amérique. 20 pp. since the conquest. 2 v. 36, lxxxviii, 942 4o. (n. p. or d.] pp. 16o. London, J. Nichols & son, 1825. Nieremberg (Juan Eusebio). Firmamento

The privy purse expenses of king Henry religioso de lvzidos astros en algvnos claros the eighth, from 1529 to 1531. xliv, 372 pp. varones de la compañía de Jesus. 6 p. I. 808 89. London, William Pickering, 1827.

pp. sm. fol. Madrid, Maria de Quiñones, Privy purse expenses of Elizabeth of 1644. York; wardrobe accounts of Edward the 'Nierses IV. (Klaiëtsi, patriarch of Armenia). fourth. With a memoir of Elizabeth of York. Preces viginti quatuor linguis editæ. [Ed. P. 2 p. 1. civ, 205 pp. 89. London, William Aucher.] iii p. 1. 422 pp. 1 pl. 18o. Venetiis, Pickering, 1830.

in insula S. Lazari, 1823. - The siege of Carlaverock. See Walter, Niess (Johannes). Adolescens evropævs ab of E.ceter.

Indo, [Michaele Ayatymo,] moribvs chrisNicolas. See, also, Nicholas.

tianis informatus. 12 p. I. 450 pp. 81. 18°. Nicolay (Rev. Charles Grenfell). Atlas of Dilingæ, Caspar Sutor, 1629.

physical and historical geography. See An Nieuwentyt (Bernhart). The religious phisted (D. T.) and Nicolay.

losopher; or, the right use of contemplating and others. A manual of geographical the works of the Creator. Translated by J. science; mathematical, physical, historical and Chamberlayne. 2d ed. 3 v. [illustrated.] 80. descriptive. Maritime discovery. Theory of London, J. Senex, 1721. description and geographical terminology. Night (The) side of New York. A picture of

89. London, J. W. Parker & son, the great metropolis after night-fall. By 1852-59.

members of the New York press. [anon.] Nicolet (H.) Atlas de physique et de météor- Illustrations by F. Beard. 121 pp. 120. New

ologie agricoles. 10 pp. 61. 13 col. maps, York, J. C. Harvey & Co. 1866. fol. Paris, Bachelier, 1855.

Nightingale (Florence). Notes on nursing. · Nicollet (Jean N.) Report intended to illus- New ed. xv, 221 pp. 89. London, Harritrate a map of the hydrographical basin of the

2 v.

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son, 1860.




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Nilsson or Nielsson (Sven). Illuminerade church. 2d ed. 538 pp. 120. Boston, W.

figurer till Skandinaviens fauna, med text Carter of: bro. (about 1860]. utgifne. (Däggdjur och foglar). 2 v, 140 1. The divine law of the ten commandments 100 col. pl; 155 1. 100 col. pl. 89. Lund, explained, according to both its literal and its C. F. Berling, 1832-10.

spiritual sense. iv, 446 pp. 89. London, Simp-Petrificata suecana formationis cretaceæ. kin, Marshall & Co. 1848. i. Vertebrata et mollusca. viii, 39 pp. 10 pl. - The plenary inspiration of the scriptures 4o. Londini Gothorum, Berling, 1827.

asserted. In six lectures. 3d ed. xvi, 354, Prodromus ichthyologiæ scandinavicæ. lxi pp. 89. London, Hodson f. son, 1859. 2 p.1. 124 pp. 16o. Lunder, typis Berlingianis, Nodal (Bartolomé Garcia de and Gonçalo de). 1832.

Relacion del viage al descubrimiento del estreSkandinavisk fauna. 4 parts in 5 v. 80. cho nuevo de San Vicente, que hoy es nomLund, C. W. K. Gleerups, etc. 1842–55. brado de Maire, y reconocimiento del de MaCONTENTS.

galenes. 9 p. 1. 162 pp. 11. 1 map. sm. 4o. 1. Däggdjuren. 2e uppl. xviii, 656 pp. 1817.

Cadiz, Manuël Espinosa de los Monteros, 2. Foglarna. 3e uppl. 2 v. xxxiv, 580 PP ; 580 pp.

[1766]? 3. Amfibierna. 2 pl. iv, 119 pp. 1842. 4. Fiskarna. 3 pl. xxxiv, 768 pp. 1855.

Nodier (Charles Emmanuel). Bibliographie Skandinaviska nordens ur-invänare,

entomologique; ou, catalogue raisonné des försök e komparativa ethnografien och ett

ouvrages relatifs à l'entomologie et aux inbidrag till mennisko-slägtets utvechlings

sectes, [etc.] viii, 64 pp. 180. Paris, Mouhistoria. Första delen. 3 pl. xvi, 223 pp.

tardier, 1861.

