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Owen (Richard). A monograph on the fossil Oyárvide (Andres de). Memoria geografica

reptilia of the cretaceous formation. 7 p. I. de los viajes practicados desde Buenos Aires 175 pp. 59 pl. 4o. London, 1857-64. S. hasta el salto grande del Paraná, por las pri(Palæontographical society publications).

meras y segundas partidas de la demarcacion Monograph on the fossil reptilia of the de limites en la América Meridional, en conWealden and Purbeck formations. 128 pp. formidad del tratado preliminar de 1777, entre 37 l. 37 pl. 4o. London, 1853–64.

las coronas de España y Portugal. 1° y 2a (Palæontographical society publications).

parte. [1784-91.] 4 v. 89. Paris, 1865–66. and Bell (Thomas). Monograph on the

(With Calvo (C.) Amérique latine. le période. fossil reptilia of the London clay, and of the v. 7-10. 1865-66). Bracklesham and other tertiary beds. 2 v. in Pacific coast business directory for 1867 ; also 1. 5 p. 1. 79, 4 pp. 40 1. 40 pl; 68 pp. 17 1. a gazetteer of the counties, cities, and towns, 17 pl. 4o. London, Palæontographical society, etc. Compiled by Henry G. Langley. 8°. San 1849–58.

Francisco, H. G. Langley, 1867.
Packard (Frederick A.) A life of Robert

Owen. 2d ed. 264 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Part 1, Chelonia. By Owen and Bell. v. 1.

J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1868. Part 2. Crocolilia. By Owen. v. 2. pp. 5–50. pl. 1-11 Packard (John H. M. D.) Lectures on inPart 3. Ophidia. By Owen. v. 2. pp. 51-68. pl. 12-16.

flammation. Delivered before the college of

physicians of Philadelphia, under the bequest Owen (Robert Dale). Footfalls on the bound- of Dr. Mütter. 276 pp. 12°. Philadelphia,

ary of another world. 528 pp. 120. Phila- J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1865. delphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1865. Páez (gen. José Antonio). Autobiografia. v. 1.

The wrong of slavery, the right of eman- xiii, 576 pp. 2 pl. 8o. Nueva York, Hallet cipation, and the future of the African race in & Breen, 1867. the United States. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Paffenrode (Jan van). Der grieken en romeyLippincott & Co. 1864.

nen krijs-handel. 15 p. I. 392 pp. 71. 5 pl. Owens (G.) A general directory and business fol. Leyden, P. Van der Meersche, 1686.

guide of the principal towns in the upper Page (David). Elements of geology. Edited country, embracing a portion of California ; by D. M. Reese. 332 pp. 120. New York, together with mining and statistical informa- A. S. Barnes & Co. 1849. tion concerning Idaho territory. 171 pp. Page (Richard). A critical examination of the

89. San Francisco, A. Gensoul, twelve resolutions of Mr. Joseph Hume, re1866.

specting the loan of fifteen millions for slave Owenson (Sydney). See Morgan (S. Owen- compensation; also, a review of the financial son, lady).

operations of the British government since Oxenden (Rev. Ashton). Our church and her 1794. viii, 278 pp. 89. London, Pelham

services. Adapted to the services of the pro- Richardson, 1839. testant episcopal church in the United States, Pagès (François Xavier). Nouveaux dialogues by Rev. F. D. Huntington, D. D. viii, 179 pp. des morts entre les plus fameux personnages . 180. Boston, E. P. Dutton of Co. 1866. de la révolution française et plusieurs hommes Oxford (University of). Catalogue of all gradu- célèbres, anciens et modernes, morts avant

ates in divinity, law, medicine, arts, and la révolution. viii, 232 pp. 89. Paris, Laumusic, who have regularly proceeded, or been created in the university of Oxford, between Pagès (Léon). Bibliographie japonaise, ou October 10, 1659, and December 31, 1850. catalogue des ouvrages relatifs au Japon, qui vi, 808 pp. 89. Oxford, Univ. press, 1851. s. ont été publiés depuis le xve siècle jusqu'à

Catalogus codicum mss. qui in colle- nos jours. 67 pp. 4o. Paris, B. Duprat, giis aulisque oxoniensibus hodie adservantur. 1859. Confecit H. O. Coxe. 18 v. in 2. 4o. Oxonii, Paget (James). Manual of physiology, 1853. Typographeo academico, 1852.