Contes de la veillée. 353 pp. 120. 21 pl. 4o. Lund, Berlingska boktryckeriet, 1838–43.

Paris, Charpentier, 1853. s.

Promenade de Dieppe aux montagnes Nilus (asceta, St.) Praeceptiones de vita pie, christiane ac honeste exigenda, græco-latine,

d'Ecosse. 334 pp. 1 map. 2 pl. 16°. Paris, a M. Neandro conversæ et expositæ, [etc.]

J. N. Barba, 1821. | With NEANDER (M.) Opus aureum, 1577.

v. 2).

Noel (François Joseph Michel). Dictionarium Nineteenth century; or, the new dispen

latino-gallicum. Dictionnaire latin-françois. sation. An examination of the claims and Nouv. éd. vii p. I. 1,037 pp. 80. Paris, Le assertions of E. S. By a layman. [anon.] xi,

Normant, 1820. 425 pp. 1 pl. 12o. New York, J. Allen, 1852.

Nouveau dictionnaire français-latin. ga Nissen (Martinus). Norsk bog-fortegnelse.

éd. viii, 1,044 pp. 8°. Paris, Le Normant, 1813. 1813–47. Med anhang. viii, 215 pp. 80.

and La Place (Guislain Fr. Mar. Jos. Kristiania, Feilberg & Landmark, 1848.

de). Leçons françaises de littérature et de Nitzsch (Carl Wilhelm). Die Gracchen und

morale. 19° éd. 2 v. xxiv, 730 pp. 89. Paris, ihre nächsten vorgänger. 4 p. 1. 456 pp. 80.

Le Normant, 1832-33. Berlin, Veit & Co. 1847.

Noinville (Jacques Bernard Durey de). See Nitzsch (Christian Ludwig). Pterylographiæ

Durey de Noinville. avium pars prior. 52 pp. 4o. Halae, Ge- Nolan (Frederick). The Egyptian chronology bauer, 1833.

analysed. xxxi, 480 pp. 89. London, Sceleys, (No more published).

1848. · The same. Pterylography. Translated Noll (Henry R.) The botanical class-book, and from the German. Edited by P. L. Sclater. flora of Pennsylvania. 158, 452 pp. 16o. xi, 178 pp. 10 pl. fol. London, R. Hardwicke, Lewisburg, (Pa.) 0. N. Worden, 1852. 1867.

Nollet (Jean Antoine). Lectures in experi(Ray soc. publications).

mental philosophy. Translated by John ColNoad (Henry M.) Manual of electricity. 4th son. xlviii, 278 pp. 18 pl. 89. London, J. ed. 2 v. viji, 522 pp. 1 pl; 523-910 pp. 1 pl.

Wren, 1752. 89. London, G. knight & Co. 1855–57. Noorthouck (John). A new history of LonNoah (Mordecai Manuel). Correspondence don, including Westminster and Southwark.

and documents relative to the attempt to ne- 2 p. 1. viii pp. 2 1. 902 pp. 21 1. 1 map. 41 gotiate for the release of the American captives pl. 4o. London, R. Baldvin, 1773.

at Algiers. 128 pp. 80. Washington, 1816. Norcott (Rer. John). Baptism discovered, Noble (Rev. Samuel). An appeal in behalf of plainly and faithfully according to the word

the views of the eternal world and state, and of God. 5th ed. 47 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, the doctrines of faith and life, held by the New Andrew Stuart, 1764.

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Nordhoff (Charles). Stories of the island world. North (The) American review, for 1867. v. 315 pp. 3 pl. 16o. New York, Harpers, 1857. 104–105. 80. Boston, Ticknor & Fields,

1867. Whaling and fishing. 383 pp. 4 pl. 160. North (The) British review, Sept. 1866, to Dec. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, Keys & Co. 1856. 1867. New series, v. 6–8. [Complete series,

v. 45–47.] 89. Edinburgh, Edmonston & Noriac (Claude Antoine Jules Cayron, dit). Douglas, 1866-67.

Human follies. Translated from the 16th North Carolina. Journal of the house of comParis ed. by G. Marlow. 221 pp. 16°. Phil- mons, 1785. 52 pp. fol. [n. p. 1786 ?] adelphia, Leypoldt, 1863.

Journal of the senate, 1785. 41 pp. fol. Norman (W. H.) Exploration expedition. [n. p. 1786 ?]

Letter reporting the return of the “Victoria” [Imperfect; wanting pp. 1–8). from the gulf of Carpentaria ; together with

The same, 1786-7. 76 pp. fol. [n. p. reports and correspondence. 51 pp. fol. Mel.

1787 ? ] bourne, J. Ferres, 1862.

North Carolina (Geological and natural hisExploration expedition. Report, together tory survey of). Part iji. Botany; containwith copy of his journal on the late expedition

ing a catalogue of the indigenous and naturalto the gulf of Carpentaria. 31 pp. fol. Mel

ized plants of the state. By Rev. M[oses ] A. bourne, J. Ferres, 1862.

Curtis, D.D. 158 pp. 89. Raleigh, N. C. inNormand (L. ainé). Monuments funéraires

stitution for the deaf and dumb and the blind, choisis dans les cimetières de Paris et des

1867. principales villes de France. 2 v. in 1. 5 p. 1.

The life of Sir Joshua

Northcote (James). 72 pl; 1 p. 1. 72 pl. 4o. Paris, A. Morel & Cie. Reynolds, [etc.] 2d ed. 2 v. 339 pp; xii, 364 1863.

pp. 5 pl. 8°. London, H. Colburn, 1818. S. Normandy (A.) The commercial handbook North Missouri and eastern Kansas business of chemical analysis. xii, 640 pp. 120. Lon.

directory for 1867–8. 435 pp. 89. Quincy, don, Geo. Knight, 1850.

(III.) S. B. Wyckof, 1867.

Practical introduction to H. Rose's trea-

Norton(Rev. Andrews). A statement of reasons tise on chemical analysis. Illustrated by sy

lor not believing the doctrines of trinitarians, noptic tables and formulas. xii, 1141. 7 tab.

concerning the nature of God and the person 89. London, W. Tegg & Co. 1819.

of Christ. 3d ed. With a [biography) of

the author. 1, 499 pp. Norris (Isaac). Journal during a trip to Alba

12. Boston, Am.

unit. assoc. 1867. ny, in 1745, and account of a treaty held there.

Norton (Charles B.) Literary register; or, iii, 31 pp. 4°. Philadelphia, Hawthorne press, 1867.

annual book list, for 1856. 138 pp. 89. New Norris (Jolu). Practical discourses upon sev

York, C. B. Norton, 1856. eral divine subjects. 8 p. I. 350

Norton (George). Commentaries on the hisPP:

120. London, S. Manship, 1691.

tory, constitution, and chartered franchises of Norris (Thaddeus). The American anglers'

the city of London. xxiv, 541 pp. 89. Lonbook ; embracing the natural history of sport- Norton (Rev. John, of Boston). An answer to

don, H. Butterworth, 1829. ing fish, and the art of taking them. 604 pp.

a dialogue entituled The meritorious price of 8 pl. 80. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Co.

man's redemption, [by William Pynchon). 1861.


7 p. 1. 270 pp. 2 1. 160. London, [about The same. With instructions in fly-fish

1648]. ing, [etc.] New ed. 701 pp. 8 pl. 89. Phil

(Imperfect; title-page and 1 p. 1. wanting ; 2 1. at adelphia, E. H. Butler & Co. 1865.

the end imperfect). North (Milo Linus, M. D.) Saratoga waters;

A discussion of that great point in dior, the invalid at Saratoga. 70 pp. 16o. New vinity, the sufferings of Christ. 8 p. l. 270 York, M. W. Dodd, 1810.

pp. 160. London, Geo. Calvert, 1653. Saratoga waters; or, the invalid at The orthodox evangelist; or, a treatise Saratoga. 2d ed. 72 pp. 16o. New York, wherein many evangelical truths are briefly Sarton & Miles, 1843.

discussed, cleared, and confirmed. 7 p. 1. 355 North American land co. Plan of association. pp. sm. 4°. London, Henry Cripps, 1654.

Established February, 1795. 25 pp. 89. Phil- Norton (William A.) A treatise on astronomy, ailelphia, R. Aitken fison, 1793.

spherical and physical; with problems and

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tables. 4th ed. xiv, 443, 115 pp. 15 pl. 80. sub titulo Pub. Victoris circumfertur; et altera New York, J. Wiley & son, 1867.

urbis constantinopolitanae incerto autore, Norway. Statistiske tabeller, udgivne efter [etc.] Svbiungitur, [etc.] Liber de rebus

foranstaltning af departementet for det Indre. bellicis, (etc.] Incerto autore. Item, [etc.] 9e række. 236 pp. obl. fol. Christiania, C. Disputatio Adriani Epicteti philosophi. ('. J'erner of: Co. 1849.