See Kirkes (W. S.) and Paget. Oxholm (Peter Lotharius). De danske Vestin- Paget (John). Hungary and Transylvania :

diske öers tilstand i henseende til population, with remarks on their condition-social, pocultur og finance-forvaltning, in anledning litical, and economical. 2 v. 324 pp; 324 af nogle breve fra St. Croix. 84 pp. 5 pl. pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 16o. Kiöbenhavn, J. F. Schultz, 1797.


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rens, 1800.


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Pagliardini (Tito). Une visite au familistère, Palacio (Diego Garcia de). Carta dirijida al

ou maison de travailleurs de M. Godin-Le- rey de España; año 1576. Being a description maire, à Guise (Aisne). Traduit de l'Anglais. of the ancient provinces of Guazacapan, Izalco, Extraite de la Revue des sciences sociales, Cuscatlan, and Chiquimula, in the audiencia Oct. 1865. 16°. Paris, 1866.

of Guatemala, 1576. [With MOUREAU (Jules). Le salaire et des associations [With SQUIER (E. G.) Documents and relations concoopératives, pp. 203-236).

cerning the discovery and conquest of America.

40. New York, C. B. Norton, 1860). Pagnini (Giovanni Francesco). Saggio sopra il giusto pregio delle cose; della monetà e sop a

Palacky (Frantisek). Dejiny národu ceskeho

w Cechách a w Morawé dle păwodnich prail commercio dei Romani. (SCRITTORI Class. ital. di econ. pol. v. 2].

menů wyprawuje. Dílu i. 2v. xvi, 406 pp; Paic (--) and Scherb (-). Cermagora.

viji, 500 pp. 89. w. Praze, J. G. Kalve, Eine umfassende schilderung des landes und

1848–54. der bewohner von Cèrmagora (Montenegro).

Dějiny husitské dle puwodních pramenů 2° aufl. 253 pp. 12o. Agram, F. Suppan,

wyprawuje. 2 v. xiv, 542 pp; viii, 447 pp. 1851.


8o. w. Praze, J. G. Kalve, 1850–51. Paige (Rev. Lucius Robinson). An address

CONTENTS. at the centennial celebration in Hardwick,

v. 1. Od roku 1403 do 1424. Mass. Nov. 15, 1838. 76 pp. 80. Cambridge,

v. 2. Od roku 1425 do 1439. Metcalf, Torry & Ballou, 1838.

Altesten denkmaler der böhmischen Commentary on the new testament. See Bible (English).

sprache. See Schafarik (P. J.), and Pa

lacky. Paine (John A. jr.) Catalogue of plants found

in Oneida county and vicinity. (Extract.) 140 Paley (William, D. D.) Moral philosophy ; pp. 8o. Albany, [Regents of the university,]

with annotations by Richard Whately. vii, 1865.

246 pp. 89. London, J. W. Parker fo son,

1859. Paine (Thomas). Works. 2 v. vi, 391 pp; 4 p. 1. 368 pp. 89. Philadelphia, J. Carey, 1797.

A view of the evidences of christianity.

With annotations by Richard Whately. viii, CONTENTS.

407 pp. 89. New York, J. Miller, 1860. S. v. 1. Common sense.

The same.
Epistle to quakers.

3d ed. viii, 424 pp. 12o. The crisis.

Brunswick, (Me.) J. Griffin, 1860.
Public good.
Letter to the abbé Raynal.

Palfrey (John Gorham). Discourse at Barn-
Dissertations on government, the bank, and stable, Sept. 3, 1839, at the second centennial

paper money.
Miscellanies, in prose and verse.

anniversary of the settlement of Cape Cod. v. 2. Prospects on the Rubicon. Rights of man.

50 pp. 89. Boston, Ferdinand Andrews, 1840.
Letter to the author of the Republican. Palladius (Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus). De
Letter to the abbé Sièyes.
Address to the addressers.

re rustica.
Two letters to Lord Onslow.

( With Libri de re rustica).
Dissertation on first principles of government.
Letter to Dundas.

Pallas (Peter Simon). Lyst der plant-dieren,
Decline and fall of the English system of finance. bevattende de algemeene schetzen der ges-
Letter to the people of France.
Reasons for preserving the life of Lonis Capet. lachten en korte beschryvingen der bekende
The age of reason. (wanting in this copy.)

zoorten. Vertaald door P. Boddaert. 654 pp. The American crisis, and a letter to Sir

14 pl. 80. Utrecht, A. van Paddenburg et J. Guy Carleton on the murder of Capt. Huddy. van Schoonhover, 1768. 1 p. l. 293 pp. 89. London, D. E. Eaton, Miscellanea zoologica, quibus novæ im[1796)

primis atque obscuræ animalium species dePainter, gilder, and varnisher's companion: scribuntur et observationibus iconibusque

containing rules and regulations in every- illustrantur. xii, 221 pp. 14 pl. 4o. Haye thing relating to the arts of painting, gilding, Comitum, 1766. varnishing, and glass-staining. 10th ed. vi,

The same. Naturgeschichte merkwür246 pp. 120. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1867. diger thiere in welcher vornemlich neue und Pajeken (Clemens A.) Reise-erinnerungen und unbekannte thierarten durch kupferstiche,

abenteuer aus der neuen welt, in ethnograph- beschreibungen und erklärungen erläutert ischen bildern, mit einem vorwort von Fried- werden. Aus dem Lateinischen von E. G. rich Ruperti. iv, 168 pp. 12o. Bremen, J. G. Baldinger. 10 parts in 1 v. 4o. Berlin, Heyse, 1861.

Reimer, 1769–78.

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276 pp.

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183 pp.

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Pallas (Peter Simon). Novae species qvadrv. don.] vii, 220 pp. 1 pl. 160. London,

pedvm e glirivm ordine. viii, 388 pp. 27 pl. W. C. Wright, [1834] ? 4°. Erlangae, W. Walther, 1778.

Raphael's witch; or, the oracle of the Reise durch verschiedene provinzen des future. By the author of the prophetic mesrussischen reichs, in einem ausführlichen aus- senger. [anon). 5th ed. 210 pp. 2 pl. 16o. zuge. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 384 pp. 15 pl ; 3 p. 1. 464 London, W. C. Wright, 1856. pp. 2 pl. 89. Frankfurt, J. G. Fleischer, Palmer (John Williamson, editor). Folk 1776-77.


Selected. Illustrated from original The same. Voyages en différentes pro- designs. New ed. x1, 596 pp. 18 fac-sim. vinces de l'empire de Russie, et dans l'Asie

New York, C. Scribner & Co. 1867. septentrionale. Traduits de l'Allemand, par The poetry of compliment and courtGauthier de La Peyronie. 5 v. texte. 4o. ship: selected and arranged by J. W. Palmer. 1 v. planches. fol. Paris, Lagrange, 1789-93. xx, 219 pp. 16°. Ticknor & Fields, 1868. [The plates are wanting).

Palmer (Peter Sailly). History of Lake ChamThe same. Voyages dans plusieurs prov- plain, from its first exploration by the French inces de Russie et dans l'Asie septentrionale.

in 1609, to the close of 1814.

80. Nouv. éd. revue par Lamarck et Langlès.

Albany, J. Munsell, 1866. 8 v. 89. Paris, Maradan, 1794.

Palmer (Ray, D. D.) Hymns of my holy hours, Zoograpbia russo-asiatica, sistens omni

and other pieces. 103 pp, 12°. New York, um animalium in extenso imperio russico, et

A. D. F. Randolph, 1867. adjacentibus maribus observatarum recen- Palmer (Samuel, printer). A general history sionem, etc. 3 v. 4°. Petropoli, Cacs. acad.

of printing, etc. xii, 400 pp. 4o. London, scientiarum, 1831.

A. Bettesworth, C. Hitch & C. Davis, 1733.

Palmer (Samuel, bookseller). A catalogue of v. 1. Lactantia. Aves. xxii, 568 pp. 16 col. pl.

books for 1860, in all languages. v. 2. Avés. vii, 374 pp. 16 col. pl.

89. London, s. Palmer, (1860). v. 3. Monocardia. vii, 428, cxxv pp. 6 col. pil.

Palmer (Mrs. Sarah A.) The story of aunt See, also, Histoire des découvertes, etc. Becky's army-life. xix, 215 pp. 9 pl. 12o. dans la Russe, etc.