[Curavit S. Gelenius vel Ghelen). 107). fol. Norwich. City directory; containing the names Basiliæ, apud Hieronymum Frobenium et N.

of the inhabitants of Norwich, Norwich town, Episcopivm, 1552. Bean Hill, Yantic, Greenville, and part of Pres- Nott (Eliphalet, D. D.) Miscellaneous works. ton, [etc.] 1857. Compiled by William H. 210 pp. 80. Schenectady, Tilliam J. A'Carter, Boyd. viii, 157 pp. 1 pl. 89. Norwich, (Conn.) 1810. J. W. Stedman, 1857.

Nougaret (Pierre Jean Baptiste). Anecdotes Norwood (Joseph G.) Geological report of a

des beaux-arts. Par M * * *

[anon.] v. 1. survey of portions of Wisconsin and Min- 189. Paris, Bastien, 1776. nesota.

Londres, la cour et les provinces d'An(With OWEN (D.D.) Report of a geological survey

gleterre, d'Ecosse et d'Irlande; ou, esprit, of Wisconsin, 1852).

mæurs, coutumes, habitudes privées des habNotable women of olden time. [anon.] 301 pp.

itans de la Grande Bretagne. [anon.] 2 v. I pl. 16°. Philadelphia, Amer. Sunday school

iv. 458 pp; 460 pp. 12°. Paris, Briand, union, 1852.

1816. Notes of a ramble through France, Italy, Swit- Nouveau dictionaire d'anecdotes historiques de zerland, Germany, Holland, and Belgium ;

l'amour. [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 18o. Paris, 1838. and of a visit to the scenes of “The lady of Nouveau guide de conversations modernes en the lake," etc. By a lover of the picturesque.

Russe, Allemand, Anglais et Français; ou, [anon.] 9 p. 1. 464 pp. 89. London, Hamil

dialogues usuels et familiers, etc. Par Boltz, ton, Adams & Co. 1836.

Fischer, Witcomb, et Bellinger. Nouv. éd. Notes on California and the placers; how to

v, 236 l. 21°. Berlin, B. Behr, 1852. get there, and what to do afterwards. By one Nouveaux mémoires secrets, pour servir à who has been there. [anon.] 123 pp. 2 pl.

l'histoire de notre temps. 1823. [anon.] 457 80. New York, II. Long si bro. 1850.

pp. 89. Paris, Brissot Thirars, 1829. Notes and queries; a medium of intercommu- Nouvel abrégé de géographie moderne, suivi nication for literary men, general readers, etc.

d'un appendice, et d'un abrégé de géographie 3d series. July, 1866, to Dec. 1867. v.10-12.

sacrée. [anon.] 2e éd. xii, 277, xxxii, 16 sm. 4o. London, 1866-67.

pp. 12°. Québec, Neilson et Cowan, 1833. Notice statistique sur la Guyane française. Ex- Nouvelle biographie générale, depuis les temps trait des notices statistiques sur les colonies

les plus reculés jusq'à nos jours. Publice françaises, imprimées en 1838, par ordre de

sous la direction de J. C.F. Hoefer. v. 45-46. M. le ministre des colonies. [Ed. par Ternaux

89. Paris, Didot, 1866. Compans, J. Lechevalier, Joly de Lotbinière. ]

[Completing the work.) 3 p.). 176 pp. 1 col. map. 120. Paris, F. Nouvelles de la terre de Prestre Jehan. Didot, 1843.

(With Alcripe (P. d'). La nouvelle fabrique, etc.) Notices of Sullivan's campaign; or, the revo- Nova Britannia; offering most excellent fruites

lutionary warfare in western New York, em- by planting in Virginia. Exciting all such as bodied in the addresses and documents con- be well affected to further the same. [anon.] nected with the funeral honors rendered to .18 l. 120. London, Samvel Macham, 1609. those who fell with Boyd in the Genessee Nova Scotia. Journal of the proceedings of valley. 191 pp. 1 pl. 180. Rochester, mil- the legislative council, 1866. fol. Halifur, liam Alling, 1842.

d. Grant, 1866. Noticias biográficas, [biografia necrológica,] Journal of the proceedings of the house

del exmo. señor don Lucas Alaman. [an ] of assembly, 1866. fol. Halifax, Compton d

59 pp. 1 pl. fol. Mexico, R. Rafael, 1853. Co. 1866. Notitia vtraqve cvm orientis tym occidentis, Nova Scotia (The) magazine and compre

vltra Arcadii Honoriiqve Cæsaryin tempora, hensive review of literature, politics, and news. [etc.] Præcedit Andreæ Alciati libellus, de [July-Dec. 1789. Edited by John Howe.] magistratib, ciuilibusq; ac militaribus officijs, v. 1. viii, 480 pp. 31. 80. Halifax, editor, [etc.] Succedit descriptio urbis Romae que 1789.

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