New York, J. F. Trow, 1867. Pallastrelli (B.) La città d'Umbria nell' Ap- Palmerini (Niccolò). Opere d'intaglio del cav.

pennino piacentino: relazione. 75 pp. 9 pl. Raffaello Morghen, raccolte ed illustrate. 31 4o. Piacenza, A. del Majno, 1861.

ed. 2 p. 158 pp. 4 pl. 89. Firenze, N. Pagni, Pall Mall (The) gazette. An evening news- 1824. paper and review, July 1856, to Dec. 1867. Palmieri (Giuseppe). Riflessioni sulla publica

London, [J. E. Sharpe, ] felicità relativamente al regno di Napoli; v. 37. 1966-67.

Osservazioni sulle tariffe; Della ricchezza naPalma (Ricardo). Lira americana : coleccion zionale; v.38.

de poesias de los mejores poetas del Peru, (SCRITTORI class. Ital. di econ. pol. v.37-38). Chile, y Bolivia. 4 p. I. 636 pp. 89. Paris, Palou (Francisco). Noticias de la Nueva CaliRosa y Bouret, 1865.

fornia. Palmarius (Julius). De morbis contagiosis.

(With ICAZBALZETA. Documentos para hist. de Mex

ico. 4a serie. v. 6-7). See Le Paulmier de Grentemesnil (J.)

Relacion historica de la vida y aposPalmer (Herbert). Memorials of godliness tolicas tareas del Junipero Serra, y de las

and christianity. 3 pts. 8th ed. ii, 36, ii, misiones que fundó en la California septen28, ii, 18 pp. 210. Boston, Timothy Green, trional. 14 p. I. 344 pp. 1 map. 1 pl. sm. 4o. 1713.

Mexico, Felipe de Zuñiga y Ontiveros, 1787. Palmer (H. R.) The song queen; a collection Panage, (pseudon.) See Toussaint (F. V.)

of music for singing classes, choirs, etc. Also, Panam (Pauline Adelaide Alexandre). Mea cantata of the months and seasons, by A. C. moirs of a young Greek lady. xv, 305 pp. Gutterson. 96 pp. obl. 169. Chicago, H. R. 1 pl. 12o. London, Sherwood, Jones & Co. Palmer, 1867.

1823. Palmer (J.) Manual of astrology; or, the book Pancirolli (Guido ). Rerum memorabilium

of the stars. By Raphael. (pseudon.] 256 sive deperditarum partes duo. Ex Italico pp. 3 pl. 89. London, C. S. Arnold, 1828. latine reddita ab Henrico Salmuth. 2 parts

Raphael's sanctuary of the astral art; in 1 v. 6 p. 1. 349 pp. 10 l; 4 p. 1. 313 pp. or, elysium of astrology. By Raphael. [pseu- 8 1. 4o. Francoforti, Tampach, 1631.

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v. 4-6.

sm. fol.

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Pander ( Christian Heinrich ). Monographie | Papworth (John W.), and W. Museums,

der fossilen fische des silurischen systems der libraries, and picture galleries, public and prirussisch-baltischen gouvernements. x, 91 pp. vate, with illustrations. 89. London, Chapman 9 pl. 4o. St. Petersburg, k. akad. der wissen- Hall, 1853. schaften, 1856.

Paracelsus or Hoehenheim (Philipp AureoÜber die saurodipterinen, dendrodonten, lus Theophrastus Bombast von). Of the glyptolepiden und cheirolepiden des devon- chymical transmutation, genealogy, and genischen systems. ix, 90 pp. 49. Atlas, 17 pl. eration of metals and minerals. Translated fol. St. Petersburg, Buchdruckerei der k. akad. by R. Turner. 78 pp. 169. London, R. Moon, der wissenschaften, 1860.

1657. Panizza (Bartolomeo). Osservazioni antropo- Three books of philosophy written to the zootomico-fisiologiche. 110 pp. 10 pl. fol.

Athenians. Done into English by a young Paria, Bizzoni, 1830.

seeker of truth and holiness [H. Pinnell]. Panzer (Georg Wolfgang ). Annales typo- 70 pp. 16o. London, L. Lloyd, 1657.

graphici ab artis inventæ origine ad an- ( With PARACELSUS. Of chymical transmutation, num 1536, post Maittairii, Denisii, aliorumque

1657). curas, [etc.] 11 v. 4o. Norimberga, J. E. Paradis (Venture de). See Venture de Zeh, 1793-1803.

Paradis (Jean Michel). Panzer (Georg Wolfgang Franz). Index en

Paradis de Moncrif (François Augustin). Les tomologicus, sistens omnes insectorum species

chats. [anon.] viii, 204 pp. 6 1. 10 pl. 12o. in G. W. F. Panzeri favna insectorvm ger

Rotterdam, J. D. Beman, 1728. manica descriptas atque delineatas. Pars i. Paraldus or Peraldus or de Petralta, or PeyEleutherata. viii, 216 pp. 120. Norimberga,

rault, or Perrault. See Perrault (Guillaume). Felssecker, 1813.

Kritische revision der insektenfaune Parburt (George R.) Anselmo; a poem. 143 Deutschlands. 2 v. xii, 144 pp; 6 1. 271 pp.

pp. 120. San Francisco, H. H. Bancroft & 2 col. pl. 12o. Nürnberg, Felssecker, 1805-6.

Co. 1865. Paoletti (Ferdinando). Estratto de' pensieri Paredes (Ignacio de). Promptuario manual

sopra l'agricoltura ; I veri mezzi di render mexicano, platicas y sermones. 614 pp. 1 pl. felici le società.

sm. 4o. Mexico, 1749. (SCRITTORI class. Ital, di econ. pol. v. 201.

Paris (Alexis Paulin). Le romancero françois. Paoli (Paolo Antonio). Pæsti, quod Posidoniam Histoire de quelques anciens trouvères, et

etiam dixere rvdera. Dissertationes. [Ital. choix de leurs chansors. x, 203 pp. 120. and Latin texts.] 170 pp. 44 pl. fol. Roma, Paris, Techener, 1833. Pagliarini, 1784.

Paris (François Edmond), and Bonnefoux (le Paolo fiorentino. Breuiarium super totum baron de). Dictionnaire de marine à voiles corpus iuris canonici. 4 p. 1. cxxix l. fol. Me

et à vapeur-Marine à vapeur. [With Engmingen, A. Küne de Duderstat, 1499.

lish and French vocabulary.] 2e éd. x, 740, Papers concerning the attack on Hatfield and 16 pp. 18 pl. 8°. Paris, Bertrand, (1859).

Deerfield by a party of Indians from Canada, Paris guide. Par les principaux écrivains et September 19th, 1677. 82 pp. 1 map. 8o. artistes de la France. 2e éd. 2 v. xliv, 2162 New York, Bradford club, 1859.


8 maps. 129 pl. 12o. Paris, Lacroix et (Bradford club series, No. 1).

Co. 1867. Papers for the schoolmaster. New series. v. 2. Parker (Henry, of Lincoln's inn). A discourse iv, 318 pp. 89. London, Simpkin, Marshall

concerning puritans. A vindication of those & Co. 1866.

who unjustly suffer by the mistake, abuse, and Papers presented to the committee appointed

misapplication of that name. 3 p. I. 63 pp. to inquire into the state and condition of the

sm. 49. London, Robert Bostock, 1641. countries adjoining to Hudson's bay, and of Parker (Rev. John). The upward path; or, the trade carried on there. 79 pp. fol. Lon

brief thoughts on christian salvation, [etc.] don, 1749.

123 pp. 16o. Rochester, E. Darrow d bro. Papers and despatches relating to the Arctic

1857. searching expeditions of 1850–51. With a few Parker (John Henry). Glossary of terms brief remarks as to the probable course pur- used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic sued by Sir John Franklin. [anon.] 49 pp. architecture, 2d ed. viii, 144 pp. 66 pl. 80. 1 col. map. 80. London, F. & J. Rivington, London, Charles Tilt, 1838. 1851.





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Parker (N. Howe). Iowa as it is in 1855; a Parlor tableaux and amateur theatricals.

gazetteer for citizens, and a hand-book for [anon.] 352 pp. 12o. Boston, J. E. Tilton immigrants. 264 pp. map. 129. Chicago, & Co. 1867. Keen de Lee, ( printed Phila. Smith & Peters,) Parnell (Edward Andrew). A practical treatise 1855.

on dyeing and calico printing. By an exParker (Richard Green). Exercises in rhet- perienced dyer, assisted by several scientific

orical reading. 430 pp. 120. New York, gentlemen. [anon.] xxi, 704 pp. 10 pl. 8°. A. S. Barnes f. Co. 1849.

S. New York, Harpers, 1846. -and Watson (J. Madison). The national Parnell (Thomas). Poetical works. 80. Edinfifth reader; containing a treatise on elocu- burgh, 1794. tion. 600 pp. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes (Anderson's British poets. v. 7). & Co. 1858.

Parny (Evariste Désiré Des Forges vicomte de). Parker (Mrs. Rosa Abbott). Alexis the run- Euvres. 5 v. 189. Paris, Didot, 1808.

away; or, afloat in the world. 216 pp. 4 pl. Parry (C. C.) Geology and botany. 16o. Boston, Lee f: Shepard, 1868.

(With EMORY (W. H.) Report on the U. S. and

Mexican boundary survey. 1857-59).
Jack of all trades. 229 pp. 4 pl. 16o.

Systematic catalogue of plants of WisBoston, Lee & Shepard, 1857.

consin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Parker (Samuel, bishop of Oxford). A free ( With OWEN (D. D.) Report of a geological survey and impartial censure of the Platonick philos

of Wisconsin, etc. 1852). phie; with an account of the Origenian hy- Parry (Rev. Edward). Memoirs of rear-adpothesis, concerning the preexistence of souls.

miral Sir W. Edward Parry. xi, 403 pp. 2d ed. 6 p. 1. 212 pp. 120. O.cford, H. Hall,

1 map. 1 pl. 89. London, Longman, 1857. 1667.

Parry (Sir William Edward). Journal of a third Religion and loyalty. 8 p. 1. 608 pp.

voyage for the discovery of a northwest pas120. London, John Baker, 1684.

sage in 1824-25, with appendix. 232 pp. 89. Parker, (W. B.) Notes taken during the

Philadelphia, H. C. Carey & I. Lea, 1826. expedition [of] Capt. R. B. Marcy through Parsons (lieut. George Samuel P. R. N.) Nelunexplored Texas in 1854. 242 pp. 129.

sonian reminiscences. 251 pp. 129. Boston, Philadelphia, Hayes & Zell, 1836.

Little & Brown, 1843. Parkes (Joseph). Memoirs of Sir Philip

Parsons (John A.) A lecture on the human

8o. Francis, with correspondence and journals.

body. 51 pp. New York, C. Shepard Completed and edited by Herman Merivale.

& Co. 1854.

The doctrine of 2 v. xxxiii, 458 pp; viii, 566 pp. 2 portraits. Parsons (Rer. Jonathan). 7 fac sim. 89. London, Longmans, 1867.

justification by faith asserted and explained. Parkes (Samuel). Chemical catechism. xvii,

1 p. I. pp. 1-82. 18'. Boston, Joseph Bayi,

1748. 597 pp. 1 pl. 89. New York, Collins and Co. 1818.

[Imperfect: title-page and pp. 1-4 wanting ; also pp.

83 and following). Parkinson (Sydney). Journal of a voyage to

Funeral sermon on the death of Rev. the South Seas, in his majesty's ship, the

George Whitefield.

120. London, Endeavour, [1768–71. Edited by Stanfield

James Buckland, 1771. Parkinson). xxiii, 212, 22 pp. 1 map. Parsons or Persons (Robert). The jesuit's 29 pl. 4o. London, Richardson & Urquhart,

memorial, for the intended reformation of 1773.

England, under their first popish prince. Parkinson (Rev. William). A jubilee sermon,

With an introduction, by Edward Gee. 2 p. 1. containing a history of the first baptist church

Ivi pp. 81. 262 pp. 12°. London, R. Chiswel, in the city of New York. 106 pp. 120. New

1690. York, J. Gray, 1816.

NOTE.-The author's title was simply "Memorial for Parkman (Francis). The jesuits in North

the reformation of England." America in the seventeenth century. [Or,] Parsons (Sandford E.) The sawyer's comFrance and England in North America. Part panion; or, instructions for using and choosing 2. lxxxix, 463 pp. 1 map. 89. Boston, both long and circular saw3. 46 pp. 12° Little, Brown & Co. 1867.

Wilkesbarre, (Va.) author, 1857. Parliamentary (The) guide. (For 1837). xvi, Parsons (Theophilus). Deus homo: God

180. London, A. H. Baily of Co. man. viii, 455 pp. 89. Chicago, E. B. Myers 1837.

of Chandler, 1867.

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35 pp.


368 pp.


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